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Cutlery set Senario My design brief stated that I must design a functional, minimalist cutlery kit for outdoor activities; such as camping, hiking and mountain climbing. The cutlery must be light weight, easy to clean, space saving and needs too be well built to ensure that it does not break while in one’s bag.

Materials to consider Metal   

Very sturdy and strong Easy to clean in warm water Heavy Maybe bend inside bag

Plastic    

Strong Light weight Easy to clean Possibility of snapping Takes up space

Wood  

Will not break or bend Medium weight Very hard to produce and clean

Silver  

Strong yet malleable Expensive Heavy

Description: My cutlery set is made out of a sturdy but light weight plastic. The plastic is malleable to ensure it cannot break when stowed away in the bag. Moulded into the plastic frame is a strong magnet to keep the cutlery together inside your bag. The set is covered in an anti-stick coating so that food is easily washed off with a little warm water. It comes in many bright colours so it is easy to find, especially when it is dark at night. You will never lose your cutlery again which in my research I found was a very large issue. This set is light weight, strong, easy to clean, stays together in your bag and is easy to find all the time.


I went through many designs yet came up with a very basic and easy to use cutlery set. My drawing isn’t the best SORRY!

This is how they fit together when not in use. The knife has an indent so that it fits flush with the spoon and fork. This is a common issue.

Here is a side view of each piece you are able to see the knife indent a lot clearer here.

Fork Knife Indent


Harrison Powell Cutlery  

This is my design for the cutlery

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