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BIO SECURITY RULES NOTICE TO ALL VISITORS AND TRADERS Please read and observe the following: All litter and manure within the cages, crates or baskets must be contained until disposal. Any spillages outside the cage to be cleansed and disinfected immediately.

All litter and manure must be disposed of in a manner which does not present a risk of spread of disease, eg in sealed bags for normal refuse collection in such a manner that other birds do not have direct access to it.

All exhibitors/entrants must cleanse and disinfect the show cages, crates or baskets before the event and are advised that they should be cleansed and disinfected on return to the home premises and before they are used to hold any other bird.

Welfare: Vendors and Purchasers should note that any weakly, unhealthy or injured stock will be refused entry by the Auctioneers. Enquiries should be directed through the market office to the Auctioneers’ Animal Health & Welfare Officer (Mr Andrew Templeton).

All visitors and traders must ensure they wear clean clothing and footwear before entering market site.

All persons delivering birds to the mart must park on the car park area and then proceed along the designated route.

Owners and transporters delivering birds must disinfect their boots before and after loading or unloading.

Birds purchased or unsold will not be allowed to move unless an authorised ‘pass slip’ has been issued by the main office.

No birds will be allowed to remain on the premises after the sale.

Only staff, transporters, owners or their agents are permitted to load or unload birds.

Wash hands thoroughly when leaving pennage areas.

Please observe our staff's instructions at all times.

Our on site Biosecurity Officer, Stuart Graham, will only be too pleased to give you assistance.

Poultry Catalogue Sep 2013