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An Odyssey to Ollantaytambo

I’m immeditately stuck in traffic after getting out from the Lima airport. The stop and go starts to make me nauseous.

First mistake: Taking photos with my camera out the window, late at night. The taxi driver says, “No!� And grabs my camera, seconds away from being grabbed by the bum walking down the street.

I think this photo sums up my general feeling about my first night in Lima. Alone, tired, hungry, and a sick stomach.

I can’t say I’ve felt the way I did when I took the bus from Lima to Cusco. 21 hours of sitting and watching the Peruvian landscapes go by is quite an experience.

I didn’t feel like I was on Earth. Peru was like anywhere I’d ever been. It was magic and at the same time tragic, because the way of life looked beautiful and at the same time very challenging. My Spanish was not very good at the time, so I didn’t talk much with anyone.

I kept my iPod rolling for nost of my trip, anything from Nick Drake to M83 to CSN and beyond. It added an entire dimension to an already otherworldly trip.

A surreal hazy desert with mountains on the horizon. Another unique setting on the way.

The next few photographs were shot on a point and shoot.

I like how the woman stands out in this shot. Another town on the odyssey.

One of the last good photographs before I arrived in Lima. This was a nice way to end the trip, with sunny skies and open roads, in contrast to the dreary and twisty 15 hours before.

An Odyssey To Ollantaytambo  

A journey from Lima to Cusco, Peru

An Odyssey To Ollantaytambo  

A journey from Lima to Cusco, Peru