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The Newsletter of Harrow International School Bangkok

Volume 21 Issue 5

24th November 2017













EDITOR AND DESIGNER Ceren Akkaya Marshall PHOTOGRAPHER Christian Henriquez OTHER CONTRIBUTORS Catherine Farley Richard Green ADVERTISING QUERIES Elizabeth Hammond Thank you to the Harrow Bangkok Community for their contributions




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FROM THE HEAD MASTER Our 20th Anniversary Fair, themed on ‘Twenty Years Together’ was a stunning day for our Community; in fact, I’m tempted to claim it was our best Fair yet! The showcasing of talent, generosity, creativity and the kindness of our community left me humbled and honoured. For the first time, the new Queen Elizabeth Hall allowed us to bring many of our games into air conditioning. I admit that I was alarmed to see what I thought was a giant paddling pool being inflated the night before on our immaculate, newly laid floor! However, concern turned to delight the following morning when I saw the faces of excited, happy children bashing around in their bumper cars – and not a drop of water in sight. For me, this year’s Fair was particularly significant given that it’s the last one I’ll preside over as Head Master. I have to confess to shedding a tear or two during the musical performances – we have such talented and passionate students in our School. It’s was a tremendous day and a great tribute to all those who contributed time and talent to the planning, preparation and execution. The Friends of Harrow Committee deserve particular recognition for the months of dedicated hard work leading up to the day itself. On the day we raised a total of 1.5 million baht which will be divided equally between the charities we support and projects to enhance the experience of our children at School. Have a good weekend everyone.

Mick Farley

CALM UNDER PRESSURE Last December alumni James Prout was invited to interview at Oxford University for a place to read Biology. Here he shares his experience of the process.

Many people think that in Oxbridge interviews they are trying to catch you out, trip you up or intimidate you, but my experience was very positive. Undoubtedly nerve-racking scary stuff, however, they are definitely giving you the opportunity to take control. The interviewers ask you lots of questions and give lots of prompts. I think they didn’t care so much about what I was saying, I felt it was much more about how I dealt with the situation, could I take some control?

And just in case you were wondering what the little creature James met at interview was? Here is an axolotl…

Once I arrived in Oxford I had two interviews everyone is interviewed by two colleges. The first one was particularly scary – in order to get to the interview, I had to go down a little staircase into a cold corridor and wait outside to be called – it was like sitting in a dungeon! However, once I went in, the people were really nice and very quickly put me at ease. During the interview, although I felt a bit nervous, the overriding feeling was one of excitement because you have the opportunity to talk to these amazingly intelligent professors who are leading researchers in their fields. At the St. Peter’s interview, they had a jar of axolotls – cave-dwelling salamanders. They asked me to observe them and talk about what I could tell by just looking at their adaptations - clues about where they lived for example; testing my deductive and reasoning skills. This gave me something practical and tangible to work with and it really helped to give me an energy and enthusiasm which stayed with me for the rest of the interview.


Harrow’s pastoral side definitely set me up well for my Oxford interview. The House system as well as the LiA (Leadership in Action) stuff, has really helped shape me as a character so that I am not just a one-trick pony. I knew I had lots I could talk about, my climbing, rugby and everything else going on. At Harrow, you get an education beyond the classroom, a rounded education. I also had many opportunities to work as part of a team - which you don’t necessarily get if you just have your head in books all the time. The interview is face-to-face interacting with another person. In the short window of time you get, all the things you learn beyond the classroom, being a child playing with other children, doing community activities, having conversations with people you’ve never met before - all of those things make a real difference. It means that when you are sitting in the interview you are able to talk to the people in front of you about a variety of things and ask them questions about the research they are doing. You can connect with them on another level other than just being a ‘smart person’ because everyone who is applying is a ‘smart’ person. It’s about having a social aspect which you can’t really learn exclusively in a classroom - Harrow offers so many opportunities to develop a deeper set of socialisation skills. James is now reading Biology at St. Hilda’s College Oxford…and having a fantastic time!

Oxbridge Mock Interviews

The Year 13 Oxbridge applicants and UK Medics took advantage of an opportunity to hone their interview technique as they took part in a mock interview exchange with Shrewsbury International School. The students were challenged by being placed in an unfamiliar environment, with unfamiliar academic staff testing their knowledge and thought processes. The students acted as great ambassadors for Harrow throughout, first of all applying themselves to the challenges set with gusto, and then acting as welcoming hosts when Shrewsbury visited the Rayleigh Centre the following week. With interviews approaching at the start of December, our students have started to hear whether or not they have been invited to attend. This practice, and the further practice that they have had and will continue to do in School will help to prepare them for this and future interviews both in academia and the world of work. Joseph Clark University Counsellor

Harrow Student Pathways On Thursday, 16th November, Harrow Bangkok hosted a Subject Options Event for Year 9 and Year 11 students and parents to help prepare our students for their IGCSE and A Level courses. The event was extremely well attended with both parents and students committed to knowing more about the pathways that lie ahead at Harrow Bangkok and beyond. The event included careers and examinations advice, subject staff and student presentations and opportunities for both parents and students to ask questions about their individual choices and potential careers pathways. University choice advice was also a key topic for discussion and, in addition to the staff advice given by our own subject teachers and Careers and Sixth Form teams, external advisors were in attendance including Futurewise UK, Education USA and Insight, Australia. If you want to find out more about university destinations and the application process, then please contact our Sixth Form Careers team at David Foster Director of Studies


The Bear Found Oliver Twist! This month in Pre Prep we have been lucky enough to have a concert every Friday to entertain an excited audience of parents and teachers. In the Year Three Mini Concert they amazed us with their original compositions based on the books ‘Oliver Twist’ by Charles Dickens and ‘We’re Going On a Bear Hunt’ Michael Rosen. They also demonstrated how quickly they have mastered the recorder and as always there were outstanding solo performances. Anna Henretty-Dunsire Head of Lower School Music

Lower School House Benchball/Basketball With fantastic House spirit across all year groups, it was great to see Year 3, 4 and 5 participating in House benchball and basketball this week. The students demonstrated super teamwork both on and off the court; cheering on their Houses and working together to play to the best of their ability. All event winners were extremely close but after lots of calculations, results were as follows: Year 3 - Sonakul Year 4 - Byron Year 5 - Churchill A big ‘well done’ to all students and congratulations to overall winners CHURCHILL! Emily Aston Head of Lower School PE


KEEPING UP WITH THE LOWER SCHOOL Busy Bees in Lower School Since the colourful Loy Kratong celebrations at the start of the half-term, Lower School has been a hive of activity. An informative E-Safety Week was organised by our Head of Lower School IT, Mr Knight, where students learnt about how to use technology responsibly and how to stay safe online. Mr Williams launched our annual Anti-Bullying Week with new teachers and students signing the Anti-Bullying Pledge and students taking time out of their play to write kind thoughts about their classmates.

Culture Centre to enhance their learning about Artist’s Impressions of the World, and our young musicians continued to amaze us with the talent they displayed during the Year 2, 3 and 4 Mini Concerts.

It was truly impressive to see how students are now composing and performing their own music, using classic novels such as ‘Oliver Twist’ as their inspiration.

As part of their Rivers topic, the Year 5 students took to the water on their barge trip along the Chao Phraya, to observe firsthand the different geographical features.

All of this, plus the success of our first House Benchball and Basketball events, led by our new Head of Lower School PE Miss Emily Aston, have already made this half-term truly memorable for our students!

After an incredible Art History assembly from Class 3H, all our Year 3 students visited the Bangkok Art and

Alexandra Costa Deputy Head of Lower School

Lights, Camera, Action! The Year Four students treated us to a great show on Friday in their Mini Concert which was based around film music and ‘Stomp’. They created original compositions as a whole class to accompany clips from the movies ‘The Good Dinosaur’ and ‘Frozen’ whicwh sounded incredible.

The Stomp pieces amused the

audience with scenes of buzzing bugs, basketballs and a wealth of kitchen utensils being used instead of instruments. The Year Four students deserved the big applause the received at the end! Anna Henretty-Dunsire Head of Lower School Music


Stepping Up To The Challenge of Leadership Pow, Minnie, Aran, Anya, Mace, Tanya, Finlay, Nadia, Earnie, Anthony, Victor and Simon Next week sees the launch of House events in Pre Prep with House Movie Week. When the Harrovian met up with our Pre Prep House and Vice Captains it was clear that they are full of imaginative ideas for the rest of the year’s activities and are united in their desire to make their School - and ultimately the world - a better place.

As well as being constant role models, one of their regular responsibilities is to reveal who the weekly prize winners are and to present them with their awards.

“We comforted someone who was sad because he had fallen out with his friends we helped them sort out the argument and make friends again.” Simon and Victor

“Giving out the awards makes the people who receive them happy. It makes their parents happy too – they can take lots of photos…and it makes me happy because I get to give out the awards!” Anthony

Giving good advice

Keeping a watchful eye “I feel that being House Captain gives me permission to approach people when they are doing the wrong thing. If there was a bully, I could speak to them and I think they would listen to me. I haven’t seen any bullies yet… but I keep a careful look out!” Anya “Once there was a little girl and she was too short to reach the tap, so I turned on the tap for her, because I remembered when I was small someone did that for me and that was very important to me, it made me feel safe and cared for.” Tanya “I saw a Year 3 student who had no one to play with so I asked her if she would like to play with us and she did. Then, after that she kept playing with us.” Earnie “I had finished my lunch and we saw a kid crying and so we went over and asked why he was crying. Then we told him jokes to make him smile, after that he went off to play.” Pow

“As House Captain I want to make my house happier! I am looking forward to getting Suriyothai ready for competitions. Before a competition, I am going to get my House together and give them some advice. For example: How to defend against big people on the basketball court. First choose a big person to mark and defend, then get a sneaky person to go round the back and score!” Mace Health and Safety Finlay and Nadia have begun to consider how to ensure the well-being and safety of our students: “If we are providing food at events; maybe a special movie lunch? Then we have to make sure that we check for allergies, and let the kitchen know. We will also organise a letter to parents to get their consent to watch the films.” The magnificent twelve are eager and ready to get stuck into planning an exciting year ahead for Pre Prep!


UPPER SCHOOL AND BEYOND This week as we introduce more of our new teachers in the Harrovian, I write to you from the UK where I am currently recruiting teachers for the next academic year. Our recruitment involves us visiting every teacher we want to recruit in their school so that we can identify first hand if they are the right fit for our school. This year, as we have worked on developing the ingredients of a ‘Harrow lesson’, we have a clear framework for identifying excellence and so far, it has been a very successful (and tiring!) recruitment trip. Our approach to recruitment ensures that we get the very best teachers to educate your children at Harrow Bangkok. Jonny Liddell Head of Upper School

Karri Nicholson – US Specialist Design and Technology Teacher Mrs Karri Nicholson is our new Design and Technology teacher. She has moved from the UK with her family and has also worked at other international schools in Thailand. She is passionate about swimming, travelling and design. Karri returned to Thailand because she loves the country and the culture and wants her children to be part of the Thai and international setting. Karri loves working at Harrow and being part of the creative and performing Arts team. “Everyone is so welcoming and the students are amazing. I also love being part of a team that are all incredibly passionate about their subjects. Another bonus is teaching in the brand new CPA building that has excellent facilities”.

Laura Taylor – US Specialist Art and Design Teacher


Miss Taylor has moved here from Nottingham, England. She has taken on the adventure at Harrow alone but will be regularly visited by her family and partner from back home. Back in the UK, she enjoys rock climbing, running, reading, all kinds of art and designing handmade cards for various occasions. She has a close family network and spends most of her free time surrounded by family and friends. Miss Taylor has had a passion for Art and Design since a very early age. She studied an Art foundation at college and went on to study in London at The University of the Arts Camberwell, where she achieved a degree in Fine Art Drawing. Miss Taylor pursued her passion to teach and studied for her PGCE at Nottingham Trent University. Prior to joining Harrow, Miss Taylor was teaching at Carlton Le Willows in Nottingham. Miss Taylor previously lived in Thailand for a year when she was 19 years old working as a gap student for an international school in Bangkok. This experience encouraged Miss Taylor to return to a country she found beautiful and exciting and is now teaching a subject she loves to some incredibly talented pupils.

Jennifer Martin - US Specialist English Teacher Miss Jennifer Martin has joined Harrow Bangkok from Newcastle where she worked as an English teacher and gifted and talented coordinator. As an undergraduate, she read English Literature with Philosophy and Politics at Durham University. After graduating, she spent time living in Finland, London and Dubai, before returning to Newcastle to complete her teacher training qualification. Miss Martin says her favourite thing about living in Thailand is “undoubtedly the amazing food! It is also amazing to be able to live within such a beautiful, natural environment and learn more about Thai culture.” According to Miss Martin, “the best things about working at Harrow are: the welcoming, community spirit, the incredible facilities – especially the new Library, and the warm staff and students.”

Alastair Veysey – US Cover Teacher Alastair Veysey is a Learning Support Teacher at Harrow Bangkok. He is married to Sian who teaches in the Geography Department. Mr Veysey has nearly twenty years’ experience as a teacher and Head of Faculty in the UK. He loves working in the Learning Support Department because every day is different and inspiring. He said, “It is an opportunity for me to share my love of learning with the pupils of Harrow Bangkok and support them to achieve the success they deserve”. In his spare time, Mr Veysey also enjoys playing football and watching his children, Tom and Felix, compete for Harrow at football, rugby, swimming and cross-country running. As a family, the Veyseys love to travel and experience the culture of Thailand, Asia and beyond. Mr Veysey said “I wanted a new challenge, in a new environment - at Harrow Bangkok I’ve found it!”

Shamim Akhtar – US Specialist Mathematics Teacher Shamim moved to Thailand last year with her husband who is also a teacher at Harrow and with her two children, Yusuf and Hana. Thailand is worlds apart from where she comes from – the Northwest of England. She is delighted to have swapped grey clouds for sunny skies and long commutes for sunny smiles. Shamim studied Mathematics with the Open University whilst looking after her children so knows a thing or two about balancing many demands on her time. Working here has been very busy but she enjoys every minute of it. “Coming to Harrow has been one of the best decisions that I have made and I am learning so much from my very professional and skilled colleagues. The superb Campus is perfect for my young family and we now enjoy a richer social life than ever before.

Melissa Abraham-Sanwo – US Specialist Mathematics Teacher Miss Abraham was born in London but relocated to Nigeria at age 8 where her parents are from. She lived in Nigeria until she was 16 and then returned to England for her A Levels and then university. Miss Abraham studied Mathematics at the university of Warwick followed by a PGCE at the university of Manchester. She joins us from China where she worked for two years. She is passionate about music, language and travel and loves living in Thailand because of its rich culture, friendly people, amazing food and opportunities for travel in the region. She loves working at Harrow because of its sense of community, the diversity and experience of its staff and most importantly the amazing young people that make teaching worthwhile!

Futurewise Visit

Over the last week, we were joined by a team of Futurewise advisors from the UK. They were in School to give one-to-one advice to our Year 11 students with regards to their future career plans and aspirations. Students completed an online psychometric profile helping them to gain an understanding of what subjects are needed to pursue a career and whether their aspirations are a good match with their aptitudes and personality. Students explored where there is a strong match for their chosen career and discussed how best to achieve this goal. During the one-to-one interview, the counsellors, who are all highly experienced in Careers counselling, discussed subject choices and pathways to that career through various university courses. The counsellors are up-to-date with the latest trends in the UK and elsewhere in the world and are very well placed to give helpful advice. It was wonderful to see so many parents attending the meetings with their children.

As members of Futurewise, Year 11 students have access to their own personalised dashboard on the online Futurewise portal which remains active for them until the age of 23. Here they have access to the wealth of careers and higher education resources that the organisation provides and the various information fairs that they run. They also have direct access to the Futurewise helpline which will offer personalised, detailed information and support throughout their membership. During their week with us, the Futurewise team also ran job interview workshops with our Year 11 students, as well as a number of professional development workshops for staff, and spoke to Prep parents about supporting Prep-age students in their preparation for future pathways. Amanda Poel Head of Careers & University Guidance

House Dragon Boat Racing It was paddles up for the House Dragon Boat racing last week - a fiery competition that demands coordination, teamwork, strength and a loud counting voice, that never ceases to thrill. Two competitions combined for an overall winning House. In the Year 9 and 10 category, Nehru smashed through to beat Sonakul in the final with Churchill coming 3rd. In the 11 to 13’s race Nehru were beaten into second place by an outstanding Keller team. Overall results 1st place Nehru, 2nd Place Keller and 3rd Place Churchill. Well done everybody. Jeremy Southgate Head of Nehru House

Senior House Music Competition

The competition level at this year’s Senior House Music competition was simply the best. The standard over the years just keeps getting higher and higher and as you could imagine, this year’s showcase of talent was no exception to the rule. The judges had the difficult task of trying to separate the competitors in deciding the top three for each category. In the Solo Singer event, Namneung (B11), Karn (N12) and Khim (C12) sang wonderfully to make it through to the final at Harrow Fair. Mr Farley commented that he was moved by each performance and the girls certainly did us proud with three breathtaking songs. Khim was crowned overall winner with her flawless rendition of ‘Rise Up’ by Andra Day. Next up was the Classic Ensemble category. This event really illustrates the broad range of musical instruments our students play and with six high-quality performances, it was tough to choose between them. Nehru, Byron and Sonakul eventually made it through to the final round with the latter edging 1st place with their interpretation of ‘Por Una Cabeza’ from the film Scent of a Woman. Nehru made history in the event by having the entire N9 Tutor Group perform ‘Despacito’ on the Steelpan.

In the Solo Instrumentalist category Nikko (S11), Mew (K13) and Pax (C13) entertained spectators with outstanding pieces on the piano and guitar. In the end, the judges could not divide the duelling guitarists and both Mew and Pax shared the spoils with the winning trophy. Last, but certainly not least, saw the performances of the bands in the Modern Group category. Arguably the most challenging to coordinate, given the limited time forming a band and learning a song Churchill, Suriyothai and Byron qualified for the final at Harrow Fair and the hugely entertaining Keller band also made a deserved appearance. All three finalists certainly did not disappoint the Harrow faithful as fans were treated to a number of jaw-dropping performances. Byron House eventually claimed top spot with their awesome delivery of Bodyslam’s song ‘Sticker, causing the crowd to twist and shout with excitement. Mr Johnson and the Music Department deserve special praise for coordinating such a superb event and it highlights the huge array of talent at Harrow Bangkok. Well done to all involved and thank you for the music. Lawrence Prunty Head of Byron House

Prep House Music This year’s Prep House Music showcased an incredible amount of talent from students within the Prep phase. Solo singers delighted the audience with their very varied and creative song choices whilst the solo instrumentalists displayed an exceptional level of individual talent. The Prep ensembles were the highlight of the week, and not only showcased talent but an outstanding commitment by all students to their House. Large crowds came to support their Houses and the atmosphere was electric. The 3 finalists from each division battled it out at Harrow Fair and the final champions were Rene (So6) with her fantastic solo vocalist performance, Plub (B7) who wowed the crowd with his piano piece and the group ensemble from Keller with their fantastic take on Linkin Park’s ‘In The End’.

Harriet Pilkington

Suriyothai Prep House Leader


Sixth Form Charity Mile 2017 On behalf of the Charity Committee, I would like to express my appreciation to all of the students and staff who attended the Charity Mile and contributed to its success. A huge thank you! Michelle Brinn Deputy Head of Sixth Form ‘‘Many staff and students commented that this year saw the best Charity Mile yet! T-shirts sold out in two weeks with over 300 members of the School Community participating on a Friday afternoon and thus surpassing all expectations. Every member of the Charity Committee put in a tremendous effort to ensure the event was well organised and ran smoothly. With many thanks to the contributions and dedication of all of the Charity Committee members and also to the runners who helped make this endeavour the success it was.’’ Poom and Minnie, N13 ‘‘Whilst organizing the Charity Mile, all of us further developed communication by coordinating staff and students including Mr. Preston in the Sports Department to sort out the track; as well as coordinating with the rest of the committee. Some of the year 12 had to speak in public at an assembly discussing the details of the Charity Mile as well as presenting to the Lower School students. Working with Year 13 senior prefects in the committee meant we had to liaise with our peers; a very rewarding and enlightening experience.’’ Teddy& Noreen K12

As a team we are glad that everyone enjoyed the event and that they also liked the Toy theme of the event and all the publicity around this programme. I had a very solid and strong team this year who communicated incredibly well and always looked out for each other if and when there was a problem. Gunn, N12

‘‘Not a single effort was wasted and the finds received will surely will make a difference to the lives of those in need.’’ Golf, N13 ‘‘Months of preparation finally paid off on the 10th of November. Seeing so many people participate and having fun in the event was extremely rewarding, especially after all the hard work and effort the committee put in. Through this event, not only did the bonds between each member grow stronger, we were also able to build better communication and teamwork.’’ Claire, S13


‘‘The Charity mile this was a great success raising an impressive 100,000 baht, a figure that greatly exceeded all our expectations. It was great to once again see students from a range of year groups having fun all for a good cause. The team members collaborated well throughout and took responsibility for specific tasks from publicity, to selling merchandise to organising the logistics thus resulting in a remarkably successful event.’’ Belle & Green B12 ‘‘A mile filled with smiles’, this year’s Charity Mile funds will go to support and assist underprivileged children in two foundations (Bop Htaw and Operation Smile).’’ Mint C12

Churchill House Charity Visit One Sunday last month, a group of students gave up their weekend to participate in the Churchill charity visit to Ban Dek Rae Ron. This community centre aims to help less fortunate and homeless children in order to provide them with the necessary emotional support to persevere through difficult situations as well as helping with basic education. Continuing on last year’s work, we visited with supplies of clothing, milk and snacks which the community were in dire need of. Upon our arrival, we were warmly greeted by the children, staff and other volunteers there. We spent the remainder of our visit playing games with the children but, before long, we found ourselves bidding farewell to the wonderful people there. I am very grateful to all those fellow Churchill students and staff who spared some time from their busy lives to aid this cause. With the first Churchill charity visit of the year now over, I look forward to organising and contributing more to future charity events with you all throughout the upcoming year. Maple, C13

Keller House Charity Visit On the 4th of November, we visited the Keller House charity Chaiyapruk House, where we had the opportunity to teach the kids English and to further extend their academic learning. It was an unforgettable experience as we got to learn more about the children and got to extend our Harrow community. We also enjoyed the chance to move away from our academic environment and participate in a charity that was close and personal to us and the House. We also got to experience a ‘downto-earth’ activity by helping out the community with their eco-friendly garden. We started off by putting the fertilizer onto the field and ended with planting onions. On our way to the field, we got to ride on the tractors and we admired the beautiful scenery. We spent our break by the river under the shade; it was truly a relaxing weekend. The organizer, Dr Cleo, told us that her establishment has been running for over 20 years and, currently, home to over 30 children. Taking part in such event has allowed us to witness charity from her perspective, the importance of connecting with the people and the value of a small act of kindness. Earn and Su, K12

Prep Charity Last week saw the first charity appeal of the academic year, Milk Drop 2017. Prep students brought in cartons of long-life milk to donate to children that One Sky Foundation, the Prep phase charity, support as their diet lacks this. Yet again Prep surpassed themselves with their generosity by donating a phenomenal 4,061 cartons! Well done students, One Sky are delighted. There was a prize for the Tutor Group that donated the most cartons and this was won by C7; they win a pizza lunch. Richard Green Upper School Teacher


Year 7 Students Thai Studies Trip To The Coin Museum and Banglumphu Museum On Friday 10th November 2017, Year 7 students went on a Thai Studies trip to the Coin Museum and Banglumphu Museum in Bangkok. They learned about Thai metal coins from the earliest to current day coins, and the history of world and Thai currency and they learned about the Banglamphu area of Bangkok from the stories collected and shown in the mini-museum ‘Pipit Banglamphu’. Mrs Saowanee Navakijpaitoon Thai Studies Trip Coordinator “On Friday 10th of November 2017, I went to the Coin Museum and the Piphit Banglumphu Museum with my classmates and teachers. I learned many new things about Thai coins and culture, for example I know that first coins were not like the flat aluminium ones that are used today, but they were a very white shell. It was very fun and I want go to Coin Museum and Piphit Banglumphu Museum again some time later.” Pan, N7 “I have learnt how Thai people make coins and how coins used to look. It was very cool because there was a room that had a video and showed us the past times. I learnt that there is a lot of history with coins and it was really cool to see the old coins in Thailand. We got to draw coins and we made this print and the coin had a dragon on it.” Kady, N7 “I never knew what the old coins looked like and now I know. It was interesting and also exciting. The part that I liked the most was when we were in a room that had projectors showing an animation of when the people would use the coins to buy stuff, the room was also shaking which was giving me a great massage! The other museum was fun as we had a tour guide explaining what each thing was, we also watched a video of how to make the coins that we use right now.” Melody, K7

Senior House Basketball

Following on from a very impressive Prep display, the Senior House Basketball was its equal in passion and showed the very best of House spirit with a great amount of teamwork, talent, and even a few tears being shed in the week. It was great to see so many of the pupils invested in their House and many of the games were a nerve-racking joy to watch. Like many events, no particular House dominated with Nehru, Keller, Byron and Suriyothai all winning separate categories. Overall, Keller House won but only two points were the difference between the remaining Houses; a fantastically close contest.


Richard Downs Head of Keller House

SEASAC Season 1

Summary of SEASAC Results in Season 1: Varsity Girls Volleyball: 3rd Place in Cup Varsity Boys Volleyball: Plate Winners Varsity Girls Football: 3rd Place in Plate Varsity Boys Football: Plate Runners Up In our first year as a full member school of SEASAC (South East Asia Student Activities Conference), we are embarking on last of different adventures throughout the year. At the end of Season 1, we attended the Boys and Girls Football competition at Stamford American International School, Singapore and the Boys and Girls Volleyball competition at the British School Jakarta. All competition in team sports is reserved for Varsity athletes only, as it is seen as the pinnacle of all sporting performance within each school by the most senior athletes. See a summary of our results from Season 1 below. SEASAC is not only about the sport but also making new friendships with different students from different schools. Yuta Yamamoto (S13) has been involved in

lots of sport at Harrow and he was the Varsity Football Captain for this year, he has a few words about his experience at his first ever SEASAC competition: ‘‘My name is Yuta Yamamoto in S13, I took part in Varsity Football SEASAC tournament which took place in Singapore. It gives a great opportunity for our sports team to interact with different people from other countries. I enjoyed making new friends from other schools and experiencing the atmosphere of the tournament. A message for the younger pupils of Harrow: Just do it!’’ Michael Preston Director of Sport

Year 7 First Aid Challenge Day

On Wednesday 15th November the Year 7s took part in the annual First Aid Challenge Day run by the Leadership in Action Department. After a lesson in first aid, to acquire the skills needed for the day, the year group split into three groups to participate in scenarios: car crashes requiring first aid, advanced first aid (CPR, AED and spinal injuries); and basic lifeguarding skills in the pool. Much enjoyment was had by all as the years 7s participated fully by applying their new-found knowledge and writing reflections. Well done. Brian van den Berg Director of Leadership in Action



STEP IN TO BOARDING LIFE Keeping Boarders Busy With a pause on the Extracurricular Programme for two weeks, the afternoon Activities on offer in Boarding have increased. Over the past two weeks, we have offered a selection of different Activities which have included building a birdhouse – enjoyed particularly by the boys.

There was also the opportunity for boarders to create their own tie-dye shirts, learn how to polish their shoes, play chess and construct giant Jenga structures. Baking cookies was very popular as everyone wanted to try their cookies! We’ve also had gyoza making and have created posters to decorate the bedrooms. It was lovely to see the boys and girls socialising more in the afternoons with the extra free time they had. They could often be found getting competitive with each other on the air hockey table. All in all, it’s been great fun.

Rachel Chicken West Acre Housemistress


LATEST UPDATES Environmental Stewardship Last week the Head Boy and Head Girl, along with a select group of staff, met to take stock of the School’s environmental initiatives. The group identified many areas where we could do better. But the meeting also flagged up many areas where we are already doing some great things, but haven’t effectively communicated these to the community. For example, did you know that all of the School’s food waste is taken to a local fish farm? Were you aware that every time we replace bulbs across the School now, the replacement is always an energy-efficient LED version? Have you noticed that we have made good headway in terms of completely ridding the coffee shops of plastic packaging (witness the paper bags now given out for food items, for example)? Someone coming from Europe might be under the impression that we do no sorting or recycling of our day-today waste; in actual fact we do. All our general waste is sorted after disposal, with much, if not all, being reused or recycled. Admittedly we still have a long way to go, but the news in this important area of the School’s operations is certainly not all bad. We’d like to become a beacon of best practice for environmental stewardship within Thailand, and have devised a hit-list of things we’d like to tackle next. Watch this space… Dr Tim Jefferis Second Head Master

Bambi Games Gymnastics Invitational

The Gymnastics Academy are proud to announce the results from their first competition of the year. Selected from the beginner’s programme were eight Lower School pupils who participated in the Bambi Games Invitational Gymnastics meet on Saturday 18th November 2017. All pupils have been working extremely hard in preparation for the event. All girls compete on four pieces of apparatus and boys six pieces. Amy Noimai in 1S scored an impressive 9.1 on the floor and we have been particularly impressed with Preme Tanskul in 1L who showed excellent commitment to training and received gold on all apparatus. Gymnasts receive a gold ribbon if they achieve over 8.5 on each apparatus. We are very proud as Harrow managed to receive a total of 23 gold ribbons. Well done to all involved!!!


Natalie Greenidge Upper School Teacher

The British International Schools Awards This year, for the first time, Harrow Bangkok have entered the British International Schools Awards. These prestigious awards give recognition for excellence in overseas British schools and are supported by the International Schools Council. The awards cover a number of categories which are designed to celebrate best practice and to set an outstanding benchmark for other international schools to aspire towards. This year Harrow Bangkok have been shortlisted for two categories: Outstanding Community Initiative; which recognises schools which devise sustainable community projects which empower students to lead and participate in service to others, and the Outstanding Strategic Initiative; which recognises projects linked to the strategic direction of a school and which have a demonstrably positive impact upon the experiences of students. Harrow Bangkok always strives towards excellence and progress, with our students in mind, and so we are incredibly proud that both our long-running Karen State Community Initiative, and the newly launched Leadership & Service Curriculum have both reached the final stage of the award. The winners will be announced during an awards ceremony on 22 January 2018 in Covent Garden, London, which will be attended by a delegation from Harrow Bangkok. Brian van den Berg Director of Leadership in Action

Robotics Engineering 2017 Exciting times for the Robotics Engineering Activity. Yeong-Yuh (B10) led the project to build an automated packing conveyor belt using lasers to detect the size of the product, which then packed each product in the correct location. Amy’s (So9) team won the challenge to build a vehicle that had keyboard control and could be remotely operated via the internet. Teams of Prep students battled with ball collecting Mindstorm robots in an exciting final. Sixth Form students are currently building a robotic arm with grabber led by Yumiko (B12). Still to come this year is the project to build a semi-autonomous submarine (ROV), a bricklaying robotic arm with user input to select the size of building and, later in the year, we will run a Mars Rover Challenge. With elements of mechanical engineering, electronics and computer science, students are producing some fantastic products in the Robotics Engineering Activity. Jason Machin Upper School Teacher

If we didn’t film it… it didn’t happen! This week Richy is joined with a star in the making, Year 7 legend, Bam. Made by the students, for the students. Thank you to everyone who has supported us… you know who you are. Please share with your family and friends and if you have any ideas to improve and add to it please speak to our LVP team or me ( Watch the fourth edition of LionView News to find out what has been happening around Harrow International School Bangkok!

If you are interested in joining the LionView Productions team speak to Mr Simpson. We meet every Monday and Wednesday 15.00-16.00.

Dan Simpson Upper School Teacher


Harrow Fair 2017 The Friends of Harrow committee would like to express our sincere gratitude and thanks for your support of the 20th Anniversary Harrow Fair. This year’s event was very successful and attended by over 3,500 people and raised a staggering 1.5 million Baht (approximately).

To all Harrow staff, students and parents, plus 71 general vendors, 37 food vendors, 23 games stalls, 6 House stalls, games and our amazing sponsors - thank you - we give you a huge Lion’s roar!!! THANK YOU!!! K Jarr and Friends of Harrow Committee


Harrow Fair 2017 - Raffle Prizes iPhone X Kao 2L - 1423

Spiga Café Voucher Wilawan-0548, Tawan RP-3560,Gwen S10-

Gold Necklace Anthony-0525, Miki V-4121, Wassa R-5598

5651, 2900

iPhone 8 64GB Preme K6-4094

Ploen Restaurant Voucher Anda 3S-2299, Pround 4S-4577, Ike NR-

Samsung Robot Vacuum Cleaner Boss 2D-1041

5223, Kiss-1524, Jane-6346

iPad Mini wifi + cellular 32GB Ning Account -4290 Renaissance Hotel, Pattaya Voucher Alessandro M - 5419, Lenny iRobot Roomba 605 North NR-5172

P-3451, Aya-0020, New-6739, Ava 2D-1100

Sofitel Krabi Golf & Spa Resort Voucher (3D2N) Piper-1962

Philos Coffee Mug Choompol-6229, June-5536, Termtem -4508, Kee-

Bicycle (for adult) Chloe S-6631


Marriott Hotel, Hua Hin Voucher (1 night) Maprang 3H-2863

B.Care Medical Center Voucher (Massage 60 mins) Pimrapat-

Studio Grande Voucher Prae RK-1289

0043,Valairat-0059, 1485, Sky 2W-0778 Jan. Kee-5828, Nurse

Patong Bay Hill Resort & Spa Voucher (2 nights) Pete-2882

Pheung-5922, Penguin-0170,Karen P -1691, Pike N7-3739, RP - 1340

Amornphant Villa, Rayong Voucher (1 night) Alex W-4309, Poon-1444, B.Care Medical Center Gift Voucher (Dermalift 45Mins) Lika-4420

Tonsom S7-4989, Megan T-5449,Fah Sai 5P-1127,Ms Lockye-6644,

MAXI Cosmetic Surgery Voucher Pasu P-2176, Lochlan Tozer -6891

Siriya-4663,Mona B-5128, Phumard-6143,Charlotte-6344,Prim-

Intercontinental Hotel Dinner Voucher Yu-ee 4S-0025


Naif Baby Care Basket Mira 4K-2443

Philips Hairdryer Shiva-2809, Oil A/C-4295, Paolo M-5411, Build N8-

NLY Studio Voucher BeBee 3H -5759, Mee Mee N12 -3811

1048, Liger1L-5070, PCS -6708, Jui Prep-6057, 5683, Belie O-6757,

Yamaha Guitar Adam Pape-6293

Kem -6750

Bloss Natura Beauty Set Aninda-4606, 4763,Donna 5B-2061,, Ellie S6- Goodmood (Shampoo and Body Foam Set Generieve NJ-1851, 6210,Pasu-2170,Andy 4K-2421,Charles-6459Lisa T-5423, Alice1B - 0912, Cotton-0249, Emmy N6-4486, Tisha 2D-6133, Satin-3422 Termiem-4502

Zojirushe Themos Marc K6-3630, Andy 4K-2427 Kasem-2640, Thee

Funarium Discount Voucher (Party Base Packages) Mint-1679Karen NL-0510, Anda 3S-2285 P-1683, Satin-3428

Shaper Digital Scale Korkaow-1572, Adrum-4675, MeeMee N12-3802,

Renaissance Hotel, Pattaya Voucher Sky-0779, Kan B6-4390, Tang 4S- Maew-4442, Marine-0572, Plu 3S - 6009, Tanas-6740 4075, Eric Wong-1663 Pudis-0886

The Original Lock & Lock Sasorn-6825, Bai-Bun 3R-2612, Alice

Philos Tea Pot Nicole-5531

W-1789, Rita 1T-2449, Jake B5-1719, Namo K9-6586, Rita P-1219,

B.Care Medical Center Gift Voucher (Health check) Fleur 3R-2663, Orr Homie-6854, Jennifer Y-1645, Maew-4449 HR-5806, Daniel 2C-1009

Lock and Lock Oven Glass Set Khunto RH-3578, Prince N8-3715,J an

Naif Baby Care Basket Shaun-1649, Palmmy 5B-0605, TimJ-6093,

RP-1339, Aimmy5P-0626, Daniel 2C-1155, Pudis-0887, Maew-4589,

Palmy N8-0063, Joo-1179

Maprang-2598, Lek A/C-3903, Kidd RK-5675

Bicycle 12” Buddy Fight & Hello Kitty Nadda 2D-0355, Danny-1144

Mitsubishi Desk Fan Danny PK-4898, Wassa R - 5592

Ladies Perfume Patty 4S-4351, Mac-0320, Luke-1464, Graham-4204 Lunch Box (7 pieces) Ike NR-5107, Ivy 3S - 2349 Android TV Box Marine RJ-0860, Hyonsoo 1S-2944, 3483

FOH 20th Anniversary Jute Bag Pround 4K-5727, Khaohom-4436

Healthy Food Lab Voucher HyeonWoo-1176, Bai-Bun 3R-2612

Kee-5811, Ginn 4P - 5352, Adam P-6297, Pina 2W-5463, Holm-4853

Lobster & More Restaurant Voucher Millie S8-2924, Puupa 4U-5241,

UJ 3K-3209, Thun K7 - 0732, 2896

Tidarat-5909, Thanvipa-3944, Ava 2D-1095

FOH 20th Anniversary Umbrella Gene K7-0787, Jake B5-1714

Somtam Nua Restaurant Voucher Prince N8-3720 Patrapee-0455

Mickey K9-3616, Pina 2W-5604, Nicola Ball-6720, Lucky SO7-4006

Mona 4P-5508,Anthony-0536 , Daniel 2C-2072, Aimmy 5P-0628 Preme

Alex W -4310, Karen P - 1700, Yew B6-2246, Meuy-ee 0040

K6-4086 Bee-6052 NamoA/C-3915,Suzanne - 6528

FOH 20th Anniversary Cap Peerut-5053, Mace 5W-3930, Pump

The Clubhouse Sports Bar & Grill Food and Drinks Voucher Pattana

1T-0070, Marion-0758, Foster-6834,Satin- 3427, Fah Sai 5P-1132,

-5236, Princess B6-4809, Zen RP-0717, Parn 5A-3679, Hana B12-2957

Celia-2327, Alice W-1782, Nui A/C-5938

Hatari Fan 18’ Pax-1343, Alex W-4314, Maae NN-5320, Sasorn-6824, Pax-1356, Shasha5W-4220, Pina 2W-5469, Mac-4260, Patty 1B-0999, Cotton-0250,

Prizes to be collected at Khun Lily’s Office (M004) before the end of Term 1

Philips Toaster Ryuu 1B-1809,Hailong-1547, AliseA-2774, Mark1412,Pax-1349


Thank You For The Music Last Saturday when Lionheart took to the stage at our very own Harrow Fair all eyes and ears were on lead singer and Head of Lower School Music, Mrs. Henretty. She wowed the crowd with her version of Klean’s Len sung completely in Thai. Here she shares with us her own musical journey… “My mum and the rest of my family are not musical, although my dad loved music, I wouldn’t say I come from a ‘musical family’. In fact, I was a late musician; I didn’t start learning an instrument until I was 11. I had wanted to learn the oboe but the class was full so I went for the violin instead. When I was 16, I started learning the piano, because by that time I had decided that Music was what I wanted to do. In order to do the course I wanted at university, I needed to be Grade 5 on the piano. I knew I would have to work very hard, so I did! I achieved the grade I needed in 2 years – but it was brutal – 3 hours of practice every day. After that, I taught myself the guitar! Coming to Harrow Bangkok has been a great move for us. Our twin boys are in Nursery; they are both very happy. Samuel is also bit of a musician - he enjoys performing and Luca is obsessed with aeroplanes at the moment. This is a really interesting school to work in - my time is constantly filled up! There are so many concerts, it can be stressful, but in preparing for a concert there are also a multitude of special moments. For example, the time just before the performance begins when the children are full of nerves but also excited, and you see them close their eyes and take that long, deep breath to steady themselves. Then in the next moment, they get up and perform with all their hearts and when they are finished you can see how proud they are.”

Making The Most Of Every Moment Ellen Beer left us five years ago and what a fascinating five years she has had – however she tells us she still has a special fondness for Thailand and her old School. “I joined Harrow Bangkok in Year 5 in 2003 and was at the School until I graduated in 2012. Before I went to University I had a year out and spent time in Australia and the UK. Last summer, I completed my first four years of Medicine at Newcastle University- I really enjoyed it. Currently, I am taking a year to study a Master’s degree in the control of infectious diseases at The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. I visited the School this year while I was back in Bangkok and I loved to see how much it’s changed; the campus looks so impressive and exciting now. My parents Mr and Mrs Beer, who taught here, miss Harrow too - they were here for nine years and so do my siblings Jonathan and Annie.


At Harrow Bangkok, I said always tried to say ‘yes’ to everything and I do miss the pace of life at school, all the extracurricular opportunities, especially MUN, and getting involved in everything. I am part of the university football team though, when not studying or enjoying university life. I love university life in the UK but it is great to come back to Thailand and I do so whenever I can!’’

CATCHING UP WITH OUR COMMUNITY Safe and Secure When Nadol (now in Year 11) joined Harrow Bangkok in Year 6 he was our youngest ever Music Scholar. We asked his mum Khun Ariya why she chose to move her talented son to our School.

It was my father who first encouraged us to consider Harrow Bangkok. He saw an article in the newspaper offering scholarships to talented students, so we applied. Our son Nadol is interested in pursuing a career in music so we felt that having strong English language skills was important for him in order to succeed and develop himself as a solo guitarist. Although before Harrow, Nadol had been attending a bilingual school, at the end of his first week here, he came back from School and told us he couldn’t understand his teachers! To cope with this, apparently, he had just kept saying ‘yes’ hoping they would think that he could understand. However, after just two months, he told us he could understand everything. We were thrilled. Because Nadol is a Music Scholar he boards. In the boarding house he has many good friends and loves the environment. The boarding system here is great. Especially in terms of establishing a routine. He has a clear bedtime, homework time etc., he manages his schedule so well, finding a good balance between his academic and musical commitments. From first-hand experience we know that great care is taken of the students. One evening Nadol went to visit his friend in neighbouring Hyde Park and returned late to the boarding house. At that time, Nadol truly believed that Hyde Park was part of the Harrow Campus - Mr. McDonald explained that this was not the case. But once this confusion had been highlighted, within 24 hours Mr MacDonald had contacted the security guards, reviewed procedure and everyone was made aware. Although the School is big, the chain of communication is very strong, the teachers know Nadol and take care of him very well. Khun Ariya




Harrovian 24th november  
Harrovian 24th november