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Queen Mary Students’ Union Useful Information Find more information at:

33 34-35

Every student at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry is a member of the Barts and The London Student Association (BLSA). Barts and The London Student Association is a student-run organisation that is here to represent you and provides support and opportunities throughout your time at Barts and The London. BLSA is a division of Queen Mary Students’ Union, which you can read about on page 33.

The BLSA is led by students who are elected every year and supported by staff. It is led by the Student President, who is supported in their role by a whole range of representatives who sit on the BLSA Board. You can read more about the representatives throughout this guide.

We've written this guide to help you settle in to Barts and The London and to give you as much information as possible. You can find information about our Freshers' Fortnight events, including our flagship 'Mummies and Daddies' scheme. You can also find out about all our Societies, Sports Clubs and Volunteering opportunities you can get involved in, as well as where to find guidance and support.


Tom Longbottom BLSA Student President

Hello and a very warm welcome to Barts and The London! My name is Tom Longbottom and I am the Barts and The London Students’ Association (BLSA) President. I very much look forward to meeting you all in September, but, for now, I must congratulate you all on the incredible achievement in getting a place to study at this great medical and dental school. You have all worked exceptionally hard to get here and should be very proud of yourselves.

What lies ahead of you is a fantastic journey; over the next 3, 4, 5, 6 or even 7 years, you will make the transition from student to doctor, dentist or allied health professional. Throughout this incredible journey, you will make some life-long friends, learn an overwhelming amount and, above all, become a graduate of one of the best medical and dental schools in the country. My job as BLSA President is to represent all students at Barts and The London, support all our student groups and to raise any concerns or issues students may face with the medical and dental school and the University. It is also my job to make sure the events we offer in our BLSA Building and our venues, The Griff Inn and The Shield are as fun and successful as possible. I am supported in doing this by the BLSA Board, which is made up of a fantastic team of student officers who are elected each year. You are all fortunate that, as Barts and The London students, you get to be a part of the incredible community that comes with studying at this great medical and dental school. My advice to you is to get stuck in, throw yourself into your studies and all of the extra-curricular activities on offer and enjoy every second of it.

BLSA Staff President Director of Barts Cancer Institute


Professor Nick Lemoine

Welcome to your new Medical and Dental school where you are about to spend the happiest years of your life. I am the Association Staff President; helping, advising, and supporting the students in all of their activities. You will quickly appreciate that BLSA is the best in London and raises staggering amounts of money in RAG week through hard work, enthusiasm and occasionally belligerence. As well as the unique training and learning you’ll experience during your time at BLSMD (and working very hard at this objective!), it is important that in the next 3-6 years you mature as individuals, and take advantage of the opportunities that Queen Mary, the School of Medicine and Dentistry, BLSA and London offer. You are now part of an ascendant organisation whose teaching and research are of international stature, and it is the staff’s job to look after you to the same high standards. In your working career you will be using the skills learned here to help the sick, and who knows, if you become a researcher, discover a cure for cancer! Freshers’ Fortnight is the ideal time to get to know east London make friendships which will last a lifetime. You will find friends common interests, who you can interact with socially academically, and who will share exactly the same problems stresses as yourself.

So enjoy yourself, work hard and best wishes for the future.

and with and and

The board meets twice a term to discuss issues affecting students. Many of the board also sit on Student Council

We have over twenty board members elected every year by you, the students. Their job is to represent you in the issues that matter to you, whether they’re academic, welfare, student group based or anything else. Our officers are always happy to have a chat with a student, whenever convenient. Meets once a week to discuss the day-to-day running of BLSA

Tom Longbottom

Jack Juckes

BLSA President

VP Barts

Harris Nageswaran

Jade Dhaliwal

VP London

Allied Courses President

Sophie Hoque

Ameen Hussein

Welfare Officer

Dental President

Works to generally improve student welfare as well as empower minority groups, supported by the Welfare Officer

Alice Schofield

Giulia Olayemi

Womens’ Officer

BME Officer

Caitlin Gordon

Penelope-Zoi Stavrou

LGBT+ Officer

Disabled/SLD Officer

Nadya Ali International Officer

Supports Societies, Sports Clubs and Volunteering Groups in their activities, and raising money through RAG

Veda Kudva

Bridget Cullinan

Societies Officer

Sports Officer

Issmaeel Ansari

Zoe Tai

Volunteering Officer

RAG Officer

Represents students in meetings with the University and help improve the overall academic experience

Eva Phillips

Nabilah Mayat

Pre-Clinical Representative

Clinical Representative

Imaan Karmani

Marie-Sophie Gomm

Dental Faculty Representative

Gozo President

Non-representative roles which focus on the management and running of BLSA

Jonas Schlautmann

Laurence Gardner


Entertainments Officer

Tilly Boa

Hussain Al-Jabir

Entertainments Officer

Engagement Officer

Ruari McGowan

Jennifer Lok

External Affairs Officer

Alumni Officer

Barts and The London has a fantastic reputation for being one of the best medical schools in the UK, with a great history behind it too. Our Pre-Clinical, Clinical, and Course Representatives work directly with academic staff to ensure that BL maintains this league table-topping standard and deal with any academic issues that students might have. Student reps and academic staff meet regularly at Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) meetings to discuss academic issues facing students. Our Pre-Clinical Rep chairs the Junior SSLC, with attendance from preclinical teaching staff and the Year 1, Year 2, and GEP course reps. Our Clinical Representative co-chairs the Senior SSLC, with attendance from clinical teaching staff and the Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 course reps.

Hello all. I’m very excited to be your pre-clinical rep for this year, and I hope to help you effectively communicate your academic concerns and ideas to the staff. If there’s anything you feel should be discussed at Junior SSLC meetings, then please don’t hesitate to contact me by emailing me or by finding me on campus!

Each year of the medical cohort has student representatives voted for by their peers. These students attend the SSLC meetings and ensure that the student body’s voice is heard. Contact your course reps by emailing: (change number for the year group)

Position Open! To make sure the voice of our first years is heard we have a First Year Rep on the BLSA Board – make sure you nominate yourself!

Congratulations GEPs! You’re back at university to start the journey all over again! GEP year is fast-paced, jampacked and you’re going to have to remember a whole lot but don’t worry; the Medical School has a fantastic syllabus entirely catered towards graduate students. GEP cohorts always seem to have a great sense of community, so working together comes naturally, but it’s also important to have some time with your course-mates outside of the lecture hall! The induction events in the first week offer a great opportunity to get to know everyone and have a feel for what the year ahead will be like!

Our events for induction week kick off on Monday night with a chance to unwind with your new best friends in our legendary union bar, the Griff Inn. As if that wasn’t enough you’ll also get to meet your GEP parents: students from the year above who can provide help and advice for the year ahead.

The Student Support Office based on the 2nd floor of the Garrod Building can help you with most of your concerns and issues. You can contact them at or pop in at room 2.43 in the Garrod Building.

You are very privileged to be embarking on a 5-year adventure at one

of the best dental schools in the UK. Barts and The London is a truly special place, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every minute of being here and quite frankly I don’t ever want to leave. There’s so much to enjoy and become a part of, ranging from social events, sports clubs, societies and many more! I would highly encourage you to make the most your university experience and get involved with as many things as possible socialise, make new friends and put yourself out there. You have the opportunity of a lifetime being a student in arguably the best city in the world, so relish this experience because it will be over in a flash. Brace yourself and enjoy the ride.

Hey everyone, my name is Imaan and I am your Dental Faculty Rep. I represent dentists on the BLSA Board and am responsible for relaying any academic feedback to the Student Union in order to improve your student experience here. I'm excited to meet you all and feel free to approach either myself or Ameen at any time throughout the year.

Each year of the dentistry cohort has student representatives voted for by their peers. These students attend the SSLC meetings and ensure that the student body’s voice is heard.

What is the Dental Society? We are a very successful Society that is run by the students for the students. We are part of BLSA and work closely with other Sports Clubs, Societies and the BLSA Board to ensure you have the best time at university. We were set up to serve three core values: Academic - we act as an intermediary between staff and students within the dental school to solve academic and clinical issues. Social – we organise amazing social events throughout the year, catering for drinkers, non-drinkers and commuters. Welfare – we have set up a mentoring scheme to help you settle into university life, and work closely with the BLSA Welfare Officer to meet your welfare needs.

We collected a number of accolades in 2018 for our hard work and contributions to student life, winning Society of the Year, Gold Standard on the QMSU Excellence Award and our 2017/18 President, Ali Nasser received Committee member of the Year. If you haven’t already make sure you check out our website and follow us on social media as this is the best way to keep up to date with what we’re doing and upcoming events.

We are very proud that, as well as medicine and dentistry, Barts and The London also includes students on the Global Health, Neuroscience and Pharmacology and Innovative Therapeutics courses- collectively known together as the Allied Courses.

Allied Courses students have a unique community within Barts and The London. As President of the Allied Courses Society, my role includes liaising and ensuring a strong link between both the students and staff. I will also sit on the Student President’s Council and the BLSA Board to help provide both the best academic and social experience for students. Be sure to look out for events throughout the year from dinners to socials. Don’t hesitate to contact me in regard to any issues and just remember to have an amazing first year!

Course Reps represent their cohort’s unique voice and act as a liaison between students and staff. Within each course there is at least one rep for each year of study, who is voted for in elections held by QMSU. Freshers have the opportunity to nominate themselves for election to represent their year’s voice. Being a Course Rep will allow you to not only meet your fellow peers and staff in your department but across the whole University, whilst gaining invaluable skills and the chance to win awards!

Each student is given an academic advisor from their department at the beginning of each year, who will provide guidance and support during your studies, and will be familiar with the kinds of issues that students experience at university.

Postgraduate students studying at Barts and The London fall predominately under one of the following institutes:

William Harvey Research Institute Wolfson Institute Barts Cancer Institute Blizard Institute

We have elected Postgraduate Representatives who represent you within the union and we elect these positions in October. We are looking for enthusiastic students who want to make the Union a more postgraduate friendly space, and make sure your views are represented. Visit for more information.

We host a number of postgraduate specific events for you throughout the year and the first place to hear about these is Wednesday 26th September: Postgraduate Welcome Fayre 1-2pm in The Shield Representatives from the Students' Association will be present to give information on how postgraduate students can get involved in the union during their time here. Wednesday 26th September: 5.30pm on Inter-Institute Quiz. Potential to make this a regular occurrence. Would take place in Shield. Friday 28th September: 5pm Postgraduate BBQ: Join us on Charterhouse Square lawn for a chance to get to know your new colleagues and to celebrate completing your first week!

Dawson Hall is student accommodation based at Charterhouse Square. It might be a further walk to Whitechapel campus but is just a short cycle, bus or tube journey away, and is conveniently located for fun days out in Central London. Plus you’ll likely never be able to live in Central London for that price ever again!

A cosy café style Student’ Union outlet (just like The Griff Inn) based at Charterhouse Square, serving barista-made coffees, cold drinks, snacks, sandwiches etc. It’s conveniently located on the ground floor of Dawson Hall and is a perfect place to grab a coffee and study or meet friends for lunch. It’s also a fantastic venue bookable for Societies and other groups for events.

The oldest hospital in England, having been founded by the monk Rahere in 1123. Teaching has taken place here since at least 1622 and lends it’s name to our School now. A beautiful study space with period features, and is well stocked with medical textbooks, journals, and PCs for IT access. There is a 24 hour basement reading room with PCs, which is very useful for when West Smithfield library is closed.

Our clinical skills facility, where the majority of your clinical skills, communication skills, and other practical skills will be taught to you. There are self-directed learning labs here which are bookable for groups of students to practice.

You can’t miss this huge blue building! Formerly The London Hospital, this was home to the oldest medical school in the UK and is home to the London Air Ambulance. Our main teaching building in Whitechapel, with classrooms, common rooms, an IT lab, the Student Office, and much more. This building is open 24/7, and is therefore a great place to study on the Whitechapel campus. Situated in the modern Blizard Building, this is where the majority of your lectures will take place for the first 2 years. This is the home of BLSA on this campus. It’s home to some great places like the study room, games room, recovery room, the BLSA reception, and of course our wonderful bar/ cafe/restaurant The Griff Inn! Pop in to grab a coffee, some lunch or meet friends! Our student accommodation in Whitechapel, a minute’s walk away from Garrod, the Perrin, our Whitechapel library, and the Royal London Hospital. There’s a charming outdoor courtyard in the middle of the building and is a perfect place to chill out with your flatmates after a long day of lectures.

We are delighted to be welcoming our second cohort of students to our brand new campus on the island of Gozo in Malta! Led by President Marie-Sophie Gomm, the Gozo Society has great plans to support these students this year and we look forward to organising some joint events during the year. Look out for a BLSA trip to Malta coming soon!

This is a list of our regular events. For a list of Freshers Fortnight events please see the Events Guide, or visit

Join us on the middle Friday of each month for our ‘Griff Inn Pub Quiz’! With a whole host of prizes to be won, it's definitely not one to miss!

Our weekly sports night at The Griff Inn. Join your sports team each Wednesday for some drinks and some games and then dance the night away! Don’t worry, MedSoc is only once a fortnight!

As well as our weekly tables nights, come on down to The Griff Inn on the last Wednesday of each month for Final Whistle! This is a great chance for our sports teams to come together at the end of each month and celebrate their successes. Led by our very own Sports Officer, there are games, competitions and music from our very own Griff Inn DJ!

Watch our for our Poundstretcher nights at The Griff Inn! With non-stop anthems and special drinks prices it's always guaranteed to be a great night!

Unfortunately, exams and In-Course Assessments (ICAs) will become all too familiar to you during your time at Barts and The London. But don’t fear for The Griff Inn is here to help! We offer deals on food and drinks to all students following each of their exams.

The Griff Inn is our student union venue which can be found in the BLSA Building in Whitechapel. It is open every weekday, serving a great range of food and drink at student-friendly prices! The Griff is a great place to come for lunch between lectures or to meet and socialise with friends. During the evenings, the Griff is transformed into a student bar for weekly tables nights, monthly quizzes and many other events and club nights. For great food, cheap drinks and a range of student-led events, look no further than our beloved Griff Inn!

Our events are coordinated by our two Entertainments (ENTs) officers, Tilly Boa and Laurence Gardner. They’ll be aiming to make sure you enjoy yourself at all BLSA Events and you can contact them about any issues, concerns or suggestions by emailing

Newark Street E1 2AT Whitechapel

The BLSA Building is open from 10am to 9pm on weekdays

The BLSA Reception can help you with any queries about BLSA or QMSU and stocks a wide range of lab coats, dental tools and branded clothing

BRIDGET CULLINAN Sports Officer The sporting community at Barts and The London is second to none, and open to everyone. With 19 Clubs on offer, each catering for a range of abilities, don't let lack of experience prevent you from joining a new team - you will certainly find your place! Getting involved in sports at University is a great way not only to stay active, but to make friends, have fun, and be supported throughout your degree! How do I join a Sports Club? The first step to joining is to come along to Freshers Fayre or checking their social media and they’ll inform you of any taster sessions or trials that are happening, as well as the possibility of a Freshers’ Curry.

Merger Cup The sporting highlight of the year is our varsity event against Queen Mary, known as The Merger Cup. Every March, teams from BL and QM are pitted against each other in a week-long competition. Sporting excellence aside, the event is great fun we’re hungrier than ever to return the cup to its rightful place #mergerscominghome


Badminton Basketball Boat Club Cricket Cycling Men’s Football Women’s Football Men’s Hockey Mixed Hockey

Women’s Hockey Lacrosse Netball Rugby Running Sailing Squash Tennis Water Polo 21

VEDA KUDVA Societies Officer Barts and The London has such a fantastic variety of societies to get involved in: academic, performance, cultural and so much more! Whether you're looking to discover new interests or stay in touch with familiar hobbies, our welcoming student groups are sure to enhance your Barts experience. Please feel free to get in touch about our lovely societies on offer.

How do I join a student group? Look out for student group events by meeting groups at Freshers Fayre or on Facebook and get a taste of what the group offers. You can then purchase memberships online or at BLSA Reception.

What if there's no student group for me? It's never too late to try something new! However, if you are passionate about something that is not offered here, it may be offered as a Queen Mary student group or you can get a group together and form your very own student group! 22

Academic Research (BARS) African & Caribbean (ACS) Art & Photography Barts Cancer Institute PhD Anasthetics and Intensive Care (GAS) Anatomy Cardiology Carrom Christian Union Clinical Learning and Associated Skills Society (CLASS) Commuters Dance Dentalks Dermatology (DermSoc) Drama Emergency and Pre-Hospital Medicine

Friends of MSF Gastronomy Gozo GP Hellenic Heritage Indian


Infectious Diseases Islamic Language and Culture LGBT+ Prehospital Emergency Medicine Medical Education Support Society (MESS) Medical Humanities (MedHums) MedTech Music Obstetrics & Gynaecology Ophthalmology Orthopaedic Pakistan Paediatric Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Plastic Surgery Pole Fitness Psychiatry (PsychSoc) Simulation Students for Global Health Surgical Tamil William Harvey Research Institute Yoga

BL RAG Officer

Zoe Tai RAG stands for Raise And Give and is an institution at Barts and The London where we have been known to raise more than the other medical schools in London combined! We've got something for everyone, and if you have a bright idea then let us know! We raise money and awareness for three main charities throughout the year nominated and voted for by the students. Last year, our students raised a fantastic £5223 for three great charities: The Barts Guild, StreetDoctors and Rape Crisis England & Wales. Our committee works hard during the year planning events and collaborating with societies to cater for the student body.

RAG Freshers’ Curry: Tuesday 2nd October London Monopoly Challenge: Sunday 14th October RAG Haunted Hospital Halloween Night: Friday 26th October RAG Week: 22nd February – 1st March

If you want to get involved with RAG Committee contact

ISSMAEEL ANSARI Volunteering Officer Barts and The London has a huge number of volunteering opportunities through our amazing student groups, the ‘Give Volunteering a Go’ scheme and our partner organisations. Volunteering is the best way to have fun whilst doing good and meeting some inspiring people! We have a volunteer rewards scheme with the first certificate for volunteering after only 10 hours. There are also lots of awards available as well as the brand new Sports Volunteering Award!

How do I get involved? Come and find all the BL Volunteering Groups at Freshers Fayre; they are always super enthusiastic to get more people involved. You can also visit the QMSU Volunteering Website – this is the best place to find out about all the opportunities and log your hours. Finally, if you have any questions about volunteering at all then get in touch with me!

Open Minds

Project Play Barts Community Smiles Healthy Starts, Healthy Hearts Marrow SexEd Student Assisted Medical & Dental Applications (SAMDA) Griffin House Teddy Bear Hospital

Barts Guild (visit The Guild of St Bartholomew’s Hospital has been the Hospital’s Friends voluntary association for over a century, and provides a trolley service to wards and makes financial grants. It also runs a souvenir shop in the Hospital’s King George V Building. Students at SMD receive free Guild membership by signing up at, which entitles student members to a discounted Barts ‘H’ sweatshirt.

Friends of the Royal London (visit Friends of The Royal London Hospital is a charity dedicated to improving hospital amenities for both patients and staff. It is made up of volunteers, hospital staff (past and present) and members of the local community and raises funds to help provide patients and staff with facilities which will enhance their experience of The Hospital such as the ‘mobile trolley service’ throughout The Royal London Hospital.



Sophie Hoque - BL Welfare Officer Hi everyone! I’m Sophie, a 4th year Medic and your welfare officer for the coming year. My role is to ensure you feel supported throughout your time at BL and are aware of the services available to you. Moreover, I’ll be working with the welfare team to further improve the support, inclusivity and openness of BLSA this year! Please feel free to contact me whenever, whether it be because you are struggling, are concerned about aspects of university life or just for a general chit chat (I do love a cup of tea)! Giulia Olayemi - BME Rep Hey y'all! I'm Giulia, second year Medic and BME Officer here. I'm buzzing for all the upcoming BME-related events and projects. If you have any ideas or issues, send them my way!

Penelope-Zoi Stavroi - Disabled and SLD Rep Hello everyone! Welcome to BL! I’m Penelope, your Disabled and SLD representative. My aim is for everyone to have access to the support they across all of their university life. I am more than happy to answer and support you with any queries!

Nadya Ali - International Rep Hi, I’m Nadya! From experience, I realise that university can be daunting, not just in the first year but throughout the course, especially for international students. I want to do all I can to make all its aspects of university life easy for you to get into and experience as international students; so don’t be afraid to contact me for anything!

Caitlin Gordon - LGBT+ Rep Hi, I’m Caitlin, your LGBT+ rep! LGBT+ events continue to get bigger and better at Barts, and I can’t wait to work with the Welfare team to support you this year. If you have any questions on LGBT+ life at Barts, worries, ideas or just fancy a chat, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Alice Schofield - Women’s Rep Hi, I’m Alice and I will work to amplify the voice of women at Barts and The London, by holding regular women’s forums, organising talks by inspiring women in healthcare and simply by being visible to help you out with any issues - I will ensure that your voices are heard!

Know your limits – while many of us enjoy a tipple from time to time, it’s important to be aware of when you’ve had enough. Drinking in excess can make you feel invincible when you’re at your most vulnerable and no one enjoys taking care of a sick drunk! So try to avoid getting into a bad state. And remember, never leave your drink unattended, even in The Griff Inn!

Please be aware that those of you undertaking vocational degrees in Medicine or Dentistry here at Barts and The London are subject to the rules/regulations of the respective national regulatory body (GMC/ GDC) who take strong action against those with criminal records. Hence, it is important to think carefully before taking any illicit substances not just because of health concerns! Visit for more information.

Sexual consent is the agreement between 2 or more persons over the age of 16 to participate in sexual activity. Consent is freely given, reversible, informed, enthusiastic and specific. Just because someone agrees to one aspect of sexual activity, it does not mean they agree to another! Please note if a person is intoxicated, they cannot give valid consent. Sexual activity without consent is rape or sexual assault. If you or someone you know is raped/sexually assaulted: The Havens in Whitechapel can offer emergency appointments (, alternatively, you can visit your nearest A&E. My Body Back ( and Survivors UK ( can be accessed for episodes of historic abuse.

Students living in the borough of Tower Hamlets (E1, E2, E3 and E14) including in Floyer House or Mile End Campus can register at the Student Health Service (located on Mile End Campus). Alternatively, locate your nearest GP surgery at If you need to see a GP urgently but are not registered, there is a walk-in centre at The Royal London Hospital, there is also an A&E.

Safe Sex is important! Remember barrier methods (condoms /dental dams) are the only way to protect against STI transmission during mutual masturbation, oral, anal or vaginal sex. Your GP or Sexual Health Clinics can provide you with longer term contraception. The morning after pill is provided free of charge by your GP, Sexual Health Clinics and some Pharmacies (at other Pharmacies, you may need to pay). Locate your nearest Sexual Health Clinic at - this may be Ambrose King, located opposite the Garrod Building on the Whitechapel Campus. Remember all consultations are confidential and they’ve seen it all before!

Mental health problems affect a quarter of University students and research shows that it’s particularly high in healthcare students. So don’t keep it bottled up – talk to someone! Your GP, a member of the welfare team or counselling are here if you need.

The School has a Student Support Department who are always keen to give confidential support to students - they’re able to provide advice on any aspect of student life.

Queen Mary Disability and Dyslexia Service (DDS), based on Mile End Campus, offers support for all students with disabilities, specific learning difficulties and mental health issues. Please get in touch with them if you have a known condition as you may be eligible for extra support/funding. If you find yourself struggling at university, particularly in exams, it may mean that you have undiagnosed dyslexia or dyspraxia. Contact the service if you think this may be the case – better to be safe than sorry and get the support you’re eligible for! More information can be found at:

During Queen Mary term time, you’ll be able to access advice and counselling through the university service, located on the Ground Floor of the Geography Building, Mile End Campus. Same day counselling appointments are allocated on a firstcome-first-served basis at 1.30pm Monday to Friday or advanced appointments can be requested by contacting the service. More information is available at:

The university provides some bursaries for those really struggling with money, to find out more information and decipher if you are eligible, visit:

As Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry is a faculty of Queen Mary University of London (since its merger with the Medical and Dental colleges in 1995), BLSA is a part of the Queen Mary Students’ Union (QMSU). The Students’ Union is the voice of all students at QM across the campuses, although it is based at the Students’ Union Hub in the Mile End Campus. Every BL student is both a member of BLSA and QMSU, giving us the perks of both students’ unions, including being able to join a large selection of Queen Mary student groups as well as its gym, Qmotion.

Ahmed Mahbub

Redwan Shahid

Ella Harvey

Thomas Longbottom


Vice President Education

Vice President Welfare

Vice President Barts and The London

The Students’ Union is led by elected students, with four Sabbatical Officers acting as Trustees of QMSU and forming the Executive Committee. This body chairs the Student Council, on which both BLSA and QMSU representatives are present to make decisions to improve life for the entire student body. Your BLSA President is one of these four officers and is Deputy President of QMSU.

Visit for more information!

Undergraduate Barts and The London students can move in to halls on either 15th or 16th September. We recommend that students choose to move in on Saturday 15th September so as not to miss the first introductory talks from the Students’ Association as well as the ‘Mummies and Daddies‘ welcome event. Look out for our BLSA Help Squad, who will be around to help you move in!

Don’t feel too sad after you’ve waved goodbye to your loved ones as you will soon meet your new BL family! Current BL Students are paired with yourselves to offer support/information throughout your first year and especially while you’re settling in. Who knows? They may even take you for your first Brick Lane Curry!

The commuter network is a scheme which endeavours to make commuting students feel welcome and included into life at Barts and The London. Come to our Commuter Network event in The BLSA Building, Whitechapel on the afternoon of Saturday 15th September to meet fellow commuting students who may live right next to you!

Tom Longbottom President

BLSA Building


Newark Street Whitechapel E1 2AT

Call: 020 7882 8042 or email:

Call: 020 7882 2124 or email:

Geography Building, Mile End Campus.

Nightline ( 35

BLSA Guide 2018-19