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Harrison Wheeler AS Media College Magazine Screen Captures

To begin with I opened Photoshop and selected “File, New, International Paper, A4� to give me the correct size paper for a magazine cover. I opened one of my own images onto Photoshop to use as my main image. Using the Lasso tool I selected and removed the background to the photo for my main image to stand out on a white background.

I zoomed in on the picture using the toggle on the side toolbar to accurately select the parts to delete from my image.

Whilst experimenting I tried using a green background for my front cover. To do this I used the rectangle tool and selected the colour green for it. I made a rectangle which covers the whole A4 page.

I then moved the green rectangle layer below the main image on the layers list to use it as a background image

To get my masthead font I used and searched gothic fonts. I found “VTK mercearia� which is an elegant yet bold masthead which would appeal to extravagant readers.

I print screened my masthead on “dafont� and pasted it on my page. I then resized it so that the font was big enough to be my masthead.

I then used the rectangular marquee tool to select the masthead off of the print screen.

After selecting the masthead I cut and pasted it back onto the page which left it as a separate layer.

Now that my masthead was a new layer I could delete the rest of the print screen from my layers.

To get rid of the white box on my masthead I clicked on the layer and selected “Blend Mode, Multiply� which left just the masthead font.

To get new Photoshop brushes I went on from which I found some brushes I thought would appeal to my target audience.

To add my brushes I created a new layer so I could free transform my brushes on my page.

I found an appropriate brush and used it to bring forward my masthead. I chose the colour purple to go with my purple and green colour scheme.

I used the text box tool to create a lead article. I wrote it in Magneto font and changed the colour to green

To make my lead article stand out on the green background I used the “layer, layer stle, outer glow� tool.

I changed the outer glow spread, size, range and jitter. Then I changed the colour to purple to go with my colour scheme for the college magazine. I then applied the Linear light blend option on the layer style toolbar.

After this is created a small box on which I can add my pull quote.

Whilst experimenting I altered the opacity of this rectangle to make it slightly transparent.

Another rectangle I made using the rectangle tool I used the liquefy tool which allowed me to make a wispy pattern around the box to stick to the smoky theme of the cover. I also filled in a box for my skyline and wrote my cover lines and pull quote in my second base font which was Lucinda sans Unicode.

To fill in my page I added some smaller article information in purple magneto and slanted them using the rotation tool on the text box. I also edited my main image by using the inner glow effect in white to make the picture slightly blend with the background.

On my contents page I, again, used dafont style “VTK mercearia� and this time used the lighten blend mode which made the word transparent so the background picture shows in the font and a white banner appears at the top of the page.

To make my contents page continue the theme and style of my front cover I used the same brushes, font and colour scheme.

Screenshots of production of my college magazine  

My college magazine

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