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Editors Letter The film premiers have rolled in and out, the trade shows have all been and gone and mount Battersea stood tall and proud before all too soon being pulled down leaving behind an achingly empty space. After a long, wet summer winter’s finally arrived and already Europe’s been treated to lashings of pow! After an awesome pre Christmas week of shred, we’re already back to our old routine, pictures and status updates from lucky friends enjoying the mountains sending us into constant fits of jealously.


To those lucky ones spending the season doing what they love – enjoy it, to those like us, banging their heads on their desk every time so called friends update with pow shots… well, get booking a holiday, you deserve it!

e Laura Clayton e e Russ Shea e e e e Jamie Soane e e James Streater e e Butta e e Jessica Softley e e Steven McKenna e e Wully Donald e e Frazer Rennie e e Team BSS e e Nick Law e e Tomski Robinson e e Treeline Chalets e

Front Cover Aivars Zarins - Motion Stoppers Photography Rider: Andy Nudds

This season, in the run up to the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games, our top pro athletes are stepping up their game, competing all over the world in a bid to qualify to represent the UK in the afore mentioned games. As I type James Woods has just won his second consecutive World Cup event in Colorado, with a score of 93.4 beating off some of the worlds most famous skiers. Billy Morgan also blew us all away coming fifth in the snowboard event. With results like these and snow coming down hard, this season is set to be full of excitement, high fives, cold toes, rad edits, team shreds and most of all… fun! Let the good times roll. Harri Bennett - Editor

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Photograph: Laura Clayton

News e James Woods wins his second Freeski Slopestyle FIS World Cup event at Copper Mountain, Colorado following from his earlier World Cup win in Argentina. e Billy Morgan takes fifth place in the snowboarding Mens Slopestyle event at the FIS World Cup Copper Mountain, Colorado. e The Sledgercross event is back for this years Brits - apparently the threat of broken limbs doesn’t deter people from hurling themselves down a slope on a child’s plastic sled! e New British Snow Tour ranking system launched - closely based on the ‘World Snowboard Tour’ format, all events held in the UK can be entered into the ranking system and will be given a star rating based on difficulty. The top 100 riders (per sport and sex) from each event will be giving a score based on their position and the star rating attached to the event, with the best four results from the year being averaged to give their ranking. e InTheSnow Live,, is coming to the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham from 25-27 October 2013. e Jamie Nicholls places second at the Burton Rail Days in Japan. e Hemel Hempsted Snow Centre won the Whitelines Knockout Tour Best Slope. e Sheffield Ski Village unlikely to ever reopen after several fires last year completely destroyed the facility.

e Plans are in place for a new indoor snow slope in Cardiff. e Nova Scotia, Canada, is the first region in the world where wearing a ski helmet has become compulsory. e Butta are to host their first very own Jam at Castleford 25th Jan. e Aimee Fuller wins the 10th annual O’Neill Pleasure Jam at the Dachstein glacier with Jamie Nicholls placing third in the men’s event. e With an added 210m extension Hillend (Midlothian Snowsports Centre) is now the world’s longest dryslope measuring 610m. e Aberdeen Snowsports Centre plans for a new third main slope, 68m long, on a slope with a 15 degree pitch and with a third ski lift installed. e The first UKCP Snowboarding Level 1 Course (Freestyle) has been launched. The UKCP Coaching Pathway supersedes all previous coaching or performance qualifications. This is a combined project between BASI, Snowsport Scotland, Snowsport England and Snowsport Wales who will all be offering the same qualifications – same names and same course content. These are not qualifications that will allow you to instruct a beginner in the sport, but a fantastic bolt on to all instructors wishing to teach Freestyle Snowboarding or anyone over 16 who can freestyle who is looking to coach at Club level in the UK. The qualification will however also count as a module towards a BASI L3 ISIA award. 5


Rider: Becky Menday Photograph: Laura Clayton


e Highlights

The Brits - Wham Bam Thank You Jam Once again the Brits gathered for another annual indoor event, this year they came back with a fresh new format and name! The ‘Wham Bam Thank You Jam’ invited riders from far and wide to an open jam session at Cas Vegas.

Results: Snowboard

The high standard of riding was apparent from the get go, everyone was there to win and no one was holding back.

Women 1st - Becky Menday 2nd - Vaila Chapman 3rd - Nathalie Silkstone

After an hour and a half of of shredders tearing up the expertly sculpted park the competition was cut in half, then cut in half again… and again until only a handful of riders were left to battle it out for the top prize! Finally Andy Nudds secured first in the overall men’s and Becky Menday took first in the women’s. At the end of it all there was no doubt that the new format was a winning formula, every rider stepped up their game and thew down and had a great time doing it.

Men 1st - Andy Nudds 2nd - Jamie Trinder 3rd - Matt McCormick

Results: Ski Men 1st - Andy Collin 2nd - Chris Wadsworth 3rd - Monty Wright Women 1st - Molly Summerhayes 2nd - Anna Vincenti 3rd - Madi Rowlands

Rider: Andy Collin Photo’s by Russ Shea 8

Rider: Andy Nudds Photo’s by Russ Shea 9


Rider: Becky Menday Photo’s by Russ Shea 11

e Highlights

Westbeach In & Out

Photographer: Aivars Zarins

This year Westbeach shook things up and introduced their new event - In & Out. The two stop event took place first at Scotland’s famous Bearsden Dryslope, home of the dry slope doubles for the big air competition. The Skull Candy DJ’s soundtracked the event as the riders went big off the dry slope kickers. An open jam session lasted 45 minutes before the top eight riders from each group progressed to the finals. Stand out riders included Sam McGrath, Danny McCormick, Marc McClement and Valia Chapman who ended up in A&E to have a staple removed from her hand before getting back out there to win her category! Go Girl! Next the show travelled to MK’s SNO!zone for the rail jam. The Skullcandy DJ’s were back again and Sean Miller took the mic 12

as the practice session got under way with riders being judged on their style, technicality and consistency. It was all to play for as just the top eight from each age category could claim their place in the first of two finals. In addition to the finalists fighting for their podium spot, the overall winner of Westbeach In and Out was the rider who entered both In and Out legs and ranked the highest. After taking 1st place in the 16 & under boys at Bearsden and riding solid all night long in Milton Keynes, it was Sam McGrath who took home £500 and a weeks holiday at Treeline Chalets in Morzine for the snowboarders. But the rider that truly cleaned up was skier, Chris Wadsworth who took 1st place in Milton Keynes, winning a huge stash of prizes in addition to his Contour Roam camera for best trick worth £200, and the overall prize of £500 and another weeks holiday at Treeline Chalets!

BEARSDEN RESULTS Ski Boys 1st - Harris Booth 2nd - Fraser McIsaac 3rd - Ronan McLaren

Snowboard Boys 1st – Sam McGrath 2nd – Jake Binnee 3rd – Cameron Smith

Ski Girls 1st - Kirsty Muir 2nd - Molly Summerhayes 3rd - Ramone Smith

Snowboard Girls 1st – Vaila Chapman 2nd – Bradie Collins 3rd – Cerys Allen

Ski Women 1st - Anna Vincenti

Snowboard Men 1st – Danny McCormick 2nd – Marc McClement 3rd – Stuart Gairns

Ski Mens 1st - Murray Buchan 2nd - Chris Wadsworth 3rd - Tom Coe

Best Trick: Marc McClement Harshest Slam:  Lewis Moore (Snowboard) Fraser McMillan (Ski)

Rider: Rowan Cameron Photographer: Aivars Zarins 13

Rider: Matt Fisher Photographer: Aivars Zarins 14

Rider: Tomski Robinson Photographer: Aivars Zarins

Milton Keynes Results

Harshest Slam Ignacy Bochinski Best Unsponsored Snowboard - Nathan Onions Ski - Hal Kohlman Overall Winner: Snowboard - Sam McGrath Ski - Chris Wadsworth Best overall Trick Chris Wadsworth

Snowboard Girls 1st - Becky Menday 2nd - Cerys Allen 3rd - Bradie Collins

Ski Girls 1st - Molly Summerhayes 2nd - Madi Rowlands 3rd - Lexi Rowlands

Snowboard Boys 1st - Reece Gould 2nd - Tomski Robinson 3rd - Will Gilmore

Ski Boys 1st - Mike Rowlands 2nd - Monty Wright 3rd - Lewis Doherty

Snowboard Womens 1st - Orla Doolin 2nd - Alis Balode 3rd - Ashley Marie-Sinclair

Ski Womens 1st - Rowan Cheshire 2nd - Zoe Lewis 3rd - Anna Vincenti

Snowboard Mens 1st - Andy Nudds 2nd - Ollie Dutton 3rd - Connor Gould

Ski Mens 1st - Chris Wadsworth 2nd - Josh Birch 3rd - Tom Coe 15


Rider: Orla Doolin Photographer: Aivars Zarins 17

e Highlights Battle of The Brits On the 3rd November The Brits took over the London Ski & Snowboard show to host the Battle of The Brits. Snowboarders Nathan Onions, Gareth Andrews, Cody Heirons, Billy Morgan and Danny McCormick, and skiers Murray Buchan, Monty Wright, Chris Wadsworth, Mike Rowlands, Josh Birch and James Webb stepped it up for the invite only rail jam. After a warm up the riders were treated to a game of S-K-A-T-E, three tricks with the weakest performer knocked out after each round. Billy Morgan, still on a high from his recent Freeze win took first place in the snowboarding, with Murray Buchan taking first in the ski.


Images Courtesy of

Images Courtesy of 19



Rider: Becky Menday Photographer: Jamie Soane: A Pulse Outside 21



Photographer: Jamie Soane: A Pulse Outside 23

e Highlights Maverix & SCUK Happy Slamming Tour Maverix and SCUK teamed up to put together a two stop Happy Slamming Tour, stopping at both Hemel and the Chill Factor. Successful riders were treated to a bag full of swag plus a bursting prize wallet. For the Hemel date they joined forced with Capita who brought with them team riders Scott Stevens and Jess Kimura to tear up the park.

Hemel Snow Centre £50 Winners Under 16 Female - Cerys Allen Under 16 Male - Josh Ogden Over 16 Female - Orla Doolin Over 16 Male - Andy Nudds 50th Happy Slammer- Ben Hinton

Chill Factor Most Creative Line £150 Snow and Rock Voucher - Scott Walsh £50 Winners Under 16 Female - Bradie Zimmer Collins Over 16 Female - Mel Southern Over 16 Male - Ryan Marsden Under 16 Male - Jacob Robertson 50th Happy Slammer - Mel Southern 24

Rider: Chris Bowen Photographer: James Streater.

Rider: Jess Kimura Photographer: James Streater.


e Highlights

Whitelines Knockout Tour - Castleford This November, 4 of the UK’sSnow Domes saw the Whitelines Rail Jam come to town. The first leg of the Knockout tour at Tamworth set the bar high, so the pressure was on for Castleford’s XscapeSnoZone to pull out a killer park setup for the 2nd leg. With sponsors such as iON Action Cameras, Monster, SSX and other organisations, it brought with them some of the best local riders and those from around the UK with many names appearing from the previous week at Tamworth such as Becky Menday, OrlaDoolin and Ollie Dutton. Riders of all ages and abilities attended to hit the slope and showcase their talents as eageramateurs and semi-pros, which made good viewing for the spectators. There was plenty of action as the night progressed with some fantastic riding, as well as quite a few wipeouts when tackling the big rail. There were a few car crash moments, which just showed how technically challenging the Wally rail is. With its original Knockout format, the top 8 men and 4 women were chosen from the Open Jam session in order to compete in the semi-finals. The runs started with two rails, leading up to an options of; a rainbow rail, a Wally bar down-flat-down, or a pipe followed by another rail and a gas pipe at the bottom. After winning the women’s finals at Tamworth, Becky Menday was the first woman to successfully ride the Wally bar to the end. However, it was OrlaDoolin who won the women’s finals with a great technically competent run. When complimented on her winning run, Orla was very humble in her success saying “it’s no big deal it just takes a lot of practice”


During the women’s finals, Orla stood out from the crowd as the best and only one for 1st place, but the men’s was such a close knit final, that only the judges really knew who’d won. All three riders had such different but unique styles excelling in different areas, with John Weathery taking first place,

followed by Tamworth’s winner Ollie Dutton in 2nd and Charlie Clark in 3rd. Despite all these great riders, there was one person who really shone in a way which was inspiring. Lewis Hopkinson, a seven year old snowboarder, confidently rode the slope and rails like he’d been riding all his life, when in fact he’d been a boarder for only 2 years. This little star reminded many of a young Jamie Nicholls. Watch out Jamie, you may have competition. Words by Jessica Softley

CASTLEFORD RESULTS MENS: 1st - John Weatherley 2nd - Ollie Dutton 3rd - Charlie Clark WOMENS: 1st - Orla Doolin BEST UNSPONSORED RIDER: Alise Balode iON CHALLENGE WINNER - Corey Copeland

MK RESULTS MENS: 1st - Si Foster 2nd - Ollie Dutton 3rd - Reece Gould WOMENS: 1st - Orla Doolin BEST UNSPONSORED RIDER: Paul Edwards iON CHALLENGE WINNER Will Gilmore:

Photograph: Laura Clayton

TAMWORTH RESULTS MENS: 1st - Ollie Dutton 2nd - Andy Nudds 3rd - Will Smith WOMENS: 1st - Becky Menday 2nd - Rio Peterson BEST UNSPONSORED RIDER: Ronnie Organ iON CHALLENGE WINNER: Si Foster

HEMEL HEMPSTEAD RESULTS MENS 1st - Andy Nudds WOMENS: 1st - Orla Doolin


e Highlights Scottish Dryslope Freestyle Champs The Snowsport Scotland, Scottish Dryslope Freestyle Championships was held at Bearsden Ski Club on the 17th November. Over 50 competitors turned up to battle it out for dryslope supremacy on what was to be the last time Bearsden hosts the event before it moves to Aberdeen for the next two years. There was a great turn out from all over Scotland as well as a few making the trip up from the north of England. As usual the standard of competition was high, with 7’s

and 9’s common place and various different rodeo’s, under and switch flips being dealt out for good measure on both the freeski and snowboard events. The format was a 2 run, best run qualifier and 3 run, 2 best runs combined final for the top 8 men and top 5 women, putting a bit of pressure on them to make sure they landed 2 runs.

Photographer: Steven McKenna Photography


Women’s Freeski 1st - Anna Vincenti 2nd - Eve Mackenzie 3rd - Kirsty Muir

Women’s Snowboard 1st - Valia Chapman 2nd - Abbie Dorward

Men’s Freeski 1st Murray Buchan 2nd - Chris McCormick 3rd - Cal Sandieson

Men’s Snowboard 1st - Matt McCormick 2nd - Danny McCormick 3rd - Fin Bremner

Photographer: Steven McKenna Photography 29

Photographer: Steven McKenna Photography 30

Photographer: Steven McKenna Photography 31

e Highlights Own It Aberdeen Snowsports Club’s annual freestyle competition ‘Own It’ returned to Aberdeen Snowsports Centre on December 8th. Attracting over 40 competitors from across Scotland and supported by Craigdon Mountain Sports, Granite Reef, Planks Clothing, FronsideBackside, Treeline Chalets and Westbeach, the event saw an amazing level of riding in all categories. This year’s Own It followed a slopestyle format with two jam sessions – one on a rail line and the other linking the kicker with the quarterpipe. A live DJ was playing all day keeping everyone stoked and the guys from Helicam extreme were along getting some amazing aerial footage of the event. Grant Donald and Finlay Bremner were crowned the overall Own It champions in skiing and snowboarding respectively. It was an awesome day and a great start to the Scottish winter season!

Photographer: Wully Donald Freeski Male u12 1st – Finlay Jacobs 2nd – Rory Cameron 3rd – Keilan Bremner

Male u16 1st – Harris Booth 2nd Chris McCormack 3rd – Lewis Doherty

Female u12 1st – Kirsty Muir 2nd – Ramone Waters

Female u16 1st – Eve McKenzie 2nd – Miri Greenwood

Male +16 1st – Grant Donald 2nd – Fraser Jack 3rd – Ciairan Simpson



Male u12 1st – Cameron Smith 2nd – Fraser Jack 3rd – Joseph Dionne

Male u16 1st – Jacob Sellars 2nd - Rowan Cameron 3rd – Andy Budge

Female u12 1st – Abbie Dorward 2nd – Emma Swanson

Female u16 1st – Vaila Chapman

Male +16 1st – Fin Bremner 2nd – Rohaan Samdani 3rd – Andy Foote

Photographer: Wully Donald 33


Photographer: Frazer Rennie 35

e Highlights

Relentless Freeze

Once again, on a cold Halloween weekend, Relentless returned to London’s Battersea Power Station to host the fifth annual legendary Freeze Festival. We all know what goes on; skiing, snowboarding, music, shopping, grown men in onesies, the odd Halloween costume and with the event living up to its name, a profusion of much needed bars providing essential beer jackets and Jager scarves. With the festival’s (and London’s) very own Mount Battersea towering up against the looming grandeur of Battersea Power Station, spectators were in for a treat as some of the worlds top skiers and snowboarders threw down their best skills, battling through the gusty wind and chilling rain. This year the somewhat familiar FIS format was replaced by an invitational event, opening up the slope to more big name riders than ever before. The sport kicked off on the Friday with the Ski Union Battle of Britain ending in Paddy Graham taking the crown. Sweden’s Sven Thorgren took first place in the Snowboard Style Comp and Henrik Harlaut winning the International Ski Big Air competition.


On Saturday the wind continued to blow and the rain continued to fall, but that didn’t stop any of the riders from throwing down. The day kicked off with the Whitelines Battle of Britain, the UK Rome team dominated by taking all three podium spots, Scott Penman with bronze, Cody Hierons with silver and Dom Harrington taking Gold. American Gus Kenworthy took first place in the Ski Style competition. In the International Snowboard Big Air, Britain’s own Billy Morgan beat some of the most famous names in world snowboarding to rain champion, including Halldor Helgason, Victor De Le Rue, and Marco Grigis. Billy styled three solid runs, throwing down a massive backside rodeo, a backside dub 1260 and a huge laid out back flip, sending the crowd into fits of cheers and high fives. His win finished the weekend’s sports on a high and showed what the UK snow scene is all about. Billy and the rest of the UK riders proved that us low altitude Brits can produce riders who have the talent, skill and ability to ride and compete with athletes from across the globe, many of whom have grown up or lived next door to mountain resorts their whole lives.

Ski Union Battle of Britain 1st – Paddy Graham 2nd – James Webb 3rd – Andy Bennett

Whitelines Battle of Britain 1st – Dom Harrington 2nd – Cody Heirons 3rd - Scott Penman

Freeze Style Ski Competition 1st - Gus Kenworthy – USA 2nd - Henrik Harlaut – SWE 3rd - McRae Williams – USA

Freeze Style Snowboard Competition 1st - Sven Thorgren – SWE 2nd - Werni Stock – AUT 3rd - Roope Tonteri – FIN

Freeze Ski Big Air Competition 1st - Henrik Harlaut – SWE 2nd - Gus Kenworthy – USA 3rd - Kai Mahler – SUI

Freeze Snowboard Big Air Competition 1st - Billy Morgan – UK 2nd - Marco Grigis – ITA 3rd - Tor Lundstrom – SWE

Photograph: Laura Clayton 37


Photograph: Laura Clayton 39

Sushi, Sake and Nicholls in Tokyo! For the second year in a row, the Burton Rail Days brought everything we’d hoped for and more, with 18 of the top urban rail riders competing at Tokyo for the all important 1st prize and a whopping $15,000. Despite the heavy down pore of rain, this didn’t detract from the level of technically insane runs this year’s riders were performing and the sheer amount of spectators who had gathered in their thousands. As this year’s event attracted an estimated 3,000 people, it was hands down the largest crowd recorded at that venue. Tokyo was in for a real treat. Taking first place last year, we were all hoping for another win for Britain’s Jamie Nicholls and after a 45 minute jam session, the judges whittled it down to just 8 riders who battled it out head-to-head. Coming first in the qualifiers for the final, it looked as if there was going to be another win for the Brit. However, it was USA’s Forest Bailey who took first place pulling out a sweet cab 360 to switch nosepress on the down rail, with a 50-50 on the closeout rail, transferring to a lipslide on the down rail. Jamie Nichols nailed his 2nd and 3rd runs with a closeout 50-50 to frontside 270 transfer to the down rail. On another day, this would have been enough to take first place but on the day, the judges narrowly gave the top podium to Bailey. Although it wasn’t 1st, I know Jamie was happy with 2nd place and the $8,000 prize.

After the event, Nichols made the long trip home where I was lucky enough to grab some of his precious time to ask a few questions. When I was younger, I wanted to learn how to snowboard but my feet weren’t big enough for the boots, so I actually learnt to ski first. How old were you when you had your first lesson? And what can you remember about it? This was ages ago now, actually 12 years! I was 7 years old when I had my first lesson and remember those days really well! Those are some of the best memories I have to be honest! In fact I remember that feeling when I did my first grab, it was an Indy! What made you want to get into snowboarding? Well I just wanted to do something different and I always saw it on TV and really wanted to give it ago. So one day on the way back from the shops we drove past the Halifax Ski and Snowboard Centre which is around 5 minutes from my house and watched everyone snowboarding on there for a bit. I said I really want to try this to my parents so they booked me a lesson and it went from there! At a young age you were pulling summersaults off the big kickers, were you really brave or mad. Were you ever scared? and do you still get nervous? Haha that’s funny! I still do get nervous for sure, especially when I am trying something new or right before a contest but I am normally good at controlling nerves. Dendex, Snowflex, or the real stuff? The real stuff! Haha but I do still love to go back to my roots and ride dry slope! You’ve obviously come a long way from the lessons at Halifax slope, do you still enjoy it as much or has it become a job? I know it’s my job now but I still love it! It will


Photograph: Harri Bennett never become serious-serious! Because snowboarding is meant to be fun, even if it is your job. You get to travel all over the world now, but what’s the best resort you’ve been to and why? I would say Mayrhofen is my favourite place to ride as I live there in the winter. It has an amazing park and great terrain. In fact all over the Zillertal Valley there is amazing terrain! Your success is mainly from the Park but do you enjoy riding mountains? I love to just ride sometimes, especially just the piste and getting creative! It’s actually really good for your control just to ride the piste! Do you have a playlist that you ride to? If so, what’s your favourite song from it? The Black Keys –Gold on the Ceiling. That’s my favourite song at the moment.

sure really, I just take things as it comes to be honest haha. If it wasn’t for the fact that there is a dry slope virtually on your doorstep, do you think you would still have been as hooked on snowboarding? I really think if I hadn’t had Halifax slope so close to me I wouldn’t be where I am today but who knows. It’s hard to say really! If you had to sell snowboarding in one sentence, what would you say? Snowboarding is the best sport in the world and everyone should give it a go. Never give up too! Words and interview by Jessica Softley

It’s fantastic to see you and other British riders doing so well on the International scene, what’s the next milestone you want to achieve? I know, it’s so good to see people from a country with no mountains getting good results in big international comps! So cool! But I’m not



Photograph: Laura Clayton 43

Jenny Jones - sb

Three times X Games gold medalist Jenny Jones is hoping to full fill a lifetime dream of competing for her country. Her first task is to qualify for the games, as is all the athletes, and once she’s there here’s hoping her years of experience and talent can earn another podium spot!

James Woods - fs

Seen by some as the brightest of our hopeful Olympic stars. Earlier in 2012 Woodsy already secured Britain’s first snowsport World Cup in eight years in Argentina and another at Copper Mountain, now, ranked first in FIS Slopestyle, he hopes to podium at Sochi 2014.

Olympic Dreams

With The Winter Olympics just around the corner in Sochi 2014, our British Ski and Snowboard athletes are in full preparation, pulling together and training hard hoping to get a spot to represent their country. With just over a year left before the games start, we’re introducing you to the brightest hopes of the GB freestyle team - the freestyle British athletes hoping to compete in Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.

Billy Morgan - sb

Growing up in Southampton, Billy learnt to snowboard on the local dry slope where he participated in local competitions. When he was aged 17 he headed out to Avoriaz for his first season. In late 2011 Billy became the first snowboarder ever to nail a backside triple rodeo. 44

Jamie Nicholls - sb

There’s no one in the UK that hasn’t heard the name Jamie Nicholls, there’s nothing we can write here that you won’t already know… In case there is however, turn a few pages to find an interview with him.

Aimee Fuller sb

One of Team GB’s brightest hopes Aimee Fuller is big news. At just 21 she has already earned a string of big results, including a double year win at the Dachstein Pleasure Jam. Earlier this year she became one of the first women to land a double backflip.

Dom Harrington - sb

Rome rider Dom Harrington took first place at this years Battle of Britain and is ranked British number 1 on the FIS Halfpipe World Cup. With a string of high ranked half pipe wins he’s hoping to impress at Sochi.

Zoe Gillings - sb

After six years of skiing Zoe turned to Snowboarding and competed in her first British Championships in her chosen discipline of Snowboard Cross at just ten years old. She took her first world cup gold in 2004, the only British athlete to ever take gold in SBX.

Ben Kilner - sb

As one of the most experienced and longest serving members of the British team Ben Kilner is a veteran to competition. Ben competed in the 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver ranking 18th overall in the half pipe competition.

Katie Summerhayes - fs

Seventeen year old Katie Summerhayes is one of the most exciting and naturally talented female skiers to ever come out of the UK. She slays both the Halfpipe and Slopestyle courses and early 2012 she bagged silver at the Aspen Open!

Nate Kern - sb

Nate Kern has been living out in Breckenridge for a few years now and his riding has gone from strength to strength. As a new recruit to Team BSS he is working and training closely with them in the run up to the games.

Images supplied by Team BSS British Ski & Snowboard 45

GB Junior Cross training Over the summer Ben Kinnear, coach to the GB Junior Snowboard team and Joel Gray, coach to the GB Junior Surf team, brought their respective teams together to partake in a week long cross training scheme. As the first of its kind the idea was to offer the young athletes an intensive training programme in their respective sports as well as the opportunity to learn new skills and techniques from a new sport which could benefit their overall sporting performance. The teams spent three days on the sandy beaches of Cornwall and four days in the snowy heights of Tignes, giving them an opportunity to build and develop on their existing abilities as they each trained in their best environment as well as learn new skills from the new sport. One of the main goals was for the athletes to learn from each other and so they had each group teaching the other in nutrition and fitness as well learning from one another in the gym and pool. This peer to peer learning technique instilled confidence in the young athletes and both coaches found it to be successful. Ben Kinnear commented; “From a coach perspective both Joel and I were blown away at the interaction and peer-to-


peer learning, we set the environment and they seemed to really take away a lot from each other.” They were put through rigorous training in each discipline, including cross-discipline coaching sessions with the athletes teaching each other, video analysis sessions for focused improvements, pool and gym sessions for physical fitness as well as a variety of early morning training and yoga sessions. We spoke to GB Junior Snowboarders Matt McCormick and Matt Corry on what they felt they took away from the camp. What was the greatest thing you learnt from the cross discipline training camp? Matt McCormick: The surfing was by far the most fun and coolest thing I learnt during the camp. I’ve wanted to surf for a while but I haven’t had a good opportunity to try it until the camp, the surfers were really helpful so we got in the water and managed to catch a few waves really fast! Matt Corry: Yoga, I tried yoga for the first time with the surfers and now I do it every week as part of my warm up at the gym.

What was your favourite part of the camp? Matt McCormick: On our last day we got an early train up to the glacier and the guys at Tignes had built us a nice kicker to ride and they sorted a sledge for us to use to get fast laps on it! It was bluebird conditions and a perfect jump with a sledge to pull you back up, it doesn’t get much better than that! Matt Corry: Discovering surfing. I’ve always known of the sport but never took time to give it a try or watch any videos. On this camp I got a good understanding of the sport through trying it, watching surf movies and having any question I had answered expertly. Do you feel that the surf training has helped in your snowboarding? Matt McCormick: It’s definitely made me think much more about my riding which is really cool. You need to be really careful on where you’re putting pressure on the board when you’re surfing, so I started to think of different areas I could put pressure on my board to make holding an edge on a kicker easier.

Matt Cory: Yes, it has given me an alternative fun way to work on my fitness and balance. What was it like training with athletes of another sport? Matt McCormick: They had some really cool ideas about snowboarding which we had never thought about but since they knew about board sports it made sense. They also did loads of training which I thought was really cool to see. They knew what they wanted to do and worked hard to do it, but at the same time they weren’t a bunch of robots, they were really cool to hang out with too! Matt Corry: helpful! It gave me a really big advantage at learning to surf, I think this was probably the fastest way to learn how to surf.

Words by Harri Bennett All images by Nick Law

47 All Photographs by Nick Law


GB Junior Cross Training Photographs by Nick Law 49

Camp Diaries

In the run up to the 2014 winter Olympics the GB athletes are in full preparation mode. As an elite junior Tomski Robinson was invited to the very first Parasnowboarding camp which would work on the teams technique and performance. Tomski shares his diary to give us an insight to what went on.

Saturday 11th August 2012 Me & Ben only got back at 1am from the GB Camp, then we had to wake up at 7 in the morning the same day and then straight to the airport to get our flight to Munich with a 3 hour drive to Hintertux. When we finally arrived we met up with the rest of the BDST Squad Sunday 12th August 2012 Another 7am start with a well nice breakfast, then straight up for first lifts up the mountain where the sun was beating down, it was boiling. We spent our first day getting used to the routes, and snow conditions, we came down at lunchtime and spent the afternoon chilling out then Tim treated us to some juggling lessons, which was funny then waxed our boards ready for the next day. Monday 13th August 2012 An early 6:00 o’clock start today with a jog to the gondola and back, which was tiring, but at least I was fitter than Ben Moore lol.

Tiring. We made first lift again. The mountain didn’t have the best conditions, the skies were clear early on and we were working on various drills to improve, balance, carving, core stability and general riding then it became misty so we came off a little bit earlier at 11:30.We went in the gym in the afternoon and went for a sauna, this was the first time I’ve had one and enjoyed it. Tuesday 14th August 2012 First lift, and we started off building a burn line with our boards in the morning and then we did some high speed riding, this was the fastest I’ve ever ridden and I had the older ones chasing me which was really good. In the afternoon we hired some mountain bikes and went for a ride around the village instead of the gym training. We did some video analysis, which I always find really useful, then just chilled out for the rest of the day. Wednesday 15th August 2012 Yet again first lift, we had good weather today so we did some more high speed training, we were playing tom & jerry were we chased each other, I was following


my coach Ben’s line which was improving my technical riding, We did our land training outside today using the TRX and the Swiss balls and Kelly who’s a blind skier was fab as she can do backflips on a trampoline, I was well impressed, I enjoyed the trampoline sessions we did. We then went for a sauna till 6 then straight to tea. Thursday 16th August 2012 Today the focus was on Speed carving on the mountain and by this point I could tell I had improved loads, It was quite early and it started to hailstone and the clouds came in so we headed back down. We did a really good session in the gym today followed by a really fun swim with the rest of the squad and then a sauna. Friday 17th August 2012 We focused a lot today on edge training where we cross the hill sideways then onto our heel still going sideways and then the same on our heel to toes this improved my edge control, we also carved across the rollers with a pre ollie before to improve our balance, today was a good day!! Off the hill the squad all chilled around the pool then packed our bags for the journey home tomorrow.

Saturday 18th August 2012 We were supposed to leave at 9am but we didn’t wake till 8.30, so it was all rush but we managed to catch the bus on time, but because of bad traffic we only had 10 minutes to check in at the airport. My mum and brother met us in Edinburgh and we got the train home. This trip has been so different to anything I’ve done before and really focused on my technical ability. My coach Ben Kinnear was so impressed with my progress in the week, he’s going to maybe do a camp like this for the freestyle riders. It was so good meeting the rest of the BSDT and they really are an inspiration, I’ve made lots of friends, thanks to Ben K, Euan, Kiro, Jade, Anna, Ben S (you’re a cool dude) , Kelly, Scorgie, Charlotte, Ross, John, Millie, Millies Mum, Ben M, Tim, hope I’ve not missed anyone! What I Learned: How to carve fast, have more control when at high speed and improved general riding Funniest Moment: when Ben Kinnear tried a wheelie in Tim’s wheel chair and it tipped back and he fell. Whats Next: I have to go for a meeting with some doctors to decide on my classification, this is going to take place in November or December of this year, thanks to everyone involved in making this trip possible, exciting times ahead. Diary written by Tomski Robinson Images supplied by Tomski Robinson


Most of those who get involved with the UK snow scene will have come across Treeline Chalets already. Whether it be giving out prizes at local comps, sponsoring UK athletes, hosting SuperRad freestyle camps or having fun at trade shows, Treeline get involved with it all. Treeline Chalets was born in Morzine, 2009, with Amy and Duncan setting up their first Chalet. Today the pair have no less than seven chalets under their belt and have teamed up with the likes of Rome, Westbeach, Apo, Celtek, GoPro and Skullcandy to give their guests even more added extras. We fired some questions at the pair to find out exactly what it’s like running a successful Brit Chalet in the heart of the Alps. What made you decide running a chalet was what you should be doing?

Well we had been doing seasons since Uni, in Morzine and NZ. I suppose we were ready to do something, It was a natural progression,

I have always cheffed and worked in kitchens and generally love food and cooking. Amy has always worked front of house managing bars and restaurants, between us we probably had over 20 years hospitality experience. So I guess it was what we knew most about and thought that we would be good at it!

Why Morzine?

Well again we chose Morzine in that we both did seasons there after Uni (and met there) and its just a really cool place with a nice relaxed vibe to live all year round, and then of course you have the terrain, the parks are the best you get in France and loads of easily accessible back country.

How did you set about finding your first chalet?

Just being in the right place at the right time, it was in 2009 when the recession hit hard so there were a few about.

You now have seven chalets under your belt, how did you manage that?

Lots of hard work! We have just been really enjoying it and keep getting opportunities so keep expanding, we are also lucky enough to have


amazing people work with us, which is the only reason we can keep growing.

Tell us about Treeline, What sets you apart from the rest?

vans with no gloves, putting chains on with no gloves, driving to Geneva and back 6 times at the weekend, washing pots and ehhh… The shredding!

I think the fact that we are snowboarders who love snowboarding and doing what we are doing, without sounding too cheesy, I think we do actually care that you have an amazing time on holiday, so I suppose if its one thing its our service.

Future plans for Treeline?

How has Treeline progressed since your first season?

You guys are very involved in the UK scene, sponsoring some of our very best riders and competitions - what do you find so special about the UK scene?

Well, in our first season it was just Amy and I doing everything, so you didn’t have to worry about anything apart form yourself and getting it done, this year we will have 9 members of staff and us so it kinda changes how you work and have to rely on others. We just want to make sure the peeps staying at our chalets have just as good a time as they would if we were still running them. We are still massively hands on and will be in all of the chalets helping in every area.

What’s the thing you love most about your job? Getting up at stupid o’clock every morning, accounts, invoicing, clearing snow off the

We are just taking it as it comes, and growing at a pace we can handle. Get some more chalets, maybe go to another resort, just keep doing what we are doing make sure the same level of service is kept.

The UK scene is cool and we are lucky enough to have lots of friends who are involved with it and are extremely talented snowboarders. I think it’s important to sponsor competitions and give a little back to the scene. Lots of people are under this impression that UK snowboarders get paid loads of money, reality is most of them are just trying to make what they can so they can continue to doing what they love.

Interview by Harri Bennett Images supplied by Treeline Chalets



Photograph: Laura Clayton


Finally easily available in the UK, this Swedish brand offers up a range of playful and stylish outerwear. Street elements are crossed with function to create a raw and rider tailored line of clothing, resulting in some awesome looking technical gear! Taller girls will be pleased to know that there are plenty of longer length jackets, no more making do with guys jackets! Ladies (left) Maddis Jacket - RRP - £170 Ride Pant - RRP - £150 Mens (right) Mattsson Jacket - RRP - £180 TTR Pant - RRP - 140 Check for stockist

MOST WANTED Stance Socks Originating from California Stance design socks are designed to fit function. Their snow line feature a wealth of technology and features to ensure every ride is comfortable and supportive, keeping snowboarding fun. Camo Snow - RRP - £12.50 Chris Grenier - RRP - £12.50 Stockist -


Mons Royale New Zealand Underwear and base layer Kings never fail to impress. Their wide range is made from top quality Merino wool making it soft, warm and durable, plus it also comes with the added benefits of keeping your body temperature regulated whilst repelling any nasty smells your body may throw at it. Original LS Bluebird SSP £69.99 Stockist:

Dragon APX


Having the privilege of owning a pair of these we can honestly say… Believe the hype! A weightless feel, super anti fog and an increased peripheral vision from the frameless design makes for a superawesome pair of goggles. They look rad too.

Nike jumped on the snowboarding wagon a few years ago and this season they’ve released some beautiful looking boots, pretty damn comfy boots too. The model pictured is the Women’s Vapen in cream and blue, they’re lightweight, supportive, cushioned and did we mention super comfy? Plus, Vapen in Swedish means Weapon!

This model - Jet / Red Ion - Yellow Blue Ion RRP £159.99 (Prices vary with different lenses). Stockist -

Hero Energy Mints

All the power of an expensive energy drink in one little mint. These chewable energy mints contain high levels of caffeine (80mg) and are blended with Taurine and B vitamins which give an immediate energy boost and sustain performance during times of high physical activity. The active ingredients help to speed up your metabolism and sharpen your senses, which can increase your stamina and vitality.

Butta pro wax

The all new Butta Pro Formula Wax. A special blend of high in hydrocarbon, low in fluorocarbon wax, environmentally and user friendly! Super hard and super slippy! Pro standard wax for the everyday mortal at an affordable price.

Plus there’s no energy crash as there’s no added sugar!



Photograph: Laura Clayton


Diary 17-20 Jan - Snow Camp Alpine Challenge - Morzine

A unique 2 day 150km endurance team race for the Snow Camp charity across Portes du Soleil. banger.

25 Jan - Butta Jam - Castleford SNO!zone

Butta host their very first, very own Jam! With a prize bag worth over ÂŁ500 and an after party raging till 1am this ones set to be a banger.

2-3 Feb - Glenshee Winter Games - Aberdeen Snowsports Club - A two day event with the Glenshee Open

(ski races) running over both days and the Highlander Slopestyle event rung on the Saturday with the Airbag run on the Sunday.

4-9 Feb - Burton European Open - Laax The annual 6 star event is back - open to all the BEO hosts slopestyle and halfpipe competitions. 2-3 Mar - Scottish Ski & Boarder Cross Championships - Glenshee Scottish Ski and Boardercross Championships


16-17 Mar - Coe Cup - Glencoe Ski Centre

A freeride competition open to skiers and snowboarders, now a qualifying event for the Freeride World Tour.

20-22 Mar - Winter X Games - Tignes

X Games is back and bringing with them the best skiers and snowboarders from across the globe all battling it out for gold medals.

23-30 Mar - The Brits - Tignes

After eight years The Brits is back in France at its new home of Tignes. packages start at ÂŁ279.

6 Jul - Strawberry Jam - Chatham

After a hugely successful event last year the Strawberry Jam has already booked up for another year.


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