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Ambracia culture


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615.334.6671 1273 W. Keeton Avenue Hendersonville, TN 37707

Ambracia culture



1273 W. Keeton Avenue Hendersonville, TN 37707

Ambracia culture



1273 W. Keeton Avenue Hendersonville, TN 37707 615.334.6671


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12th annual family


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Ambracia culture

12th Ambracia culture



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1273 W. Keeton Avenue Hendersonville, TN 37707 615.334.6671

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annual family trash & kite day


Branding Campaign


We thank You.

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1273 W. Keeton Avenue Hendersonville, TN 37707 615.334.6671


We invit e you and your familiy to experience a day of cl e ani n g up one of our local parks as well as the the nei g hbori n g river to hel p maintain and keep our city clean as wel l as ful l fi l our company’s goals. By coming to the park and river cleanup, which wil be held Saturday April 7th, You wi l be automatically be signed up to receive all the materials that everyone col l e cted. Now this may seem strange, but our company’s goal is to enhance as well as recycle all the materials and turn it into kite supplies! We wi l send a ful l y developed kite kit as well as instructions the fol l owi n g week for you and your familiy to have a fun afternoon of kite bui l d i n g. On Saturday April 21st, we wil be hosting the second part of our event: The 12th Annual Family Kite Day! We are rewarding your efforts by treating everyone to a fun and relaxing day of kite flying. Bring your chi l d ren, bring your parents, even bring your pets. Our mission is for you to enjoy some sun, wind, and of course a guaranteed happiness.

Ambracia culture



1273 W. Keeton Avenue Hendersonville, TN 37707

Saturday April 21st 2:00 pm Ambracia’s Cultural Event Field

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Bl P: 310-931-5642 F: 310-772-3356 Oakland, California


Table of Contents Aerospace Locations


Corporate Profile


Letter From President


Corporate Values Future Space Capability Engineering Technology


National Systems Group


System Planning

38 46

50th Anniversary


Social Responsibility


Achievements Awards


Board of Trustees

Annual Report

8 10

Civil and Commercial

Every day, 3,926 people in 23 locations demonstrate the technical leadership to promote the spirit of innovation and assure 100-percent mission success for the next generation of space capabilities.


Space Systems Group


Corporate Leadership


Financials FY10


Annual Report

Our Future in Space Capability We are preparing for extreme change. Space is a dynamic and complex arena that requires of us the strong ability to anticipate future needs, transition existing technologies, and develop new capabilities to ensure the nation’s top security and retain our leadership in future space exploration. In the wake of several recent first-of-a-kind rocket launches, Aerospace is poised to inforce a transition with its workforce. With this change, processes from supporting primary first- of-a-kind developments to leveraging mission assurance help maintain and support production of more efficient and affordable systems. Our future last operations must maintain our current high levels of color efficiency and cost effectiveness, even as our greatest innovation and productivity levels increase. We are looking forward.


From The Beginning Aerospace has earned its reputation for technical excellence and expertise in accurately assessing future national security helping space needs and systems. This has long enabled the corporation to achieve its goals both effectively and efficiently, and this skill will be even more critical to the future of Aerospace.We are committed to help assure that every launch is successful and on-orbit performance is stellar. Aerospace continues its longstanding focus on mission assurance by striving to ensure that every military space launch is an unqualified success. The corporation has the necessary launch-related skills, from future technical assessment to top mission assurance verification, to provide the necessary support the national security space customers’ increasingly complex planning and operationalneeds.

Aerospace Technical Staff The Aerospace Corporation has a current well- established history of hiring many of the nation’s best of the best scientists and engineers. As the future aerospace industry evolves and other international industry contacts increase during the next few decades, the company must be able to attract, develop, and retain a phenomenal world-class technical workforce.

ToThe End With assistance from well-known Aerospace, our wonderful customers have achieved an unprecedented record of launch successes, including delivery of several recent first-of- a-kind space capabilities. In order to maintain these levels of success, the company works to help improve the effectiveness of all mission assurance practices across both government and industry, and assists in the creation of an environment that will enable our customers to achieve 100-percent mission success.

Looking Ahead Aerospace is preparing for the future by continually improving our aircraft and spacecraft processes; developing new technologies; and growing a highly skilled, efficient, appreciated and effective workforce. The future will help promise to challenge our customers in unprecedented ways unlike before, and The Aerospace Corporation will be there to develop successful solutions to those challenges. In the future, Aerospace will be focused on our proud customers’ hard problems through our efforts in support of national security space. Decades from now, there will still be a need for independent analyses when dealing with complex systems.

5% 23%


Ph.D. Master of Science Bach. of Science Non-Technical Degree No Degree



Annual Report


Space Launch Operations Space Launch Operations (SLO) is fully dedicated to achieving 100-percent mission successon all space launches of our Air Force and National Reconnaissance Force customers. SLO is responsible for fully conducting the Aerospace independent launch readiness verification process for legacy and evolved expendable launch vehicle (EELV) launches. Our launches as well as the verification product are the industry’s benchmark for launch assurance and provides the primary input to the government’s mission assurance process. The results are captured in the launch readiness letter specified for each mission. SLO also focuses on lessons-learned, data, and best-practices shared among many launch programs. SLO has expanded its role by utilizing its launch mission assurance expertise and launch processing experience to support Missile Defense Agency and Minuteman III activities. In addition, SLO provided independent risk assessments to NASA on their EELV missions, and fulfill technical expertise to the Launch and Test Range and Air Force Satellite Control Network programs.

Dr. David J. Gorney Senior Vice President

Annual Report Cont.

Well-educated and experienced, our experts are empowered to do their best thinking and work to fully asssure future space mission success.

“In military space, we have only seen the first wave of integration between systems, such asmultisource intelligence and surveillance, communication, navigation, and space situational awareness. The results of this integration provide highly leveraged and high-value products to the warfighter, such as more accurate and timely target location and persistent global situational.” awareness. Over time, we will undoubtedly see even more levels of integration between space, air, and terrestrial capabilities, in all mission areas.”

Launch Systems Division Launch Systems Engineering Launch Systems Engineering provides technical support to launch programs to provide mission analyses, data processing, and systems effectiveness with an emphasis on identifying critical areas and achieving mission success. The Spacelist Telemetry Acquisition and Reporting System (STARS) is a networked, distributed processing systemused to acquire, process, analyze, as well as, display, and archive launch vehicle telemetry and other data for all vehicle checkout and space vehicle activities. Systems Effectiveness monitors and assesses program parts, materials, and processes with the goal of increased company product reliability through early identification and assessment of risk. Mission analyses performed include mission planning and trajectory design, & flight range safety, flight operations, environmental and safety policy, performance analysis, guidance, navigation, and flight control. Signifcant areas of during FY10 are highlighted below.

Operations Plan Finalized For International Space Station (ISS) Nodal Separation Notification Following spacecraft separation, spent upper stages are left in disposal orbits that could have conjunctions (i.e., potential physical impact) with the International Space Station (ISS) before evasive space maneuvers can be planned and executed. The Joint Space Operations Center (JSpOC) typically requires about 24 hours to acquire a reliable orbital track of a spent upper stage, and NASA typically requires a strict minimum of 30 to 33 hours after receiving a JSpOC conjunction warning to plan and execute an evasive maneuver. The result is that the ISS is vulnerable from the end of launch-collisionavoidance protection until approximately 56 hours later.

Track 13

Chelsea Erickson

I would like to chat with you If you would spare some time Maybe just long enough for a cup of coffee I don’t claim to know you well, but I sure would like to Chorus Are you hearing me? Must I speak even louder? Do you know what I need? Do you know what I think? Will you hold me? Will you hold me closely? As I sit here praying, do you sit by me? Will you call me child, and wipe my tears away? When I call your name, are you listening? When I fall will you pick me up and wipe the dirt off of me? Chorus I can’t hear you but I want to I can’t see you but I want to I can’t feel you but I want to Are you hearing me, yeah, oh yeah Are you hearing me, yeah, oh yeah Chorus I would like to chat with you, if you would spare time

How many days have I walked this place masking all of my fears? Didn’t you say that there was a way that I could break out of here? And I haven’t seen what I thought I’d see But I wouldn’t mind if I were wrong but tell me where I’m goin Chorus Where Where So tell And I yours

the grass is green where the sun never sets yet the moon still shines where I lay my head the beautiful voices call out to me, but all I’ll hear is yours me, tell me, tell me don’t you, don’t you see that you’re my everything want I want to be where you where you will be so that I may lay my head next to


Holding your hand has got me thinking that I wouldn’t stand a chance on my own I wouldn’t say that I knew different but I couldn’t stand to lose you now Cuz you made me strong a better woman and I wanna be all I can be You raised me right better than you predicted and taught me how to live this life You checked my bed and now that I’m older you let me free to run and roam And I’d be fearful had I not you, I would know how to do what I do Don’t fear that you didn’t make a mark on this place Right here you made a mark on my heart

There’s There’s Oh but There’s There’s Oh but Chorus Be the Be the Be the Be the

Be the Music plenty of things that plenty of things that only the music knows plenty of things that plenty of things that only the music knows

make make what make make what

music to my feet blues I never had words I can’t explain music for me

You can say all the right things Or buy me a beautiful bouquet But Nothing quite has the impact that a really great song seems to hit Chorus Can’t stop my mouth from gaping wide Cuz all the music’s bursting deep inside Do you really wanna be the music for me You fed me so much bullshit that I started to choke If you wanna know the way to my heart You kept on feeding me more hoping I wouldn’t know Maybe you should pick up and learn the guitar All the webs that you set up ended up trapping you Be the music Just because I am young doesn’t mean that you can get away with this Be the music Be the music for me Chorus Is this the way, is this the way that love is? Well I hate it Is this the way, is this the way that love is? Well I hate it Don’t call me, don’t text me, don’t act like you don’t know me, from now on I don’t know you You broke me into pieces

Argyle Sweater

You told me you liked me and I’ve never been so high 5 minutes later I learned of your whole other life Did you really think I’d want to be part of this sick and twisted mess? I’ve never felt so dirty for doing nothing at all Chorus Oh with your hair, that smile, and that stupid argyle sweater Even though I know you broke me deep down I can’t help but think of you now In the back of mind I keep thinking you’d come back to me, come back to me Instead of wishing I’ll pull a Taylor Swift- Hey, this song’s for you! Chorus You broke me, you broke me

Didn’t you say that there was a place where all of my fears are destroyed? How many days till I leave this place and then I may enter yours? Once you told me to listen well my child when you said: Hold on to love hold on to hope Hold on to love hold on to hope So I replied that that’s what I’ll do so that I may go where Chorus

Just Friends


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


K-8%B(+9%.(9)%"(<#%/%8(;C#.%&"*)%G;(@#%B()C*+=%(;;%-7%B9%7#($)H L*.+0&%9-:%)(9%&"(&%&"#$#%8()%(%8(9%&"(&%/%@-:;.%?$#(C%-:&%-7%"#$#H A+.%/%"(<#+0&%)##+%8"(&%/%&"-:="&%/0.%)## J:&%/%8-:;.+0&%B*+.%*7%/%8#$#%8$-+=>%?:&%&#;;%B#%8"#$#%/0B%=-*+

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

CD Book Design

me laugh me cry I’m feeling deep down inside me giddy me smile I’m feeling tonight

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

Lying with my head on the pillow wondering how did I end up here Did I do too many things wrong to make you think I was not clear with my intentions? Eyes open wide as I stare into the black night it seems completely wrong To any other girl you’d be Mr. Right, but you’re not mine Well I don’t feel so bad anymore I’m sure it’s sure for sure that I don’t wanna be Chorus I don’t wanna be right next to you, holding me so close like you do cuz I don’t feel that way I don’t get a quicken’ in my heartbeat and I don’t see you making it start so why are you still trying? You’re not what I’m looking for, no offense but I am sure Didn’t you think that maybe baby we should have some more kind of chemistry? Just because you feel it doesn’t mean that it’s happening here with me I’d rather be single is a line I pull, it’s a bunch of bull, I just don’t want you boy I know that I’m suppose to say that no it’s not you babe but let’s be real it’s you and not me You don’t give me You don’t give me That giddy feeling when all I can think of is the boy I’m crushin Chorus Well I’m so sorry that we can’t just be friends I’m sorry but maybe you should have listened better

Broken Hearts

I’m the monster and you’re the dragon but we both played parts in this dirty sin We got caught red handed actin’ like we were completely innocent You wronged me and I you, but I think we can make it through If you try to change I know I will too, I know I will too Chorus Broken hearts, twisted lies, happy endings come with no surprise but that’s not real, that’s not real life I smell the liquor on your breath. Are those the thousand dirty sheets on which you slept? I am no angel, but if we try to change I know we both will Broken hearts Broken hearts Chorus I’ll be the princess I’ll be the princess I’ll be your princess If you’ll be my Aladdin Chorus That’s not, that’s not real life


I don’t know if I can try and crystallize this Seems like I keep running in circles now Why do I keep thinking that I must complicate this life, this life Chorus Would you tell me if I was wrong and out of place Would you say that I am too head strong cuz I know I am But I don’t wanna see it But maybe, maybe I should I keep talkin a mile a minute thinking what I’m saying is worth it But it’s a load of crap I don’t know if I should try and change my mind but I’m so stuck in my ways it’s not really worth it I don’t think that I should speak but sometimes the tongue is crazy, crazy Chorus I keep thinking that this life will change cuz I’m in it And that I might have some sort of place to say it But I can’t and I don’t But I don’t think I know and I can’t seem to say cuz these words are crazy running through my mind And I can’t crystallize them Hold me now and tell me how, I could say something that would make an impact, an impact on you Chorus But then my head is so full and I know I’m not the best one to give advice cuz I’m so messed up My foot keeps tapping thinking I’ve got the right things to say But I know in my head there’s no other way, cuz I’m not making any changes here Could I crystallize this? Should I even try it? Hold me now and tell me how, I could say something that would make an impact, an impact on you

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Life Box

biodegradable seed starter kit

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Sow Seeds 1- 1 1/2 in deep 20 in apart



Around 65

Days to Days to Germinate Harvest



When to Plant



Creative Package Design

more than just a music city

Nashville Brochure with DVD

Nashville Brochure with DVD Cont.


Welcome Parks and Recreation Sports and Venues

more than just a music city

Nashville DVD Navigation


Institute ��of Medicine

Marketing Specialists





E: C: 812.480.0578 O: 812.464.7578


E: C: 812.459.2130 O: 812.464.7531


E: C: 303.513.8666 O: 812.464.6743


Courier & Press “Progress 2012”


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Courier & Press “Progress 2012” Cont.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Good Things are Happening at Wabash


Scholarships Bring Doctors Back to Mt. Carmel


nly six percent of graduating doctors want to work in small communities. This means that hospitals in southeastern Illinois and other rural areas around the country face a major challenge in recruiting new physicians that do not have ties to their area. Eightyone percent of new physicians entering the market said that location was their top priority when considering practice opportunities and only six percent want to work in communities smaller than 50,000 people. Small hospitals are at a huge disadvantage when it comes to attracting new doctors to work for them and struggle to compete with large healthcare corporations. Wabash General Hospital in Mt. Carmel has found at least a partial solution to this prob-

lem. Nearly twenty years ago, the hospital began “growing” its own healthcare professionals by providing scholarships to students from the area. Jay Purvis, CEO of the hospital understands that attracting doctors back to the area is an important part of keeping the hospital running. “I think the wisdom has been put in place that goes back close to twenty years now and that is the notion of getting local, talented young people in a position to come back and have productive lives and careers here,” Purvis said. The first scholarship was offered to orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Julko Fullop. WGH continues to scholarship outstanding local and area students that have chosen to go into the medical profession. As part of their scholarship

agreement, the students will return to Mt. Carmel and join the staff at WGH when they complete their education. The hospital gets an early start when looking for possible recipients for their scholarships. They have a program for high school students that provides the students with a course, taken at the hospital, that earns them high school and college credit. The program competitively indentifies ten high school students that are interested in health careers. Purvis said this is a great way to find the best people for scholarships. “The truth of the matter is you are identifying the absolute top tier of talent of people that might be interested,” Purvis said. Although the scholarship program is not inexpensive,

becoming active in expanding the WGH Sports Medicine/ Sports Training Program.

up on a farm near Springfield, Illinois. She is a registered nurse, but currently is a full time mom for Kellen, who will turn 6 in a few days, Keagan, 3 ½, and Kade, 2. The Slater family relocated to the Mt. Carmel area in June. The opening date of Dr. Slater’s practice comes exactly one year before Dr. Justin Miller will begin his practice at Wabash General. WGH announced earlier this year the signing of Dr. Miller, an orthopaedic surgeon who will join the staff in August of 2013, following the completion of his residency in Indianapolis in June of next year. Dr. Miller is a native of Grayville, Illinois. His wife, Meredith (McDaniel) Miller is a native of Albion, Illinois. Doctors Fullop, Slater, and Miller were all participants in the Wabash General Hospital Scholarship Program and are three great examples of its success.

the hospital views it as “an investment in the future.” It takes several years and a substantial amount of money to put the students through school, but in the end the program helps the hospital be more successful at providing the best services to their patients. “What goes into this cannot occur over night,” Purvis said. “It took a short 13 years to get Dr. Fullop back here and in practice, but for the last seven years he has been increasingly productive.” In 2012, Dr. Karsten Slater joined the Orthopaedic Surgery Department and Jordan Kuykendall Laughlin began work as a pharmacist at Wabash General. They both were recipients of WGH scholarships. Currently on scholarship are an orthopaedic


surgeon, two family practice physicians, a general surgeon, a physician assistant, two nurse practitioners, a physical therapist, and a nurse completing a master’s degree. The success of this program is also shown in the fact that twenty-one current Wabash General employees have received scholarships including Dr. Fullop, Dr. Baumgart, Dr, Gillihan and Dr. Slater. Four additional doctors are currently on scholarship. Dr. Justin Miller will be the next to Join WGH in August of 2013 after he completes his final year of residency in orthopaedic surgery in Indianapolis. Wabash General Hospital has plans to continue the growth of this scholarship program in coming years. Any healthcare field that Wabash General Hospital identifies as a need


Sunday, August 19, 2012




in the future is considered for scholarship assistance. Doctors, surgeons, specialists, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, CRNA’s, physical therapists, lab technicians, radiology technicians, respiratory therapists, and others will no doubt be needed in years to come. In 2010, the Wabash General Hospital Foundation changed their by-laws in order to be able to support the scholarship program. Since that time many donations to the foundation have been received that are designated to be used for scholarships. Inquiries concerning donations to the WGH Foundation Scholarship Fund should be directed to Al Henager, the WGH Foundation Executive Director, at 618-263-7913.

Good Things are Happening at

Wabash General Wabash General Foundation

Four Outstanding Internists

New Sports Medicine Doctor

New Medical Office Building Wabash General Changes with Times

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Dr. Karsten Slater Joins the Wabash General Hospital Orthapedic Surgery and Sports Medicine

Dr. Karsten Slater is the newest member of the Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Department at Wabash General Hospital. He is a native of Trenton, Georgia, but attended college in Illinois. He completed a fellowship in Primary Care Sports Medicine at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale in June and began working with the Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Department on August 1. In his role at WGH, Dr. Slater sees and evaluates potential new orthopaedic patients and makes appropriate referrals. He does pre-op and post-op evaluations and post-op care, working with orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Julko Fullop. In addition, Dr. Slater performs casting of non-surgical and non-displaced fractures and generally makes the orthopaedic department more effective and efficient. Future plans also have Dr. Slater

Dr. Karsten Slater

Dr. Slater completed his Family Medicine residency at Deaconess Hospital in Evansville in June of 2011. He received his Doctor of Medicine Degree from the SIU School of Medicine in May of 2008 and his Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Southern Illinois, Springfield in May of 2003. Dr. Slater’s resume includes many licenses, memberships, research projects, publications, awards and certificates. Dr. Slater’s wife, Brooke, grew

New Medical Office Building Shows Growth of WGH

It has been just over a year since the Wabash General Hospital Medical Office Building was dedicated. The question of whether this new structure would pay dividends for WGH and the community the hospital serves has been answered. Since the opening of the new medical office building, the orthopaedic department has seen over 1,200 new (first time) patients. The total number of office visits during that same period is over 7,000. The Rehabilitation Services Department has also seen a large increase in the number of new patients and total office visits as a result of the relationship and convenience of sharing this building with the orthopaedic surgery department. The Medical Office Building was built specifically for the rapidly growing Orthopaedic Surgery Department headed by Dr. Julko Fullop. The new building provides 7,200 square feet for orthopaedics and was built to accommodate three doctors and two physician’s assistants. It is equipped with all of the latest in equipment including Electronic Medical Records and an X-ray room with digital imaging that allows for quick and easy viewing as well as the ability for the images to be sent electronically to other areas of the hospital and outside the hospital for referral purposes. There is a large nurse’s station,

6 examination rooms, and a cast and splinting room with storage for durable medical equipment such as crutches, boots, braces, and other similar orthopaedic items. The Rehabilitation Services Department is also located in the new building. This department moved from a 2,200 square foot area in the

private spinal decompression/ traction treatment room, and a wound care treatment room. WGH CEO Jay Purvis had this to say about the new addition to the hospital: “The Medical Office Building was a serious need as Dr. Fullop’s practice had outgrown his original office space

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within 90 days of the opening of his practice. With the recent addition of Dr. Karsten Slater and our second orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Justin Miller, joining us in less than a year, we are very excited about what the future holds and fortunate that the WGH Board of Directors approved building this new medical office building to accommodate the growth.”

in 2003, when the hospital became a critical access hospital. Jay Purvis, the CEO of the hospital, said this change has provided the hospital with the opportunity to expand its services. In recent years, the hospital has added an oncology/hemotology service and a sleep lab as well as renovated the entire hospital. WGH has also hired a second orthopaedic surgeon and has plans to expand the surgical unit with the addition of two new surgery suites and an expanded surgical care support area. In July of 2011, a new

building was dedicated and now houses the services of orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Julko Fullop as well as the Outpatient Rehabilitation Services Department. The building was constructed specifically for Dr. Fullop after his practice grew so quickly that the space he previously occupied became too small. Purvis described the rapid growth of Dr. Fullop’s services: “About seven years ago, we had a young man come back as an orthopaedic surgeon, a local kid that got a scholarship out of high school,” Purvis said. “We figured we had

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The Wabash General Hospital Market Area is Served by Four Outstanding Internists Dr. Fullop weclomes Dr. Karsten Slater to W

The Wabash General Hospital Market Area is Served by Four Outstanding Internists

Four board certified Doctors of Internal Medicine serve Mt. Carmel, Wabash County, and the surrounding areas. Wabash General Hospital is fortunate to be the referral hospital for these physicians. Dr. Narendra Anadkat, Dr. S.B. Jani, Dr. Larry Jennings, and Dr. Ketan Vyas have been board certified internists for over 100 years, collectively. Internists are trained to deal with whatever problems a patient brings no matter how common or how rare, how simple or how complex. An

internist is specifically trained to solve puzzling diagnostic problems and can handle severe chronic illnesses and situations. Internists focus on adult medicine and have special training in the prevention and treatment of adult diseases. Dr. Anadkat began his practice in Mt. Carmel in 1980, Dr. Jani in 1983, and Dr. Jennings in 1984. Dr. Vyas began his practice in Grayville in 1995. Over the years these four doctors have been a very important

part of a mutually beneficial relationship with Wabash General Hospital. Doctors of Internal Medicine need a convenient referral hospital for their patients. Hospitals need referring physicians. Sick people need a good internist and a good hospital. The four internists in the Mt. Carmel area have worked with WGH to provide for these needs. The relationship has resulted in very good physicians working at a very good hospital providing very good healthcare for the Wabash County area.

The new Medical Office Building has contributed greatly to the growth of Orthopaedic Surgery and Rehab Services

Wabash General continues to offer patients quality care and services with a total of 61 years of operation.

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Dr. Ketan Vyas

Dr. Narendra Anadkat

“An internist is specifically trained to solve puzzling diagnostic problems and can handle severe chronic illnesses and situations.”

Wabash General Hospital Changes with the Times

Wabash General Hospital is not afraid of change. During its 60 year history, the hospital has transitioned through the changing times and the improving technologies with the determination to provide its patients with the best care possible. In order to do this and compete against the larger healthcare corporations, WGH has discovered that it must be flexible and creative. The continued growth and improvement of the hospital indicates that this approach is working. One of the many changes at Wabash General took place

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Entrance to new Medical Office Building

hospital building into this 4,800 square foot space in the medical office building. The department offers physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology. The staff athletic trainer also works out of Rehab Services. The large open gym area is equipped with new state of the art rehabilitation equipment. There are 6 private exam/treatment rooms, 5 semi-private treatment areas,

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about two years to get him ramped up to having to worry about getting him a new building and (actually) we had about two weeks. It was just unbelievable. He is highly productive and that service has grown tremendously.” This service continues to grow with the recent addition of Dr. Karsten Slater this month and the addition of another orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Justin Miller in August of 2013. Wabash General has also been making improvements to the county’s mobile healthcare services. WGH shares

mobile digital mammography and MRI units with other hospitals. WGH, which manages the ambulance service for the county, has converted the program from a basic service to a full paramedic, twentyfour hour a day service. The hospital is currently in the process of equipping all of its ambulances with 12 Lead EKG machines that allow paramedics to determine whether or not a patient may be having a heart attack. By identifying this in the field we can determine if the patient is in need of going straight to a heart care facility.

Dr. S.B. Jani

In his seventh year, Dr. Julko Fullop leads the large and still-growing Orthopaedic Surgery Department at WGH.

Dr. Karsten Slater joins the Wabash General Hospital Orthopaedic Surgery Staff

Dr. Larry Jennings

One of the goals of the hospital is to provide their patients with as many services as possible. Wabash General Hospital continues to expand, but with the philosophy that the services it provides must be as good as or better than the same service provided at another hospital. This ensures the hospital’s patients get the absolute best care possible, something that will never change at WGH. “We’re not going to do everything, but what we do, we’re going to do really well,” Purvis said.

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Wabash General Hospital

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Courier & Progress “Progress 2012” Cont.

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