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A word from our Academy Head Dear Parents / Carers, I do hope that you and your family have enjoyed the half term break. Our staff thoroughly enjoyed celebrating with our GCSE and A-Level students on the summer results days and are very proud of our students who received well-earned results with many top grades. We are extremely grateful for the unwavering support from our staff and parents/carers. All Sixth Form students who applied to university were accepted into their first choice university/course and all students are embarking upon a new chapter, whether that be further education, employment or training. It was wonderful to meet many of our new Year 7 students at the Summer Sports Camp. What an active couple of days and a fantastic opportunity to meet the staff and other peers. We are very proud of how successful their transition has been. They really have shown outstanding commitment to learning. On Monday 2 September colleagues from our trust’s partnership of seven trust schools came together for a ‘Curiosity’ themed conference. Over the course of the day our talented colleagues and keynote speakers shared ideas and best practises as well as running a wide selection of personal development workshops for our trust staff. A re-launch of Student Voice has created much excitement in school, with many students applying for one or more of the following roles; Anti-Bullying Ambassador, Eco-Warrior, Sports Leader, Student Interviewer or Student Tour Guide. It has been so wonderful to read the student applications and to interview our students. All students should have their position confirmed over the next couple of weeks. Competition was rife in the second week of term, as the whole school took part in a teambuilding activity on the school field, with students competing in many activities for their Vertical Mentor Group. We experienced a record number of families visiting the school for Open Evening and Open Day. I am extremely grateful for the support of our committed team of staff. Our student leaders were outstanding ambassadors and took great pride in taking our visitors around our academy. Following these events, many Year 5 and 6 students booked tours, with members of the Senior Leadership Team taking our visitors into lessons over the last week. We hope that you enjoy reading about the range of cultural opportinities, that our students have experienced in the first half term. Thank you for your continued support. I wish you and your family an enjoyable half term. Best wishes,

Charlotte Clarke, Academy Head

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HHS VMG Programme We are delighted to announce the new look VMG programme that was introduced to students from September of this year. The focus during VMG time has shifted to allow all students to experience ‘6 ways to wellbeing’ during their daily vertical mentoring time. This renewed vision is to put a whole school focus on equipping our students to look after their mental health and become enriched, well rounded individuals. As well as a weekly assembly, students are being given the daily opportunity to experience an activity from one of the following 6 areas: • • • • • •

Body: Be active Spirit: Give Mind: Keep learning Place: Take notice Planet: Care People: Connect

Students have taken part in a wide range of experiences such as classroom yoga, aerobics, Just Dance, origami, learning about climate change, connecting with their peers through team challenges and raising money for their VMG charities. It has been a real joy to see such imagination and creativity at the start of each and every day. World Mental Health Day on 10 October will

enable our students to explore these 6 ways, and exciting opportunities for drop down days exploring these 6 themes will be available for all students in the near future. As part of our house system, all students will be a member of one of the 4 house continents: Americas, Asia, Australasia and Africa. This year we are putting a renewed focus on these houses being students’ families whilst at school and we are encouraging healthy competition between houses through whole school events, assembly activities and VMG events. As part of one of the first challenges of the year, all students were given the opportunity to design their house crest and then work with a designer to get their design realised and displayed in school. Each house will have a new crest which will become a whole school emblem. Congratulations to all winners and thank you so much for all those who took part.

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Sporting Successes Sports Fair Students from Years 7-11 were invited to the first ever Sports Fair during VMG at the end of September. The aim was to raise awareness of the variety of enrichment clubs that are available for all students to join after school. Students had the opportunity to speak with student experts on each stand and sign up for a club as well as take part in a number of sporting challenges. This has hopefully raised awareness of the the physical, mental and social benefits to health. Any student attending a PE club from Monday 7 October through to Monday 21 October will receive a raffle ticket and placed in the prize draw on Tuesday 22 October at break time in the LRC. The more students attend, the more likely they are to win. Good luck!

Netball Well done to Izzy & Poppy who were both voted player of the match by Outwood Ripon staff and students. Izzy scored 5 points in her first match in the position of Goal Attack (GA) and Poppy played Centre (C) and made some brilliant defensive interceptions. The Year 7s now have a team ready to play in the next match when Outwood Ripon come to play HHS at home on Monday 11 November. Any new

players are welcome to join from any year group. The Year 11 result didn’t quite go to plan with a very defensive opposition. However, the Year 10 & 11 girls in the defensive end deserve a special mention: Ellie (Year 10) and Lucy (Year 11- it was also Lucy’s first cap representing HHS) as GD and WD respectively and Outwood Ripon’s Player of the Match (POM) went to Maisie in Year 10. This was her 2nd POM vote in 1 week. Well done to all the girls who represented HHS.

Football A great start to the Year 7 boys’ football team with a 6-1 away win at Outwood Ripon. A fantastic performance by all involved including 5 goals from Hayden and one from captain Tyler. Reminder: Boys’ Football is on Thursday at 2.30pm- 3.30pm and we still have plenty of spaces left with plenty of fixtures still to come. Check out the enrichment timtable on page 15 to find out about all our after school clubs!

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Organ Join our Parents’ Forum Donation and have your Week say.

In September we held an assembly about organ donation. At the end of the assembly we launched a student competition to design a feature for our school garden. The goal of the project is to celebrate the gift of life, recognise the contribution of organ donors and to raise awareness of the value of organ donation.

We welcome new members to join our Parents’ Forum Group.

The design should do a number of things:

The Parents’ Forum is a partnership between parents and the school. It is a valuable way to share ideas, views and to make suggestions for improvement.

1. Honour the patients and relatives who gave life and hope to others in their final hours of life. In our case we will be honouring Mr O’Neil , a teacher and colleague we lost tragically just over a year ago, but who went on to save the lives of six other people by his family consenting to donating his organs.

The aims of the Forum will be to: • • • •

work together to improve the education provided for our children share information, knowledge and skills meet in a mutually supportive environment further improve communications between parent/carers and staff/governors

The group meet on a regular basis to discuss matters arising. Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday 20 November at 6.15pm in the LRC. If you would like to join our Parents’ Forum, please email admin@harrogatehighschool.co.uk for more information.

2. The key message should be ‘Gift of Life’. We want your design to inspire school students, families, staff and our local community. 3. Raise awareness of the importance of organ donation and the special gift given by donors and their families. We are looking for a design that can be incorporated into the school garden so it needs to be well designed, thoughtful but practical. We may choose one design or combine several ideas. The designs will be judged by a panel and the deadline for submissions is the Friday 15 November. Designs should be submitted to your VMG tutor on an A4 or A3 piece of paper. Don’t forget to put you name and VMG on your submission. This is an exciting project. Not only will it have a deep meaning for those of us lucky enough to have been touched by Mr ONeil’s life but it is actually a live project that may be incorporated into the garden! Get designing and good luck! We can’t wait to see your designs after half term!

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Autumn Flower Show Once again our Jazz Band were asked to perform at the Autumn Flower Show at the showground. We enjoy these performances as they are quite informal, playing for two hours whilst people walk by enjoying their day. We are however used to not having much of an audience as we are always the first shift of the day and the weather is usually not very pleasant. We are normally looking forward to a cup of tea to warm our hands after our stint, but this year the weather surprised us. We had a fantastic time performing to a packed band stand of visitors enjoying an ice -cream whilst resting their feet. It was lovely to be joined by ex students Katherine Duncan and Ben Robinson as well as our guitar teacher Mr Bratowski. It was also the first public performance for Year 8 Sian Saxby and Lucy Williams both on saxophone and Year 10 Frankie Greenwood on the guitar. Well done to all!

Music Workshops Over this half term we have our two KS3 Orchestral Workshops to try to entice our youngest to play an orchestral instrument and try instruments that we don’t usually get out in the classroom. During our first workshop, students spent an hour visiting different workshops based on woodwind, brass, strings and percussion. Our next workshop involved all our current orchestral instrumentalists working alongside absolute beginners who showed an interest in one of the instruments. We have used the BBC Ten Pieces project each year, choosing ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’ as a great piece to develop all our players. Many will recognise this familiar piece as the theme tune to Alton Towers. Over the three hour project, students were taught how to play two or three notes on the instrument, how to read the score, count in time and perform the correct rhythms. What an experience this has been for our younger students to perform in such a large ensemble. We showcased the performance at the Key Stage 3 Concert which was a huge success.

KS3 Music Concert The Key Stage Three Concert is by far our busiest and most demanding concert of the academic year. What an absolute pleasure to see so many students involved this year. With over a hundred students taking part, we couldn’t be any more prouder of these students as for some this would have been their first ever time performing an instrument in a piece and even on a stage. We heard a great mixture of pieces from Havanna, A Million Dreams and Hold Back the River. Well done to all the Year 8 students who performed a solo as well - what talent we have! What was very noticeable in this concert was the quality of the vocal work especially from the new Year 7 Boys. We hope that they will continue to develop through the Music Department and the enrichment activities that we offer.

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Cycle and Recycle Land Art & Harrogate High School Welcome the World For the first time in 37 years, the UCI World Road Cycling Event was to take place not just in England, but in OUR TOWN! What a coup for Harrogate and what an opportunity for us all! So, at the end of the Summer Term we announced plans in school assemblies that we would be creating a piece of land art to celebrate this important event. After discussions with students, we came up with two projects: firstly to create a ‘welcome’ to the many participating countries and secondly to design a large piece of themed land art that we hoped would be noticed by the media. Our students were keen to use this opportunity to get their environmental concerns about recycling across to a worldwide audience at the same time as sending a positive message of community and welcoming people to Harrogate. As the HHS Eco Warrior group had already done a lot of work within the school to promote recycling, they took a key role in the project helping to collect the materials needed, and a competition was held between VMGs to collect the most plastic bottles.

The installation, positioned at front of the main school building was formed using recycled material and was around 50m metres long, featuring swathes of UCI rainbow colours aligning the school path which was flanked with flags of different participating countries researched and made by the students. This project has been a wonderful opportunity for the school to come together. The land art was an impressive sight from the air and the image was streamed across the world from the cameras on the helicopters circling above. The project was mentioned on Stray FM, we had a live broadcast on BBC Radio York and when we posted a clip of it from BBC2 on our social media page it reached 5k people in just one day! Financial support for the production of the flags was received from Harrogate Borough Council and the land art project was supported by North Yorkshire County Council. We are very grateful for this help and hope you all enjoyed seeing our efforts.

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UCI Medal Hosts We were thrilled when our students were offered the exciting opportunity to support the prestigious UCI World Cycling Championships as medal hosts. What an honour for our school to have representatives meeting the best cyclists in the world and experiencing the magnitude of such an inspiring event! The nine students; Megan Beasley; Aidan Chapman; Charlie Dickson; Coco Haughton-Fisk; Ana Heredea; Jamie Langford: Tyler Ori Orison; Daniel McCulloch and Georgina Ward showed real commitment being at every race for each medal presentation. They all enjoyed seeing the workings of a high profile event from backstage, and the protocol required for such an elite event. They were wonderful ambassadors for Harrogate High School, and we couldn’t be more proud to have our students representing not only our town but our country!

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Gardening Club Gardening club takes place on a Monday after school and is led by Mrs Clarke. We are fortunate to have a volunteer from Horticap, Carolyn Rothwell, who comes to all our sessions to help and support our students in their horticultural education. This year we have harvested strawberries, tomatoes, beans and chilli peppers. At the beginning of October, we were fortunate enough to receive help from the Army Apprentice College. As part of their Duke or Edinburgh Award, the 45 junior soliders helped to dig three arcs where we have started to plant hedging to create a wind barrier as the site is exposed and this will enable us to create a usable outdoor learning environment. We are very pleased to have been awarded a locality grant from North Yorkshire County Council to buy some raised beds. We look forward to installing these in the garden in the coming weeks.

Shine On Monday 14 October, as part of our careers programme, we relaunched the York Shine programme to our students which is delivered by the University of York. By working with young people under 16, Shine seeks to inspire, motivate and encourage pupils to achieve academic success and raise their aspirations towards higher education. In addition to this, students will also have the opportunity to join one of the university’s post-16 programmes which aim to prepare pupils for application and entry to higher education. The Shine team runs a wide range of activities for students on the programme, including visits into school, visits to the University of York, a 3-day residential in Year 10 and a Year 11 conference. Each year of the programme builds upon the last to give students a solid understanding of university and increase their confidence about higher education. By introducing our students to university life from such a young age it allows us to demystify higher education and support them in their progression through school and into university.

A huge thank you to the Army Foundation College, Harrogate fot their fantastic help with our school garden. The garden is look

The main aims of Shine are to increase pupils’ knowledge and awareness of higher education, including; • Costs • Financial support available • Social life • Academic life • Employment prospects • Making good decisions about pathways (including to Further Education) • Knowing where to go for information advice and guidance To raise pupils’ aspirations towards higher education • Motivation towards school/college work • Self confidence in relation to studies • Confidence about ‘fitting in’ • Self confidence in ability to succeed more generally • Understanding that ‘people like me’ go to university • Wanting to apply to higher education • Wanting to apply to a competitive / top /research intensive university Student numbers: In Years 7, 8 and 9 there are 30 places and students will complete an application form to show their expression of interest. In Year 10 and 11 the number reduces to 12. Mr L Wilson will provide further information about this.

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Macmillan Bake Sale “We raised £169.25 for the charity” On Thursday 26th of September Harrogate High School held a bake sale for Macmillan Cancer Support. The event was run by Mrs Cloggie, Mrs Wright, Mrs Anderson and Miss Reed with the support of Uruguay VMG. Many staff and students contributed to the collection of sweet treats sold, some even staying afterschool to create recipes for the event! We raised £169.25 for the charity, Uruguay should be very proud. The bake sale was the team’s first event in the VMG challenge to raise money for a charity of their choices.

Shakespeare Schools Festival Earlier this term, the Drama Department took a group of students to the Stage@Leeds University to take part in an interactive workshop run by experts at the Shakespeare Schools’ Festival. Our students, who range from Years 7 - 11, then, on the 22 October performed a condensed version of Hamlet at the same venue, alongside two other schools, in front of an audience of over 300 people. Congratulations to all the students who took part in the performance.

Restart a Heart Over 30,000 people suffer a cardiac arrest out of hospital in the UK every year. The earlier a person can receive Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and a shock from a defibrillator, the greater the chance of survival. The Yorkshire Ambulance Service are visiting 167 Yorkshire Secondary Schools to provide Free CPR training to 40,000 students on ‘Restart the Heart Day’, which is 16th of October. Harrogate High School are fortunate to be one of those schools to receive the training. Last year students found this life-saving training extreamely beneficial, we received positive feedback from the staff and students on the impact of the training and the new skills they learnt. Each student also got the opportunity to have a tour of an ambulance led by trained staff and volunteers. Harrogate High School students and staff are really looking forward to welcoming The Yorkshire Ambulance Service again next year.

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Whole School Team Building The start of a new year can always be a daunting experience for students and staff, no more so than our new Year 7s starting a new school. With this in mind, we always look for ways to help build new relationships and pull together as a team early in the first term. Each year we hold a whole school teambuilding event on the school grounds. For the last hour of the day students join with their VMG to take part in healthy competition with the other continents. Students take part in activities such as egg and spoon races (with a tennis ball and racket), three legged races, articulate, sack races and many more. This year, albeit Friday 13th, we were lucky that the weather was glorious Everyone had a great time getting to know each other through the teambuilding activities. The top 3 VMG groups were, Gambia, Madagascar and Vietnam. Congratulations to everyone for taking part!

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Careers Event On Wednesday 23 October we were delighted to host our annual careers fair with over 35 exhibitors ranging from: universities, colleges, other sixth form and apprenticeships providers and local employers. Students completed pre and post activities to ensure they were well prepared for the event and to ensure they could reflect on what they have learnt as a result of the event. Every student across the school visited the careers fair. The event was a huge success and it is such a vital part of the careers programme which seeks to start a careers conversation at a very early age. By offering events of this nature it ensures that we begin to equip students with the knowledge and understanding they need to make well informed decision about their future. There are lots of new and exciting developments within careers this year which we look forward to sharing with you in the forthcoming newsletter.

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Mental Health Week Harrogate High School would like to raise awareness of the importance of looking after our mental health and throughout the day, as a school, we will be involved in activities focused on the ‘6 ways to well-being’. Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning, Connect, Give, Care Compass Buzz are a free Mental Health Project supporting schools and young people to improve mental health and well-being. The project has trained all our staff within Harrogate High School to enable us to support our young people and each other too. We would like to say a big thank you for the donations on non-uniform day which will support The Compass Buzz Project, to allow them to continue their fantastic work. If you would like any further information on Compass Buzz and how they support our students, staff and community, please click on the link www.compass-uk.org/services/north-yorkshire-compass-buzz

An Invisible Man In September our Year 8 students took part in a theatre in education production entitled ‘How to Be Lucky’ presented by An Invisible Man. “How to be Lucky is the interactive workshop and play that is the result of dozens of interviews with re-settled Syrians and with their UK support workers. We share and explore with our audiences the physical and psychological realities of displacement from one’s home country because of civil war and the impact it has on individuals and families”.

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