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Weekly data newsletter Friday 13th January 2017 Happy New Year and welcome to the 10th weekly edition of the Data Team Weekly Newsletter.

Focus for 2017 Our primary focus for 2017 is to further improve the user experience in Bromcom for all our users, across all areas of the Federation. We are very fortunate that Bromcom are working in partnership with us to realise these improvements, and we look forward to strengthening that partnership in 2017. However, we cannot make improvement without feedback from you, the users. If you have any ideas, suggestions or general comments, please do email us (Data&MIS.Support@ and we will work with Bromcom to address all feedback.

Features This week - Creating user accounts - transfer a student from the tutor group record - Disable Proxy settings in your web browser

Training sessions Timetable Training

Monday 27th February 2017 Monday 6th March 2017 8.30am - 3.30pm Harris Federation Head Office

School Census

Accessing Bromcom Support

The January School Census is nearly upon us, and will take place on Thursday 19th January 2017. Whilst this is the census date the submission deadline is Wednesday 15th February. All Academies have been updated to the latest version of Bromcom which will allow you to generate the school census.

We have been notified by Bromcom that a number of support calls have been made to them by colleagues, without the call coming to us first.

Census - How to Run the Spring Census School Census Error Resolutions (2017) For all support queries, please email us and we will look to resolve your query within 48 hours. For urgent issues, please call us on the usual number.

More worryingly, there have been incidences of callers making up support call references that we have not issued. We cross reference these reference numbers against both Bromcoms and our own records. Any mis-matches will be investigated. All calls made to Bromcom are charged to the Federation, so we have to be very careful about the frequency of calls we make to them.

Our weekly Bromcom support Statistics Support emails received: 121

Outstanding queries: 24

Number of calls: 80

Creating User Accounts The System Users area allows the Login and Roles to be assigned and/or edited for an existing member of staff or a New User to be added.

Tick The user can log into the system checkbox to give the user access to the system, if this checkbox is not ticked the user will NOT be able to login to the system. Enter a Username in the Username field. Enter a Password for the user in the New Password field and repeat this in the Confirm New PW field.

To create a New User Account, click on the New button, this will display the User Accounts page which is split into sections, the first section being Personal Details.

Tick the User must change password at next logon, if the Password that has been created is a temporary one, the User will then be prompted to change this Password on first login.

To create an account for an existing user click on the Find button and use the selector to locate the person. If the user is not in the system yet then select the Create a new user option.

Enter the new user details in the four fields, First Name and Last Name being mandatory. When done move onto the User Login Details section.

Tick the Send account details to email to automatically send the login information directly to the user, [this will be the school email assigned to them]. Tick the check boxes for the Roles that this User will have access to, a User can be assigned to more than one Role. Please note that the Administrator Role includes access to the whole system by default, meaning no other role selections will be necessary. Finally enter the number of minutes the system will remain logged in if no activity has been made in the Session Timeout field. Once the number of minutes has passed with no activity the User will have to login again.


How to Disable Proxy settings in your web browser If you are using a Federation laptop off-site and you wish to access the internet you will need to turn off the Proxy Server settings.

3. The Local Area Network settings page will open.

1. Click the Tools button and then select Internet Options.

2. Click the Connections tab and then select LAN settings.

4. In the Proxy Server section, you will need to untick ‘Use Proxy Server for you LAN’

5. Press ‘OK’ to save your settings.

6. To turn the Proxy Server settings back on check the box and press save. t

transfer a student from the tutor group record 1. Go to Menu >> Curriculum >> Tutor groups and find the group the student is currently in.

2. Half way down the page is section called “Student Membership� 3. Find the student you wish to transfer and click on their name (the line will turn blue) and then press the transfer button.

4. Choose the new group they are going into and the date on which it will happen.

5. Then click Save


Weekly Data Newsletter 13.1.2017  

Features: Creating Accounts, Disabling Proxy Settings & Transferring a Student Record

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