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ngd New Graphic Design

Issue 1 May 2013

Form Follows Function An exploration of Modernism and Post Modernism

Contents Interviews 12 Renzo Piano 30 John Baldessari Features 4 Alfred North Whitehead 6 Jackson Pollock Typeface 22 Design Students Editorials 26 Manifestos 12 Introducing Moderning - Book Review


Welcome to the first ever issue of New Graph Design, this creative magazine pays homage to all the excelent visual minds of artists, photographers, illustrators, fashion / interiour designers, architects and philosophers on how they use there unique vision in their work. From the modern architecture of Italian architect Renzo Piano to the edgey photo minipulations from designer John Baldessari. The new issue is filled with great tallent and inspiration similar to what one would find in a modern day “Utopia�. The purpose of this magazine is to show you the latest interesting, up and coming design and designers and give you an insight in their design world and process. Continue reading through the magazine to find out everything modern or post moderen there is within the design industry. Inclosed in this issue there will also be tutorials on using some of the softwear the designers use themselves.


Alfred North Whitehead Mathmatition Philosopher

Alfred North Whitehead was an English American philosopher and mathematition. He wrote on algebra, logic, foundations of mathematics, theology, education, philosophy of science, physics and metaphysics. W h i t e h e a d s u p e r v i s e d the doctoral dissertations of Bertland Russell and William Van Orman Quine, thus influencing and virtually all of analytical philosophy. He co-authered epochal Principia Mathematicawith Russel and later wrote metaphysical treatise Process and Reality. Whitehead’s metaphysical views, which he called process philosophy, emerged in The Concept of Nature (and were expanded in Science and the

Modern World, also an important study in the history of ideas and the role of science and mathematics in the rise of Western civilization. In 1927, Whitehead was asked to give the Gifford Lectures at the University of Edinburgh. These were published in 1929 as Process and Reality, the book that set out what was to become known as process philosophy. Proponents of process philosophy include Charles Hartshorne and Nicholas Rescher, and his ideas have been taken up by French philosophers Maurice MerleauPonty and Gilles Deleuze. In poetry, the work and thought of American Charles Olson was strongly influenced by Whitehead’s concepts. Olson


referred to him variously as “the cosmologist” and as the “constant companion of my poem. The main tenets of Whitehead’s metaphysics were summarized in his most accessible work, Adventures of Ideas, where he also defines his conceptions of beauty, truth, art, adventure, and peace. He believed that “there are no whole truths; all truths are halftruths. It is trying to treat them as whole truths that plays the devil.” On the other hand, many Whitehead scholars read his work as providing a philosophical foundation for the social liberalism of the New Liberal movement that was prominent during Whitehead’s adult life.



Jackson Pollock Abstract Expressionist Painter

This is my most recent project which is a typeface designed in the style of Jackson Pollock. We were given the option to look at 3 artists and create a rough typeface in the same style as the artists, then go on to pick one and finalize it. I chose to do Jackson pollock because as soon as i saw his work i instantly started to see letters being created from his paint splats. I made a first few initial traces of the splats and got a few letter in which i was able to create other letters out of them. Once i had a good amount of base letters i could then start to create the whole alphabet. Looking at the image on the left you can still see how the letters have been inspired from pait splatts but still hold the form of a proper letter and are legible. Whilst we were designing the tpyeface we had to design an ad aswell for the font

bureau website in which i placed the type over an inspired design in the same style of Jackson and the font was legible in a variety of colours. In terms of designing my own typeface i really enjoyed it as there was so much leeway in whats acceptable and what isn’t, so you can just experiment and stumble upon a good idea. The typeface isnt an everyday font which office workers can use but as a one off design or promotional poster this typeface would work well within it, its abit grunge or slime like so for halloween posters or grunge clothing stores could be ncie for headings or logos. Seen as though this was my first attempt at designing my own typeface i think i did quite well as the letters are legible when a word or phrase is written they look like they all belong together from the same font family.


New Graphic Design  

This is the final magazine design for issue 1 New Graphic Design.

New Graphic Design  

This is the final magazine design for issue 1 New Graphic Design.