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Venus Tutors Singapore Tuition Agency Exactly what is a Tuition Agency in Singapore? For those not familiar with this term, probably those from overseas and never operating out of Singapore, today we are going to be explaining what exactly a tuition agency is and in addition the way it operates in Singapore. Basically Tuition Agencies are commercial organisations who work to match good quality tutors with students who require extra academic help. Tuition agencies could possibly have different specialities including Mathematics tutors only, NIE Educated Teachers only or even in our case female tutors only. What Tuition agencies do would be to cover the gap between parents/students who are looking for a tutor and tutors who are seeking assignments to show. Tutors could choose to brand themselves and look for assignments but also for newer tutors or individuals with almost no financial capabilities to achieve this, the best choice is to list themselves exclusively with a few Singapore education or opt to join a few agencies and whenever they get assignments that may be of their interest they will consume the assignment. Tutors mostly are self-employed and with regards to Singapore tutors, a significant number are part timers. Most of the time tuition teachers are actually collected via a database about the tuition agency websites, when a case will come in, the coordinators is going to do a broad search of the tutors with their database and phone up those who they find are potential candidates for your tuition kid they may have, if their requirements and qualifications match, there will be a closed, if not the search continues. For successful matches, tutors would be required to contribute 50% of the first month’s tuition allowance for the tuition agency, for this particular, the tuition agency will continue to work closely with the client, whom maybe parents or students and perform collection in the tutors behalf.

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