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I Do Things

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I’m Filipino


Letter To Wind

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Lost Jacket

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It’s Kinda Possible

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The City

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Wayne Theibaud

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My Bike

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The City

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Wayne Theibaud

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BLAME Why do I always get the blame? I always get blamed for things I did not do. If something is spilled or something is messy it is always me who gets the blame. If I was sitting on the couch then my brother sits on it and makes it messy for some reason I was the last one the couch. If the door was left unlocked it is somehow me when I left the house first. It is very frustrating and irritating getting a lot of blame. It really gets on my nerves and gets me pissed. My parents always get mad if I’m out late,which is like 11 at the latest. My brothers on the other hand can stay out too however long they want.

                                                        Act 1 Dad:Why is the table messy?! Harrison why is the couch messy? Harrison:I don’t know. Robert was at the table last. Dad: Robert why is the table messy. Robert: I don’t know. It was probably Harrison. Dad: Harrison clean it up. Harrison: But I didn’t even….. Dad: I don’t care clean it up. Harrison: Fine.

Later Dad: Why is everything on the floor? Harrison: It was Robert. Dad:Why didn’t you clean it up? Harrison: Because it’s his mess. 4

Dad:God, now I have to clean it up. Harrison:Ok

Later Dad:WHY IS THE HOUSE MESSY?!!!!! Harrison why did you make the house messy?! Harrison:It wasn’t me Dad: Your home so yea you did Harrison:YOU KNOW WHAT WHY DO YOU ALWAYS BLAME ME!!!? BLAME SOMEONE ELSE!!!!! Dad:FINE,But you should have cleaned it up!!!

Act 3 Getting blame can be really annoying,but when you always get blamed on you just want to just go to sleep and get away and clear your mind and have no stress. I get blamed for things my brother does like if i come home and start doing homework my dad says why aren’t you finished. My brother stays up till almost midnight a lot finishing his homework because he was hanging out or something. I always get some sort of lecture for staying up till 9 to finish homework. When he know my brother is up at 12 Monday morning he doesn’t care. He had the all weekend to finish his homework. I would finish mine on Saturday.


I Do Things I am a guy who likes to bike A guy who play basketball I who hates stubbornness I am a guy who has brothers Who hates to fail I am a guy who builds things I am a guy who fixes thing Who likes science I am a guy likes to be free I am a guy who likes to run I am a guy who wants to do better



I Am FILIPINO Just because I’m Filipino It doesn't mean I’m short Doesn’t mean I’m dark Doesn’t mean I’m poor Doesn’t mean I like Filipino shows or music

Just because I’m Filipino It doesn’t mean I’m cheap Doesn’t mean I’m crazy Doesn’t mean I’m stupid Just because you’re mean doesn’t mean I am


Dear Wind , I think I killed someone . I didn’t know what to do. I was, I knew I should’ve been somewhere else, but it seemed like no one was there. I was trying to go really fast and you know the rest. I brought his dead body somewhere in the middle of the ocean. I let the body sink down somewhere to the bottom of the sea. It was a few weeks ago when I moved the body. It’s probably rotting by now. I’m hiding in the secret place so I’m safe for now. If people find out that I killed someone they’ll come and kill me or put me in prison. It is a big risk if you help me hide or run away. If you get caught they will do the same to you that they will do to me. If you come to find me be careful. If you get caught helping me I might not be able to break you out of jail. When people find out I’m breaking you out they will up their game on trying to find us. If they catch us after that they’ll probably kill us. We just have to hide, but we can’t forever. I’m telling you this because the cops and what not are on to me. I need your help now. I need your help to just help get out of this country. It’s very dangerous though so we can also try to hideout here. On the news there was one thing to. the body hit a submarine while they were resurfacing. They found the body on the top of the submarine. Now the police are investigating. Your friend, Big Spikey



LOST One day a boy name Rob lost his jacket when he was in the park. When he found out he didn’t have his jacket he looked everywhere for it. When Rob gave up looking for it he decided when he got he would tell his parents he lost his jacket. On the way home he got cold so Rob ran home to keep him warm. When he got home dinner was ready and his family ate. During dinner Rob told his parents that he lost his jacket at the park .


It’s Kinda Possible He was running through the streets faster than lighting But she was faster than the speed of light The tall man was slower than a turtle The fat man was heavier than a boulder The skinny man was skinnier than a twig The muscle man had the strength of one thousand men The bike was as light as a feather He was as hard as a rock She was scarier than Halloween She was hotter than the sun Her face was like the sun it hurts everyone's eyes He was hairier than a monkey He was a human calculator Her skin was as soft as silk They won a million championship games His face was fatter than a balloon He was fatter than a bloated hippo He ate like a crazy gorilla She was smarter than Einstein It was the biggest thing ever He was hotter than the sun He was as blue as the sea The fatty was colder than ice He was sweating like a waterfall








RANDOM STUFF His hair was as fluffy as cotton candy His breath smelled so bad people looked forward to his fart He was as hot as an oven She was bigger than a bear He was stronger than the Hulk Hulk is as tough as nails That tree is as old as George Washington The computer is as fast as lighting He was louder than the big bang It was as white as snow He was as black as night She was like Rocky out there The cheetah was as fast as light Carbon is as light as a feather He was a human calculator The chicken was as round as a circle The dog ate like a fat man Her hair was as soft as silk She was as loud as horn He was stingier than than the greedy king Gold is brighter than the sun Pluto is like an atom to the other planets The piece of chocolate was blacker than night The red balloon was flashier than the sun





THE CITY A long time ago there used to be a city of joy and happiness. Everything was go well and people were so happy with life, but something was coming and nobody knew about it. People were blinded by happiness. They thought nothing bad would ever happen, but one man wanted to show the people how everyone else in the world lived. The man had a group of people who helped him turn the city to chaos. Their goal was to show them how everyone else lived. One day before noon the man attacked a festival his let out tear gas all over the festival. The whole city watched in terror. The whole city was scared of what happened at the festival. Many people were really cautious they stayed inside kept their kids out of school. The man hacked the news station and was on everyones television. He told the city that his group is called the Bubbles He gave a speech that said that there would be more attacks if the rest of the world did not get help. The people of the city talked they said the rest of the world should not get their help. It is their fault that they are living a bad life. Then the next week the Bubbles set fire to many buildings. People started to realize that the attacks would be getting worst. Still they did not learn their lesson. Next they broke the city dam. The city was flooded. The city took a long time to clean up everything. After they cleaned up their city they helped the rest the world. The world thanked the Bubbles ever since then. After a few years the whole world was happy and cleaned up. People never were selfish they learned to help others and be nice. The whole world looks up to the Bubbles.




PLANETS It was said that the dinosaurs were not killed by a giant asteroid, but by a war between planets. Both planets had superpowered people. Some were able to create fire,control water. Some had super strength,super speed. There were many super powers. The leader of one world became greedy to become even more powerful. He was able to absorb most powers,but would lose the previous power. At first before he became greedy he was just on a journey to find a very powerful superpower. Then one day someone spoke to him and said that he would be able to absorb one power and keep as many as he wanted. someone had this power and was unaware of it. The man wanted the power so much that he announced that whoever had this power should come out and let him have it. Everyone on his planet agreed only because they were under mind control. Everyone on the Earth said one should have only one power otherwise they would be outcasted. Since the Earth people would not let him have the power he waged a war that lasted for 205 years. If you had a superpower you would live for about 500 years. In the last years of the war it was the hardest both sides have ever fought. The good side were outnumbered in the last year 1,000,000 to 15,000,000. They made a plan that they would all use their powers to make a bomb and wipe out everyone who had super powers. They knew it would kill most on Earth and the other planet, but they had to stop the greedy man. So they baited the greedy man on to Earth with the girl who had the power he wanted and surprised him and his army with a big bang. Earth was covered in dust for a 26

long time blocking out sun and making earth cold. The bomb the Earth people made killed a lot of Earth’s population. All superpowered people were gone.


UNEXPECTED One day I was walking and wasn’t looking where I was going. Then I fell. I had realized that I had accidentally somehow got my foot stuck in a wastebasket. I felt very embarrassed and felt stupid. Some people walking by were laughing. It was very humiliating. I tried over and over to pull my foot out of the wastebasket. I got it stuck in for good. I then walked over to my friends house to see if I could get help. We tried and tried again, but my foot wouldn’t come out and the harder we tried my foot would start hurting. I then walked home. After a long walk home I went into my garage to my hacksaw out and started sawing. After about thirty second I cut through the plastic and got my foot out. I was very relieved and was happy that I finally got my foot out.


Wayne Theibaud Wayne Theibaud can make eye popping pop art.He was born to Mormon parents on November 15, 1920 in Mesa,Arizona. When he was six months old he moved to Long Beach, California. One summer when he was in high school he apprenticed at Walt Disney Pictures making inbetweeners of Goofy, Pinocchio, and Jiminy Cricket. From 1938 to 1949 he worked as a cartoonist and designer in California and New York. He spent time in New York City during 1956­57 where he became friends with Elaine Willem de Kooning and Franz Kline and was influenced by these abstractionists. During this time he began a series of paintings based on images of food displayed in window and he focused on their shape. In 1961 he became friends art dealer Allan Stone. Stone was his dealer until he died in 2006. After Stone died Wayne’s son Paul Thiebaud took over as his art dealer. In 1962 Theibaud’s work was included in the historically important and groundbreaking “New Painting of Common Objects”. Wayne was presented with the National Medals of Arts in 1994.

Wayne was influenced by a few of his students becoming successful artists.Fritz Scholder became a major influence in the direction of American Indian art through Theubaud’s instructions. 29

Another man said that Theibaud was his mentor and from his teachings he became a professional artist.






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