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The Newsletter of Harrow International School Bangkok

Volume 21 Issue 4

10th November 2017













EDITOR AND DESIGNER Ceren Akkaya Marshall PHOTOGRAPHER Christian Henriquez OTHER CONTRIBUTORS Catherine Farley Richard Green ADVERTISING QUERIES Elizabeth Hammond Thank you to the Harrow Bangkok Community for their contributions




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FROM THE HEAD MASTER Dear All, Within Sport we’ve had some great success in both BISAC and SEASAC in recent weeks. Can you believe we’ve been preparing to compete in SEASAC since 2014? Therefore it was important that we started well in order to make the right first impression against the big, well-established schools. So it has been gratifying to see Harrow Bangkok students succeed at such a high level in Singapore. SEASAC Golf and Cross Country Running are both coming up soon. I am looking forward to these. With our first Harrow Fair for two years just round the corner, I anticipate a day of laughter, entertainment and of course great food. Our community will come together on Saturday, 18th November to spend, spend, spend; and all for a very good cause as our Friends of Harrow Committee work to replenish their bank balance so as to support the many good projects that we have in the School. If you haven’t experienced a Harrow Fair in Bangkok before, please be sure to mark the date in your diary; you won’t be disappointed. Many of you will be aware that we have a student in Year 3, Ken, who is suffering from a rare and debilitating medical condition. At Harrow Fair and at other occasions around School many within our community are engaged in a fundraising drive to support Ken in receiving radical medical treatment in Mexico. I hope that you will find an appropriate opportunity to contribute to this very worthy fundraising cause; you might even sponsor Mr Prockter’s bike ride this weekend. Best wishes for your weekend,

Mick Farley

FINDING THE RIGHT BALANCE This week Mr. Danuphorn Punnakanta and his wife Ms. Suwanant Kongying, parents of Nada in Y2 and Nadol in NL, share their experience of searching for the right school for their young family

to university - perhaps in the UK - it will not be a culture shock for them. They will move easily between cultures. The balance is good here. My daughter can write, read and speak Thai very well. It surprised me a lot. Before we came to Harrow, I thought okay she can study Thai outside school, but now I can tell that the school is very serious about Thai, so my children are getting what they need in school.

Suwanant: I started looking at schools for my baby when I was four or five months pregnant! For me it is a priority that our children be good English speakers. For this reason, I was looking at international schools from the start. However, my husband was educated in the Thai system then graduated from the US and learned his English then, so it was not such a priority for him.” Danuphorn: Yes our points of view were different, so we talked a lot. There were, of course, many things on which we both agreed; we both believe friendship is extremely important. We were concerned that often at an international school, children come and go as their parents move more frequently.” Suwanant: The fact that the school has lots of Thai children is a positive for us, I love that about the school. My children are Thai so here they are going to be able to make lasting friendships, they are going to grow up with their friends.”


Danuphorn: Of course the number one reason we chose Harrow Bangkok was the reputation of the school. We know the school here in Bangkok is drawing on 400 years of history and tradition. Here you put everything together - the Thai culture and traditions as well as the English. As a result, when my children graduate and go

Mr. Danuphorn Punnakanta former M.P. Actor and Business owner with his wife Ms. Suwanant Kongying Actor, T.V. Program MC and business owner. Suwanant: Our children love to come to school, I think it is the way the school teaches – not just reading and writing; they are learning through play. You convince the children to take part in a lot of different activities, they have a new favourite every month. They have great self-confidence – you build them to feel proud to be themselves, they have opportunities to speak in front of the class, to be able to communicate with people they don’t know. Due to our proferssional lives, our children are meeting lots of people every day so it helps them that they feel so confident. At Harrow Bangkok we found a way of combining what we were both looking for in a school in one place.

University Fair

This Tuesday saw the Rayleigh Centre become a hive of activity with over twenty UK and Irish universities visiting us to take part in our mini-university fair. Representatives from universities such as the University of Bristol, Durham University and Queen Mary University spend time talking with Year 11, 12 and 13 students about their courses, campuses and application requirements. University Fairs such as these are wonderful opportunities for students to gain a wider understanding of the many options open to them when considering their higher education pathways. This weekend, on the 11th and 12th November, the OCSC University Fair is taking place at Siam Paragon. There are over 300 universities attending from all over the world, such as the UK, Australia, Japan and Canada. If you are intending to go, I recommend pre-registering. The website is Amanda Poel Head of Careers & University Guidance

SR5 Curriculum Parent Pages In order to further improve our curriculum communication with parents, we have developed curriculum pages for parents on Dashboard, the School intranet. Within the Shell and IGCSE Curriculum sections, there is a welcome message from the Head of Faculty and Head of Department and photos of all the teachers who teach the classes. In addition, there are curriculum outlines for each subject area so that you can see what your child will be studying in each term. In keeping with the three key elements of the Harrow Learning Journey, Academic, Pastoral and Leadership in Action, there is also a House section as well as pages about the Leadership & Service Curriculum, Challenge Days, the International Award (D of E) and the Global Project. To access the SR5 Parent Pages, go to the Harrow website and click ‘Login’ in the top right-hand corner and choose ‘The Dashboard’, or you can use this QR code or this link: and log in with: Username: Password: Kathryn Gavin Head of SR5

usparents usparents


Pre prep parents this week raised nearly 700,000 baht selling a collection of historic coins commemorating His Majesty King Bhumibol's 72nd birthday. - thank you to all who helped and/or donated.


KEEPING UP WITH THE LOWER SCHOOL For Our Ken Nicholas Prockter Head of Lower School This week I have decided to share some devastating news about one of our brave students in Year 3. Ken, aged 8, is seriously ill with a condition called DIPG (a brain tumour). Ken is a beautiful boy and the only child of two amazing parents - Picha and Jitima. Ken is friendly, articulate, intelligent, popular and in his short time in our lives has been such a pleasure to know. For the past year Ken has received extensive treatment for his illness. However, tragically, his condition is deteriorating with Ken beginning to have difficulty walking and talking, and even eating and drinking. Parents are now seeking treatment overseas. The medicine Ken takes costs several thousand pounds a month and overseas treatment looks set to cost around £200,000. Ken still comes into school most days for an hour or two and has the most incredible friends and teachers supporting him. His infectious sense of humour and bravery continue to impress and inspire us all. Ken was diagnosed 15 months ago and while originally this news was kept private, in discussion with the family, we have decided to start sharing this information with our wider community. We would also like to publicise some of the fundraising that is taking place in the hope that you might like to donate and/or share the fundraising links with your contacts.

I would like to pass on the family’s sincere thanks for all the donations so far and the fundraising efforts that have started. I already knew I was part of a very special and caring community and in the last few days this has been really shown. Thank you!

Ken’s Facebook

Ken’s Web YouCare Donation Direct donation to Kbank # 033-1-56445-1 Account Name: Mrs. Jitima Ratanatam for Master Pipit Ratanatam

Mr Prockter (having hardly exercised for the past 20 years) now plans to enter a cycle race this weekend and in return hopes to raise enough money to pay for the first stage of this treatment his page is here:


The First Splash Play in Our Cub House Garden

After much discussion and consultation, we are so pleased to be at the development stage we are at, in our first year in the Cub House. We have a lovely outdoor area and wanted to plan it carefully for our youngest Harrovian’s, providing optimum safety alongside appropriate experiences and challenge. From a teaching and learning perspective, we want to make the most of the children’s natural desire to be outside, and great thought has gone into choosing and designing a space where the children can fine-tune their physical skills, have social interactions and experience the freedom and fresh air that the great outdoors provides. Our specialised splash play equipment came from Germany (well known for its high-quality products), and, even though the sun didn’t quite shine for us, the children and parents still had a wonderful time at our special first splash play session! Julie-Anne Green Early Years Teacher

Winter Book Fair You know that winter is truly here when we hold the year’s first Book Fair! And so it was that on 2nd-3rd November we welcomed seven vendors onto Campus. Book Link visited for the first time, bringing a wide range of academic books in support of the ‘super-curriculum’ and were supported by well-known vendors who brought a wide range of fiction and non-fiction with them. Over the Fair’s two days, Lower School students visited during their library classes with others of all ages taking the opportunity to browse at break and lunchtime. We look forward to our next Fair in early March and in the meantime invite you to provide feedback on this latest event by talking to Library staff or emailing Alison Jeffery Upper School Librarian

Colourful Musical Show This term Year Two have been focusing on ‘Music in Colour’ and the ‘Pentatonic Scale’ and performed pieces from this topic in their Mini Concert. There were a variety of pieces that showed off their exceptional musicianship including glockenspiel ensemble pieces, two-part singing and an original composition based on a painting by the artist Vincent Van Gogh. Our mini-Mozart performers wowed the crowd with their well-rehearsed solo pieces and everyone thoroughly enjoyed all the performances. Well done Year Two!


Anna Henretty-Dunsire Head of Lower School music

Year 5 Opens Fusion Café During the last week of term, students in Year 5 created ‘culinary chaos’ when they devised new fusion dishes to share at their Fusion Café. As part of their Design and Technology unit, the students spent time exploring the key flavours and ingredients of some of Thailand’s most famous dishes. Students experienced sizzling chillies and sweet fresh papaya as they went in search of their perfect dish. In addition to Thailand’s key flavours, they took a ‘taste bud tour’ of some of Britain, Australia and South America’s famous flavours. Students crunched and cautiously sipped their way through corn chips, salsa, olives and honey in search of their favourite combinations. Following their research, the students set to work constructing their Thai-Mexican Fusion dish. The Year 5 corridor was treated to larb gai nachos, som tam and cheese tortillas and even spicy noodle tacos! The prize dish however was the mango sticky rice Eton mess that combined Thailand’s favourite dessert with meringue, cream and sprinkles. Look out Bangkok, a whole new fleet of fusion chefs await. Matthew Parker Year 5 Group Leader

Care and Share Yesterday the children in Year 4 invited their parents to join them in the classroom, in order to share with them all the learning that has taken place since the start of this academic year. Currently the children are studying ‘The Amazing Amazon’ topic and last half term they investigated the ethics of the ‘Fast Fashion’ industry – some weighty topics for discussion!

Here is what the hosts and their guests had to say about the event: ‘‘I loved Care and Share because I got to show my Mum all my amazing work!’’ Keira 4K ‘‘I liked showing Mum the t-shirt that I sewed. She liked the pocket best.’’ Mei 4P ‘‘My mum was very proud of my artwork and that made me feel good.’’ Tim 4P ‘‘The Year 4 ‘Care and Share’ was a wonderful opportunity for parents to see what their children have been up to this term.’’ Gayle van den Berg, Year 4 Parent


UPPER SCHOOL AND BEYOND The Importance of Grade Cards Grade cards are essential in any school but they differ from one school to another and are often misunderstood. In the British education system, grade cards have the primary purpose of letting parents know how their son or daughter are doing compared to expectation so that we can help them progress. In every school, parents often get upset when they see a low grade but the purpose of this on an interim report is to honestly communicate with the parents and start a discussion about what needs to be done to improve. In other education systems a poor grade on an interim report has consequences but in the British system where the examinations are external, this is the only real grade that matters in the end. All of the grades that we give on an interim report are deigned to be an accurate reflection of current performance so that we can nudge our students towards the best possible outcomes. As we move towards the season of parents’ consultations, the best question you can ask is not ‘why did my child get a C?’ but ‘what areas does my child need to focus on to improve his grade to a B?’. Jonny Liddell Head of Upper School

This week, we continue introducing our new teachers at Harrow Bangkok Tom Watson - US Specialist Chemistry Teacher Tom Watson is a new Chemistry teacher who has arrived in Bangkok with his wife and two children. Both children are attending the EYC and are loving the excitement and adventures that Bangkok and the Harrow Campus have to offer. He has moved here from Hull, East Yorkshire, where he spent 6 years as a Chemistry teacher. Previous to that, Tom studied Biochemistry at the University of Leeds and taught English in South Korea. Tom is enjoying taking advantage of the amazing sports facilities at Harrow and is also getting involved with the Duke of Edinburgh Award. He is excited about travelling around Thailand and wexperiencing the amazing things the country has to offer.

Jonathan Haywood – US Specialist Mathematics Teacher Jonty Haywood is a Maths teacher from Cornwall, UK, who has moved back to Thailand with his wife and two daughters. He studied at Cambridge University and with the Open University and is interested in anything to do with Science, Technology and Mathematics. He has taught in the UK, Thailand and Pakistan over the last ten years. What Jonty loves most about Harrow, and Thailand in general, are the people, who are always polite and friendly.


Sarah Bannister – US Specialist Physical Education Teacher Ms Bannister is new to Harrow Bangkok this year and joins the PE and Sport team. Ms Bannister is an experienced teacher, having taught in the UK for the last 12 years. She enjoys travelling and is passionate about sport; particularly running, swimming, rugby and badminton. One thing she loves about the School “is the importance placed on competitive sport and also on educating students on the benefits of leading a healthy active lifestyle.” She is also looking forward to exploring SE Asia and learning about Thai culture.

Dan Simpson – US Specialist Media Studies Teacher Dan Simpson is our new Upper School Media Specialist Teacher. He has worked in education for a number of years and has recently won the Silver Award for Pearson Teacher of the year for Secondary in the UK at a BBC screened event during the halfterm break. Before teaching, he worked on feature films including Captain America, working with directors such as Lord Richard Attenborough, John Landis, Richard Linklater, Gurinder Chadha, Joe Johnston and William Monahan. He is passionate about film making and giving students as many media opportunities as possible. He moved to Thailand with his wife Nel and they are loving life in this beautiful country, made even better by the fact that he can watch his beloved Blades (Sheffield United FC) every week! He has recently set up the LionView production team and News program and is keen to get as many students involved as possible. ‘Harrow is a fantastically busy school, with incredibly talented and awesome students and staff. I am really excited about developing student’s media skills, portfolios and helping them reach their potential’.

Andrew Archibald – PE Cover Teacher Physical Education teacher, Mr Andrew Archibald joins Harrow after working as a teacher in Newcastle. Before becoming a teacher, Mr Archibald was a sports coach and played semi-professional rugby in Hong Kong and Australia. He also represented England Students in 2010. Mr Archibald is passionate about using sport to make the lives of young people better. Mr Archibald has really enjoyed his time at Harrow so far, “the facilities are fantastic which allows the students to try a good range of sports and make excellent progress. I have been particularly impressed with the amount of sport that goes on after school. The staff here really go the extra mile to ensure every student is given the opportunity to participate”. In his spare time Mr Archibald likes going to the gym, playing rugby and football, and traveling.

History Trip to Germany, Austria and Poland

Over the October half term, 60 History students and staff visited sights of historical significance in Vienna, Krakow and Berlin. The 8-day trip was an opportunity for the students to immerse themselves in European culture and to also gain a greater insight into the Nazi period and occupation. IGCSE and A Level students study the rise of the Nazi party in Germany, the regime’s impact upon the lives of citizens within the occupied territories and also, specifically, interpretations of the causes and scale of the Holocaust; a genocide of devastating magnitude. Whilst in Vienna, students visited the architectural beauty of the Schönbrunn Palace and its landscaped gardens, as well as going on a guided tour of RedVienna and the social welfare enterprises of the early twentieth century. In Krakow there was a particular focus on the Holocaust. Students were fortunate to meet with the grandson of a political prisoner, and survivor of Auschwitz, as well as exploring the factory of Oscar Schindler and, most poignantly, to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. The students were very reflective as they absorbed the

scale of the atrocities planned and conducted by the Nazis during World War Two, and they asked thoughtprovoking and mature questions whilst walking around this sombre and horrifying site. The focus in Berlin was on the memorialisation of the Holocaust, the evolution of the terror regime and also the post-war affect upon Germany. The students particularly enjoyed the visit to the Reichstag Building and dome at night as well as the East Side Gallery art exhibition along what remains of the Berlin Wall. Throughout the trip the students showed an increasing awareness of the concepts of causation and culpability and all of the staff were very proud of how they conducted themselves. Our guides were impressed with how knowledgeable and inquisitive our students were and also the high level of their discussions and debates regarding the issues explored. The students found the trip interesting and thought-provoking and it is clear that their experiences will have a lasting effect. Natalie Wilson Upper School Teacher

House ‘Boy Band Girl Band’ Competition Oh, my God, it’s back again… the House ‘Boy Band Girl Band’ Competition. With a year without the competition everyone is relieved it is now back for good. The crowd was awash with anticipation knowing everything changes each year. The bands were all in sync with their dancing and everyone singing from one direction; the front of the stage. With a toughly fought competition the new kids on the block were the Keller boys with a fantastic performance in the Boy Band Competition and were just winners. The Sonakul girls spiced up our lives with a different performance in the heat and finals which gave a little mix to the usual routine. Special thanks to all the students who took part and the hours of choreography that went into making the event happen. Daniel Bolt Head of Sonakul House

The Lions Rock

The Lions Rock team have been at it again! Since the project started, we have raised over 105,000 baht. On September the 2nd, played a small concert for the Women and Children Care and Training Centre before going to do some musical activities with the veterans at the General Veteran Hospital in the afternoon. On the 27th of October, we went to Bangkae Nursing Home and performed a small choir sing-a-long as a tribute to the late king Bhumibol Adulyadej. We had a small ensemble consisting of a violinist, a guitarist and a lead singer to lead and guide the choir. We donated 25,000 baht to the Women and Children’s Care and Training Center, 30,000 to the General Veteran Hospital, 25,000 to the Bangkae Nursing Home and we are planning to donate 50,000 baht to Beaumont School Chaiyapoom. During the Christmas Holidays (19-20 Dec) we will be going to Chaiyapoom to do musical activities with the Beaumont children in the hope of sharing our passion and leaving a good impression of music there. Anya 5W

BISAC JV Girls Football A bumper weekend of sport (BISAC and SEASAC) meant only captain Jenny (So12) remained from the original JV squad. Fortunately, Sea (So11), CC (C11) and Pear (N11) volunteered to play at short notice. They were joined by the fantastic Year 7 Football Academy quartet Mie, Jyumi, Angela and Kady, who were competing against players several years older and, sometimes, double their size! After two hours of footballing drama featuring highs (a last-minute winner v TCIS) and lows (a semi-final beating by BPS) only the third place play-off remained. Despite the scars of a four-nil reversal in the group match and a significant age, size and bench ISB-advantage, the Lions stormed to a 3-1 victory in a heroic, lung-busting and united display of teamwork that stunned the opposition. True team spirit combined with last-ditch defence and some skilful forward play. A sensational effort! Jake Doods Upper School Teacher

The Varsity Boys Soccer Team The Varsity Boys Soccer team travelled to Singapore for the Lions debut season in the South East Asia Student Activities Conference (SEASAC) Games. The team reached the Plate Final after beating Ruamrudee International School Bangkok in the Plate Semi-Final. The game against our local rivals was the game of the tournament; which finished 4-4 after regular time. It was the Lions who, deservedly, scored in extra-time to win a place in the Plate Final. The tournament was hosted by Stamford American International School and the twelve boys representing Harrow Bangkok were a credit to our School, themselves and to Thailand. Yuta, the Varsity Captain, won the Player’s Player and Andy Wei won the Coach’s Player of the Tournament. Daniel Wiseman Varsity Soccer Coach


Say (Operation) Smile! Selected Sixth Form students who are pursuing a career in Medicine travelled to Mae Sot this month to support the Operation Smile charity mission. The organisation provides free surgeries to repair cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities for children. Whether it was through playing ball games, blowing bubbles or creating artworks, our students brought much joy to children and their families who were preparing for or recovering from the traumatic experience of surgery. In reward, our students were provided with unprecedented access to operating rooms to witness live surgery by some of Thailand’s best doctors. The trip has certainly provided handson experience, self-reflection and hopefully inspiration for our budding doctors. I hope to see them performing these surgeries as qualified surgeons one day. Dr Mark Jevons Upper School Teacher

‘‘During the operation, I was captivated by the surgeon’s precisely intricate movements especially when suturing. The surgeon explained how the mission benefits many doctors, despite not earning a single baht from it. “Giving new smiles to the patients drives us and reminds us of why we wanted to pursue this career in the first place”. His words further confirmed my resolution in becoming a medic and will drive me to not give up when overcoming any adversities I may face in the future.’’ Dee K13 ‘‘I witnessed a cleft lip surgery where I learned the importance of teamwork in the operating room. The senior doctor was advising the medical intern who was performing the surgery with help from the anesthesiologist. This cooperation was essential for the best outcome of the surgery and the importance of these professional relationships shone through. The operating team was able to maintain a light-hearted atmosphere for most of the long operation, which ensured a successful operation day.’’ Kanompung N12

While we were in the operating room a surgeon told me, “People often think of volunteer doctors as givers when actually we are the receivers”. My experience over these past few days has allowed me to understand what he means. Playing with the children and talking to their parents never failed to brighten my day. It was lovely to see the children become excited about simple things such as bubbles and balloons. I found it surprisingly easy to interact with the children and their families even though we did not speak the same language. The doctors on this mission must feel overwhelmed with happiness when seeing their patients smile.’’ Lew So13 ‘‘It was a great privilege to witness a volunteer surgeon meticulously working to repair a cleft palate of a 12 year-old girl. Her heart rate and blood pressure were monitored and adrenaline was administered to minimize bleeding. When the process was completed several hours later she, along with many others children this week, will finally be able to smile.’’


Sun K13

‘‘We tried our best to entertain the children and to create a carefree environment to put them in a good mental condition before thwey received an operation. The medical volunteers devoted their time to help change people’s lives in exchange for nothing more than the sense of satisfaction from seeing patients able to smile. Being able to witness several simple but life-changing operations is something that I will never forget.’’ Khanoon K13

SR5 Beaumont School Community Service Trip On Thursday 2nd November, a group of 18 students equipped with their teacher planning and resources, travelled to the Beaumont Ruam Pattana School in rural area near Chaiyaphum in Isan, the north-eastern province of Thailand. Their task was to plan, resource and deliver lessons to Year 4, 5 and 6 students unaided. On arrival at the hotel after a long journey, last minute planning and allocation of responsibilities occurred late into the night. On Friday, after an hour of low confidence levels, language barriers and misunderstandings, problem-solving skills kicked in and the Harrow students found their way and managed to deliver a series of ambitious lessons on complicated topics such as business and enterprise, deforestation, recycling and fair trade. It was wonderful to watch normally reserved Harrovians flourish in the classroom, with some demonstrating natural abilities to teach and create friendly environments which encouraged learning from shy rural students. All 18 students learnt a lot about themselves, their abilities and areas they need to develop during their time teaching at the school whilst also developing skills such as the ability to think on their feet, collaborate, share responsibilities and the importance of creativity. A big thank you goes to both Mr O’Connell and Khun Kru Ja who were excellent chaperones and mentors for the students. Kathryn Gavin Head of SR5

Sixth Form Charity Day Last week saw the annual Sixth Form Charity Day organised and led by the Charity Committee and involving students from Years 12 and 13. This year's Halloween themed Charity Day was as exuberant as always. The Sixth Form raised over 20,000 baht in under an hour for the Bop Htaw Foundation and Operation Smile. We hope this will make a difference to the lives of many. This was a very fulfilling and pleasing event. The student-led stalls offered various types of food and games which appealed to students from a range of year groups. The 12’s shredded pork and sticky rice sold out in minutes! It was amazing thing to see each member within the tutor groups come together to contribute to a worthy cause. What was most rewarding was the smiles on the younger students' faces and knowing that we were doing this for a good cause. Another valuable memory was all working and supporting each other. Collaboration was key and made this event a huge success. Michelle Brinn Deputy Head of Sixth Form

‘‘I enjoyed organising the charity stall as I felt a sense of responsibility. Our tutor group worked well as a team and we made a good profit. I think that the event as a whole was very well planned, which enabled us to work highly effectively.’’ Green C12 ‘‘Charity Day for me personally was a very exciting experience. The venue was busy, which was a good thing because it meant that I was alert and had to be organised all the time. I think an event like this is a brilliant opportunity to develop leadership attributes and skills.’’ Gunn N12 ‘‘I witnessed how each House collaborated and worked together to help sell their products. We could see students enjoying their lunch as they ate non-School made food. With a combination of hard-working Sixth Formers and lots of hungry people, the success of the Charity Day was clearly demonstrated.’’ Teddy K12


Celebrating the Loy Krathong Festival at Harrow Bangkok On Friday the 3rd of November, the Harrow community celebrated one of the most festive events in Thailand, Loy Krathong, which took place on the full moon day in November. Staff and students contributed to create a special and colourful atmosphere in the school and showed their appreciation in Thai culture by wearing a beautiful and fascinating Thai traditional clothing. During Thai lessons, students learned about the tradition of Loy Krathong, the significance of this festival and also practised their handcraft skills in krathong making. Upper School students enjoyed playing the Loy Krathong Quiz during morning registration. Prizes were given to a quiz winner and the best Thai dress for each tutor group. A Krathong making session also welcomed senior students (Year 10-13) and staff to make their own traditional krathong during lunch time to enjoy the festivity. Kitima Tanskul Head of Lower School Thai

Students from Toddlers to Y5 looked amazing in their Thai traditional costumes on Loy Krathong Day. They had lots of fun making krathongs from natural materials and happily took their krathongs home to float that night. Students also participated in the special assembly which featured Thai dances called ‘Near Dawn and Talikipas’, performed by our Reception to Y5 students from the Thai dance activities. Well done to all of the dancers for the wonderful performances. In addition, there were awards given for best the krathongs and best-dressed students and teachers. What a lovely day it was!


Dow Nudtavadee Sapaprot Thai Teacher

Check Harrow Bangkok Facebook Page for more photos

Rangoli Challenge Day

Thursday 2nd November saw the annual Rangoli Challenge Day involving students from Year 8 who worked collaboratively and tested their ability to design and create a Rangoli pattern within a very tight time frame of 4 lessons. In doing so, the students learned about the Hindu festival of Diwali, rotational symmetry and various art skills. The patterns were absolutely terrific with high levels of collaboration displayed in order to reach an end product. All the students listened carefully to the advice given by the members of staff to produce a really high-quality collective installation that was appreciated by the entire Harrow Bangkok community. A special thanks to Mr. Verran, Mr. Case and Miss Puk for their guidance and leadership that allowed this day to run so smoothly. Adam Pape Deputy Head of Pre Prep



STEP IN TO BOARDING LIFE Celebrating Our Diverse Family In The Village It has been an action packed week in the Boarding Village celebrating very different but significant dates for our international family. Halloween turned Bradbys into a scary cave as the junior boys beat the junior girls at Halloween themed games. Friday brought traditional Thai outfits, music and dancing to the Hub as we learnt about the significance of Loy Krathong.

Boys acted out the story of the Gunpowder Plot but the lighting of the bonfire had to be postponed due the high winds!

We are very lucky to be able to share these different traditions in our community and always enjoy celebrating our diversity. All boarders made their own krathong that we floated on the Harrow lake. We ended our busy week marking the British tradition of Bonfire Night. The Bradbys

Abigail Jevons House Mistress Bradbys

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Parent Workshop at Harrow Bangkok


LATEST UPDATES 20th Anniversary Tea Party

Thursday 2nd November was a beautiful morning for a tea party at the Clock Tower. A smiling Miss Liz cut the specially commissioned 20th Anniversary cake - iced in traditional Harrow Blue. Students, teachers and parents gathered to join the party. Tea was sipped, and the cakes quickly disappeared as our community chatted and enjoyed the History of Harrow Bangkok photo montage on display.

Award for Outstanding Teaching Mr Daniel Simpson, formerly a teacher at St Matthew Academy in Blackheath, London, was presented with The Award for Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School, as part of the Pearson Teaching Awards 2017. Now leading the Media Studies Department at Harrow Bangkok, Mr Simpson was one of only 9 secondary school teachers in the UK to be selected out of thousands of nominations as one of the top teachers in the country. The Pearson Teaching Awards are an annual celebration of exceptional teachers in the UK, created to recognise the impact an inspirational teacher can have on the lives of the young people. As an award winner, Mr Simpson attended the Pearson Teaching Awards ceremony in central London over the October half-term break. Mr Simpson was recognised as an outstanding teacher and leader who created a vibrant creative media centre at his former school. He inspired his students towards academic excellence and his media courses were oversubscribed every year. Starting at Harrow Bangkok in August of this year, Mr Simpson has carried on his excellent work, setting up the student-led LionView Harrow Production which has already produced three editions of its Harrow student news programme. Watch the latest edition on our YouTube channel.


James Beere Upper School Teacher

Tim Gerrish Visit to Harrow Bangkok

At the start of this half term we welcomed Mr Tim Gerrish back to Harrow to audit our safeguarding policies and procedures. Mr Gerrish has huge experience in all matters related to the safety of children in schools and online. Before becoming a full-time consultant, he worked for several years for CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection), a branch of the UK’s National Crime Agency. Mr Gerrish spent two full days inspecting records, dissecting policies, and interviewing staff and children before producing his report. He was very complimentary about Harrow Bangkok’s approach to this vital area of school life and recognised the School as a beacon of best practice in the SE Asia region. The core safeguarding team met with him in the evening before his audit began and welcomed him to life in Bangkok. Dr Tim Jefferis Second Head Master

Instrumental and Vocal Lessons Programme As we settle into the fantastic new surroundings of the Creative Performing Arts (CPA) Centre, the instrumental teachers are in full swing, delivering an exciting programme of individual instrumental and vocal lessons, all very closely linked with over 41 lunchtime and after school Music activities running each week. We would like to welcome to the music programme the following new Music teaching staff:

Anongthiparpha Sinhaseni Thai Instrument Specialist Teacher

Ratchasak Ruengchai Thai Instrument Specialist Teacher

Kanthop Janurangsripattanakul Clarinet Specialist Teacher

Siriporn Jinnarong Flute Specialist Teacher

LEGO Band LEGO band hand over a cheque for 50,000 baht as the first instalment for Beaumont School to go towards their purchase of a greenhouse. The cheque is received with gratitude by Second Master Dr Tim Jefferis.


Letter from America After studying at Harrow Bangkok for more than 13 years, Pearl Rojanapeansatith has moved on to a new chapter in her life at the University of San Francisco to study entrepreneurship and innovation. Last year she attained a top in the world Cambridge Learner Award for her AS results in Travel and Media. Pearl is also a hugely talented golfer, attaining a full golf scholarship to the university Being a student at an American University is a fantastic but a very different experience from my school life in Bangkok. Because I am on the women’s golf team at my university, I have to maintain good grades as well as golf results. It is a tough challenge for me to overcome, however the experience I gained whilst at Harrow has helped to prepare me very well. During my time at school, my teachers and coaches pushed me to excel to the best of my abilities - to work hard in school as well as in extracurricular activities. This discipline has equipped me to face the challenges I am now experiencing here. If any Harrovians have any enquires about American university academics, university life or anything at all, I am glad to help! If you would like to get in touch with Pearl for any further information, please contact our Head of Sixth Form Mrs. Prout.! Pearl “Once a Harrovian, always a Harrovian”

Leading by Example This year’s Prep Leaders are Yusuf and Millie in Year 8. The Harrovian caught up with them to discover what motivates them and how they feel they can make a difference for their fellow students.


It is clear when speaking to the pair that together they form a strong and complementary team who respect one another as they work together to support and give voice to their fellow Prep student’s ideas and concerns.

Millie: “Shortly after we were elected we were asked to organise an Assembly to introduce ourselves and to discuss bullying. A few students had approached us on the walkways upset by gossiping or name-calling, so we wanted to address this.” Yusuf: “We prepared carefully, wrote a script and practiced our presentation skills. The Assembly went really well, I think presenting this topic from a student’s point of view, rather than having a teacher talking about it was powerful. People really got the message.” Millie: “We raised awareness of the potential issues and how we could help. After that we had many more students approaching us, sometimes to tell us about something that had happened to them or sometimes to their friends, because occasionally people are too shy to speak to us directly so they ask a friend to do it. Yusuf: “We mainly want to say, if you have any problems at all please come and talk to us, we can help.”

CATCHING UP WITH OUR COMMUNITY Knowledge, Attitude, Love and Team work A Clinic with Nurse A Over 1000 students, yes 1000, received medical attention from our school nursing team last month. As a result of the outstanding primary care they received, only 8 students subsequently visited a doctor. Heading up our dedicated team of nursing specialists is our Senior Nurse - Nurse A.

As soon as one meets Nurse A one feels the warmth of her care, her experienced eyes will search your face, scanning for symptoms that might need her attention. One knows one is in the presence of an experienced and talented professional. “My goal is simple,” she told the Harrovian “it is to make our school nursing team the best in Asia! When I started at Harrow Bangkok two years ago, systems were not as strong as they needed to be. Naturally, being a team of seven nurses, each one of us had different professional experiences. I wanted to be a leader for my team, to inspire them and be a good example for my team. I wanted to harness the individual strengths within the team to work together in order to make our team unique. My tools are kindness, forgiveness and understanding. I believe a nurse’s purpose is to be there to help people. I choose my team not for their language skills but for their kindness of heart and their willingness to learn. One should never stop learning; I always strive to keep my team up to date. Now we have great unity in our team, we have a clear shared direction. Once you communicate through love, your communication will be a success.” This coming December after school has closed for the Christmas break, Nurse A and her team will host the 14th annual International School Nurses Conference, right here at Harrow Bangkok. Over two days there will be training and workshops in treating sports injuries, infection control, pre-hospital care, effective communication with children of all ages and safeguarding. Over 60 members will attend.” A MASSIVE thank you to our wonderful Nursing Team for taking such good care of us.



Harrovian 10th November  
Harrovian 10th November