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FROM THE HEAD MASTER Dear parents, students and friends of Harrow Bangkok, Following today’s emailed message from our Chairman, it’s with emotion that I confirm to you that I will leave our wonderful school at the end of the current academic year, in July. The past six years have brought immense professional rewards. I’ve been blessed with a great team, the support of a wonderful community and the backing of talented colleagues in Bangkok, around the Region and in London. Since 2012 we’ve navigated many challenges in order to bring our School to its current position of strong academic results, a unique curriculum, outstanding extra curricular learning opportunities and world class facilities. Most importantly, we have a school in which our students are proud to give their best. This year is not just Harrow Bangkok’s Emerald Anniversary, it’s also my 20th year in headship. With a few years of work still ahead, I’ve decided not to continue as a head master through to the end of my career and have decided to take an opportunity for significant change, whilst remaining within the Harrow family that has been so good to me. I have accepted the opportunity to join the Harrow Asia Group, supporting their exciting strategies for the expansion of quality education in Asia. The Board of Governors have already commenced the search to find the best possible Head Master/Mistress to build on our current success and take the School to the next level; I’m confident that we will experience strong continuity and that our School will go from strength to strength. Additionally, I wish to offer my very best wishes to our Thai community for the important period of remembrance and reflection in the coming week. Sincerely,

Mick Farley

LESSONS FOR LIFE Opening Doors to the Future In an ever changing and evolving job market, along with the enormous expense of studying for a university degree, how can you be sure you make the right degree choice? Our Head of Sixth Form, Karen Prout advises: ‘Do what you love. A good degree from a good university opens many doors.’ The experience of former Harrow Bangkok Head Girl Joy Martin, who left us in 2015, supports this statement. Joy has just graduated from the University of York in the U.K. gaining a first with distinction in her BA in Education. Joy boarded from Year 9 to Year 13, and in the year after she left education, worked as a member of our Gap Student Team. Joy was a natural working with children in the classroom, as well as supporting students pastorally in boarding. However, despite her clear talent in the field of Education, her career path has taken an unexpected turn; she is heading straight into the banking sector! ‘‘After three years of study I have now begun working as a Graduate Analyst in consumer banking at Barclays Bank. Throughout my degree course there was a strong focus on conducting empirical research. I really enjoyed this element of the course and strongly considered pursuing a career in educational research. However, to do so I would need to complete a Masters degree and PhD - something I have decided I am not quite ready to do yet (mentally or financially!). During my second year at university I completed an internship at Santander in Operations and Technology. I loved my time there and found a lot of the skills I had acquired throughout my degree were transferable. I have not ruled out a career in Education in the future but for now I am focusing on the opportunities available at Barclays.’’

Benefits of University Visits As we reach half term, we have had nearly 50 different universities visit us at Harrow, not to mention the numerous trips to university fairs that our students have undertaken. In addition to helping our students learn about life at university, it also opens up the possibility of learning about courses which they had not previously considered. With the changes in the global job market caused by advances in technology and societal change, university visits enable our students to be open-minded to the possibilities of study, both in terms of destination and course. Visits also allow our students to meet admissions tutors, often the very people who will be reading their application, and to make useful connections for the future. The visits will continue into next term, and throughout the year, and the more opportunities our students take to have conversations with the universities, the more they find out about what is right for them!


Joseph Clark University Counsellor

Cambridge Recognises Our Outstanding Learners

I would like to extend congratulations to Harrow Bangkok students following the announcement of the recent Cambridge Outstanding Learners Award. The Harrow community are very proud of you and we look forward to honouring your achievement at the forthcoming Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) Awards Ceremony in November. Six students received the High Achievement award in Economics, Computer Science (2), First Language Chinese and Media Studies (2). In addition, five students received the Top in Thailand award in Geography, Biology, Physics, Business Studies and English as a Second Language. These statistics, and wonderful individual performances both from those who have performed at the top academic end and more generally by students achieving their potential, reinforce our position as a leading school in the region and, with regards to educational value added, world-class. David Foster Director of Studies

MUN conference at Bangkok Patana School On Sunday 8th October, a group of 23 students ranging from Y9 to Y13 attended the BKKMUN conference. Our students were involved in a range of councils debating issues such as autonomous weaponry and the education of refugees. Two of our students had a special role at the conference: Jing Jing Piriyalertsak acted as the President of the International Court of Justice and Gwen Needham was the Chair for the EcoSoc Council. Whilst we didn’t win any official prizes this time, we did have an honorary mention. One student, Zaki Morshed, played an important role in his council. According to the Chair of Zaki’s Council, without his input and enthusiasm, there wouldn’t have been such a lively and fruitful debate. This was a positive end to our day as it showed how Harrow students can demonstrate the core value of ‘Leadership in Action’.

Lawrence Prunty

Head of Byron House


Our Mini Concert season got off to a wonderful start last Friday with a concert by Year 5 showcasing their talents in singing, dancing and playing. The theme was ‘Musicals’ and performances of songs from the musicals Rent, Les Miserables, Footloose and Hairspray were inspirational; there was not a dry eye in the house as 5A sang their version of “I Dreamed a Dream”. The talent extended to several virtuosos playing cello, violin, piano and drums, 2 awe-inspiring rock bands and Baikaew belting out a Whitney Houston number. Incredible! In the following pages, we introduce the remaining members of the Lower School Team who started with us this academic year. Nicholas Prockter Head of Lower School

Emily Aston – Head of Lower School PE Ms Aston is our new Head of Lower School PE. She is crazy about sport and has previously competed in swimming, tennis and hockey competitions. Ms Aston is also a musician and played in various groups in her youth and, like many of our teachers, is a keen traveller enthusing, “Bangkok is an amazing city - there is always a new experience around the corner!” Miss Aston has already made a positive start in the Lower School Sports Department with students describing her as “kind, funny, sporty and very skilled at tennis!” (Daniel and Minnie 4P)

Georgina Cullis – Year 2 Miss Cullis loves travelling and experiencing new cultures. She also enjoys art, photography and keeping fit. She previously taught in London and students in her new Year 2 class (Hannah, Tarn and Leo) describe her as “a little bit crazy, a little funny and also happy” and note that, “She cares for us and is nice at teaching.” Miss Cullis loves “teaching the happy children at Harrow Bangkok and is especially enjoying Thai cooking. I am excited to be living in Bangkok and am learning to be patient with the traffic!’’

Rebecca Spranklen – Nursery Rebecca Spranklen is a new teacher in our EYC Nursery Team and new to Thailand. “The support of the school and my new colleagues has made all the difference - living in Bangkok is a complete contrast to the UK. Although I haven’t had much time to explore Thailand yet, I already love so much about it - particularly the weather - I cannot wait to start the real exploring of this beautiful country.” Students in NR seem impressed so far with Poppy claiming “She is very happy and likes the pancakes!”

Lynn Dunsire - Nursery


Ms Lynn, worked in Thailand a few years ago, but more recently has been living in the South of England. Ms Lynn enjoys going to the theatre, music and sketching in her spare time. Her Nursery students have settled well in their new class with Neera, Ilia and Sumo saying that they “really like the songs (and the bed!).” Ms Lynn “loves the variety that Thailand has to offer. I enjoy the hustle and bustle of Bangkok living, the tranquility and outdoor space of the North Chiang Mai in particular- and the family fun on offer on its beautiful beaches.”

KEEPING UP WITH THE LOWER SCHOOL Chloe Sinclair – Year 3 Miss Sinclair previously taught in London and brings expertise in leading English as well as a passion for sport. Miss Sinclair enjoys running and playing team sports such as softball and volleyball. She also loves cheerleading and once coached a cheerleading team. “So far I have really enjoyed the amazing tropical weather and the wide variety of activities that the School and Bangkok have to offer. It has been great to get so involved on Campus so quickly.” Alfie and Yasemin (students in Year 3) are enjoying the year so far, “Miss Sinclair is a great teacher and she has fun activities, like making our own dinosaurs and digging for fossils.”

Ashleigh Britton – Year 5 Miss Britton has previously taught in London and in Slovakia. She is our new Humanities co-ordinator and, as well as having an interest in History and Geography, Miss Britton also likes art, music, and travelling. Gerard and Waewwow in 5B commented that she is, “motivational and a good scientist.” Summer, in Year 5, added: “Miss Britton tells jokes and she smiles a lot which makes us smile too.” Miss Britton told us that she loves “the amount of activities that are available for students here at Harrow Bangkok and for me out in the City!”

Victoria Oswick – Pre Nursery Miss Vicky has worked in Cornwall, England and Hong Kong prior to making the journey with her family to Bangkok. Miss Vicky is part of an outstanding Pre Nursery Team and is really enjoying her new life at Harrow Bangkok. She has a keen interest in Art and Sport and takes on an additional position here as Lower School Personal, Social and Health Education Coordinator. “What I enjoy most about Harrow is the chance to work with such amazing, diverse and exciting children and that students have so many opportunities to develop through both class-based learning and co-curricular activities.” Miss Vicky’s students were unavailable for comment.

Jessica Armstrong – Year 5 Miss Armstrong, new to the Year 5 team, has previously taught in England and Thailand. She enjoys outdoor adventurous activities such as paddle boarding, hiking and swimming and also likes yoga. “I love the exciting learning environment at Harrow Bangkok, as well as all of the friendly and supportive staff that I’ve met here. I also enjoy the wide variety of new and interesting things to do in Bangkok.” Miss Armstrong’s students buzzed with enthusiasm when asked about life in 5A and talked about “Monday and Friday dances, one-legged spelling tests and lots of games that help us with our learning” (Pow, Prim, Bua and Parn- Year 5). More importantly students said that if you have a worry, “you can tell Miss Armstrong anything… she really cares about us.”


Mini Concert Season Begins! The Lower School kicked off the Mini Concert Season with a bang by performing some Broadway classics in their musical-themed show. They dazzled the audience with their amazing singing, fancy footwork and plenty of ‘jazz hands’. The repertoire included numbers from ‘Footloose’, ‘Hairspray’, ‘Rent’ and ‘Les Miserables’ and was narrated by Year Five students.

They dazzled the audience with their amazing singing, fancy footwork and plenty of ‘jazz hands’. The buzz in the room was electrifying and the Music Teachers were very proud of the performances the students gave. Make sure you attend the rest of the Mini Concerts this season so you don’t miss the fantastic performers in action. Anna Henretty-Dunsire Head of Lower School music

Do you want to know what’s going on in Pre Prep? Are you looking for exciting photos of children learning, creating and going for it? Then follow Harrow Bangkok’s Pre Prep on Twitter.

Early Years’ Students Make Their Mark If you were in the EYC over the last couple of weeks you may have thought we had hired the children to be our window cleaners! However, there is more to this than meets the eye. We have between working hard to ensure that our provision provides for children’s interests and supports their physical development. As such, the teachers have created a range of mark-making opportunities to encourage the children to practice making big movements with their arms to develop their strength. You may have noticed, that recently, whiteboards, chalked areas and now rollers and paint brushes have appeared in the children’s playgrounds and free flow areas.


Leanne Galloway Head of Early Years

3,2,1 Action! Lower School’s recent adventures in and out of School Liz Cheal, Sarah Wiseman, Suzanne Hunt Year Group Leaders



Thursday the 12th October was a big day for Year 1, it was the day of their first school trip - to MOCA! 89 excited children boarded the coaches and travelled the short distance to MOCA: the Museum of Contemporary Art. The children spent the morning admiring the five floors of art and sculptures. In class, the children have been learning to draw portraits so we paid particular attention to these during our visit. After a picnic lunch at the café, the children returned to School all asking the same question … when is our next school trip?



Last week, the children in Year 2 visited Jim Thompson’s House. They had the opportunity to explore where he lived and to discover what first inspired him to live in Thailand. The children loved finding out about Jim Thompson’s life as well as the mystery of his disappearance. As part of their Art topic they looked at the patterns on textiles and pottery in the house and carefully sketched their favourite designs with their friends.



Meanwhile back at school, some extraordinary nocturnal activity was going on in the Year 3 corridor – it would appear that a dinosaur had chosen it as a promising nest sight! When the Year 3s arrived at School the next morning, they were greeted by a set of giant footprints running the length of the corridor and, right in the centre of their Shared Area, a huge egg! Perplexed and searching for answers, they called in dinosaur expert Sir Richard Owen…



Hannah John - US Specialist Geography Teacher Hannah has moved to Harrow from an international school in Malaysia with her husband, Ben, who is teaching Business Studies and Economics. Previous to that she worked in the UK for 6 years. She has worked as Head of Geography and Head of Humanities in her recent schools. She studied Geography at the University of Sheffield and completed her Masters in Education in 2010. Hannah wanted to join Harrow as it is a prestigious school, full of opportunities for students and staff. Living in a vibrant and friendly city like Bangkok has been something that Hannah has wanted to do for a while. She enjoys running and has already taken part in some of the running club events this term.

Benedict John – US Specialist Economics and Business Studies Teacher Ben John has over 10 years teaching experience both in the UK and internationally. He has joined Harrow from Penang, Malaysia where he was Deputy Head Teacher. Previous roles he has held have been Head of Pastoral Care, Academic Year Leader and Assistant Head of Sixth Form. Ben has a Masters in Applied Educational Studies and PGCE from the University of Sheffield. He has joined Harrow International School with his wife, Hannah. Ben enjoys a range of sporting activities and competes competitively in running and triathlon events. He is looking forward to exploring Thailand and trying the vast variety of food.

Joseph Clark – University Guidance Counsellor


Mr Clark is originally from the Yorkshire Dales and has moved to Harrow International School with his wife, Katharine. He studied Social and Political Sciences at the University of Cambridge, before playing rugby professionally for six years. He then worked in the City of London for two years before completing his PGCE at the University of Buckingham and becoming a teacher. He has joined us from Eltham College, an independent school in SouthEast London. As someone who enjoys cooking, one of his favourite things about Thailand is the culture surrounding food, as well as the food itself. His favourite thing about Harrow is the positive attitude of the students.

Each year, we invest a huge amount of time and effort in recruiting the very best teachers for the School. Our selection process is extremely rigorous. We are pleased to see this year’s recruits settling in well and over the next few issues of the Harrovian, we would like to introduce them to you. Jonny Liddell Head of Upper School

Laura Pidgeon – US Specialist Chemistry Teacher Laura Pidgeon, new Teacher of Upper School Chemistry, is originally from Caterham in Surrey but has lived for the past 13 years in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is here in Thailand with her husband Fran. Laura studied at the University of Edinburgh, gaining a Masters in Chemistry. She then retrained as a teacher and most recently she has worked at the prestigious Fettes College in Edinburgh, one of Scotland’s premier independent schools. Laura loves the sense of community at Harrow, along with the many excellent opportunities afforded to pupils and staff alike across many disciplines. She is very excited to be living in Thailand due to the vibrancy of the country, the easy-going nature of the people and, of course, the delicious food. Laura is very much looking forward to exploring the national parks, beaches and much more that Thailand has to offer, as well as travelling throughout South-East Asia.

Kevin Murphy - Head of Computing Department, US Specialist Computing Teacher Kevin Murphy is an experienced international teacher having worked in the UK, China and Egypt before coming to join us at Harrow International School as Head of the Computing Department. He is an accomplished Computer Scientist and studied Robotics and Intelligent Machinery at the University of Essex in the UK, working on projects such as Autonomous Vehicle Navigation and Machine Learning. Kevin is looking forward to inspiring the students at Harrow Bangkok and helping them develop into the next generation of Computer Scientists. So far Kevin is enjoying his new life in Thailand where he is trying to forge links with the tech scene in Bangkok, especially with start-up ventures and technology firms which operate in the city.

Paddy Horsington - US Specialist Business Studies Teacher Paddy arrived from Cokethorpe School, in Witney, Oxfordshire having previously worked at Blundell’s School in Tiverton in the UK. Paddy has been teaching for five years now, having qualified at Brighton University with a PGCE in Business Education. Prior to that Paddy was at Loughborough University studying Retail and Marketing (BSc). He has arrived with partner Emily who works in the Lower School PE Department. Paddy really enjoys eating out in local restaurants and markets using the songthaew to get around! Outside of school his interests include investment, property and football (particularly Yeovil Town Football Club). Paddy’s favourite thing about Harrow is the friendly, vibrant atmosphere around the School.


FOBISIA Student Leadership Conference On Friday 29th and Saturday 30th September Harrow Bangkok hosted 44 senior student leaders from thirteen schools across the region for the fourth annual FOBISIA Student Leadership Conference. This was the first time Harrow Bangkok has hosted the conference and it was superb to see young leaders holding key positions at their school, engaging with each other professionally and reflecting on their leadership styles and skill sets. We look forward to seeing how our senior student leadership team implement their skills over the course of this academic year and drive forward their vision. A big thank you to all the Harrow staff - Mr Southgate, Mr Bolt, Mr Downs, Ms Poel, Mr Clark, Dr Jevons and Mr Foster - who supported myself and Mrs Brinn in running leadership workshops on topics including teamwork, conflict resolution, leadership behaviours and individual motivations. Their dedication and professionalism is very much appreciated. Karen Prout Head of Sixth Form

Reflections from our senior student leaders:

What made the conference such a memorable experience was the people who attended. Everyone engaged in the activities and shared great ideas, making it easy to bond with them all. It was awesome to know everyone as leaders and as friends. I could not have asked for a better cohort of students and teachers to spend the weekend with (and share karaoke with!). Even though the conference has come to an end, the connections and memories we have made will certainly remain! The four of us would like to thank our teachers - our superstars - for their hard work in organising the conference. Without them, this event would not have been possible. Ice K13 Head Girl

The leadership conference has been an eye-opener for me. Leaders from all around Asia coming together to share their own experiences, thoughts and visions; surely this gathering is undoubtedly something that doesn’t happen very often? I was able to see potential improvements that can be made to the Harrow Prefect Team by listening to how other schools operate. I have learnt new ways to approach and resolve conflicts which may happen from a group discussion based on our past experiences and, most importantly, I have been able to make new life-long friends. A big thank you to the teachers who have given up their weekend to give us a talk on leadership skills, especially the organisers of this whole conference namely Mrs Prout, Mrs Brinn and Khun Bee.


Pax C13 Deputy Head Boy

Students travelled from Brunei, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City, Malaysia, Rayong, Penang and other parts of Thailand which definitely created a diverse atmosphere. We shared our own school’s leadership systems and discovered interesting and different ways in which other schools approached leadership. An informative afternoon was then followed by a joyful river cruise along the Chao Phraya River, where the teachers and students all joined in singing karaoke, stepping out of our comfort zones. The following day was full of activities showing us how to handle issues we may face as a leader in our schools. Two days was too short for the conference, and we wished to have spent more time getting to know each other better. Prima C13 Deputy Head Girl

The two-day FOBISIA Leadership Conference turned out to be a truly exceptional experience for us all. As student leaders from our respective schools, it was startling to identify the common ground we share amongst ourselves whether in terms of our characteristics or how we cooperate as leaders within a team. The workshops organised by Harrow teachers really brought the best out of us as we learned and adapted from others through a number of activities under the themes of teamwork, leadership styles or solving conflicts. Besides all of this, we have made new friends from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam and of course Thailand, whom we wish to keep in touch with and potentially continue to learn from one another to further improve the community as leaders of our schools. Aum C13 Head Boy


Once upon a time…

…in a land not so far away, Year 6 Harrow students explored the much loved fairytale genre. This introductory module aims to help our newest Upper School students with their transition from Pre Prep to Prep. The course kicked off with students reading traditional versions of ‘Cinderella’. After considering the traditional conventions of the genre, students examined some modern fairytales. Kan, a Year 6 student in Miss Martin’s class, explained “my favourite lesson was when we performed Roald Dahl’s poem in our groups.” In addition to reading, students have enjoyed speaking and listening and writing this term. After writing their own fairytales, Miss Martin’s class got creative! Students adventured to the new Creative and Performing Arts (CPA) building to design front covers for their modern fairytales. One student Pang said, “When we finally painted the book covers it was like bringing our stories to life. Writing my own story has given me experience of what it’s like to be an author.” And, you guessed it… they all lived happily ever after. Jennifer Martin Upper School Teacher

Well Done to Nehru!

Nehru House dominated the Prep House Basketball competition for 2017 winning three of the six categories. The ‘red army’ were crowned champions in the Year 6 Girls, Year 7/8 Girls B and in the Year 7/8 Boys B categories. Daniel Wiseman Prep House Leader, Nehru

Tennis Victory for Suriyothai At the same time as the Prep Phase basketball tournament, some of the Prep’s best tennis players competed in the Prep House Tennis Competition. A combination of singles and doubles matches resulted in a victory for Suriyothai with Nehru in second and Churchill in third. A special thank you goes out to all 24 Prep Phase players for representing their Houses out in the heat while the rest of Prep were together for the basketball.


Ellis Chadwick Prep House Leader, Churchill

Byron House Visit the Camillian Home Orphanage On Saturday 7th October, a group of 10 students from Byron House, accompanied by Mr. Prunty, visited Camillian Home in Lat Krabang. Camillian Home is a non-profit children’s charity which receives very little government support, but instead operates on the generous donations from individuals and corporations. The children there have either been abandoned or orphaned and are all living with disabilities, ranging from mild to severe, for example, Down’s syndrome, autism, or blindness. Some of them are wheelchair-bound, making it difficult for them to help themselves. Harrow students had the opportunity to participate in collage making and colouring-in activities with the children. Through these activities, children with communication difficulties were given the chance to freely express themselves. Despite the barriers to communication resulting from some of the children having severe intellectual disabilities, our students still tried their best to put a smile on their faces. In addition to the craft activities, the Harrow students also presented Camillian home with donation items collected from the Byron community. These were essentials such as toilet paper, vegetable oil, detergent and diapers. It was a pleasure to make the children happy, simply by sacrificing a fraction of our time. Khanoon, B13

Senior House Dodgeball It was that time of the school year when students transformed into warriors for the House Dodgeball Competition. This event must be one of the most popular competitions, with everybody having a part to play. To have all 6 Houses there on finals day meant that the atmosphere was electric along with the mascots adding that bit of chaos to the preceding’s. With Byron and Churchill battling it out, in the finals of both age categories, in the end it came down to winning numbers giving Byron a welldeserved win. As their poster says: ‘We’re not here to take part, we’re here to take over’. Another win for the mighty greens. Jeremy Southgate Head of House for Nehru

Chiu Library Update It is hard to believe that our renovated Library has been open for a month! Students have completed scavenger hunts and codebreaker challenges to help them find their way around. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with students commenting on how relaxing the space is and how much better they are able to focus on individual study now we have more defined zones. The new library-related English curriculum for Prep Phase students is underway with students benefiting from the opportunity to use the Library as they develop a greater understanding of different genres and types of writing. As these photos show, the Library is being well used. Alison Jeffery Upper School Librarian


A Boarding Learning Walk

In a short space of time the boarding environment has been completely transformed. The most obvious feature are the superb new buildings: The Hub, The Grove and West Acre. However, the most important is the environment. One evening, I began my walk from The Hub, where Mrs Poel was working with four US university applicants, I went past Miss Dava whilst she was running extra SAT sessions. I looked left to see the Bradbys’ boys undertaking their daily paired-reading to develop their English and use of it. Further along, I had a brief conversation with Mrs Jones, our learning support specialist, who was on her way to run a session with two pupils on improving their use of academic English. Passing West Acre, Mrs Wilson was gathering her Historians for her film session in preparation for the trip over the half term. On entering the Grove, I caught up with some of the boys who were confirming the time of Mr Howe’s morning runs, checked in with the two dedicated academic IGCSE and A Level subject tutors the boarding community now enjoys every weekday evening and congratulated First, a Year 12 student, for giving up his time for the ‘Study Buddy’ programme that evening. After prep, I walked back towards the Hub to see many of the Community playing - to name just a few - basketball, badminton and table tennis with their friends and the boarding staff beginning to nudge pupils towards the showers and their beds; a typical evening in boarding for 2017. Richard Downs

Head of Senior Boys


STEP IN TO BOARDING LIFE Paying Respect to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej On Wednesday October 11th, the Boarding Village came together to pay their respects to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The ceremony involved students from Bradbys, West Acre and The Grove presenting, reading and performing pieces of work that reflected their thoughts and feelings about the life and legacy of His Majesty

Musical pieces were performed by Pun, Nadol and Plub. Ploy, Eyn Eyn, Pammy, Jinny, Grace, Angela, Green and Jessica all spoke about individual aspects of His Majesty’s work and his modesty and they presented the West Acre collage. Geng spoke at length about His Majesty’s rain project and Thep and Sor gave passionate speeches about His Majesty’s life and influence. Andy and Jiwon hosted the event and to conclude we were all invited, with a friend, to place a candle on the Rama 9 symbol and collage that was made by the boys in Bradbys. On Saturday October 14th the boarders visited Ayutthaya where they made offerings to commemorate His Majesty’s life. Tim McDonald Director of Boarding








LATEST UPDATES Spirit of Harrow

It was difficult to choose but this is my list of prize winners. The winner is… Tonam Y5P. The winning photograph shows, not only a sense of fun, but also a sense of friendship and, for this reason, I feel it is the winner. It is a very natural, nicely composed photograph of students enjoying a moment at School.

2nd Place: Haru Y1T. This photograph illustrates the meeting of cultures here at Harrow with two children greeting each other with the traditional wai. The colourful background and the Harrow uniforms show the contrast between creativity and a shared identity. 3rd Place: ‘Full of Laughter’ by Andy Song N9. I love this photograph because it is very spontaneous and I also enjoyed that fact it is a black and white shot. Congratulations to the prize winners and commiserations to those who came so close to winning.


Raymond Pearce Upper School Teacher

The Battle of Knowledge The competition was stiff. The best of the best were chosen to represent their School. Only one team was victorious. As part of our 20th anniversary ‘20 events for 20 years’ schedule, a quiz was held, pitting Lower School against Upper School. It was the battle of knowledge to end all battles and of course, the Lower School team - comprising of Mr Bush, Ms Hunt, Monia (the Lower School Head Boy) and Jasmine (the Lower School Head Girl) were victorious! The questions were difficult and the Upper School team - comprising of Mrs Prout, Mr Lipscomb, Ice (the Upper School Head Girl) and Aum (the Upper School Head Boy) - couldn’t quite manage to hold off the Lower School team. The final results were Lower School 14 vs Upper School 9. Alexander Wilkes Lower School Teacher

One round was ‘guess the teacher’ – can you guess who these teachers are from their younger days?

Check Harrow Bangkok Facebook Page for more photos

BISAC Cross Country On Sunday the 1st of October, over 50 Harrow Runners competed in 10 categories at the BISAC Cross Country Championships. Everyone gave their all for their Harrow team and we won team medals in 4 divisions: U13 Girls (Lili So8, J’nay So7, Jinny So7 and Kady N7) 3rd Place U15 Boys (Aaric C10, Tom B10, Diow K9 and Farng So10) 2nd Place Junior Varsity Girls (Naproud K13, Run S10, Cartoon N10 and Star So12) 3rd Place Varsity Boys (Non B13, Didi C12, Sai S12 and Andy B13) 3rd Place We now turn our attention to SEASAC Cross Country on the 24th and 25th of November. Scott Howe Upper School Teacher



Contributing Positively to the Community Harrow, in conjunction with the organisation Mobile Education Partnerships - who work with the migrant communities in the Mae Sot area -, packed and sent 5 lorries worth of items such as beds, desks, clothing, bedding and other essential goods which have now found new homes in several schools in these deprived communities. Staff from Harrow’s Operational Services Department and PCS accompanied the items to help with their assembly and distribution. Tim Chappel Operations Manager

TA College Over the past couple of years, Lower School Teaching Assistants (TA) have had the opportunity to develop professionally through a UK TA Training Institution called TA College. The TA College has accredited 8 of our wonderful Lower School TAs as ‘Effective Teaching Assistants’. Very well done to Ms Janet, Ms Saifon, Ms Gift, Ms Noi, Ms Linda, Ms Chom, Ms Jejay and Mr Glenn! Our Lower School TAs will have the opportunity to access this course again this academic year. We will have even more TAs having had some great professional development and hopefully lots of them will pass the accreditation. Alexander Wilkes Lower School Teacher

Crisis Management Training Weekend Last weekend, we held our annual Crisis Management Training Weekend in Khao Yai. The weekend is designed to assist staff in organising and managing school excursions, dealing with emergencies and to provide ideas on improving the student experience while on trips. For the first time ever, the trip was attended by our colleagues from Harrow Schools around S.E. Asia, as they look to introduce the training into their programmes. Thirty-five teachers were in attendance, and the weekend was a great success. Thank you to all who gave up their time to join us. Ross Hamilton Operational Services Systems Manager


Building Confidence ‘Design Technology should be the subject where mathematical brainboxes and science whizzkids turn their bright ideas into useful products’, Sir James Dyson, British inventor, industrial designer and founder of the Dyson company. Harrow Bangkok now has a fully operational Design Technology (DT) Department which includes a 3D Design Studio, a Computer Aided Design (CAD) Studio, a Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Studio, a Fashion & Textiles Studio and a Technician Studio. However, all this would be nothing without our new Head of DT, Paul Handley - a passionate advocate for the study of Design Technology - and his highly talented team. Just walking through the ground floor of the Creative Performance Arts building one can feel the ‘buzz’ emanating from the workshops. There is excitement about the possibilities that lie ahead for both students and colleagues. “I studied DT for GCSE and went on to study the subject for A Level. I had a teacher who was passionate about the subject and that really shone through for me. He inspired me to want to continue my studies at university. It was he who said to me “Paul why don’t you think about teaching?” So my degree was BA (Hons) in Design Technology with Secondary Education - a mixture of teaching and full-on Design Technology. I have been teaching for 13 years but I have never worked in a school that has facilities as good as this one. Since getting the job in November I have been working closely with the team here trying to visualise and plan the space. Now I am here, I’m loving it! I needed a challenge – everyone has been amazing. I don’t have to commute hours to work, which means I can spend more time here. The main thing is that the workshops are established and we can now get to work developing skills and harnessing a love of design in our students.’

Making A Happy Start Bhutan is a unique and stunningly beautiful country that measures success not in terms of GDP but in GNH - Gross National Happiness. The idea is based on the premise that true development of human society takes place when material and spiritual development occur side by side complementing and reinforcing one another. Mrs Tsering, mum of Lhachen in S10 and native of Bhutan, explained to the Harrovian that she believes a collaborative partnership between parents and school is instrumental in ensuring that a child has the best of opportunities to learn, grow and thrive.


‘We wanted a place where Lhachen could grow intellectually, emotionally and socially in order to develop to her full potential Finally, we settled on Harrow Bangkok because we liked the philosophy of Leadership for a better world and the emphasis on the development of the whole child. We were impressed by the teachers and the facilities as well as innovative programmes, such as the Leadership in Action Curriculum with its focus on service, charity, teamwork, creative expression, leadership and challenge. Being a weekly boarder means she has greater opportunity to take part in after-school activities, in addition she doesn’t have to wake up early to catch the morning bus, and she has time together with children her age. This is her first experience of boarding life and so far she is enjoying it.’

CATCHING UP WITH OUR COMMUNITY Don’t be surprised if you visit Bradbys Boarding House one evening and find our youngest music scholar Plub (Y7B) blindfolded and playing the piano! Plub’s friends in boarding delight in the fact that, even with a blindfold on, Plub can play almost any request. He, in turn, seems happy to oblige them, for when we asked him “What do you like about Harrow?” Without hesitation he replied, “Friends.” Plub is in demand! Before even starting at Harrow he had already impressed our Community with his exquisite playing at our 2017 graduation ceremony. Within days of his arrival he inaugurated the school’s new Steinway piano and more recently gave a memorable performance of Beethoven’s ‘Für Elise’ in the Prep Assembly. Plub had no intention of just churning out a well-worn classic. “I thought about it like a joke; I wanted to take the audience by surprise. If I played a straight classic in the assembly, I was sure no one would like it!’’

‘‘The House is full of music and the boys love listening to his compositions on the House piano. Now Plub is even teaching some of the boarders how to play the piano.’’ Abigail Jevons House Mistress of Bradbys

The new arrangement, which after a few bars suddenly kicks into an irresistible jazzy ragtime version had the desired effect - taking the audience totally by surprise and getting them smiling from ear to ear. Plub’s mum and dad are thrilled that Plub has settled so well at his new school: It was the best decision in our life. As a concert pianist career pursuer, Plub has shown tremendous progress both in musicianship and in life skills since he moved into boarding. The music facilities, environment, community, and opportunities provided here are second to none. Thanks to the boarding experiences, we are now confident that he can pursue his path abroad by himself. We are proud to be here.

Plub started playing the piano at age six and a half, however he explained that he did not like it immediately, in fact it took two years before he fell in love with it. ‘‘I had a new teacher and she asked me, “What do you want to play? Instead of giving me a book with tunes to practice. Beethoven’s Für Elise was the very first piece I chose.”



Harrovian 20th Oct 2017  
Harrovian 20th Oct 2017