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flights that depart after 11.30pm where possible. Birthdays If your child is having a birthday, you are welcome to order them a cake to share with their friends. This may be done between 4:00pm5:30pm in the Common Room. Every boarder’s birthday is marked in celebration by the House and parents are welcome to join this, too. Leadership opportunities for boarders Boarders at Harrow Bangkok enjoy leadership opportunities and can become Boarding House Prefects or Boarding Head Boy or Boarding Head Girl. Applications for these positions are made in writing to the Director of Boarding as part of the Sixth Form prefect application process. The Boarding Head Boy and Girl join with the rest of the Prefect Body to lead their peers and contribute to the decisionmaking process of the whole school. Independence for Sixth Formers It’s important to prepare students as well as we can for life after school - for many, this will mean university. With this in mind, we do our best to offer a large degree of independence to our Sixth Form students. They have either individual or shared rooms, later bed times, and they are not required to participate in all activities to the same extent as younger boarders. Occasionally, and with parental permission, Sixth Formers can leave the campus to visit local shops, hairdressers etc on their own. We expect Sixth Formers to respond to this greater freedom by demonstrating responsibility; by becoming prefects in the Boarding House, by taking responsibility for giving out notices and by helping out with a number of aspects of the day-to-day running of the Houses, including bed time routines with the younger students and generally providing positive role models. Pocket money It is possible for us to look after your child’s pocket money. Boarders are encouraged to plan their spending, particularly on snacks, very carefully. Any cash brought in (which should only be with parents’ prior knowledge) should be given to the House Master/House 6

Harrow Bangkok Boarding Handbook