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Abraham Lincoln Man T-Shirt white - FUKUSHIMA Fashion Label For Many Who Will Not Wish To FORGET AND For People Who Will Not Would Like To REMEMBER FUKUSHIMA must not fall into oblivion as Tshernobyl and Three Mile Island did. It can be time that men and women take their future into their own hands. The trademark FUKUSHIMA is really a synonym for environmentally conscious life together with a warning to those who play games with the lives. As a result of recent events in Japan we certainly have decided to stop the nuclear disaster of FUKUSHIMA from falling into oblivion - just like Tshernobyl and Three Mile Island. The nuclear disaster fails to only affect Japan but is also relevant for people, the people of Europe, as the latest decisions for nuclear phaseout show. But exactly how long would be the people in Europe likely to commemorate the events in FUKUSHIMA? The nuclear disasters of Tshernobyl and Three Mile Island have not deterred the Japanese from building nuclear power stations inside an earthquake-zone area... Thus we mean to permanently remind people of your events of FUKUSHIMA at first with stickers, buttons, bags and T-shirts (organic cotton/ fair trade), later on using the performance of musical, cultural or sports events from which the nuclear disaster and possible alternatives will probably be centered on. Mens FUKUSHIMA should never fall under oblivion as Thernobyl and Three Mile Island did. It can be time that individuals place their future within their own hands. The trademark FUKUSHIMA will be a synonym for environmentally conscious life as well as a warning to people who play games with this lives. You don’t have to order something to do well. Of course you can also donate straight to various aid organisations. Many thanks. The founding father of the green fashion label, never had the thought to be a part of the style industry. Once the meltdown in the nuclear power plant in Japan, we asked ourselves, how can it be, that something similar to this occurs again what people have forgotten? What remains of Chernobyl? Only, a anniversary and forgotten endless suffering. Therefore, we asked ourselves, what could perform our children will not create the complaint that people did nothing up against the forgetting and ignorance and destroyed their future. We wanted to scream out loud FUKUSHIMA. And so the idea was born that everyone needs to be a placard with FUKUSHIMA on his / her chest! Thus all things are in order, we registered the trade mark FUKUSHIMA and might now offer clothes and bags with social and ecological responsibility. All our products are produced from fair trade organic cotton or recycled materials and then make their carriers as ambassadors of sustainability - so a lot more people are called to use on social and ecological responsibility.

Abraham Lincoln Man T-Shirt white - FUKUSHIMA Fashion Label  

Abraham Lincoln EARTHLOVER Men's T-Shirt in White - 100% Organic Cotton - Fair Trade - Sustainable

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