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THE STRANGEST PRODUCTS ON FROM A to Z was founded in 1994 by CEO, Jeff Bezos as the world’s largest online bookstore. Today it has evolved into the world’s largest online retailer of everything. In 2012, Amazon’s revenue was over 61 billion dollars and it is projected to grow even more. This online superstore carries more than just textbooks, software, and accessories; they carry some of the strangest products on the planet, too. They are proud to carry everything anyone could need from A to Z.

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“I hit this when I’m done cleaning the house!” -SteamClean

Banana Slicer


“Once I figured out I had to peel the banana before using - it works much better. Ordering one for my nephew who’s in the air force in California. He’s been using an old slinky to slice his banana’s. He should really enjoy this product!” -Mrs. Toledo

Canned Unicorn Meat $12.99

“What a waste of money. Absolutely NO immortality gained by eating this.� -AndySpirell

Dinosaur Statue “As a farmer, I find it difficult to get scarecrows that are durable, pleasing to the eye, but above all effective. My chief concern isn’t crows, but rather the aliens that keep abducting my cows. I’d had problems with cow abductions for years-but not any more!. This parasaurolopus statue was just what I was looking for. I haven’t had any cow abductions in a month.” -MMB

Elastic Finger Flashlight $1.18

“Was disappointed. They bands kept coming off. Did not stay on fingers. Kids lost interest in them. They were OK.� -Carol Woods

Flingshot Monkey $5.55

“Makes an annoying sound, which I love to inflict on my fellow teachers. Hard to position for launching due to small finger pockets.� -Renaissance

Granny Wig


“I bought this wig for a play I was in. It was one of the best experiences of my life. My husband and grandson didn’t recognize me!” -Barbara Lynn Lewis

Hip Hop Grillz $21.95

“I should have known paying 27 dollars for grillz was gonna get me crap. But I didn’t. I’m like laughing at myself for thinking these would be cool.” -Andy Jacuzzi

Inflatable Brain


“Well guess what, I needed it after all.” -Dennis


$12.00 “Living abroad sometimes one just wants a PB&J!” -SDB

Kim Kardashian Crying iPhone 5S Case


“The picture was not very clear, slightly distorted. It looked like she had a bruise on her forehead. Still like it.� -Kim Langley

Lady Bugs


“The lady bugs arrived alive and well and have taken care of my yard. It completely cured my rose bushes of aphids a few have even made it inside!� -Christina


$45.00 “I ordered this based on the reviews and found it much larger than pictured. *Much* larger.� -D. Goldstein



“Excellent item! This is really an amazing item that anyone can buy for their own personal spare time and pleasure.� -Kevin Freeman

Oversized Spatula


“Great for grill or removing pizzas from the oven. Because it folds flat, it doesn’t take up so much space.” -Jean Jacoby

Poster of Ryan Gosling


“My daughter was very happy!” -Tcincy

Queen of England Solar Lamp $14.07

“As long as light is coming through the window, our Queen is waving!!” -Ann Chervin

Roswell UFO Crash Site Soil


“$12.95 for a small bag of dirt? These people have the greatest business model since the pet rock!� -Theo

Snake Eggs


“Not exactly what I was expecting... but I’m not sure what I was expecting...” -Shawn

Tongue Dog Toy


“My dog loves this and she looks hilarious walking around with it hanging out of her mouth. She is a Golden Retriever and she usually tears things apart. This has lasted pretty well so far.� -Jason

Unicorn Horn for Cats


“Nothing, absolutely nothing will make a cat hate your guts more than this “toy”. Simply strap it on to your kitty and then sit back and watch as the little fuzzball tries desperately to come up with ways to kick your behind. It’s tons of fun!” -Thom

Venus Fly Trap


“It did catch most bugs. The traps closed slow when catching a fly. I don’ know if I would buy another one, it left me with mixed feelings.” -Kathy Sykes

Whole Rabbit


“We love to eat Rabbit. But now that my husband is disabled and no longer able to hunt. It is easier to buy it. It was great.� -Mrs. H. 1994

X-Ray Goggles


“Apparently driving with these glasses on in the Commonwealth of Virginia is some sort of fineworthy offence. . . But still, a pretty dang awesome pair of specs! Recommended to children and immature adults like me everywhere!� -Cameron Savage

Yodeling Pickle


“The yodelling pickle in my house appears to be possessed. Whenever I put it away in the kitchen cupboard it mysteriously appears in the top drawer of my wife’s bedside table.” -Paul Pearson

Zombie Jerky


“This stuff is disgusting.” -Samantha S.

This book has been printed on Hammermill 60LB bright white paper and typeset in Sabon, Verdana, and Knockout. All images, prices, reviews, and other information were sourced from Please know that prices and product information are subject to change.

CopyrightŠ Harris Robinowich 2013

The Strangest Products on From A to Z  
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