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In the last few weeks, many thoughtful people have touched my heart with their words and actions, often reflecting on how the school has developed in the past six and a half years. Harrow Bangkok has changed, and it has also changed me. In 2012 this community welcomed both me and my family then got solidly behind my vision for the school’s future. So many people have contributed countless hours of dedicated work, from the gardeners, the security guards protecting us 24/7, the maids, CCAs, TAs, teachers, administrative staff, governors, the catering team, the facilities team, our transport people, the parents and, at the heart of everything, our incredible students. In my twenty years of headship, I have never felt such support and generosity and I marvel at what we have achieved together for our students and their education. I stand on the shoulders of Harrovian giants, and the view is fantastic! I am incredibly grateful to become part of Harrow Bangkok`s history. As I head off to the hills of Hong Kong, `Parting is such sweet sorrow`, to quote Juliet to Romeo. One of Shakespeare`s most famous phrases, the ‘sweet sorrow’ comes from Juliet’s knowledge that, after saying goodbye, she can look forward to the next time she and Romeo meet. Until then… I wish you all a happy and peaceful holiday season and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the gift of this headship.

Mick Farley



Anti Bullying

Over the past weeks we have been celebrating and learning about Anti-Bullying. The international theme this year has been ‘Choose Respect’ and within the Pre Prep we have completed many learning experiences based around this message. Within assemblies, we explored the nature of 'respect' and what this means. We looked at the language of respect, how we talk to others and how we can show respect through our actions. Each class then began work on developing an understanding of anti-bullying and this was completed in numerous ways including: •Re-learning the Lower School pledge and signing the infant and junior banners •Developing an understanding of different types of behaviour: brilliant – bothering - bullying. Children should be able to recognise these and talk about the differences •Creating posters based on what to do if you notice bullying •Developing a 'Wall of Respect' and writing names of people who are respectful •Taking part in role-play to explore what to do in certain situations Overall it has been wonderful to watch the students develop their knowledge and reconnect with the themes of anti-bullying. Mike Godwin Head of Pre Prep Phase



Mini Concert

Watching Year One sing in their concert you could experience the true meaning of happiness. They were full of joy in their first ever Mini Concert. They sang a selection of songs themed around happiness including ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ and a folk song from Ghana which saw some brave Year One soloists lead the call and response song. It was a great show and we are already looking forward to seeing them perform again! Anna Henretty-Dunsire Teacher LS


Happiness is…….


EYC Christmas Shows

This morning saw the start of the Early Years Centre’s Christmas Show season. Pre Nursery were first up and blew their audience away with their renditions of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Christmas Star’, along with ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ and the little know classic ‘Christmas Pudding Song’. There was singing, dancing and twirling galore. The children were confident and enthusiastic in their Christmas outfits – many of which the EYC staff wished they did in adult sizes as well! Next was the Toddler’s Christmas Songs – and it was great to see so many parents joining in with the actions and singing along too. Again, the children had a lovely time, smiles and laughter all around! It has certainly got all the staff in the EYC in the festive spirit. Still to come tomorrow and next week we have the Nursery and Reception Shows – and after today, I can’t wait to see them. A very well done to everyone! Kate Umpleby Head of Early Years

Year 3 Mini Concert

Magical Music The Mini Concert in Year Three saw performers dressed in wizard/witch’s costumes performing music that was out of this world! It started with an eerie Harry Potter piece on xylophones and featured songs from The Wizard of Oz and Mary Poppins. It was an amazing concert and enjoyed by all performers and the audience. Anna Henretty-Dunsire Teacher LS



Lower School House Dodgeball The eagerly awaited House Dodgeball took place throughout the first week in November. Every year group had their own tournament which took place during every lunchtime. The energy was brilliant and the competitive spirit and determination of the students was out in force! Another great performance of House teamwork, well done everyone! Year 1 1st = Churchill 2nd = Suriyothai Year 2 1st = Nehru 2nd = Keller Year 3 1st = Byron 2nd = Keller Year 4 1st = Suriyothai 2nd = Sonakul Year 5 1st = Suriyothai 2nd = Sonakul Overall 1st = Suriyothai 2nd = Keller & Nehru A big thank-you to the PE Department and Lower School staff Next up: House Benchball and Basketball! Miss Aston Teacher LS




Krathong Day

Throughout Loy Krathong Day, Lower School students, as well as staff and parents, looked stunning in Thai traditional costumes. The celebration started with a splendid Loy Krathong procession and was followed by a wonderful concert showcasing the beautiful Thai dances which were performed by our Thai dance activities students. The highlight of this year’s celebration was the spectacular traditional Thai costumes fashion show. This event showcased the catwalk skills of our parents and students. Punn 5W stated, “I liked the brilliant shows and amazing acts when we celebrated Loy Krathong”. Throughout the morning, students enjoyed a huge

array of activities from making Krathongs to sowing seeds. Feeling proud and beaming with pride, they took their self-made Krathongs home and enjoyed floating them with their families. Alice 5P said, “I loved all the activities and how we all shared the Thai traditional culture together”. We would like to give a massive thank you to everyone involved in our Loy Krathong celebration, with a special thanks to the Forestry Research and Development Bureau, Royal Forest Department. Kitima Tanskul Thai Teacher




Design & Technology



As we come towards the end of Term 1, it is nice to pause for reflection and think about all of the wonderful moments of this term. When I walk in to lessons, I am always hugely impressed as I see our students articulate their ideas clearly and it seems like almost every day there is some kind of event outside of lessons happening at lunch or after school to give students a chance to unwind and enter into healthy competition. We like our students to develop resilience or as some would call it, ‘bouncebackability’. When we had an unexpected thunderstorm at Harrow Fair, our students were disappointed that they didn’t get to perform but straight away they jumped into action and were lobbying the Senior Leadership Team to give them an opportunity to perform. Two days later, they were performing in assembly. The performances were of the highest quality and a true demonstration of how they show resilience and are able to adapt and bounce back when there are unforeseen circumstances. As we come to the Christmas break, I hope you all enjoy time as a family and that our students get the chance to rest and recuperate ready for their return in January. Best wishes, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Jonny Liddell Head of Upper School

Fabric Munchies Year 8

First Year 8 Textiles project complete. The students were asked to design and manufacture their favourite snack - out of felt.

The inspiration came from textile artist Lucy Sparrow, who has produced a ‘corner shop museum’ in London and New York, showcasing and selling her wonderful hand-made creations. The Year 8’s have learnt to work with felt, creating different decorative techniques such as applique, hand embroidery and machine stitching. The outcome looks wonderful. The Design & Technology Department love showcasing the student’s colourful work at the front of the CPA building. It has been really nice to see parents and students all intrigued about what the students have patiently created. We are very proud of how hard the students have worked on their projects and how independent they have become. We look forward to showcasing more of the students’ work as more projects are completed. Karri Nicholson Teacher US



tandin s t u O e h T

e g d i r b m Ca

r e n r a Le s d r a Aw

Harrow Bangkok recently hosted the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards for Thailand ceremony which celebrates the highest academic student achievements in the 2017-2018 examination series. Pleasingly, Harrow Bangkok had three students who received Top in the World awards for Mathematics, English as a Second Language and Foreign Language Mandarin Chinese. Overall, our students received an impressive twenty top learner awards which is our highest ever total achieved in an academic year. I was equally proud to see our Head Boy and Head Girl take prominent roles in the ceremony alongside some of our very talented musicians. The event was a wonderful advert for our school in showcasing the amazing gifts and talents of our students. David Foster Director of Studies



Year 12

ART House

It was another 'Stella' year in the House Art Competition. This year’s task was to create a male and female fashion outfit out of recycled and upcycled materials. All Houses 'Chanel’ed' their energy into creating a range of masterpieces fit for a Paris catwalk. Like a scene from the back of a shop on Saville Row, the CPA building was turned into a workhouse of creativity with two weeks of stitching and sewing. Due to unfortunate circumstances with rain at Harrow Fair turning the stage into a small 'Ford' the students were unable to showcase their creations in front of parents. However, after judging, the outfits were showcased at an Upper School assembly. The final results were; Churchill 'Klein’ing' up as winners followed by Sonakul and Keller coming joint second. Many thanks to Ms Nicholson, Mr Sands and the entire Creative Arts Faculty for the hours of supervision put into this amazing House event. Dan Bolt Head of Sonakul House



eography Trip

UPPER SCHOOL AND BEYOND This December the Year 12 geographers embarked on some fieldwork to increase their skills and knowledge on the curriculum along the wonderous banks of the Mae Kok River in Tha Ton. During the four-day excursion, they were brought to a viewpoint to view the river from above and were able to see the flat floodplain area as well as learn about the impacts of tectonic uplift in shaping the landscape. From there they were brought down to the river to view the process of dynamic equilibrium where erosion was occurring on one part of the meander and deposition in the other part. To view processes taught in the classroom allowed a clearer grasp of complex geographical concepts. On the second day, they visited the Huai Bon cave, 200m above the water table, climbing into the darkness to learn about the formation of stalagmites and stalactites, while increasing their understanding on the impact of fault lines and bedding planes in shaping the cave environment. The third day saw a visit to a karst environment where they viewed the impact of tectonic activity in the deposition of granite and how the rock’s composition leads to different types and rates of weathering. The hands-on experience gave a delightful group of students the ability to ‘view’ geography from a different perspective. This could have happened without their proactive and engaging attitude as well as the organisation and dedication of Mrs John. The Geography Department thanks them all for making the subject active. Matthew Gribben Teacher US

The House

Mus c competition The House Music competition this year was another smashing success. Students sang, played solo, in ensembles and rocked it out in bands throughout the week. The harmonic singing of the soloist could be heard bursting at the seams of the QE2 Hall, whilst the solo and ensemble euphoric sounds resonated through the Recital Hall. Testing out the Harrow Fair stage, the modern bands jumped, danced and belted out their tunes like true rock stars! Well done to all who took part. Solo Singer - 3rd Keller, Joint 1st - Byron & Churchill Solo Instrumentalist - 3rd Nehru, 2nd Churchill, 1st Keller Ensemble - 3rd Nehru, 2nd Sonakul, 1st Byron Modern Group - 3rd Nehru, 2nd Churchill, 1st Suriyothai Overall winners – Byron, 2nd Churchill and 3rd Nehru Miss Matsushita Head of Churchill House



Upper School

Loy Krathong Day

The Harrow Bangkok community celebrated the Loy Krathong festival on November 22nd. During the Loy Krathong week, Prep and Shell students enjoyed making krathongs from natural materials during their Thai lessons and took them home to float on Loy Krathong night. The day was filled with fun and happiness. Students experienced and practised a variety of traditional Thai art and craft skills such as garland making, fruit and vegetable carving, clay work and somtam making throughout the morning. It was a pleasure to see so many students and staff (especially our new teachers) dressed up beautifully in traditional Thai outfits to show their appreciation of the Thai festival. Students looked amazing in their Thai clothing while joining the Loy Krathong parade campaigning for the use of natural materials for krathong making to save our planet. One of the highlights of the day was our first ever ‘Somtam Dance Extravaganza’ House event which attracted crowds outside the Dining Hall at lunchtime. This was definitely not to be missed and will no doubt become one of the most exciting House events in our school calendar. Jurairat Watanapongvanich Head of Upper School Thai Department

Year 7 Thai Studies Ayutthaya Day Trip 2018 On Friday 30th of November 2018, the Upper School Thai Department took the Year 7 students out on a trip to Wat Phra Si Sanphet, Wat Mahathat and the Million Toy Museum of Ayutthaya. This trip was an excellent experience for them to learn about the history, the artistic legacies of the Ayutthaya Era as well as the meaning and story behind the name of our ancient city (Thai capital for 417 years). Whilst visiting the Million Toy Museum, students learnt about the history of toys in Thailand for the past 150 years. There was also an exhibition demonstrating Thai lifestyle of the last century.

because I learnt a lot about the history of Thailand such as why the Buddha head was in the tree. There were lots of tourists from different countries, from little kids to old grandparents. This showed how people are interested in the history and the love of being a Thai person.” Phoebe K7

“The Thai trip to Ayutthaya was fantastic! The thing that I loved from today was at Wat Mahathat. This was

Mrs Saowanee Navakijpaitoon – Kru Ja Thai Studies Trip Coordinator


“We got to learn about the history of Ayutthaya and also got to visit three amazing places. This was such a breath-taking trip and I am very grateful for this.” Itim K7


Y11 Futurewise Week

From 12th to 16th November we were visited by a team of Futurewise advisors from the UK. They were in school to give one-to-one advice to our Year 11 students with regards to their future career plans and aspirations. Students completed an online psychometric profile helping them to gain an understanding of what subjects are needed to pursue a career and whether their aspirations are a good match with their aptitudes and personality. Students explored where there is a strong match for their chosen career and discussed how best to achieve this goal.

bership. During their week with us, the Futurewise team also ran various workshops with our students, where Year 11 students had a job interview workshop, Year 9s explored their own Careers Investigator profiles from Futurewise, Year 10 had a workshop on job families and Year 12 and 13 had a look at career development opportunities in universities. Futurewise also ran a professional development workshop for staff supporting students in their preparation for future pathways. Tum Klaihangwa SR5 Careers Counsellor

During the interview, the counsellors, who are all highly experienced in careers counselling, discussed subject choices and pathways to that career through various university courses. The counsellors are up to date with the latest trends in the UK and elsewhere in the world and are very well placed to give helpful advice. It was wonderful to see so many parents attending the meetings with their children. As members of Futurewise, Year 11 students have access to their own personalised dashboard on the online Futurewise portal which remains active for them until the age of 23. Here they have access to the wealth of careers and higher education resources that the organisation provides and the various information fairs that they run. They also have direct access to the Futurewise helpline which will offer personalised, detailed information and support throughout their mem-




Upper School

E ScienceTeachers W Chris Mitchell

is a new Physics teacher in the Upper School. He studied Aeronautical Engineering at Bristol and trained to be a teacher at the University of Buckingham. For the last eight years, he’s taught at Wellington College, England and hopes to inspire and excite students about Science and the world around them. Chris is an innovative practical physicist and is already impressing the rest of the Physics Department with his creative ideas.

Kyley Mitchell is the new Head of Chemistry. Born in Burton-on-Trent, England, she has lived in various places in England. She read Environmental Geoscience at Bristol University then was HR Manager at Sainsbury’s, a large supermarket chain in the UK. Whilst enjoying some aspects of this role she wanted to use the skills and knowledge she acquired in her degree so headed to Manchester University to do her teacher training. She’s been a Chemistry teacher then was Assistant Housemistress and second in department at Wellington College in the UK. She decided it was time for a change and a new challenge so came to Harrow Bangkok. She wants her students to look back at their time in school and actively say they loved studying Chemistry.

Erin Willis

teaches Science and Biology and studied Biological Anthropology, Osteology, Palaeopathology and Funerary Archaeology at Western Washington University in the US, the University of Sheffield and University of Bradford in the UK. She did her teaching qualification at the University of Greenwich, UK. In her teaching career, she has taught A Level biology, GCSE science and the Extended Project Qualification. She has been Head of Biology, UCAS Early Applicant Supervisor and Aspire Coordinator. She believes that inspired students lead to enthusiastic learners and aspires to enrich her students’ experience by encouraging their natural interests and enthusiasm for science through practical work, games, research, and illustrative stories.

Karly Evans teaches Science and Biology and read Biology at Cardiff University in Wales then did her teacher training at Cardiff Metropolitan University. She taught initially in Cardiff and then Bristol, England. Her advice to students is never fear to make mistakes as they’re invaluable tools that help you to learn, become better and succeed.



Car Building I started this project when I was in Year 10 as a hobby in a factory specialising in manufacturing heavy industrial equipment, which is run by my family. After acknowledging the presence of EPQ as a subject, I turned this project into my academic piece of work to use when applying for a degree in Mechanical Engineering. The journey was full of irritating problems due to the fact that I had moderate to minimal help when generating ideas and actually building it. However, I knew that the end result would be remarkable so I never gave up on it. The hard work definitely paid off. Paul Lobunchongsook So13


GOLD Falcons Gymnastics Competition

Saturday 24th November at NIST International School “Miss Natalie, I’m so happy!!!’’ said Grace Oswick as she won Gold in the all-round Women’s Artistic Gymnastics apparatus finals. For the first time ever, Harrow Bangkok’s level 2 Senior team also won a well secured 1st place, with the level 2 Juniors achieving 3rd place out of 13 teams for the team apparatus award. Particular mentions go to: Overall winners: Grace Oswick (1st), Nara Chenyavanij (2nd) and Jan Saejern (2nd), Sebi Woolam (2nd), Daniel Toomey (3rd), Alfie Joy (3rd), Domi Woolam (2nd). Gold Individual Apparatus Winners: Opal Jeerawatvorakun, Pa-Mai Rojanarak, Eleanor Gavin, Grace Oswick (2), Jan Saejern (2), Num Sunsaaneeyacheevin, Poon Akasatavorn, Sebi Woolam, Domi Woolam Silver Individual Apparatus Winners: Rita Taepeetikul, Jenny Vichiansin, Hannah Foster, Nara Chenyavanij (2), Jan Saejern (1), Pup Akasatavorn, Sebi Woolam (2), Alfie Joy (2), Domi Woolam Bronze Individual Apparatus Winners: Opal Jeerawatvorakun, Heidi Vorathnatchakul, Pink Leelayoova, Nara Chenyavanij (2), Pup Akasatavorn, Daniel Toomey (4), Sebi Woolam, Alfie Joy, Domi Woolam (3) The Gymnastics Academy are extremely proud of all the gymnasts who competed this weekend with a great amount of hard work and training commitments leading up to the competition. Well done to all performers who took part and contributed to team results! MORE PICTURES can be found on the gymnastics website: http://dash.fireflycloud.asia/gymnastics-academy/gallery Natalie Greenidge Teacher US



Silver D of E International Award Expedition

Pu Luong Nature Reserve


Over the last weekend, 44 students accompanied by 4 members of Harrow Bangkok staff explored the beautiful Pu Luong Valley, approximately 5 hours South West of Hanoi in Vietnam. This was no small challenge; a three-day expedition, with each day holding 15km of hilly hikes, up and down the picturesque valleys, within the Pu Luong reserve. When I told students, “this might be one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever hike”, the reserve certainly lived up to this! With kilometres of rolling hills and rice paddies, students navigated through them with only a GPS unit and a set of 30 coordinates per day to make it to the campsite/homestay for that following night. We were particularly proud of our students, not only for stepping up to the level of this challenging expedition but more importantly (in my opinion!) for the amount of care and empathy they showed for each other. Whenever a member of the group was struggling, the rest of the team rallied behind them to support them to the end of the hike. This for me is the greatest achievement from the past few days, second to finishing the 45km hike! Well done to everyone, and we look forward to taking you on your qualifying expedition in February. Alistair Marshall Head of D of E International Award





House of


‘House of Memories’ was an original piece of theatre, performed in a promenade style. With a cast from Year 10-12, it focused on themes such as mental health, memories and loss. With no chairs in the auditorium, the audience were guided around the space by actors dressed in white. The performers lit themselves with a range of hand-held lights, creating an intense and interesting atmosphere. The script was a mixture of extracts from published plays such as ‘4:48 Psychosis’ by Sarah Kane, ‘After Juliet’ by Sharman Macdonald and ‘DNA’ by Dennis Kelly, amongst others. Students also wrote their own material as well as adopting a range of physical theatre techniques to make the performance even more original and engaging. The audience commented that the piece was ‘deeply moving’, ‘powerful’ and caused them to reflect deeply well into the evening after it has finished. The students were pleased to have introduced the school community to a different style of theatrical performance. Directed by Hannah Meltzer Hannah Meltzer Teacher US In this Christmas edition, it is fitting that we celebrate winter sports achievement of some of our Upper School students. Three girls competed in The SEA Figure Skating Open Challenge held at IWIS International Training Center at Imperial World Samrong on 29 Nov-1 Dec 2018. All of them received great scores and got medals: TangTang Boonnark So11 got 1st place for Basic Junior Ladies category Jenni Pulgasem K9 got 2nd place for Intermediate Novice Girls Rain Assawachaichit S8 got 2nd place for Basic Novice Girls All 3 students are Thailand national figure skating athletes. Well done, to our champion figure skaters! Adam Pape Head of Prep Phase






Nine students represented Harrow Bangkok at SEASAC Golf in Kuala Lumpur’s famous Royal Sengalor Golf Course. It was fantastic to see the first development team players breaking into the elite and representing the school. In fantastic conditions, all the students had a wonderful Day 1 shooting beneath their handicaps, placing them in contention for the overall trophies. A tough pin position on hole 14 caused some problems for the rest of the field but special mention must go to Tienhom (C9) who made it look easy with a birdie. Day 2 started with a few nerves, aches and pains, however, the students showed fantastic grit, determination and resilience and their smiles soon followed. Sean (C13) had a two-shot lead over his nearest competitor, who he beat at last year’s SEASAC competition. He extended with a run of birdies and never relinquished, winning comfortably by 4 shots to win his second SEASAC Boys title in as many years; a truly incredible feat. Prim (K9) and Penguin (C9) both started 4 shots behind the leader playing some incredible golf against competitors 2 and 3 years older. Penguin held her nerve, securing 3rd place and just missing out on 2nd place by a single shot. Prim maintained fantastic


concentration and played some superb golf to secure the girls individual title. With Prim and Penguin having such an amazing day this saw them overtake RIS and secure the overall girls team title by 3 shots. The overall boys title takes a real team effort as scores from four players are needed and all the boys contributed over the course of the two days, securing the title by a huge 16 shots. From four possible trophies, Harrow Bangkok came away with a clean sweep: a truly remarkable feat! Well done to Sean (C13), Soton (C13), Pat (K12), Pooh (S12), Tawan (C10), Zuza (K9), Prim (K9), Penguin (C9) and Tienhom (C9). Robert Kench Teacher US


U13 Boys win

showed great composure in scoring confidently from the spot.

BISP Plate competition

The U13 Boys showed incredible resilience to bounce back from a disheartening opening day at the BISP Soccer 7s in Phuket. Drawn in the proverbial ‘Group of Death’, the Lions felt the physical power of the hosts, and eventual cup winners, in their opening encounter. Although the next two matches saw improved performances, both ended in defeat and goalless.

Hot, tired, and emotionally drained from the day’s efforts, Harrow Bangkok had 15 minutes to gather themselves for the final against Marlborough College Malaysia (MCM), a side who defeated them 2-0 the previous day. Only 7 players are allowed on the field at one time, but all 10 in the squad played a huge role in the monumental team effort that followed. Players gave everything they had, but also stayed calm enough to produce the quality to win. Captain Pac, Mac and ChooChoo marshalled the defence magnificently; Kan controlled the midfield allowing BM, Oscar, Ajen and, match-winning two-goal Ji, to unleash their skills and run in the wide positions. Oliver and Johm chased willingly up-front and this unselfish forward play was at the heart of both Harrow Bangkok goals. Despite MCM pulling a goal back with five minutes remaining, Harrow confidently saw at the remaining time to lift the Plate trophy and cap a great comeback from the disappointment of the first day. Go Lions!! Jake Dodds Teacher US

The first match of Day Two required a Harrow Bangkok victory to qualify for the plate competition and the Lions delivered. A nervous encounter ended 1-0 as Kan scored with two minutes to go, and a last play freekick on the edge of the box was scrambled away. An evenly matched quarter-final with Dulwich College Beijing ended 1-1 and the Lion’s expert penalties put them in the semi-final. Dulwich College Shanghai proved tough semi-final opponents but Harrow Bangkok had one-foot in the final until a last-minute equaliser cancelled out BM’s double strike. After goalie Pac saved the opening kick, Ajen, BM and Mac again


Manila, Philippines 14-18 November 2018

On the 14th of November, four students - Andy N10, Kevin So10, Kingpai C10 and Prim So10 - arrived in Manila to participate in IASASMUN, one of the most challenging MUN conferences in Asia. The whole event was a meaningful experience and has allowed us to advance our debating skills to another level. The debate with other students from schools across Southeast Asia regarding important ongoing global issues, went on for three consecutive days. IASASMUN was an unforgettable experience for us as we learnt and tried new things but, most importantly, met new people. The people are the true reason why we do MUN because, without these people, the debates and conversations would be meaningless to us. We have not only created new bonds, but we reaffirmed old ones too. The four of us spent time together, not only preparing for debates as delegates but also sharing the problems we faced as people of a community, growing our friendship and trust substantially. We would also like to thank the teachers — Mr Gribben and Mrs Owen for all their support and guidance. This was truly a trip filled with memories that would last forever. Prim So10 and Andy N10




Climbing Competition

9 students - Belle, Penguin, Tangtai, Prim, Ein, Prem, Jub, Tyler and Kris - travelled to the Inaugural SEASAC Pheonix Climbing Competition in Singapore, 30th November and 1st December. The smallest team at the competition, the Harrow Lions showed their mighty prowess on the bouldering and climbing walls.

with a member of another school to compete on the bouldering and climbing wall competition. It was a tense competition, but new friendships were quickly made in the super supportive climbing environment. There were lots of sore fingers and muscles at the end of day one, some relaxation time was spent in the evening at Garden’s by the Bay – watching the Christmas light show. Day 2, started with an exciting boulder off, superfinal to decide the U16 Bouldering competition. It was an all Thailand final with Belle competing against a Patana competitor. It was a very tough route and Belle fought hard, through sweaty hands, to try to complete the course in 3 minutes. We were very proud of her coming 2nd. The rest of the day was the team competition which included speed climbing, endurance, stunt work, hangboard and campus. The Harrow Lion’s battled on through scrapes and blisters, cuts and bruises. Their teamwork and comradery shone through. All their hard work over the two days paid off with a great trophy haul from the competition. Well done to all the students; what a great first SEASAC climbing competition. 1st U16 Top Rope – Tyler, 1st U19 Campus – Tangtai, 2nd U16 Bouldering – Belle and Kris, 5th – Girls team, 4th – Boys team. Miss Matsushita Teacher US

Day 1, was the individual competition – students were paired up

Getting ready for Book Week 4 t h - 8 t h M a r c h 2 0 1 9 The Libraries of Harrow Bangkok are excited to announce that we have two visiting authors during Book Week, 4th- 8th March 2019. Oliver Phommavanh will be leading writing workshops with Year’s 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. Oliver is half Thai half Australian. He loves to make people laugh, whether it’s on the page writing humour for kids or on stage as a stand-up comedian. He also shares his passion for writing with children, using his experience as a primary school teacher. Oliver’s books are packed with laughs, but also carry a lot of heart and authentic characters living in a multicultural Australia. Gail Clarke is an author, illustrator and a storyteller who will be presenting to Years 1,2 and 3 and everyone in the EYC. Gail is an experienced teacher with a passion for writing about migration and animals. This promises to be a really exciting opportunity for our younger students. If you would like to pre-order any books that can be signed by the author during the visits, then please order now using this QR code. Orders must be placed by 11th January 2019. Jennifer Bell and Joanne Jefferis Librarians



Pantastic Steels Harrow Bangkok Represented at Ploenchit Fair

Pan Spirit, Pantastic steel pan players and the Thai Fusion percussion group delighted the audience at Ploenchit Fair at the British Embassy recently with the tropical sounds of the Caribbean and the pulsating rhythms of traditional Thai melodies fused with Western pop rhythms. The groups performed a variety of pieces ranging from traditional Calypso tunes to popular ballads such as Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’. A huge thank you to all students who participated. It’s not just about the performance, as these students well know. Steel pans are not the most portable of instruments and it takes teamwork and collaboration to set up and pack away at the end of the show and I am very proud of the responsibility and resilience that these musicians demonstrated on Saturday. John Tneoh Creative Arts Administrative Manager

Ploenchit Fair

Ploenchit Fair is one of the biggest Fairs in Bangkok. This annual fundraising event for Thai charities took place at the British Embassy, Wireless Road for the first time in 1957. It was back there again for the last time on November 24th - next year it moves location. Set in wonderful historic buildings it was a great day out to play a variety of games, go on rides, shop for beautiful handicrafts, books, clothes and accessories, and also enjoy great international food and drinks and take part in competitions for both children and adults. Throughout the day 50, Harrow Bangkok students performed on the main stage and had a fun and enjoyable day in the traditional English themed environment.

Harrow Bangkok had a ‘Wheel of Fortune’ booth which was visited by former Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva. Our booth was popular with children and adults as there were many prizes of school merchandise to hand out such as Harrow teddy, water bottle, umbrella, executive pen and the most popular prize, our Harrow lion! We had people queuing up to spin our wheel until 7 pm; I think we were one of the last game booths to close!! All in all, as always it was a great experience with lots of fun for young and old and we hope to see you again next year at the Ploenchit Fair 2019. Lily Chaichak Head of Admissions



House Bake Off What do you call someone who smells of almonds and swings from cake to cake? Tarzipan. It was the judges who were happily swinging from cake to cake as they had the very difficult job of judging the wonderful entries in this year’s Great House Bake Off. There were over 50 entries, with Prep students having a choice between making Christmas themed Rice Krispies snacks or muffins and Senior students a choice between a Christmas yule log or carrot cake. With a point for each entry and additional points for the students whose cakes place in the top three, it was a very close competition. In the end, Nehru and Suriyothai were joint winners in Prep and the Senior competition was won by Byron. Our thanks go to all the students who submitted an entry and to the judges. The Houses Team

Senior Scrabble Apparently, they are going to bring out an edible version of Scrabble, I can’t see it being popular; if it is, I’ll eat my words. It was indeed words that were devoured over lunchtime as the Senior House Scrabble competition took place in the last week of November in the walkway. Each House had 5 pairs of players with some very high scores on show. After three days of intense competition, the last day saw Byron finishing 3rd and Churchill pitted against Keller in the final with Churchill emerging victorious by 3.5 games to 1.5 and this year’s Senior House Scrabble Champions! My thanks go to Dr Sheppard and Khun Earn for organising the event so well. Alex Prout Director of Houses



House lunches

Some people are actually scared of Christmas, they’re Claus-trophobic… Fortunately, there weren’t too many students who suffered from this as the House Christmas lunches took place last week and this. All staff and Year 6 – 13 students from each House had lunch together over in the boarding village at the Hub. With quizzes, Christmas hats and a wonderful Christmas menu it was a great way to celebrate the end of another year as a whole House. Our thanks go to Khun Bernd and the Epicure team for such wonderful food. The Houses Team



Senior Touch Rugby Once you’ve seen one rugby game, you’ve seen a maul. There were plenty of rugby games taking place on Monday as the Senior House Touch Rugby Competition took place; a mixed team event with two separate competitions for Year 9 – 10 and Year 11-13 teams. The games were played at a frantic pace with a high degree of skill on show. In the end, it was Nehru who emerged victorious over Sonakul in the Year 9 – 10 competition and in the Year 11 – 13 competition Byron narrowly beat Churchill in the final. When the results from both competitions were combined it, Byron and Nehru could not be separated and were declared joint Senior House Touch Rugby champions. Our thanks go to Khun Nice for organising the pitches and referees as well as Mr Archibald and Mr Kench for running the competition. The Houses Team



The sign up to touch rugby this year has been astounding. In the JV squad alone, we have 26 girls signed up from Year 8 to Year 13! They all train extremely well and have improved their skills immeasurably since they started playing the game. This means that unfortunately some of the girls do not get much game time but hopefully this will not deter them as there are now opportunities at U15, JV and V levels. The JV girls had their first game of the new touch season away at NIST. We took the opportunity to practice our skills and watch a boy’s game and, when the opportunity came, the girls got off to a flying start with two first-half tries from Pear P and Mameaw. The girls held their lead into the second half and some of the younger, more inexperienced team members, were given an opportunity to practice their skills. This change of personnel allowed NIST back into the game and they scored two quick tries. This prompted a response from Harrow Bangkok and the defence worked well to prevent any more tries. The game finished 2-2. A fine performance by all! Adam Pape Head of Prep Phase



I used to have a fear of the high jump, but I got over it. Josh K12 had no such fear of the high jump as he broke the Year 11 – 13 Boys’ High Jump record with an amazing height of 1.65m at the Upper School Sports Day. Despite being scheduled in December, it proved a hot and tiring day but nonetheless unforgettable one. The day started with the traditional mascot race, which was won by Nitro the Nehru bull. Would this prove to be an omen for the day? There then followed another 126 races, 115 field events and 26 relay races with some amazing performances and a further 17 records broken. The final race of the day was the staff relay, which was won by Byron. But who would win overall? When the points were tallied from all the events it was Suriyothai who emerged as Prep champions and Keller as Senior champions. Combining the scores from both the Prep and Senior competitions, it was Keller who

Upper School

Sports Day emerged victorious and retained their status as Sports Day champions! My thanks go to all the staff who helped officiate at the event and in particular to the PE Department and Ms Ball for organising it so effectively. Alex Prout Director of Houses




WEEKEND This weekend was a flurry of activity in the Boarding Village. Term 1 is long and with the hustle and bustle of our active community, it is important to make time for the students to be themselves, as well as trying something different. On Saturday we facilitated this by having a ‘Mindfulness Day’ where the boarders had a chance to get involved in an array of different activities, as well as taking time to enjoy spending time on their favourite things. Staff and students provided activities such as yoga, face mask making, dance class, swimming and a Mario Kart tournament, as well as an enjoyable trip to the board game café and squeezed their own orange juice. It was lovely to see the three boarding houses mixing and supporting the different age groups to ensure a worthwhile and fun day. Abigail Jevons Bradbys House Mistress

Pon Pon

Rock Rebel at the Grove

Pon Pon started life in boarding in Year 6. Now in his final year, Pon Pon is known across Harrow Bangkok for his charismatic, passionate and fiery on-stage performances. Anyone watching House Boy Band will know that he has a very special on-stage presence and a unique relationship with his audience. Pon Pon already has the makings of a legendary rock star. This may be due to his unique upbringing. From a very young age, Pon Pon watched his uncle perform. Watching him live and his ‘crowning’ as the ‘King of Alternative Rock’ in Thailand must have made an impression on the young Pon Pon. It was during the two years that Pon Pon spent at a music school in New Zealand that he started playing in a band, first as the drummer and finally settling on the lead guitar as his instrument of choice. Returning to Harrow Bangkok, Pon Pon quickly developed his own unique performance style and with support from his teachers, made sure that he did not fall behind in his other academic subjects. In his final year, Pon Pon is both happy and sad about moving on from Harrow Bangkok. He knows that he must take full responsibility for his future and has this message to fellow Harrovians with performance ambitions: - “Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t; keep practising and never underestimate yourself”. Hashida Dave Boarding House Parent The Grove




Weekly quiz

In boarding we have started a weekly quiz. It is held every Wednesday in the Bradby’s ‘study bubble’ from 8-8:30pm. Mr Rhys has been the quiz master and provided a range of questions for the boarders. The highlight was to name as many countries as possible on a map of the world which proved to be a surprisingly hard task. The winning team then have to answer one last fiendishly hard question in order to win the jackpot prize. Last week, the question was ‘What is the population of Thailand?’ The winning team were unfortunately nowhere near the correct answer so the jackpot prize rolls over. The weekly quiz is proving to be a good challenge of our boarders’ general knowledge, but the big questions at the moment are: will the jackpot prize be won anytime soon? And who will be the lucky winners? We cannot wait to find out. Rachel Chicken Boarding House Mistress West Acre

What does it mean to be a

Bradbys boarder? Living in Bradbys house provides you with opportunities, friendships, support and care you can only experience by being a boarder. Being able to live with your house ‘family’ offers you 24/7 support and care, which is invaluable. From being able to go to our Headboy when you are feeling homesick, speaking with peers to get advice on life issues or getting teaching support with prep, you always have someone to turn to. Living by the Bradbys house ethos, (Be responsible, Respect, Ask before taking, Don’t be late, Be honest, You’re awesome, Speak English) our boys are learning skills that will not only aid them through their journey at Harrow Bangkok but also at every stage of life they will face. By being forward thinking in everything we do, we are preparing our boys to head into life as valued members of society, ready to make a positive contribution in all that they do. We are all proud to call ourselves members of the Bradbys family. Rhys Thomas Boarding House Parent Bradbys House



Chess Champion


Ryu Prasitsoonthorn So11 “I started learning chess when I was 10. There was a chess activity and I was very interested. I came home and told my parents that I want to have a go. I started training both with a coach and by myself and then competing in tournaments in Thailand. I’d train for a few hours a day, online, solving puzzles. Every year Harrow Bangkok organises an inter-school chess tournament and in my first year here I won the champion trophy. In December 2017 I was selected by the Thailand Chess Association (TCA) to represent Thailand in the annual World Youth Under-16 Chess Olympiad 2017 in India, as the captain player for the Thailand youth olympiad team. In May this year, I played for Thailand in the World Chess Olympiad in Batumi, Georgia. Most recently, I have represented Thailand in the World Youth Under-16 Chess Olympiad 2018 in Konya, Turkey. I was also awarded the Sonakul Eastgate Trophy of Endeavour.” Ryu’s father, Pongpan Prasitsoonthorndad: “I think, through chess, Ryu learns about loss and win, critical thinking, planning and many things.”


Arin Alumni


Arin Samranyoo, Uno, Class of 2017, was at Harrow Bangkok for 13 Years and Head Boy in his final year. “I can very much say that Harrow provided me with the skills and experiences to be more sociable and engaging in different working environments which is not something every academic can do. Harrow was a great time to explore anything and everything. It was a time I discovered myself and prepared myself before really encountering the ‘real world’.” He’s currently studying for a BSc in Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and is president of the Thai Society there. His advice to current students is: “While grades are important, it is best to make the most out of the experiences and activities Harrow Bangkok provides which may not be found elsewhere. This includes simple things like House charities to large projects like the Junior Achievement Company of the Year Competition. It is these meaningful experiences that help prepare and build you as a person and take you far in life.”



Pranisa C Alumni


Pranisa Chinkulkitniwat (Music), Class of 2008, was at Harrow Bangkok for 5 years. “Harrow was and still is a home for me. Ten years on and the school motto (then) is still very true; Harrow is the place that teaches and trains you ‘to be the best that you can be’.” She studied a Bachelor of Laws degree at Warwick University, England, two Master’s in Law and the English Bar qualification. She became a lawyer after graduation, was briefly a government officer and has now returned to be a lawyer at an international law firm in Thailand. And one thing she’d like to shout out: “Sonakul House will always be cool.”