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Chris sharma talks about the ascent of His Clark Mountain Project "Chris returned to the States this summer fitter than ever and with full focus on the Clark Mountain project. About ten days ago he had a breakthrough attempt, getting a few moves below the lip of the cave. He called us to let us know he was close, and B and Coop flew out to try and catch the send. Last week it hit 100 degrees in Vegas, and conditions were not ideal for limit climbing, but on Thursday, 9/11 it all came together, he owned every hold, did every sequence exactly right, and topped out his hardest, proudest route." Chris Sharma talked extensively about this route in the recent interview for the BMC's Summit magazine. Here's a short extract from it: Niall Grimes: Is there something, over the next five years, that you want to achieve? Is there a place you want to take climbing to? Chris Sharma:For me, if I could do that project on Clark Mountain, I’d be satisfied. It’d leave behind something that’d be a milestone in the world of climbing. But at the same time, climbing’s a very personal thing – I’m not really thinking about how it affects anyone else. Although, it is great that through the videos people get motivated and inspired. It’s great to have that as a way to contribute to the climbing community. Niall Grimes: Do you feel like you are reflective towards the end of your climbing career at all? Chris Sharma: Yeah. If I do want to do certain things, like this project in Clark Mountain, then I have to make it happen. I’ll be 27 next month, that much older, that much closer to the end of my career. Now is the time to take advantage of the fitness and the strength that I have. It’s kind of motivating to do something about it, to actually focus and channel my energy in one direction. And I guess giving more thought to how I can make climbing something that will last and support me throughout my life. Read the rest of this interview This was an exclusive interview for issue 51 of Summit magazine, sent to all BMC members. Join the BMC today to get your copy of Summit. The article will also appear online in three months.

MERC 1 This the day hiking pack that is essential to any nature nut. Mercury collaborated with Chris Sharma to create a tough, durable pack that can go anywhere. 75.99

MERC 2 Thisis the medium pack that holds all the gear you need when going out to your favorite sport climbing spot. 85.00

MERC 3 This Sharma/Mercury’s largest pack for tackling the mountains that stand in anyones way. 125.00

MERC CLIMBING SHOES Chris Sharma along with Mercury developer have created the perfect climbing shoe. Created from durable hard nigelene plastics these shoes will stand up to the toughest boulder. 50.00

MERC ROPE The Merc Rope is the first rope of its kind that is pre stretched so you don’t have to worry about dangerous spring and stretch. 65.00

MERC CHALK BAG The Merc Chalk Bag is the first bag that has rubber non slip grip material that allows for boulderers and climbers to grasp chalk with out fiddling for the bag. 30.00

The Skye Pro frame and fork offer a lively and responsive ride, perfect for the advanced tricks and creative lines that street trials riders all over the world are pulling. They feature bolt through axles to ensure that everything stays in its place no matter what, meaning that you can have 100% confidence in your bike while attempting the same sort of lines as Danny. Coupled with a one-piece bottom bracket and chainstay yoke and unique seatstay yoke, these features help to maximise stiffness, resulting in sharper reactions and improved feel.

The frame features a reinforced IS disc mount for use with a rear disc brake only. Exclusive-design seat and chainstay tubing improves both crank and heel clearance whilst the compact dropouts and neat CNC gear hanger maintain the clean and stylish look of the frame. We have coupled the Skye frame and fork with components from our Pro level spec, including parts from Inspired, Trialtech and Truvativ, to give a durable and high-quality build at a more affordable price. Up front is a Truvativ Holzfeller riser bar with Trialtech stem and FSA Orbit headset. Truvativ Holzfeller trials cranks create the platform for an excellent drivetrain with a KMC chain, Trialtech platform pedals and sprung chain tensioner completing the setup. Braking duties are taken care of by Avid Elixir 5 hydraulic disc brakes front and rear, giving the rider the level of control they require. The wheels are Inspired Pro rims built onto Trialtech’s super-smooth, bolt through disc hubs front and rear.

Frame : Inspired Skye, 12mm bolt through axle, Bright Orange - Forks : Inspired Skye, 20mm bolt through axle, Bright Orange Wheels - Front hub : Trialtech Disc, 20mm bolt through axle, 32h, Black - Rear hub : Trialtech Disc,12mm bolt through axle, 32h, Black (Custom made) - Chain tensioner : Trialtech Sport, Black Drivetrain - Front rim : Inspired Pro, Black - Cranks : Truvativ Holzfeller, 175mm, Black - Rear rim : Inspired Pro, Black - Front sprocket : Truvativ 22T - Spokes : Stainless PG - Chain : KMC Z610 - Inner tube (front) : Maxxis - Freewheel : Trialtech Sport 16T, 72 engagement - Inner tube (rear) : Maxxis - Pedals : Trialtech Race Platform, Black - Front tyre : Maxxis Holy Roller 24 x 2.4” - Bottom bracket : Truvativ Howitzer - Rear tyre : Maxxis Holy Roller 24 x 2.4” - Bashring : Truvativ Trials Brakes - Front brake : Avid Elixir 5 180mm Disc, Black - Rear brake : Avid Elixir 5 180mm Disc, Black Geometry - Wheelbase : 990mm - Chainstay : 380mm - BB Height : +10mm - Head Angle : 73˚

Seating - Saddle : Inspired Kevlar Pivotal, Black - Seatpost : Inspired Pivotal - Seat clamp : Inspired, Black Steering - Headset : FSA Orbit Equipe, 1-1/8”, Black - Stem : Trialtech Sport, Froged, 90mm x 35˚, Black - Grips : Trialtech Race Rubber, Black - Handlebars : Truvativ Holzfeller, Black

it speaks for itself

Skye inspired

Flow Inspired Mercury Bike Collaboration design and development By Danny Macaskill & Trip Johnston

Skye Inspired Mercury Bike Collaboration design and development By Danny Macaskill & Fredrich Trejo

The intimidating and dangerous nature of the lines that Danny rides on a daily basis means that it is vital to have 100% confidence in the bike. The Skye frame and fork, therefore, feature bolt through axles (now hard anodised) to ensure that everything stays in place no matter what you throw at it. Coupled with a one-piece bottom bracket and chainstay yoke and unique seatstay yoke, these features help maximise stiffness and offer sharper reactions and improved feel when riding at the limit 2,000.00

The complete bike has been specified with a selection of top of the range parts, many of which are used by MacAskill on his own personal bike including custom Hope Pro 2 Evo and Pro 2 Trials hubs, Hope stem and Atomlab rims. Each component has been chosen to provide the high strength and durability that street-trials riding demands without resulting to an excessively high weight. Even the wheels are individually laced and 100-percent hand built in the UK by specialists who have the necessary experience to create wheels that can handle just about any level of riding. 2,500.00

merc review of the new yamaha yz125 (1) Concept. Yamaha YZ125 and YZ250 two-stroke owners love their bikes but hate how old they look. So, UFO Plastics decided to take a chance and design modern-looking plastic to mimic the 2013 Yamaha YZ250F design. It was a gamble, but it paid off. UFO has had trouble keeping the original blue kits in stock. (2) Design. Modern design trends—in everything from automobiles to toasters to motocross bikes—are dominated by words like “edge,” “crease,” “arrow,” “cant,” “light lines” and “cladding.” None of those words are associated with the old-school, rounded-plastic silhouette of the YZ125 or YZ250. To update the two-stroke’s looks, UFO decided to copy the 2013 Yamaha YZ250F plastic design. It comes from the arrow design school. Why is it called “arrow design”? Because every line, angle, crease and edge ends in a point. From the tip of the front fender to the tip of the rear fender, the YZ250F is shaped like an arrowhead. Very strident. Very pointy. Very edgy. Very modern. MXA can’t say that we love Yamaha’s arrow design, but at least it looks up to date

The MERC Helmet has been tested time and time again. Approved byt the DOT and the MAoA This helmet combines the convineince of a full face helmet with the comfortability of nothing. The cusions inside the helmet are made from the same space age material that the astronaughts use on the Inter national Space Station. The memory foam allows the head to breathe and still creates a support element for the skull. The Helmet was a collaborative effort contributed by Twitch Maclinen and Mercury developer Charlie Neilson. The MERC helmet will go on sale at the end of May. Starting prices 150.00 to 175.00 depending on the options that you choose.

MERC BODY ARMOR The Merc Body Armor is the most state of the art chest protector on the market, The diamond design allows any impact that a rider takes and pushes out and around the chest allowing for safer crashes and even bigger stunts. The Merc Body Armor was designed and developed by pro-rider and metal mulisha co-founder Chip McGahee and Mercury rider Geoff Forsight Merc Body Armor will be in the new season of Motorcross Merc Merch and will have a starting price of 215.00

MERC GLOVES One Industries began as a small band of riders driven by a common passion and a belief that they could do better. In 1997, the army began assembling in the heart of San Diego, California. First they revolutionized motocross graphics, but they were soon designing and marketing a complete line of innovative products for moto and bike riders. One Industries has been recognized as a world leader in moto graphic kits and seat covers since it was founded. Before long they were delivering industry leading moto gear, moto helmets, moto gloves and casual wear to hard core moto riders all over the world. So join them on your next ride. And become another rider in the “Army of ONE.�

Mercury skates is proud to announce its first collaboration with DC Skate Company. Mercury has always had a long quality standing with the DC Skate Company and today MERC SKATES collaborated with amature street skater Brad Clingowski (above). Brad has been skating for MERC SKATES for over two years and has been sponsored by DC for a year. He is the underdog, the up and comer and is developing and designing his own line of MERC SKATES merch!

MERC SHIRTS ARE HERE The Merc Shirt is here and is able to rip and shred with you. Its dry fit design allows you to sweat and still be able to breathe while ripping it up on the quater pipe. Great for your vert rider and definitely your street studs. Merc Shirts are available in an array of colors and designs check em out here Shirts start and 15.00

Voted “BEST VERSATILE SKATING PRODUCT” of 2011 by the blog Blade or Die: “The name Bulletprufe speaks for itself. They’re one of the few skate jeans I’ve owned where I can fall repeatedly and still have a pair of jeans decent enough to wear to my day job. The seams and the fabric can take a good, overweight, old-man concrete slapping and still be worth a damn. & I only offer this award because of my personal experience with these jeans. I paid full price for the jeans and consider it the best purchase of the year that didn’t attach to my feet. The compliments I get from women don’t go unnoticed as well. The guy who runs the sh**, Will, has some damn good customer service to boot.” Brian Krans, San Francisco, California, USA

MERC SKATE SHOES are simple, well made tough little skate shoes. They seem a little too simple at first glance, but that’s part of what’s great about them - you get everything you need, without any glam-rock extras. v

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