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Becoming an “it girl” on Instagram It isn’t a secret that Instagram’s success is unstoppable which is related to countless areas. The photographer’s social media has moved beyond any type of borders which is nowadays an important tool for that everyday living of companies and users alike of the whole world. But Instagram is much more in fact it is an unstoppable machine that constantly creates fashion and trends. Does anybody remember terms like selfie or pornfood? When we speak about trends on Instagram, we quickly think of fashion. So when we discuss fashion on Instagram, we not merely look at the great brands of your market, but additionally an expanding phenomenon which includes in this particular social media its most significant expression: the it girls or the girls that produce trends. An it girl is actually a girl that has “something”. A few of them say that they were born with the “something” among others declare that people may also learn how to have style. The term it girl was popularized the first time in 1927 using the movie “It” as well as its creator, Elinor Glyn, stated that it was an expression that established that someone had “more personality than the most”. In this particular globalised world, the it girls have found on Instagram the right place to promote themselves, their pictures as well as their clothes to the world. Some of them had already reached their share of glory making use of their blogs, but Instagram is a huge true gift for this type of girls because it is a far better showcase than Twitter or Facebook have ever been. Plenty of important brands and famous people follow these girls closely. Their pictures, their style and their news in the fashion world are always popular trends and also the don?t must instagram comments. To put it briefly, they already have change the world of fashion and they have transformed Instagram within a big catwalk where anyone, anywhere, can be in contact with his/her favorite fashionists, follow their everyday lives and also connect to them. Nowadays, most of these it girls make their living out of Instagram and also this social network is now their lifestyle. Many of these it girls have thousands and thousands of followers on Instagram. A number of them are Jessica Stein, Aimee Song, Leandra Medine, Nicole Warne, Jeanne Damas, Alexa Chung, Alexandra Pereira, Chiara Ferragni or Julie Sarinana, and the like. The It girls are a evidence of just how far Instagram has come and how this social media sites is changing society. It seemed impossible when it was created as an app for mobile phones, but now, it is actually reality.

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