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The Newsletter of Harrow International School Bangkok

Volume 21 Issue 6

15th December 2017









EDITOR AND DESIGNER Ceren Akkaya Marshall PHOTOGRAPHER Christian Henriquez OTHER CONTRIBUTORS Catherine Farley Richard Green ADVERTISING QUERIES Elizabeth Hammond Thank you to the Harrow Bangkok Community for their contributions




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FROM THE HEAD MASTER The coming weeks are an opportunity for you all to enjoy time with friends and family, sharing love, laughter, and maybe a few presents; Christmas is the perfect time to tell those special people that you love them. Recently, I came across the charity, ‘Choose Love’. You can go online and experience all the joy of shopping in support of people who are displaced and in need of many of the basics that we take for granted. One comes away with nothing more than a strong sense of having done something that might make a real improvement for the lives of others.

The start of the academic year, back in August, now seems a mighty long time ago - an awful lot has been accomplished; overwhelmingly for our children, their education and development. Thank you everyone: Harrow staff, students, parents and the many other contributors to our School, for all the energy and commitment you have provided to our community this term, and throughout 2017. It’s my great pleasure to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2018! With love,

Mick Farley

Christmas Magic in the Early Years

The last couple of weeks in the EYC have been totally magical! Thanks to our parents, the festive season started with the Centre being adorned with the most wonderful Christmas decorations for the children to arrive and be amazed by. The children were greeted by a magical winter wonderland and it was a delight to see their amazed faces as they explored their transformed playgrounds. Full of the Christmas cheer, the children and staff have been busy rehearsing and then performing to the crowds of excited parents. The shows have been wonderful to watch and I never cease to be amazed at how terrific the children are when they stand on stage and perform - so brave! I am immensely proud of the children and staff for all their hard work and it seems only fitting that we now have a long break to rest. I wish you all a wonderful festive holiday and look forward to welcoming you back in the new year. Leanne Galloway Head of Early Years

Christmas in Pre Prep

Over the last couple of weeks, the Pre Prep has been getting into the Christmas spirit. This all started on Friday 1st December when dozens of parents descended on School and transformed the corridors and shared areas. It was lovely to see the children’s faces full of joy and amazement when they returned to a winter wonderland. On Friday 15 th December, the children thoroughly enjoyed putting on a sensational Christmas Concert for the Harrow Community and everyone involved should be extremely proud of themselves. We had majestic singing, the amazingly talented orchestra, some touching readings and even a visit from the big man himself – Father Christmas! The afternoon was filled with fun and laughter as children had their Christmas parties before discovering who was the Pre Prep House of the Term. Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year! Tony Williams Head of Pre Prep


KEEPING UP WITH THE LOWER SCHOOL Christmas Spirit in the Lower School Nicholas Prockter Head of Lower School

“Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before! What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more!” As a teacher, the joy of working with children is magnified every year during the Christmas Season. For many Westerners, like me, the childhood memories of receiving presents, decorating the tree, singing Christmas songs and tucking into Christmas dinner with the family culminates in a nostalgic Christmas feeling that we spend the rest of our lives trying to recreate. Fortunately, I am able to relive that feeling every year through my own children and through the students that I am privileged to be working with.

Christmas is a time when we try to think of things that are of lasting value. The Grinch (like his counterpart Ebenezer Scrooge) learnt that what matters in life is not how many things we possess, but enjoying what we have already and understanding that loving relationships are worth more than material objects. This is the Christmas spirit that we talk about at this time of year and we endeavour to teach our children.

This year the Christmas spirit at Harrow Bangkok has been delightful to watch and feel and be a part of. The kindness of our students to others never fails to impress me and the generosity of our community in supporting us as well as our charities and young Ken has been gratifying. The Lower School Christmas shows this season have been particularly captivating and the community spirit has been lovely. Students from the smallest to our oldest have shone with their confidence and talent and made us all feel special. This morning the community came together for a series of Christmas shows in our new QEII Hall. Our Pre Prep students read, sang and played beautifully. Well done and thanks to all involved in making this Christmas so stunning. Thank you to our parents for all your help and support this term, I wish everyone a very merry Christmas and hope that you enjoy a relaxing holiday full of Christmas spirit.



It is always surprising when running a school just how quickly each term goes. We started this term on a high with our best ever set of examination results and the high has continued. Our students have accomplished so much this term in sports, music, art, drama, MUN and Duke of Edinburgh to name a few of our high profile events, all of which happen on top of our rigorous curriculum! At this stage in the term, students (and teachers!) are tired. I am thinking in particular of some students who did four hours of acting on Friday night before embarking on a three-day FOBISIA MUN conference at 7am the next morning! It is important that over the break, students take the time to rest and rebalance so that they are ready to focus in term two. Wherever you go, I would like to wish you all a lovely restful break. Jonny Liddell Head of Upper School

FOBISIA Model United Nations

Harrow Bangkok have had the privilege this month to host FOBISIA’s MUN event between the 9th and 11th December. The conference was organised by our Secretary Generals Jing Jing (C12) and Finlay (N11) along with their Parliamentarians Ana (So12) and Moe (C12). Our student team hosted 15 schools from across Bangkok and South-East Asia over the course of the 3-day conference. The Secretary Generals were fortunate to secure an honorary guest for the conference, Mr Thani Thongpakdi who is currently a Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The students involved have had the opportunity to further their debating skills as well as being exposed to current global issues. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the students and staff involved in making the conference such a success with special thanks to Jing Jing and Finlay.


Hannah John Upper School Teacher

Focus on Prep Phase The Harrow learning journey provides our students with a range of experiences. I would like to highlight an important stage of this journey: The Prep Phase. In a recent survey of students, we asked them about their experience of the Prep Phase. Here are some of their responses: ‘Moving up to the Prep Phase is very challenging as in Lower School there is less work. This means that Prep Phase will challenge you a lot more (not necessarily a bad thing).’ ‘The teachers in Prep have a specific subject they are good at unlike in Pre Prep, where they have the same teacher teaching different subjects.’ ‘We get to know new teachers who we have never studied with before in Pre Prep and friends in the same House that we have never played with before. They are all really nice!’ ‘We started to know the fundamentals of our House and get to know each other more and before we know it, we became a family.’ ‘You get a lot of freedom because in Pre Prep you have to walk in a line with the class and the teachers, and in Prep, you can go with a friend around the School which really teaches us how to be safe and independent’ ‘We have to learn more things by ourselves’ ‘It gives new experiences to students like Challenge Days and it makes you learn something new’ Moving along the student learning journey can be worrying for both students and parents, particularly at transition points like moving from Year 5 (Pre Prep) to Year 6 (Prep). The good news is that we are here to help support along the way and, as you can see from the student feedback above, there is plenty to look forward to. In summary, the Prep Phase promises to provide an environment where all students are happy, safe and excel academically, socially, and emotionally.  It is a stimulating learning environment where students have the freedom to explore as well as acquiring the specialist subject knowledge that will be needed as they progress through the School and beyond. David Foster Director of Studies

Prep Charity Last week the Prep charity activity group had their first monthly popcorn sale raising money for One Sky Foundation, the Prep charity. The popcorn was selling like hot… popcorn and the dinky popcorn machine struggled to keep up with demand! Luckily it did and they sold out in just over 30 minutes raising 1655 baht. The activity group had spent the previous week designing paper cones to serve the popcorn in so, not only did they raise much-needed money for One Sky but they created no plastic waste so helped protect the environment. Thank you if you bought popcorn, hope you enjoyed it and come again next month. Richard Green Upper School Teacher


Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, Practice Silver Expedition – Pu Luong, Vietnam

Two weeks ago, forty-three Y10 students travelled to the beautiful Pu Luong Nature Reserve, in Northern Vietnam to complete their practice silver expedition. The students then navigated themselves through the valley, using a GPS unit and a series of waypoints, carrying all of their possessions for the three days in their backpacks. The route took them through a combination of stone and jungle paths, winding around the rice paddies for a challenging 15km each day. The second day’s hike culminated with a steep climb to the homestay where students were greeted with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. Our students embraced the challenge and experience of trekking and living in the Vietnamese jungle, and loved (nearly!) every moment of it. Alistair Marshall Upper School Teacher

Year 13 Haunted House

This year, the Prefect Haunted House was hosted in the Prep School (thank you Mr Pape), and it was truly a successful and spooky event. We as a team enjoyed the fun of scaring students and working together collaboratively. Despite being one of the busiest periods of our academic year, the effort and dedication put in were worth it due to the amazing feedback from both students and teachers who participated in the haunted house experience, especially for the haunting soundtrack that really set the tone for the night. However, the Haunted House could not have been done without the help of the prefect team, lots of Year 13 volunteers, PCS staff and teachers who gave up their valuable time to help us create this event. This extraordinary event has certainly driven the team to look forward to organising this year’s Prefect Disco!


Enid So13 and Prima C13 Senior Prefects and Co-Chairs of the Prefect Events Committee

The Arabian Nights

The new Black Box theatre was opened last week and immediately witnessed a first fantastic performance in the shape of The Arabian Nights. Over thirty talented Upper School students danced and acted their way through these amazing Persian tales, taking the 500 strong audience on adventures that included giant birds, magical caves, treacherous sisters and flatulent bridegrooms. Huge congratulations to our talented performers on creating a special and creative piece of theatre befitting of the opening of an exciting space. Severin Herbert Head of Drama

Bangkok Primary Maths Team Challenge In November, four very excited and enthusiastic Year 6 students went to Bangkok Patana School to take part in the Bangkok Primary Maths Team Challenge. The competition consisted of four different rounds, each requiring different skills and knowledge. Pheobe, Krit, Rasika and Jieng worked extremely well together as a group with each student contributing in their own way. The group’s favourite round was the construction round where they had to build all the possible tetrahedrons using three different types of triangles. The team excelled in this round and a big well done to them for coming first. Much fun was had by everyone and the students look forward to taking part in more competitions in the future. Shamim Akhtar Upper School Teacher


Great House Bake Off If you want to win the Great House Bake Off you need to be prepared to take whisks. The annual Great House Bake Off saw an amazing number of wonderful entries. In the Prep category there were some scrumptious Christmas cookies and yummy cupcakes that were submitted with the judges ruling the best cookies being from Shanya B7 but they could not pick a clear winner in the cupcakes with those baked by Toey, Built and Prim C8 gaining joint first place with those baked by Mint, Pin and Sasorn B7.

When all the points were totaled in Prep, Nehru were third, Byron second and Churchill first. In Seniors it was Sonakul

In the Senior category, Christmas cake and red velvet cake were the choices for the contestants with red velvet cake having a huge number of entries. With such a strong field of competition, in third place, Nehru were second and Byron were victorious. the judging was incredibly close with Erika K10 narrowly getting the judges nod. With the Christmas cake it was Khowpoon N9 whose cake was awarded first place.

Our thanks go to all the staff who were judges on the day and Khun Pang for organizing the event but most especially we would like to thank all the students who took part and baked and all the parents who helped them. The Heads of House Team

Senior House Touch Rugby There was no shortage of students trying and tries being scored on Monday as the Senior House Touch Rugby tournament took place in what was the final House competition of 2017. With the sports fields a sea of colour, it was great to see so many games being played in a friendly but competitive spirit. In the Year 9 & 10 competition, Churchill and Sonakul topped their groups to go through to the final with Sonakul narrowly winning by scoring a ‘golden try’ in extra time after the game had ended 3 - 3. In the Year 11 – 13 competition, we saw Keller and Byron in the final with Byron emerging victorious. The results for the two competitions are then combined to give the overall champion. However, this year’s results took everybody by suprise. Byron had finished 1st in one competition they finished 6th in the other, Churchill finished 2nd in one competition but 5th in the other and so on. Ultimately, all Houses had a combined score of 7 giving a six-way-tie! This has never happened before. So our congratulations go to the 2017 Senior House Touch Rugby champions: Byron, Churchill, Keller, Nehru, Sonakul and Suriyothai! Our thanks go to Mr Kench, Mr Wiseman, Mr Preston, Dr Jevons, Mr Archibald, Ms Ball and Mr Pape for refereeing.


The Heads of House Team

Spectacular Sports Day! Last Thursday saw the 20th Anniversary Upper School Sports Day take place. Mr Farley opened proceedings with the cauldron being lit by last year’s overall winners, Suriyothai. With some 1050 medals up for grabs in the myriad of field and track events that took place over the day, the competition was intense with a number of School records being broken. The afternoon was taken over by the fiercely competed relay races where again there were new records set. The last race of the day was the teacher’s relay where we witnessed a spectacular finish with Nehru in 4th place as Ms Taylor passed the baton to Mr Archibald who then literally flew down the track moving up into third, then second and, by the narrowest of margins, pipped Dr Jevons of Byron on the line. With the results from all the events and the points totalled it was time to close the games and announce the champions. In Prep, it was Suriyothai who emerged victorious and in the Senior competition, Keller were champions and when the points from both the Prep and Senior competition were combined, Keller were declared overall champions. Our thanks to all the staff who helped out on what was a hot and tiring day and in particular we would like to thank Ms Ball for all her work in organising such a massive and successful event and also to the Estates team for all their work in the setup of the event and clearing it away afterwards. The Heads of House Team

Senior House Chess The walkway was ‘rooking’ as the Senior House Chess Tournament took place, with 5 days of intense competition. Some excellent matches took place, one of our favourites being when Jazz K10 took on Son C10. With Jazz up from very early on in the game, defeat for Son seemed inevitable but with dogged resistance, Son kept going and, with just his king left and staring defeat squarely in the face, he managed to force a stalemate draw. Yes, chess teaches logical thinking, planning ahead, resilience, risktaking and problem-solving but just as important, it teaches winning graciously. And as Son and Jazz found out, that your fortune can change in a second! On the final day’s play, it was Keller and Byron eventually emerging victorious by 4,5 games to 3,5. Once again we would like to offer our thanks to Khun Jirapak from Jirapak Chess for the loan of equipment and for with his help as arbiter.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas! All last week and this week, Upper School students have been over to visit The Hub for their Christmas House lunch. Six Houses means six lunches and hundreds of mince pies! The atmosphere on all six days has been wonderful with Christmas music, quizzes, craft activities and a wonderful Christmas menu and of course, Christmas hats! We would like to thank Khun Pang for organizing the lunches and the Epicure team for putting on such fabulous food. The Heads of House Team


SEASAC Golf at Summit Windmill From 23rd to 25th November, seven students from Years 8-13 took part in SEASAC Golf at Summit Windmill, Bangkok. The event started with a friendly ‘better ball’ competition where Prim and Penguin (K8 & C8) showed they were going to be strong competition for the top under 19 girls. The boys Pat (K11) and Sean (C12) also tied for first place.

Day 1 of the main SEASAC competition saw a slightly nervous start from the Harrow team on the first few holes, however, the pars and birdies soon started to roll in with our Harrovians playing some fantastic golf. In particular Sean, Pat, Penguin and Prim, who all played within their handicaps and put Harrow in a strong position going into Day 2 for the individual and team competitions. Our students were at the driving range early on day 2 to practise, showing their determination, enthusiasm and desire to challenge for the SEASAC titles. Their commitment paid off with all the team playing some incredible golf and resulting in most of them bettering their day 1 scores by at least ten shots. With Pooh (S11), Ken (S13), and City (So13) posting scores well below their handicaps, the boys’ team catapulted from 7th to 4th with only a handful of shots separating them from third place. As the day progressed the competition intensified with Sean taking the lead in the individual boys’ competition and Prim and Penguin solidifying their hold on second place in the girls’ team competition. The last three holes proved incredibly difficult. With the sun setting and the floodlights coming on, the girls finished strongly on the last hole to come second overall. As both girls are 12 years old and were competing against 6th formers this was an outstanding achievement. In the boys’ individual competition Sean played down the 18th with the scores tied. With an extremely difficult chip to play, Sean played a bold shot leaving him with a putt to win. With an ever-growing crowd coming to watch, Sean held his nerve to sink a difficult putt to win the Individual Boys SEASAC Golf Competition. A fantastic achievement by all the members of the golf team, a huge well done.


Rob Kench and Coach Paul

2017 FOBISIA Championships in Penang A fantastic time was had by all at the 2017 FOBISIA Championships in Penang, Malaysia. A total of 140 players, 52 girls and 88 boys from south-east Asian International schools participated in the event. We had 11 students in attendance competing in 3 different categories, our students played a total of 61 matches, winning 41, which is a very good return. Individual highlights included: TT - 3rd overall in U13 Girls, Angel – last 16 of U13 Girls, Jao – 5th overall in U13 Boys, Prom – 7th overall in U15 Boys, Bill – 8th overall in U15 boys, Jerry – last 16 of U15 Boys. A big thanks to Danai and our coaches for all their hard work in preparation for the event, and to Danai and Lolly for travelling with the students and ensuring they were so well looked after through the 4-day event. Danai Downer Upper School Teacher

SEASAC Cross Country Championship 2017 On the 24th and 25th of November, our Harrow Bangkok runners represented us in style, displaying great fairness, teamwork and determination. Our strength is the 5 x 3 km team-relay on the Saturday, with our girls; Lili (So8), Belle (S8), Run (S10), Star (So12) and Pim (K13) running strongly into 6th place out of 10 teams. While our boys; Aaric (C10), Tom (B10), Didi (C12), Sai (S12) and Non (B13) ran 7th out of 12 teams. Our best runners in Friday’s individual 5 km race, on a very muddy and hilly course, for the boys was Non (who, as did Aaric, fell at the start) in 19:57 and, for the girls, Lili in 25:03. We are now working on our endurance for the 5 km race to improve Harrow Bangkok’s placing once again next year. Scott Howe Upper School Teacher

On the Way to the World Youth Chess Olympiad 2017 Following my success in the Thai Chess (Makruk Thai) Tournament back in July, I have been selected by the Thailand Chess Association (TCA) to represent Thailand in the World Youth Chess Olympiad 2017. It is a worldclass tournament organised annually by the World Chess Federation, and is by far the biggest event in my chess career. It will be held in the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat State of India during 10-19 December 2017. The tournament format is a team system, so I will be playing alongside 4 players also selected by TCA. I am the top-ranked player in the team and will be serving as captain for Thailand’s youth team. This is an opportunity for me to develop my leadership skills and I will strive to perform my very best in the tournament. I am very honoured and proud to be representing my country and School and I will continue to live up to the honour of being a Harrow scholar. Ryu, So10


Year 12 Student Reflection on the Mae Sot Weekend (Extra Paws) ‘‘The play-in-a-day trip was a huge success in terms of enjoyment and education. I came to Mae Sot not knowing how unlucky these children were. I knew the world was a nasty place but to have seen it with my own eyes was not just a site to remember but a life-changing experience. I think everyone was struck by how bad the sanitation was at the school. I came with the intention of making one day a special day for a group of children, however, I left with a new intention that I was going to seize every opportunity to give back to the community.’’ Lay, S12 “Although we spoke different languages, this was not a problem in terms of communication. Not only the smiles we shared with the migrant students but being able to learn and exchange cultures and languages was another noteworthy experience.’’ Mint, C12 “After a tiresome day it was a real relief to be rewarded with genuine smiles of the children. As a team we communicated very effectively to overcome any unexpected obstacles, as a result the trip was a huge success and we developed stronger bonds with each other.” Gun, K12 “Even though we only had a day to spend our time with the kids in Mae Sot it was a memorable experience for all of us. It may be difficult at first due to the language barrier but we overcame that with the use of body language and facial expressions. I was really happy that the kids enjoyed the activities we had planned for them and see their smiles. It was a pleasure to a part of the Extra Paws team.” Po Po, N12

The Pigou Society

The first Pigou Society meeting for this academic year was held on Wednesday 22nd November in the Rayleigh Centre. The topic for discussion was ‘What does it mean for Thailand to become a developed country?’ We were privileged to be joined by the former Finance Minister for Thailand, Khun Korn Chatikavanij, who took part in a small group discussion over lunch with the Pigou Society members from Year 11 and Year 12. It was a fantastic chance for our young Economists to question and share ideas on Thailand’s continued development and the role they can play both now and in the future. The Pigou Society seeks to inspire students’ intellectual curiosity for Economics, Business and Finance; to increase further reading and research; and to prepare candidates for the application process for Ivy League, Russell Group and other top universities. Keiran Matthews Upper School Teacher


Harrow Students Impress with Top Place Finishes in Economics Essay Competition Congratulations to Maple (C13) and Finland (So13) who achieved 2nd place and runner-up, respectively, in the Bangkok Economics Essay Competition (BEEC) 2017. Top young economists from international schools throughout Bangkok took part in the essay competition which was judged by Dr Thitinan Pongsudhirak, Associate Professor and Director of the Institute of Security and International Studies at Chulalongkorn University. This year, the awards ceremony was hosted by the Crown Property Bureau in Dusit, Bangkok, where participants were treated to a talk from Professor Geoffrey Longfellow, the project director of the Thailand Sustainable Development Foundation, who spoke on the late King Bhumibol’s sufficiency economy and the foundation’s work. Well done again to Maple and Finland on their impressive performances in this year’s essay competition. James Beere Head of Social Sciences Faculty

Year 12 Social Enterprise Scheme What is it?

What do you get?

A social enterprise is a revenue-generating business. An organization that has at its heart, social objectives. An organization wanting to drive social change, and whose surpluses are reinvested for that purpose or in the community.

Links with curriculum and learning plus Leadership in Action

A beginning…. The Kaset Khemkhaeng (happy farmers) project and Imm Rice.

Where to from here? Selecting roles: Finance, marketing/promotions, sales, product development Research and planning: Kaset Khemkaeng project; health benefits of organic/premium quality rice; changes in incomes for farmers; productivity and yield; Report/presentation to Harrow USSLT •What do you want to do? •Why do you want to do it? •Who does it help and how? •Where does it link to your studies? •Where do you see things in 3 or 5 or 10 years’ time? watch?v=hyUL9RBpXOs&t=76s

The importance of sustainability and success Establishing a new business model MUST be based on sound planning and realistic targets urceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Keiran Matthews Upper School Teacher


Countdown to Christmas! As the Term 1 sixteen-week marathon draws to a close, the entire School Community is looking forward to a well-deserved Christmas break, perhaps none more so than our newest boarders, who started in August. They took some time out to reflect on their first term and tell us what they are looking forward to getting up to this holiday… ‘‘The main thing I am looking forward to is seeing my parents – I haven’t seen them for so long…and eating Burmese food.Also seeing my dogs Jack, Jess, Polo and Golf – I wonder if they missed me? It has been great to be here at Harrow, I feel I can finally be independent and try new experiences. My horizons have certainly broadened. And now I am going to have a FANTASTIC CHRISTMAS!’’ Sai, Y12 Yangon ‘‘I remember for the first couple of weeks, I was late to all my classes and sometimes I felt homesick, but I have made some great friends, and the gap students, Miss Chicken and Miss Linda have all helped me to feel at home. When term finishes, my parents are coming to Bangkok, then we are off to California (my brothers are there) for a big family Christmas. I can’t wait!’’ Nangsel, C8

‘‘It was hard in the beginning – leaving home, coming to a new country and not knowing anyone. But now it’s great! I will be excited to come back after the break, my friends here are really important to me. In the meantime, I am looking forward to the coolness of home - being able to run, without getting sweaty. Although once I get home I am only planning to be running to the fridge for food!’’ Zhiwa ‘‘As a weekly boarder, it was easy for me to get settled – I see my parents every weekend so I don’t feel their absence so strongly. During the week I am so busy anyway. During the holiday, my cousins and my aunt and uncle are coming from Bhutan. We don’t normally celebrate Christmas, however, my cousin is only little so we will do something Christmassy with her in Bangkok.’’ Lhachen ‘‘I have settled in really well. I like how BIG the boarding house is, how we all live here together and how close I am to all my new friends.“During the break, I am looking forward to just having time to chill at home. I think I might even give my bedroom a makeover.” Angela ‘‘This term has been about working hard and catching up. Now I feel that my GCSEs are going well and I am really ready for the break. I am looking forward to the food, but I am most excited about seeing my friends and just hanging out.’’


LaLa, K12 Burma


Term 1 has exceeded my expectations. I expected it to be a bit better than my old school but it is actually WAY better! The facilities, teachers, food – Harrow is ticking all the boxes. I have some great friends I felt settled right in after 2 hours. The people, the community made it special. I am going home to Indonesia – Sumatra where I will be getting some sleep and hanging out with my friends, and looking forward to my birthday on Christmas Day! Jayden It has been easy to make the change to Harrow – the students in this School are very kind. But…Friday 6pm I am out of here! Number 1? I am looking forward to seeing my family for 3 whole weeks - I really miss them. Jazz, Y10 China, Cheng Du This is an easy environment to get used to, I feel happy here. I love the international spirit here – it is really cool. And since being here my football skills have got much better. I am definitely looking forward to showing them off when I get back home! Son, Y10 Vietnam Term 1 has gone well. I have made lots of friends. The teachers are really kind and helpful and I just feel like I fit in. My House Mistress, Miss Jevons, is full of energy; she keeps us moving in the right direction. I go home every weekend so I am just looking forward to having a break in Phuket with my family. Bonus

‘‘As a Sixth Former my schedule is full, there is little time for leisure and relaxation, I have learned to manage my time extremely carefully. This holiday is going to be very special. My family have planned a road trip to the beautiful beaches in north of Myanmar with my relatives from Taiwan. I am ready for a break and really looking forward to it.’’ Noreen K12: Myanmar


I have only been here for four days. I really like the atmosphere here- it feels kind and energetic. I particularly like the communication between students and teachers. It genuinely feels as though they (the teachers) want to listen and understand. Rather than just telling me what to do, I feel that they are actually interested in communicating with me. Joe Korea

‘‘Better than I expected, I imagined that some kids would be messing around. That it would be very strict. However, I have found that the kids are very sensible, there are rules, but the kids are free, we are trusted. I will just go and spend time with my family – and eat lots of my Nanny’s fantastic chicken wings!’’ Raymond, Y7 China ‘‘I worried about bullying before I came, but I now know that I did not need to worry. I am heading to Belgium for Christmas. It is very cool there, I am looking forward to being with my family…and the presents, I have asked for football boots! I am in the football team recently I travelled to Phuket to play in the tournament with my friends and I had so much fun.’’ Cosmo, Y8 Nakhon Sawan ‘‘Term 1 has been really good meeting new people making new friends. I am going home to Chiang Mai and looking forward to celebrating Christmas and being with friends. And my dad’s Christmas ham - it is a secret recipe; sorry I cannot tell you!’’ Aurthur, Y8 ‘‘This term has more than lived up to expectations. I have lots of friends here and I loved my first Harrow Sports Day. I am now looking forward to spending time with my family’’ Sai, Y8 Myanmar



Boarding Christmas Dinner

I’ve been to a good few end of term Christmas dinners in my time back in the UK, their pattern is unchanging: it’s dark and cold outside, the food is rich and heavy, and there’s often rather too much alcohol sloshing about. So it was thoroughly refreshing to experience something entirely different this year. The boarders’ Christmas dinner included a quiz and a fantastic display of musicianship from Pon Pon and Pun. The food was light and wholesome, whilst familiar Christmas jingles took on a new piquancy in so obviously jarring with the reality of life outside. We topped off a very pleasant evening with the annual inter-House carol competition. High spirits and beaming faces more than compensating for a certain lack of tunefulness. At the end of the evening I found myself guzzling another glass of lemonade with the warm sense of appreciation for pupils and colleagues that normally accompanies doing the same to a glass of wine. Well done all – you do it well here! Dr Tim Jefferis Second Head Master



LATEST UPDATES Champion of Change On Friday 9th November, Amita Kirch (N9) attended her first briefing at the United Nations headquarters in Bangkok following her appointment as a UNDP Youth Ambassador for the Biofinance Initiative in Thailand. Amita’s challenging new role is to raise awareness of sustainable biodiversity conservation and sustainability in Thailand. Already she has harnessed the power of social media to communicate her message and clearly understands the way to capture people’s attention is with something engaging and colourful. With that in mind, she has created a fascinating stop-motion animation (which you can watch by following the link below). ‘‘ My role as the first Thai child ambassador of BIOFIN is to produce mediabased videos, stories, and songs to spread awareness of the importance of the environment and ways we can preserve it. This stop-motion animation is my first project, and it covers the story of Koh Tao: an island in Thailand that has lost its ecosystems due to mass tourism. Since the video was targeted towards the younger generation, I created handmade drawings that illustrate Koh Tao’s need for restoration, including images of the species that inhabit the terrain. I am honoured to have been given the opportunity to pursue my passions freely and represent Harrow International School Bangkok.’’ Amita’s first official contribution to the UNDP Biofinance Initiative – a stop-motion animation - can be viewed here. ( open?id=1DeziakPFLZ7Z2MXCALD0cIFTZwVXmSU8) Her first interview was broadcast on BIOFIN Thailand UNDP’s YouTube channel: watch?v=8VLtBokrqko

Champ of the Champ - World Robotics Champion

Chaps in C7 is a very serious robotics expert. Along with his team, he has won some very notable positions in international competitions this year. August - 1st Place Elementary Regular Category September - Champ of the Champ Elementary Regular Category November - 7th Place - Regular Elementary Age Under12 World Robot Olympiad 2017 San Jose, Costa Rica We are very proud to have such a star here at school. Chaps hopes that one day there will be a Harrow Bangkok robotics team that he can lead into the competition.



Session 2 (w/b Nov 20 2017 > w/e 26 Jan 2018) PREP































Xmas Instagram Competition A big thank you to everyone who took part in the Xmas Instagram Competition. All of them were brilliant. Congratulations to the Winner Goethe from 2C and well done to the runners up from IT Services and the girls from 4U.


Conscious Adventurers Having spent seven happy years based in London whilst travelling internationally with their jobs, Gregory Preslier and his wife Marion, parents of Alvilda (RP), felt they were ready for a new adventure. Both had spent a large part of their childhoods in Africa but the continent that now called to them was Asia and in particular Thailand. ‘‘For us moving to Thailand was not a short-term expat adventure – we wanted to live here long-term and, when the move to Bangkok was finally confirmed, we were clear we wanted to immerse ourselves in Thai culture. Therefore, we sought a school that could provide this, along with a strong academic ethos for our daughter. With this in mind, Marion visited a total of 10 different schools. Naturally, the most important thing for us was: will our child like it? Alvilda visited all the schools with Marion. When she came to Harrow Bangkok she felt comfortable. The focus on distinct academic subjects from an early stage echoed what we liked about the French system – a global understanding of the interconnectedness of everything. Of course, for us languages was important too, Alvilda already learns Thai and next year she can start to learn Mandarin. My wife and I believe it is a gift if you can immerse yourself in languages. Alvilda is already bilingual in English and French. Here one can also feel there is a natural discipline, both parental and staff expectations are high - without pressure - and the children respond to this. Of course, the environment has to be right too. Here at Harrow, there are open spaces, gardens, the lake, fresh air – you can breathe! You don’t feel like you are in the city- but you are. Our move to Bangkok has exceeded all our expectations, we are looking forward to many happy years ahead.’’

To our Security Guards - thank you for all you do to keep us safe and secure! 365 days of the year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day our PCS Security Guards are on hand quietly keeping the School safe and secure. Khun Dour 18 months and Khun Don 3 years told us about some of the memorable and challenging moments they have had, since joining the Harrow Bangkok team.

Catching snakes is easy in comparison! Yes, it is true we do have the occasional reptilian visitor on Campus, however, Khun Dour and Khun Don have been specially trained to deal with them. We patrol every morning and evening as a precaution, and if we do find a snake we have the techniques and equipment necessary to catch it. Once captured, we take the snake by motorbike far away from school, into the countryside to release them safely. We never kill them, as we believe they will return and take their revenge! Special moments?


This is a varied job, so before starting at Harrow Bangkok we went through an intensive three-day training programme to learn new procedures particular to the School, including how to manage traffic, which is perhaps our biggest daily challenge. As the School has grown, there are a lot more cars. Sometimes we have to encourage parents to move quickly and we don’t want to be rude, however, we know that there is a traffic jam forming. This is the most stressful part of the day.

Khun Dour: My most memorable day was my first Halloween at Harrow. Although I am not frightened of snakes all the children in their scary costumes gave me a fright! It was so much fun; I will never forget it. Khun Don: Speech Day is my favourite day of the School year. I feel a very strong connection and I am so proud to be part of this warm and friendly community. We miss the children when School closes for the holidays, it is not nearly as interesting monitoring the comings and goings of the building contractors!

CATCHING UP WITH OUR COMMUNITY A Family Affair In 2001 a Harrow odyssey began for the Bell brothers, Jonny and Chris. The Harrovian tracked down these two 21st century alumni to discover what they are up to now, and how they look back on those early days when Harrow Bangkok was still in its infancy, and PE was being taught in a car park! Chris: I remember visiting the School (at the Bangkok Garden Campus) a few months before we joined. The Campus was small, with students doing PE in the car park!

Chris and Jonny: We both totally agree that having our mum working at School as well, was lovely. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful mum, and to get as much time with her as we did during our childhoods, was something quite unique.

The facilities at the ‘new’ campus seem to be constantly evolving; it is impressive to see how far the school has come in a relatively short space of time. You may not have made the connection yet…but as well as having one another around during their school days, Jonny and Chris are the sons of our lovely Lower School Librarian Mrs. Bell. How was it having so many members of the family around as one is establishing oneself at a new school?

Jonny: In 2009 I left Harrow, to read Archaeology at the University of Nottingham. I chose a degree I knew I’d enjoy, as at that point in time I did not have a set career path in mind. My current professional life might come as a surprise, as I now work in consulting for a subsidiary of the Boston Consulting Group. I am based in London, focusing on technology within global financial institutions. Jonny: If you had asked me when I was 13 and at Harrow, I would have said I couldn’t stand it. However, that is probably just the typical teenage response. Looking back, now I realise just how much my brother looked after me in and around School, and for that, I am truly grateful. Chris: I was going to say: It was great! Jonny and I had arguments (as all siblings do), but I have very fond memories of our time together at School. Jonny is one of my best friends, and I wish I could have him around as much now as I did then. However, hearing Jonny’s response, I am not so sure anymore...

Chris: In Year 12, Mrs. Scolyer organised a week long work experience for me with a law firm in Bangkok. I enjoyed my time at the firm and decided to pursue a career in law. I went on to study law at university and qualified as a solicitor into the corporate mergers and acquisitions team of a law firm in London. In February of this year, I relocated to the firm’s Singapore office. My work is challenging, but interesting, and no two days ever seem to be the same.




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Harrovian 15th December