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February 2019 | Inspiring Creativity Through the Arts


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You’ll LOVE our Professional Musicians!

Do you or a loved one have an event coming up soon? HAA’s Professional Musicians provide live musicians perfect for your corporate event, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, family gathering, birthday party and more! Check out some of our frequently asked questions in regards to our professional musicians. Q: What style of music do you play? A: Depending on the selected ensemble type, our musicians can provide a wide range of musical styles including Classical, Easy Listening, Popular, Broadway, Blues, Jazz, and music from 1940 - 2019.

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Q: Do I need to make an appointment to meet with you and/or pick music? A: Our professional musician’s coordinator will meet with you FREE of charge in order to put together a musician’s time line, and assist with the final details. Q: Do you perform during the holidays? A: You bet. We even have our Charles Dickens Carolers that would love to sing for your future holiday event!

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Q: Can I see a sample contract to learn more about pricing? A: Absolutely! Email Marla at and she will get a sample contract sent your way!


Harris Academy of the Arts Newsletter • February 2019

FEBRUARY ANNIVERSARIES Prema Vasudevan - 7 yrs David Ruwe - 6 yrs Blaine Kivett - 4 yrs Brooks Xia - 4 yrs Ayda Balkir - 3 yrs Azalia Heider - 3 yrs Katelyn Hillhouse - 3 yrs Blake Semrad - 3 yrs Isabella Neri - 2 yrs Kristin St. James - 2 yrs Timothy Dudley - 1 yr Natalie Hohl - 1 yr William Middleton - 1 yr Jayven Tep - 1 yr

WELCOME NEW STUDENTS Scott Chaffin Steven Doan Danny Hofmeister Rock Krzycki Kennedy Lloyd Paul Lombard Signey Russell Elise Sukovaty Brynn Ulrich Evan Ulrich Mackenzie Wolfe Thank you for being a part of Harris Academy of the Arts. We love having you in our musical family!

Take note! Here is an exciting music education opportunity for the students of Dr. Mai Butler . Though competitions are typically geared toward older students, Mai’s focus and intent is to provide younger students the skills, proficiency, increased confidence and resume builders. Take advantage of this FREE opportunity! Questions can be directed to Mai during your lessons and/or the front desk.

************************************************ Mai Butler Piano Competition Rules and Procedures

The purpose of the piano competition is to provide students with experience in preparing and performing a solo piano work which is judged within the context of a competition. This competition experience is intended to aid the student in the fundamentals of competition at regional to national levels that support the development of a potential career in music. This includes auditions, professional performance, a future in teaching music, or simply the enjoyable experience of playing for family and friends. 1. The Piano Competition is open to students of Dr. Mai Butler. Students must be currently enrolled at HAA during the term in which the competition takes place. Sign up is due by March 15, 2019. Students will compete in one of two classes: a. Elementary Class (10 years of age and younger) b. Junior Class (11 years of age and older) 2. Dr. Butler will be the sole judge, determining the winners of the competition. The judge's decision shall be final. Feedback will serve as a guide for student's continuing study and development, including future competitions. 3. All students will be awarded certificates for their competition performance. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place students will be awarded trophies. 4. A student's repertoire should include at least 2 pieces of contrasting style. The maximum performance time for all pieces combined is limited to 10 minutes. All pieces must be performed from memory, with no sheet music allowed. A musical score with measures numbered, should be provided for the judge’s use. 5. The student's performance will occur during the week of April 22, 2019 (April 22 - April 27), in Studio 2, at the beginning of the lesson. On the day of the student’s competition, no rehearsals will be permitted with Dr. Mai Butler. The student’s performance is limited to one run-through only. 6. Neither the competition, nor the performance shall be open to the public with the exception that parents may sit in to listen and watch their child's performance. 7. A video of the student's performance will be made for feedback. The video will not be publicly released or uploaded to the Internet without the child's and/or parent's permission. 8. Rules and procedures will be distributed to Dr. Mai Butler’s students.


Harris Academy of the Arts Newsletter • February

Fe b r u a r y


Hannah Melton

Meet Hannah - our February student of the month! Hannah has been a student at HAA for almost 8 years! She started in Kindermusik, took piano lessons for over 5 1/2 years, and is currently a very talented trombone player. Her teacher, John Fucinaro, loves seeing Hannah every week for lessons, and was very eager to nominate her for student of the month. He says “Hannah is a very fast learner and pushes herself week after week. Her dedication and hard work make her a joy to teach. Hannah is focused, prepared, confident, and overall a great young musician. I wish I would’ve had the same work ethic when I was her age! Well done Hannah and keep up the great work!” We can’t wait to see what the next 8 years here at HAA has in store for Hannah. We are so proud that she and her family are part of our Harris music family. Congratulations, Hannah!


Jeff Kuhl

Jeff Kuhl has participated in more than 150 professional theatre productions throughout the United States, with more than 25 years of professional performance experience. Jeff received his Bachelor of Music in Education for kindergarten through secondary education from Hastings College. He worked as a graduate teacher at UNL for Opera Music Theatre, where he obtained a dual Masters of Music in Opera and Musical Theatre Performance. After two years as a musical director, he moved to Chicago. Jeff was born in Lincoln and was raised in Ashland, Nebraska, one of 11 children. In his free time, he cheers on the Nebraska Huskers, plays golf, and enjoys reading books on interesting facts, presidential trivia, and the Civil War.




18th: Cameron Coen

Gregory Burroughs


Kalainey Nickel

10th: Anna Kim

25th: Jesse Puelz

Cadence Romano

11th: Danny Hofmeister

26th: Kole Fillmore

Estes Stratman

14th: Sophia Schell

27th: Seona Clemens

Dillon Blank

16th: Chiara Fitzekam

28th: Lucy Glathar

Bryson Finney

17th: Amelia Burba

Olivia Theesen

Brynn Ulrich

Brooks Xia

19th: Lincoln Cosby

William Glathar Ellen Marshall


Harris Academy of the Arts Newsletter • February 2019

Welcome Jacob! Electric Bass Guitar, Jazz Upright Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Ukulele We are excited to introduce you to Jacob Voorhis. He has accepted a position with Harris Academy beginning May 6th, 2019. Originally from Belle Fourche, South Dakota, Jacob Voorhis is an applied music graduate from Chadron State College where he specialized in guitar and bass studies. Though Jacob began his college career in legal studies at Chadron State College, he quickly found that his true passions were in music and theatre. While at Chadron State College, Jacob had a wide range of ensemble experience on electric guitar, electric bass, and upright bass with ensembles such as the CSC Jazz Band, CSC Jazz Band Combo, CSC Vocal Jazz Ensemble, CSC Guitar Ensemble, and CSC Wind Symphony as well as several other performing groups. Musically, he has found his most rewarding performances to be through playing in pit orchestras for musical theatre, which has allowed him to mix together his two artistic loves. Jacob shares his love for the musical art form to each of his students and strives to give them the capability to follow their musical endeavors wherever that may lead. Jacob and his fiancé Megan have two pets: their cat, “Cisco” and hedgehog, “Charming”. Some of his hobbies outside of music are video games, reading and writing, super heroes, and anything and everything fantasy. Jacob and his fiancé Megan look forward to their upcoming wedding this fall as well as making their new home in Lincoln. If you or someone you know are interested in setting up lessons with Jacob, please call us at 402.423.7121 or email office@

REMINDER In the interest of faculty and student safety, Harris Academy of the Arts follows the Lincoln Public Schools weather cancellations and will be officially closed when LPS is closed. No lessons or classes will take place. Students will receive an email message of cancellations. Additionally, cancellations will always be posted on our Facebook page; and local news stations will be notified.

BRAG CORNER Congratulations to HAA student Kaitlyn Michaelson for making ensemble in Cinderella! HAA String students Ella Barnard, Jeff Shen, and Carolyn Skold made the 2019 YES Orchestra! We have such amazing and talented students at HAA! We are so proud of all of you. We want to hear about your accomplishments! Let us know about the awesome things you’ve done.


Harris Academy of the Arts Newsletter • February

FREE February Group Makeup Class : Key Signatures with Spencer Perkins Saturday, February 23rd 1:00pm-1:50pm Open to ages 8+ on any instrument

For students with a strong knowledge/understanding of key signatures C, G, and F. Learn the tricks of understanding the circle of 5ths; good festival prep opportunity. RSVP today!

Instructor Availability Have a friend or family member who wants to take music lessons? Wanting a different lesson time? Instructor openings at HAA don’t stay available for long. Check out their availability below and sign up today! Mai Butler piano

John Fucinaro guitar, bass, ukulele, trumpet, trombone

Lincoln Havranek saxophone, beginning woodwinds

Monday (between 3-9pm) 1 opening Tuesday (before 3:00pm) 2 openings Tuesday (between 3-9pm) 4 openings Wednesday (between 3-9pm)3 openings Thursday (before 3:00pm) 12 openings Thursday (between 3-9pm) 1 opening

Monday 4 openings Tuesday 2 openings Wednesday 5 openings Thursday 5 openings Friday 6 openings Saturday 8 openings

Heera Jang piano

Joy Holz violin, viola, beginning piano

Jacob Voorhis guitar, ukulele, upright bass (availability starting 5/6)

Monday CLOSED Tuesday (between 3-9pm) 1 opening Wednesday CLOSED Thursday CLOSED Friday CLOSED Saturday CLOSED

Monday CLOSED Tuesday CLOSED Wednesday CLOSED Wednesday (before 3:00pm) 2 openings Thursday CLOSED Thursday (before 3:00pm) 2 openings Friday CLOSED

Spencer Perkins piano, composition

Jeff Kuhl voice, acting, trumpet, piano Monday CLOSED Tuesday CLOSED Wednesday CLOSED Thursday CLOSED Saturday CLOSED

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday (before 3:00pm)


Monday CLOSED Tuesday CLOSED Wednesday CLOSED Thursday CLOSED Saturday CLOSED

Monday 2:30-9:00pm Tuesday 2:30-9:00pm Wednesday 2:30-9:00pm Thursday 2:30-9:00pm Friday 12:00-4:00pm Saturday 9:00am-3:00pm


Harris Academy of the Arts Newsletter • February 2019


TEACHERS (IMMEDIATE) Cello Children’s Music Academy Kindermusik Piano Violin Voice

CLEANING POSITION (JUNE) To apply for any of our positions, please submit an application and resume to office@ You may contact Marla or Vicki with questions at 402.423.7121.

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QUICK TIPS John Fucinaro - guitar, bass, ukulele, and lower brass instructor: “Mindset is a huge factor in music, especially regarding new material. We get used to being able to play the stuff we’re already good at, so when we move on to new material, we say “I can’t do this” or “this is too hard.” It’s not actually hard, it’s just new! If you find yourself saying these things, take a step back, recenter, and refocus. Go in with a positive attitude. Think to yourself, “I can get this with patience and practice” and anything you’re working on will sound great in no time!”

Lincoln Havranek - saxophone and beginning woodwinds

“It is important when working through music to find out what notes are the most important in the phrase. If a melody can be broken down into just a few notes, do whatever you can to bring out those notes, because most likely, they are the most important ones within that phrase of music.”

Harris Academy of the Arts Business Hours


Monday - Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


2935 Pine Lake Rd, Ste. C, Lincoln, NE 68516


9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. By appointment

402-423-7121 |


Harris Academy of the Arts Newsletter • February

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February 2019 Newsletter  

February 2019 Newsletter