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The Newsletter of Harrow International School Bangkok

Volume 20 Issue 13

15th September 2017















EVERY ISSUE EDITOR AND DESIGNER Ceren Akkaya Marshall PHOTOGRAPHER Christian Henriquez OTHER CONTRIBUTORS Catherine Farley Richard Green ADVERTISING QUERIES Elizabeth Hammond Thank you to the Harrow Bangkok Community for their contributions This magazine is printed on recycled paper

FROM THE HEAD MASTER Dear Friends, Here we go again! With four full weeks already behind us, our School is up to full speed. Activities and academies are in full swing. House Camp proved to be an exhilarating team building event for our Upper School students. As soon as one enters, one can feel the energy and vibrancy in our Boarding Houses. Our school is an exciting place to be. Of course supporting school life is the precious time spent together at home with family. Term time in a school as active as Harrow Bangkok makes life at home pretty busy too: the

‘‘You will have heard other ‘oldies’ saying the same sort of thing: “Enjoy it while it lasts” or “The time flies by”. Unfortunately, now I know it’s true!’’

rush to get to out of the door in the morning, through Bangkok’s traffic; the weekly cycle of musical, sporting, and leadership and service activities, plus the homework to get done in the evening. It is hectic, no doubt about it. In the Farley household, this summer a profound change took place – our youngest child left home to go off to university. It has certainly been a big adjustment to make. Our house is a lot quieter, however life remains good. That said, I have found myself frequently reflecting on just how fast being the parent of school aged children came and went. You will have heard other ‘oldies’ saying the same sort of thing: “Enjoy it while it lasts” or “The time flies by”. Unfortunately, now I know it’s true! So as you and your family launch into the new school year I urge you to savour the whole experience because there is no doubt about it, these are priceless days. Best wishes for your weekend.

Mick Farley

We are proud to announce that students at Harrow Bangkok have reached new heights with record breaking examination results

At A Level, 31% of the results were graded A* and 61% were graded A*-A. There have been some truly exceptional individual achievements including seven students who secured straight A* results in all of their subjects including James Prout who secured his place at the University of Oxford to read Biological Science and Gund and Proud who secured their places at the University of Pennsylvania to read Mechanical Engineering and Finance and Insurance Risk Management. At IGCSE, Harrow Bangkok students are again celebrating record breaking results with 766 of the grades either A* or A (65%). In addition, fifteen of our students achieved 10 or more A*-A grades, thereby achieving the standard required for Harrow Gold Scholar status in our Sixth Form.

A Level Grades 2017

Harrow Bangkok A Level Grade %

All UK Schools A Level Grade % - CumulativeSource: www.

UK Independent Schools A Level Grade % -CumulativeSource: www.




A* - A


A* - C


A Level Grades 2017

Harrow Bangkok A Level Grade %

All UK Schools GCSE Grade % - CumulativeSource: www.

UK Independent Schools GCSE Grade % -CumulativeSource: www.








A* - A






A* - C




Finally, we have recently received our value added data report for A Level from the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring at Durham University, which evaluates our School impact on all student outcomes. We are delighted to announce that the report places Harrow Bangkok in the top two percent of all schools, adding over half a grade in value per student on their average IGCSE score. A big thank you to all our staff who through their dedicated teaching and pastoral care have helped students reach such high standards. David Foster Director of Studies



Gaining a place at Oxford or Cambridge is the ultimate dream for many A Level students, but the extremely competitive process can put off even the brightest stars. Jessica Chung, a Year 13 student at Harrow International School Bangkok, is celebrating an offer from the University of Cambridge to study Land Economy at Selwyn College. She explains how support from her school helped her to shine in the application process. I had two interviews in total — a subject and a general interview, and I also had an admissions test. To prepare I read various books and academic papers, and I read news articles on daily basis building up to the interview. The interview wasn’t as difficult or intimidating as I expected. In fact, it was a rewarding and fun experience. I had an opportunity to explore my area of interest other than the regular curriculum, and researching and learning something new on my own was very exciting, which made the whole process a lot better. It is always very rewarding when you know you’ve done your absolute best: I felt I’d poured everything I had when I walked out of the college after the interviews. I learned so much not only about economics but also about myself. So I hope those who are thinking of applying to Oxbridge don’t just get stressed out but enjoy the process and make the most out of it.

Gaining a place at Cambridge was like a dream-come-true moment. I had never achieved anything as great as this in my life—I can’t really describe with words. Cambridge was such a beautiful city and I loved talking to the people I met in different colleges.

I received great support from Harrow Bangkok, especially from the Economics Department, both academically and personally. They helped me with my personal statement and interview preparation. I knew they had faith in me and wholeheartedly supported me. Being a boarder massively helped me throughout the process. I could have discussions on economic concepts and also have mock interviews with Mr Downs, our Boarding Master who is also a teacher of Economics, during the weekends, which were really eye-opening and inspiring. Also, Ms Parry my House Mistress always provided me with the emotional support that kept me going even when I was feeling low. Being a boarder is like having a second home, and a second family. I will miss the staff and friends I have met in boarding but it has been a great experience to become independent. English is the common language of the boarding houses, and we have 38 nationalities of students in our school, so I am prepared for the international environment at university. Jessica Chung Harrow Bangkok Alumni




20th anniversary year has got off to a flying start with excellent examination results, the opening of more new facilities and a thriving roll of nearly 700 Lower School pupils. The good news in Lower School is that most of our construction work is completed and we are now enjoying the world class facilities available to us. As a result of the latest building projects completed over the holidays, our toddler classes are now playing in a newly landscaped, shaded garden; children in Early Years and their parents are enjoying a new EYC library; in Pre Prep all Year 3, 4 and 5 classes have had a makeover and new floors; we open four new Pre Prep Thai Studies classes and an additional Year 1 classroom; and students in Year 4 and 5 on the Instrumental Programme now use the wonderful music facilities in the Centre for Performing Arts.

Mrs Green, Ms Galloway and Mr Prockter in the new Cubhouse garden

We welcome many new teachers to our Lower School team this year. I would particularly like to introduce our new Head of Pre Prep – Mr Tony Williams who is responsible for the day to day management of our 21 Pre Prep classes One of the things the teachers have really noticed this year is how bright and confident the students coming up into their classes are. Personally, I think this an indication of the excellent work done in preceding years. In particular, students moving up from EYC classes are noticeably flourishing and more ready to learn than ever. In anticipation of the year ahead, if I could give one piece of advice it would be: ‘to make lots of mistakes.’ Making mistakes makes us stronger and in doing so we learn new things. A famous sportsman once said, ‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!’ So let us all look forward with excitement and enthusiasm to the year ahead. Nicholas Prockter Head of Lower School

Mr Williams – New Head of Pre Prep


We have had a wonderful start to the new academic year in the Early Years Centre. It has been such a pleasure welcoming new families joining the Harrow community and it’s remarkable how the children are adjusting to their new teachers and routines. We have received delightful feedback about the enhancements which have taken place over the summer break. You may have noticed that the Cub House garden has undergone development to provide specialist provision for our youngest Harrovians. We are still planning further installations so please keep a look out for the bespoke splash and water play provision which is our next project. We are also very excited that we have been able to open our own library for classes and parents to use alongside the Pullman Library. Here in the EYC we are very excited about the year ahead and I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a successful and enjoyable year ahead. Leanne Galloway Head of EYC

The Nursery Team are all very proud of how the children have settled into their new classes. Here are a few pictures from the early days in our exciting and vibrant Nursery unit


The Prep Phase Orchestra continues to evolve and develop and this year was no exception. Ms Pederzolli took a break from conducting the orchestra and her place was taken temporarily by Mr Tasker. Many previous members had been in Year 8 and moved on to the Senior Orchestra this year so we were predominantly made up of Year 6 and 7 students. We worked very hard on ‘The Toy Symphony’ by Leopold Mozart and also the theme tune from the film ‘Beauty and the Beast’. The Orchestra worked on developing the reading and listening skills to work together as a team and

we performed both pieces in the Summer term Prep Showcase. The highlight of this was hearing Ms Fox and Mr Wiseman playing the children’s toys in ‘The Toy Symphony’. We would like to thank Kingpai, who led us, and we wish him well as he moves to Year 9 and the Senior Orchestra. The Orchestra welcomes back Ms Pederzolli and I am sure that we will continue to develop and will go from strength to strength John Tasker

House Badminton kick-started another packed year in the House championships. The Sports Hall was full of energy as players took part in 108 matches and their supporters cheered them on over three days of intense competition. Although a number of matches were very close, Byron came into the final day having already won the overall competition on points. The Nehru girls triumphed in the final match but the Byron boys held their form to beat Churchill boys into second place. Keller finished second overall, followed by Churchill and Nehru who tied for bronze. Our thanks go to the Sports and House Captains for their excellent organisation of the teams and supporters. Also thanks to the PE department for organising the tournament so successfully. Abigail Jevons Head of Suriyothai & House Mistress of Bradbys



I would like to take this opportunity to welcome everyone in our community back to Harrow. This year we have much to celebrate: our 20th year as a school, the opening of our Creative and Performing Arts Building, joining SEASAC (which opens up opportunities for competitive sport) and an excellent set of examination results.

All of our students will develop as leaders contributing to a better world, realise their academic potential and succeed at the university of their choice.

I would like to exercise some caution in only using our examination results to judge the effectiveness of the education we provide. As a school we are unashamedly holistic and if we only focused on getting top results we would not be doing our job. We pride ourselves on ensuring that your

children develop as much outside the classroom as inside it. Sports, the arts, leadership and service are just as important but harder to measure. You will notice some changes this year as we begin to track the development of the leadership attributes and increase our focus on providing activities that enrich the educational experience so that all of our students will develop as leaders contributing to a better world, realise their academic potential and succeed at the university of their choice. When you sent your children to Harrow you made a choice to select an institution which believes in developing character and creating a generation of young people who will make a difference in the world. To fulfil our mission, we need your support. Encouraging your children to participate in all that we offer is the best way you can support what we do. Wishing you all a successful year. Jonny Liddell Head of Upper School

A warm welcome back to the Prep Phase I find myself stepping up into the Acting Head of Prep role in the absence of Miss Libby Fox who is away on maternity leave. Miss Fox, her partner and son Jack are all well and adjusting to the new aspects of their lives. We have seen a strong start to the academic year with no less than 25 new day and boarding students in Prep from all over the world. I have had the pleasure of interviewing and selecting the Prep Student Leaders from a very strong field of applicants. Our first House event of the year, Prep House Jenga, was a huge success with students and teachers lining the walkway in support. House Camps are leaving next week and the excitement is building. Adam Pape Acting Head of the Prep Phase


‘‘One hundred and thirty-two Year 12 students joined the Harrow Bangkok Sixth Form this new academic year and the Sixth Form Team, Heads of House and tutors were there to welcome them into the Harrow community, which was followed by two day induction programme.’’

Over the course of the two days, Harrow staff offered Information and advice about subjects and tertiary undergraduate courses as Year 12 students confirmed their A Level choices in light of their examination results. Another session was led by former Head Boy and Head Girl, Uno and Saranya who talked about what to expect in the Sixth Form and how to manage one’s time and studies effectively. The students were also given guidance on the EPQ, the Super Curriculum, IELTS, SATs and email etiquette. The bonds of community were forged and we expect them to be strengthened as the Year 12 continue their journey at Harrow Bangkok. Michelle Brinn Deputy Head of Sixth Form

Kaye, Su, Sea, Jessica, Popo, Jing Jing, Bing and Ana, together with Oh, Poom, Gun, Sean and Gunn were accompanied to London by Mr Herbert and Mrs Gavin to attend this year’s Fifth Form Conference at Harrow UK They undertook a Community Service Project: to entertain and teach Drama, Art or PE to junior school children, to the elderly or people with disabilities, with students from the other schools in the Harrow Family. In addition, there were leadership workshops, visits to University College London, Oxford University, Windsor Castle, and to Lords to see the Harrow v Eton cricket match, together with lectures from a range of prominent leaders including Brigadier General McGowan. Towards the end of the trip, students were required to reflect on their community work and present their findings to the rest of the group. Our students took on challenges, pushed themselves beyond their comfort zones and developed their leadership, social and public speaking skills which will serve them well in the future. Kathryn Gavin Head of SR5


To help our Year 13 students kick-start their US applications, the team from Education USA joined us in the Rayleigh Centre for an ‘Application Bootcamp’

Education USA work through the US Embassy to promote applications to American Universities by Thai students, and have worked alongside Harrow Bangkok in supporting our students for many years. During the workshops, they broke down the application process and helped students understand what universities are looking for in an applicant.

Mike Ace from Education USA made sure that parents understood the application process and explained how they could best support their children. The application camp was more hands-on, with students modelling application essays and considering which colleges to apply for. Overall the day was a huge success and our Year 13s are excited to begin their applications to the US!

Prior to the student sessions, the afternoon began with a packed parent workshop, where

Joseph Clark University Counsellor

Our Fifth Form Work Experience Programme is an important part of the careers and university guidance provision we offer our students here at Harrow Bangkok. In June of last year, and during the Summer holidays, we placed 148 Year 11 students in various companies and industries both in and outside of Bangkok and some even outside Thailand! Our students have shared some of their experiences here. Tum Klaihangwa SR5 Careers Counsellor

During my work experience at Thammasart Hospital, we experienced many new things about the life of a doctor, from OPD to surgery. It was an educational and enjoyable experience. I am grateful to Harrow for organising this opportunity for us. Earn K12


LIONS ROCK Recently, a group of Harrow Bangkok rock bands, made up of Year 5 to 13 students, successfully organised and performed their musical charity project ‘Lions Rock’ for the residents of the Women and Children Care Center and the soldiers at the Veterans General Hospital. Original musical workshops and rock band performances aimed to promote self-esteem, raise musical awareness and boost happiness to those less fortunate than us. In addition, over 50,000 baht was raised in support of the project and all the funds have been given to both institutions. Well done to everyone who performed, planned, assisted or in any way helped make this event possible. Richy Srirachanikorn (K13)

Harrow Bangkok received an appreciation plaque from the Territorial Defense School, Army Reserve Affair Center for Academic Year 2017

To receive this plaque of appreciation was wonderful news before the start of our new academic year 2017-2018. The plaque is recognition of Harrow’s great support in providing the RAC English Camp 2017 for military teachers’ children. Khun Wichien Harnpraween, our Governor, attended the prestigious ceremony and received the appreciation plaque on 3rd August 2017 which was part of Territorial Defense Schools’ Teachers’ Day 2017.

100% of our 1st Year Military Training students passed their military entrance exam. Last year our 33 Year 10 boys worked tirelessly preparing themselves for their military entrance exam during activities seasons 3 and 4. In the end, the hard work paid off: they passed their physical exam on 20th August 2017 with perfect scores and became 1st Year Military Training students of the Territorial Defense School. Khanitha Prawichen Thai Principal


DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE ‘Gorgeous!’ ‘Stunning!’ ‘Magical.’ ‘Mind blowing!’ Superlatives filled the air this week at Harrow Bangkok as its new Creative Performing Arts Centre unveiled a very special delivery: Steinway Concert Grand, a grand piano from legendary manufacturer Steinway & Sons Harrow Bangkok is the only school in Thailand to own one of these state-of-the-art instruments and a low key event was chosen to inaugurate the new acquisition and as a welcome and thank you to the Music Academy’s dedicated team of peripatetic music teachers. After thanking the team, Harrow Bangkok’s Head Master, Michael Farley, spoke of Harrow’s love of music and deep commitment to its continued development through investment in high quality facilities as well as fostering outstanding talent.

Harrow Bangkok has an extremely gifted group of music Scholars. Therefore, it was fitting that the first person to play the Steinway was Sun Sun, the School’s most senior music Scholar. The audience watched transfixed as his fingers darted and danced above the keys, landing with perfect precision on the gleaming ivory and ebony, the room swelling with the rich, clear notes of Chopin’s Scherzo No.2. When Sun Sun finished it was apparent that he, as well as the audience, was visibly moved by the experience. Moments later, Harrow’s youngest Scholar Plub, 11 years of age, took his place at the helm of this magnificent piece of engineering; if he was overawed by the occasion it did not in any way impede


his masterful performance of Chopin’s ‘Grand Polonaise Brillante’. Shortly afterwards they both shared their feelings: ‘Insane! It really is a very special feeling to sit at that piano,’ said a beaming Sun Sun. ‘Yes, it was great!’ agreed a smiling Plub. It was only on July 14th this year that Mr. Chris Johnson, Harrow’s Director of Music, travelled directly to Steinway’s headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, to personally select the piano. Once there he played the same piece of music on six different pianos, before choosing the piano destined to become one of Harrow Bangkok’s most treasured teaching resources.


Meet Ryu Prasitsoonthorn, 2017 National Youth Thai Chess Champion, Vira-anong Phutrakul, Consumer Business Manager Citibank Thailand and Fred Mul, Graduate Marketing Intern from Harrow Bangkok Community

While most of us had our feet up relaxing during the long Summer holiday, our very own Ryu Prasitsoonthorn (SO10) was competing at the highest level in the 2017 National Youth Thai Chess Championships. He first entered this tournament last year and to his surprise he won! Naturally, he wanted to return this year to defend his title which The Harrovian is delighted to report… he did! and find out what his goals are for the future. Do you need to do any special preparation for tournaments?

It sounds as though you rarely lose, if you do lose, how do you cope with that?

Play practise games, but not worry too much about it, have time with friends and chill out. Exercise is really important because if you are not fit then you will not be physically able to sit for many hours. I go running in the park – I think running is the best. Chess games can last up to 4 or 5 hours so you have to be physically, as well as mentally, strong.

Actually that happened 2 or 3 weeks ago, and it was at the end of a long tournament and we were both really tired, in the previous 5 matches we had drawn. When I lost the final match I had to take a moment to get myself back together. There is so much pressure – the time on the clock, the seconds ticking down, full concentration is required. However, at the end of it all my opponent and I are friends - best friends actually.



joined in Reception, or K2 as it was then. Harrow Bangkok was the first school we visited when we were looking for an international school for our son; we visited all the schools in Bangkok but this was the one he liked the most. They put him in the classroom and he loved it instantly.

The School was recommended by a number of colleagues whose children also attended it – we heard good things about Harrow Bangkok. We were very impressed by the standard of the facilities here, particularly the sporting facilities. Jay loves swimming and he is part of the Harrow Bangkok swimming team. Good sportsmanship is important in life, so we like the focus on team sports here. My son definitely enjoys the different topics they learn in class - especially studying dinosaurs and ancient Egyptians - it’s very interesting and we learn too! The curriculum is very balanced.

Vira-anong Phutrakul whose son Jay is in Year 3

Jay wasn’t musical at first but now he sings and, as well as this, he is playing the guitar. Recently he sang in a mini concert – it was a very positive experience for him and it gave him confidence. Building confidence is so important. We hope that Jay will grow up to be like the Sixth Form students who I met when I gave a talk to them last term; I was impressed with their level of confidence without being arrogant. They have opportunities all the way through school to develop their leadership potential – but none of this can happen without good teachers.

Business Manager Citibank Thailand

Marketing Intern Fred’s mission: to Bangkok couples tradition with

ensure Harrow cutting edge

What brought you back to Harrow? To be honest it was the incredible Harrow vibe. I loved my time here and whenever I visited it brought back really good memories, I was just really happy here, I had lots of control in my school life. As I walk around now, I see my name on the board because I was a House Captain - I was in Nehru House - my name on the wall in the Dining Hall because I won a House Award…so seeing those things makes me feel at home. I had a very international upbringing, therefore, Harrow is a place that I can safely say feels like home. How are you finding working in the Marketing and Development Department?

Do you believe Harrow prepared you well for life beyond school? For example, did being a boarder help?

Well, I do so many things: from picking up left over marketing equipment after meetings, to analysing the effectiveness of our advertisements in the media. I am now closely involved in planning our direct marketing videos, a new initiative for Harrow Bangkok, which is very exciting and really allows me to use my skills. Elizabeth Hammond, Head of Development here, is really open to the ideas I have. I think just my age can bring a fresh perspective, the Harrow tradition is so important but could be seen as a little old fashioned - I can freshen things up!

Honestly, Harrow has made me the person that I am today - being able to communicate as well as having a feeling of being overall an international person. When I was in boarding I was able to mix with so many different people and learn how to get along with people no matter where they came from. It gave me the opportunity to adapt and to learn about how different cultures deal with different events and this really helped me when I went to university, it translated into communicating comfortably with many different people.


Dr Tim Jefferis who has just joined Harrow Bangkok from Oswestry School in Shropshire, UK where he spent six years as Deputy Head (Academic). Before that, he was at Uppingham School for nine years, the last five of which he spent running a boys’ boarding house

As we caught up with him during his busy first few days getting to know our wonderful School, we couldn’t help but wonder why he chose to take his career overseas at this point in time and why Harrow Bangkok? I guess 6 years is quite long enough in one school. Jo, my wife, and I had thought about going overseas about a decade ago, but for one reason or another never got round to it. It so happens that our personal circumstances now are such that we can do it – not least because our children are older. As a family we have always loved travelling. Oswestry gave us a window onto a kind of different world in terms of schooling - an international world, one which we hadn’t seen before. Although Oswestry School is smaller than Harrow Bangkok, it is very international - 50% of the pupils at Oswestry board and they come from all over the place, including a few from Thailand. It was really the Harrow name, and the kudos attached to it, that convinced me to apply to work at the school. In fact, this was the only

overseas school I applied for. The Harrow name is a kitemark of quality and respectability in education: if Harrow UK are prepared to put their name to a school, it must have substance. Harrow Bangkok has never had a second master before – can you elaborate on the role? Obviously, being a new role it will take shape as I begin to own it, but I think that what Mr. Farley would like me to do is synthesise systems a bit more. Rapidly we are becoming a big school. The more we can do things in a joined-up way: speak to each other, use the same systems and have a Harrow Bangkok way of doing things, the better it will be for us all. I will also be getting my teeth into the environmental policy of the school and the compliance framework, two things I have been heavily involved with in the UK albeit that here there are subtle differences. Communications - The Harrovian and the website - will also fall under my remit.


A WARM WELCOME TO OUR SECOND MASTER I am also teaching Computing right down to Year 6. If I am honest, I am more worried about that aspect of the job than any other! You are also going to be really involved in boarding – were you a boarder yourself? Yes, I was a boarder at Harrow in the UK. I look back on my own boarding experience fondly. I started boarding because my dad was a doctor. He got a placement in San Francisco when I was seven. He decided he didn’t want to take me over there to start in the American school system, so I started boarding in England instead. Since then I have picked up a lot of experience in boarding. I really love it. Boarding makes a good school

even better because it is a totally different way of looking at education. School is no longer just somewhere where you go to work; it is somewhere you live. Schools that have boarding often have better extra-curricular programmes as well as more going on at the weekends.

Since then I have picked up a lot of experience in boarding. I really love it. Boarding makes a good school even better because it is a totally different way of looking at education I am really excited about this part of my role. I would like to get more children to join us in the Boarding Houses. I know in Bangkok travel times

Tim Jefferis as a student at Harrow UK

Read about Our Second Master’s First Weekend in Boarding are pretty horrific, so it is going to be about promoting boarding and educating parents and students on its benefits in order to ensure that boarding is a key feature of a Harrow Bangkok education.” You are going to be exceedingly busy! How will you use your precious free time? The kinds of things that I have to do professionally, I like doing anyway. I also enjoy fiddling


around with computers, I do like to exercise, I also like to get out on a bike or do something like that to clear my mind. I find swimming is excellent for that; putting my mind in neutral. Finally, what do you think you are like to work with? One word: ‘digital’ sums it up. Embrace the cloud.


As our HBuild Phase Two facilities development programme nears completion, we would like to take this opportunity to update our community with the projects recently commissioned or nearing handover to the School: The Creative & Performing Art Centre (CPA) received its ‘soft opening’ in August 2017 and we are now concluding the fit out to interiors to our Design and Technology classrooms, Recital Hall, Multi-Purpose Hall and Black Box Theatre. We expect the works to these areas to be fully completed by mid-October 2017. Our newly renovated Upper School Library will initially open to students on Monday 18th September. The facility has been fully refurbished and is now accessed by students from our CPA building. The new facility incorporates stylish furniture, separate reading and learning zones and has been carefully acoustically treated.

The Kopse garden was opened for general use at the end of term three and incorporates landscaped areas, tracks for our youngest students, mound areas and opportunities for general seating. The Kopse Kafe is due to open in early October and will include shaded areas, indoor and outdoor seating and an excellent range of food and beverages. Our Sports Changing Rooms for students and staff have been upgraded and modernised and our community will benefit from the installation of further shading and covered walkways around the campus notably at the Early Years Centre and Sports to Boarding. Over the next few weeks, further covered walkways will be installed at Pre Prep and at our CPA building. Mathew Rees Director of Operations


PARENT WORKSHOP Phonics in Nursery and Reception

*Only open to Nursery and Reception parents due to limited spaces*

Delivered by Alexandra Costa and Caroline Stott


The Counselling Team would like to welcome new and returning students

Jon Stuart

Sapphira Beaudin

We are excited to hear about returning students’ summer holidays and dreams for the year. New students, we are looking forward to meeting you in our new student groups. We have met some new students already and can’t wait to get to know you better as the year goes on. Whether you are new or old please don’t hesitate to book with us or drop by to check in. We are here for all students and available upon request. We help students with personal & social wellbeing, finding potential, and pursuing passions. We can be booked through tutors, Heads of House or by email.

Harrow will be hosting 50 counsellors from the Thailand School Counsellors Association this September the 29th The purpose of these meetings, which happen 3 times per year, is to develop the network and professional practice of the counsellors in Bangkok and greater Thailand. The subject of this first meeting will be on strengthening interschool communication, confidentiality and supporting the LGBTQ community.



During the Summer holiday, a group of students (Unun C11, Prae C11, Anna N11, Jeffy K11, Serene So11, Erika K11, Tong C11 and Ploy B11) started a project following discussions with Miss Jo, who visited Harrow Bangkok in Term 3 We went up to Mae Sot New Wave Learning Center to give them donations such as school supplies and bathroom tiles, along with school supplies donated by the Harrow community. We knew that donations do not last as long as memories so we spent some quality time with the children hoping they could enjoy the time while we were there. We were also joined by the Ruk Tum Dee foundation who helped us raise fund and awareness and helped us with activities and joined in with the games. There, we had a very enjoyable time and felt very welcomed. The children were very enthusiastic and friendly. We felt as if there were no barriers between us. Not only were we teaching them our games but they were volunteering to teach us theirs as well. It was not like we were the only ones giving, but it was an exchange between us. At the end of the day, we felt very bonded to the children, everyone kept on waving as we had

to part but we all know that these moments will never be forgotten and we are definitely going back for a visit again. Our supplies helped make New Wave school a better learning zone. In fact, a week after we left, as a result of our and Harrow’s donations, New Wave was awarded the gold prize in the ‘Healthy School Campaign’ facilitated by Mae Sot General Hospital. Unun C11, Prae C11 and Anna N11

It was wonderful to see the students and parents rushing into the Pullman Library to read and choose books again After the long holiday, it was wonderful to see the students and parents rushing into the Pullman Library to read and choose books again. Lots of the students said how much they had missed the Library. We have now opened the EYC Library where Toddlers, Pre Nursery and Nursery will now have their library lessons. The little children were really excited and eager to use the Library. It is open to parents to borrow books for your children so please come and take a look. We had more than 60 students taking part in the Summer Bingo Challenge. Some of the students won the lucky prize draw and received book tokens to spend. The winners were ZJ (1S), Prim (2D), August (3R), Kwankao (4U) and Autumn (5P). This term, we have started lunchtime activities programmes for Pre Prep students that embodies the iRule iCreate. Children will be able to create and design various library related activities over the coming weeks. Jennifer Bell Teacher Librarian


Harrovian 15 sept 2017  
Harrovian 15 sept 2017  

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