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2018 Annual Report

Harrisburg Fire Department Headquarters 6450 Morehead Rd. Harrisburg, NC 28075

Letter from the Chief We appreciate the opportunity to inform you about how much we take pride in serving our community. Harrisburg Fire Department continues to see our call volume increase, especially for emergency medical calls. Our ability to have an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician on every piece of fire apparatus responding to you allows us to efficiently and effectively serve those in need. If you are not aware, Harrisburg Fire Department is the only fire department in Cabarrus County with advanced life support capabilities. As Chief of the Harrisburg Fire Department, it is my privilege to submit the department’s Annual Report for 2018. The facts, figures and descriptions found in the following pages represent literally thousands of hours of work put forth by the department’s personnel toward our goal of providing the citizens of Harrisburg with a safe community in which to live, work and play. The economy and associated construction of single-family houses will be a challenge to our fire department in the future as fire resources are impacted with increased demands on our service levels. With the support of our Town Council and leaders we will continue to meet the challenge with providing updated information to proactively plan for the future needs of our community. If you have not noticed, we are active on social media platforms to provide timely information to our community. Not just incidents but information on our daily activities, public education, and our involvement in this great community. We hope this provides you with a better understanding of our duties as a fire department. As 2018 begins, this department stays steadfastly committed to our mission of providing quality service and reducing harm to the Town’s residents and guests. We sincerely appreciative our community for the continuing support shown by the Mayor, Town Council, Town Manager and citizens of this community. Stay safe, Bryan R. Dunn

Chief of the Harrisburg Fire Department

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Coverage Map Station 1 • HB 11 • HB 12 • HB 13 • HB 14 • HB 15 • HB 16

Station 2 • HB 21 • HB 22 • HB 23 • HB 24 • HB 25 • HB 26 • HB 27

Station 3 • HB 31 • HB 32 • HB 33 • HB 34 • HB 35 • HB 36 • HB 37

Station Locations

6450 Morehead Rd. Harrisburg, NC 28074

8069 Rocky River Rd Harrisburg, NC 28075

8045 Rocky River Rd Harrisburg, NC 28075

• Bradly Christopher

• Tyler Hoopaugh

• Anthony Evans

• Timothy Wooten

• Neil Stallings

• Micah Freeman

• Steve Southworth

• Cody Duke

• Nick Martin

• Arvel Craig Jr.

• Wesley Wilson

• Philip Long

• Jason Walker

• Matthew Vaughn

• Brandon Mulligan

• Russ Freeze

• Jared Sapp

• Brian Ordasz

• Sandy Torrence

• Michael Powell

• Chad Furr

• Chris Redmond

• Lew Dewitt

• Wendell Jolly

• Joe Yowler

• Andrew Beatty

• Sean McGuire

• Jack Gonzalez

• James Coode

• Josh Fox

• Tim Lankford

• Cody Powell

• John Allen

• David Towery

• Stephen Stokes

• Eric Bost

• Michael Sellers

• John Lomonaco

• Alan Janove

• Chris Carter

• Johnathan Moore

• Johnathan Sneed

Statistics Medical Calls Service Calls Commercial Fire Alarm Residential Alarm MVA with Injuries MVA with No Injuries Lifting Assistance

Medical Calls Service Calls Commercial Fire Alarms Residential Alarms

Total Incident Count: 2,546

Unit Responses: 3,563 Batt 1: 558

1,432 218 152 137 99 93 66

9% 1%

Ladder 1: 1,426


Engine 2: 883


Engine 3: 696 10% 67%

Chart Title 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 Sunday




A Shift

B Shift


C Shift



In 2018, the Training and Development Division held the following trainings: Two In-Service trainings a month that averaged out to 144 hours of contact training per employee Quarterly Training: 20 hours each quarter

EMT Training: 100 hours of medical-related training a year Four different state level certification classes


Advanced Swift Water Rescue training, which eight employees received

Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Training at the NC Breathing School which three employees received UNCC’s Fire Rescue Management Institute, with four officers graduating Advanced Emergency Medical Training, which nine members completed (160 hours of classroom time and 96 hour of clinical time)

Profile for Harrisburg FD

Harrisburg Fire Department 2018 Annual Report  

Harrisburg Fire Department 2018 Annual Report