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KIRKBY STEPHEN MART 75 Horses And Ponies On

Saturday 1st December 2012 At 10 a.m. Prompt Trade Stalls (Rent ÂŁ20 Per Stall) 2009 Market Conditions Of Sale Apply For Special Conditions See Page 4 Of Catalogue

Special Notes For All Potential Buyers A System Of “Buyers Numbers’’ Will Operate At This Sale Potential Buyers Must Register With The Auctioneers Before The Sale Commences Please Fill In A Registration Form And Collect Your “Buyers Number Card” At The Auctioneers Desk On Arrival – It Will Make Booking Your Purchases A Lot Easier Carry The Number With You And Make Sure It Is Obvious When Purchasing Please Keep Buyers Numbers Safe As The Registered Person Will Be Responsible For Any Purchases Made On That Number


Horses & Ponies All horses to be sold in Catalogue order and those missing their turn will be offered for sale at the end. Pen No 1- 3

Lot No 1- 3 B Coulthard, Bridge End Brown Dales type mare, 14.2HH. Brown Dales type filly, born 04/05/10, 14HH Black colt, born 21/05/09, 14.1HH


74- 75

4 Alison Noble, Coach House Lucky. Skewbald Cob type male, born 01/05/07, 15.2HH. Recently broken and ridden away. 5- 6 Mr SC Brown, Lane House Farm Roan filly, 2 years old Black gelding, 2 years old


7- 8 Mr R Mowbray, Stonedale Farm Harry. Brown Dales cross gelding, born 2010, approx 14HH. Three white socks and white blaze. This cob has a nice kind temperament and is now ready to break. Snip. Brown and white gelding, born 2010, approx 13.2HH. This pony has been used for private driving all season. He has a nice kind temperament and no stable vices.

77 78- 79

9- 10 Mr RJ Potter, The Park 2 Horses. Details at time of sale. 11- 12 C Tindale, Vicarage Terrace Hackney Welsh cob cross filly, 7 years old. Handled but not broken. Black cob type filly, 2 years old, 12HH. Unbroken


13- 14 TD Todd, Holme Farm Drake. Grey cob colt, born 2011. Sire M German's Grey Stallion. Dam Sally. Toby. Skewbald cob colt, born 2010. Sire Tom Capstick's Black and white stallion. Dam Sally. Very nice nature colt.


Pen No 81

Lot No 15- 16 George Kenyon, Suttons Farm Ladys Magician. Bay fell cross dales filly, born 28/06/10, 13.3HH. Sire Jimmy Lad. Dam Ravenstonedale Magic. Make good ride and drive. River Meadows Cassie. Piebald filly, born May 2011, 12.2HH. Make nice child's pony. Quiet Nature.

82- 83

17- 20 D Eccles, Hardberry Hill Farm Grey Dales cross Hackney filly, 2 years old. Good mover. 3 Shetlands. Details at time of sale.


21 Mr J Clarke, Greenleaze Greenleaze Celine. Traditional black and white cob filly, born 21/05/12, to make 14HH. Sire and dam both traditional coloured cobs. Good strong, nice put together filly, shown once as a foal, got first prize and reserve champion. Good to handle, regularly wormed and good with Blacksmith. Make nice ride and drive.

85- 87

22- 26 Miss B Potter, Greenleaze Greenleaze Comanchei. Traditional black and white cob colt, born 25/07/12, to make approx 14HH. Sire and dam both traditional black and white cobs (Jock & Holly). Nice colt, wormed regularly. Good with Blacksmith, should make good ride and drive (both parent here today). Loss of land forcing sale. Greenleaze Candy. Traditional black and white cob filly, born 26/05/12, to make 14HH. Sire and dam both traditional black and white cobs (Jock and Rosie). Nice put together filly, regularly wormed, good with Blacksmith, will make good ride and drive. Both parents her today. Loss of land forcing sale. Jock. Traditional black and white cob stallion, born 2008, 14HH. Very quiet, good to handle, runs out with mares, not got a nasty bone in his body. Regularly wormed, good with Blacksmith. Has had his teeth done. I have owned him 2 years. Rosie. Traditional black and white cob mare, born 06/05/05, 14HH. Sire Captain. Dam Rosie. Both traditional coloured cobs owned by Maughan's Asby Mill. Very nice put together mare, was shown in hand as a foal/yearling and always in the tickets. good to handle, good with blacksmith, regularly wormed, mother to Candy, ran with Jock all summer. sad sale. Dolly Daydream (Holly). Traditional black and white cob mare, born 22/03/08, 14HH. Sire Major. Dam Flossie. Both traditional coloured cobs owned by Maughan's, Asby Mill. Nice quiet mare, easy to do. Regularly wormed, good with Blacksmith, used to children. Mother to colt here today (Comanchei). Ran with Jock all summer.


27 Mrs B Martindale, Long Cragg House Stainmore Lockinvar. Cleveland bay colt, rising 2 years old, to make 16.2HH. FOLLOWED BY UNCATALOGUED HORSES AND PONIES


SPECIAL CONDITIONS All horses and ponies will be sold under the General Market Conditions of sale plus the following conditions: 1. No horse sold for 750 guineas or less shall have any warranty whatsoever, and is sold as it stands. 2. All horses sold as “Warranted” are sold as sound in Wind, Eyes and Heart and not showing any technical unsoundness. This warranty will apply up to forty-eight hours after the conclusion of the sale. All warranted horses are sold as sound in action, this warranty will apply only up to one hour after the conclusion of the sale, unless prior notification has been given to the Auctioneers by the Purchasers, requiring the opinion of the Veterinary panel. 3. All horses issued with a passport born after 30th June 2009 must be microchipped. All passports will be checked upon arrival, and any passports not matching the scanned microchip will lead to the horse not being offered for sale. 4. A fee of £25 (plus VAT) for Veterinary examination will be payable to the Auctioneers at the time of notification, the defaulting party being responsible for costs. 5. All warranted horses sold must be quiet to ride in traffic, and in the case of riding ponies under 14 h.h. manageable by an average child appropriate to their size. 6. Crib-biters, Wind Suckers and Weavers and horses which have been tubed or otherwise operated on for their wind must be declared. This warranty will apply for forty-eight hours after the day of sale and notification of such defect must be accompanied by a Veterinary certificate or other Veterinary evidence. 7. The Opinion of the Veterinary panel will be final and binding in all cases. 8. No lot entered for sale, and brought to the sale centre is to be sold privately before auction, unless the transaction is booked through the Auctioneers office. 9. AT THE FALL OF THE HAMMER ALL LOTS WILL BE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PURCHASER OR VENDOR IF UNSOLD. 10. The Vendor will be responsible for handing over each lot, after leaving the sale ring, to the Purchaser. 11. ALL PURCHASERS MUST NOTIFY THE AUCTIONEERS IF THEY ARE NOT SATISFIEDWITH ANY PASSPORT DOCUMENTATION BEFORE REMOVING THE RESPECTIVE HORSE FROM THE SALES CENTRE. 12. Settlement in full is due immediately at the close of sale. No animal may leave the sale premises without an official ‘Pass Slip’ obtained only from the Auctioneers upon settlement. 13. All horses and ponies will be sold in guineas (105 pence) and strictly in catalogue order, unless any alterations are announced by the Auctioneers. 14. No stabling facilities are available.


COMMISSION RATES All Animals Will Be Sold In Guineas (plus VAT where applicable) Vendors Commission of 5% plus VAT will be charged to each vendor


Horses & Ponies  
Horses & Ponies  

Sale of Horses and Ponies Saturday 1st December Kirkby Stephen Mart