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I used the same “Turbulence� font for my heading of this page and used the rounded rectangle tool to create rounded lines at the top of the page. I then uploaded my image and cut out the models using the magnetic lasso tool.

I then used the faded eraser to remove all jagged and sharp edges.

I used the Headline font for my repeat of my lead article and strap line but used the lower case option for my page numbers.

I then pasted this onto the contents page with my photograph.

With my secondary article I, as I did on my front cover, gave it a blue outer glow.

Using the same font I intended to have my double page article written in I wrote out lists of Lead Articles and Band Index using the text box tool.

For my “Lead Articles” and “Band Index” headings I used the headline font again.

I then used quick selection and paint bucket to change the colour of the headings to blue and green the colour scheme for the magazine.

As I did with the band article I used lowercase “headline� numbers to give my page numbers.

For the signature for the Editors notes I used the Chopin Script font from dafont.

For the page numbers I incorporated the R from turbulence , the page number, the mailart rubberstamp font, the brushes and colours blue and green.

Print Screens of my contents page  

Print screens of my contents page