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About the Harrington School The Harrington School of Communication & Media equips students with the critical thinking and communication skills needed for success in the workplace as well as in our local and global community. With interdisciplinary programs in film/media, journalism, communication studies, public relations, writing and rhetoric, and a graduate program in library and information studies, students make connections through experiential learning and digital media. Established by a generous gift from URI alum and former CEO of Thomson/Reuters Dick Harrington, we aim to become a school of national distinction through innovation in teaching, research and community service.

From the Founding Director Only one year ago, I learned about a bold and ambitious vision that was under development as the faculty, alumni and academic leadership of the University of Rhode Island began to create the new Harrington School of Communication and Media. I am thrilled to be joining with faculty and students in helping to build a new type of communication school with a distinctive mission and vision that emphasizes digital and media literacy, global connectedness and interdisciplinary thinking. My highest priority is to support innovative teaching and learning practices that help nurture the full range of intellectual, social and communication and collaboration skills. To become a school of regional and national distinction, we must advance faculty research, scholarship and creative work, supporting Harrington School faculty and students as they work together to generate new knowledge that adds value to society. As I arrive in the New Year 2012, you can be confident that my leadership will embody key principles of effective communication; where active listening, respect for diversity and the cultivation of trust enable people to share ideas, collaborate creatively, and learn from each other. If you’re a current or prospective student, parent, alum, community member or media professional here in Rhode Island or from across the region, I encourage you to meet with me so that I may learn more about the unique configuration of interests, passions and talents that drive your interests and creative work. You can learn more about me at the Media Education Lab website ( By working together, we can develop the reputation of the Harrington School of Communication and Media regionally, nationally and internationally through innovative curricula, research and programs that enable students to be well prepared to meet the dynamic challenges of the digitally intensive world of the 21st century. 101 Davis Hall, 10 Lippitt Road, Kingston, RI 02881 Phone: (401) 874-2110 Fax: (401) 874-4127 Email: Web:

Professor and Founding Director Harrington School of Communication and Media University of Rhode Island

Facts & Figures:

Mobile cinema

While many undergraduate students are constantly texting each other on their cell phones, other University of Rhode Island students are using cell phones to create innovative videos. Film/Media students in Keith Brown’s and Rebecca Romanow’s courses are using iPhones to create short videos to explore the techniques and strategies in mobile media production.

“Today, with the rise of YouTube and the Internet, so much is changing in how people watch film. We want to prepare students for the future by analyzing and creating films that are made in unexpected ways.” - Sheri Wills Professor and Director of Film/Media

Semester at a glance… Student Spotlight:

Hillary Brady Journalism major and Editor-in- Chief of The Good Five Cent Cigar

FEBRUARY 16 Exploring our Love/Hate Relationship with “Jersey Shore” 4p.m. in Weldin Hall Lounge Students in the Harrington School Living Learning Community screen an episode of this top-rated reality show and explore controversial themes with a conversation led by Professor Renee Hobbs.


Student Film Screening and Q&A Night 7p.m. in Swan Hall Screening Room (304) Students in the Film/Media program gather to screen films and develop projects further with the help of faculty and the URI community.


"An Identity Journey from First Life to Second" 3p.m. in Davis Hall Dr. Samara Anarbaeva, a lecturer in the Department of Communication Studies, explores the construction of a Second Life avatar's identity in terms of race, gender, and fashion.

MARCH: 7 “Making Social Media Happen in the Non-Profit Organization”

“Before coming to URI, I knew I loved to write, but did not fully understand the power behind the written word. Being a member of the Good Five Cent Cigar daily student newspaper has helped me find the practical power of writing— letting me learn how to craft a thorough, accurate and compelling news story that can create positive change on behalf of the public. The Harrington School has helped me find my place in the newsroom, to ask the most crucial questions and to tell the stories that are most crucial to the public interest.”

3p.m. in Alumni Center Lounge Regina Bell, coordinator of the Public Relations program, hosts Christopher Medici, Executive Vice President, Director of Strategic Marketing & Communications for the United Way of Rhode Island as part of the course, Public Relations Campaigns (PRS 441).


Issues in Global & International News

7 p.m. in Swan Hall Auditorium Former Associated Press foreign correspondent and bureau chief Bill Kole speaks on the importance of international news coverage by American news outlets, and the changing condition of the news media in the United States. Supported by a gift from URI Alum Christiane Amanpour, this lecture series brings distinguished international journalists to the URI campus community.

Professor Gale Eaton Honored by the Coalition of Library Advocates In a special event at the Providence State House on February 15th, Professor Gale Eaton was honored for her leadership and service to the state of Rhode Island by receiving the “Sweetheart of the Year” Award from the Coalition of Library Advocates. This grassroots library support group seeks to improve the quality of life for Rhode Islanders by supporting libraries of all kinds. Professor Eaton was issued formal citations from state representatives to honor her significant contributions to library education, research and service.

Improving the way we communicate

The Speaking Center The Communication Studies Department provides assistance for students who want to improve their public speaking skills, manage issues regarding speech apprehension and anxiety through The Speaking Center, a new resource in Davis Hall. Peer tutors in the Center help students be more effective in developing and delivering oral presentations in their classes. To facilitate the mission of the Center, the staff uses digital video technology to record and edit student speeches for playback and critique - a critical tool proven effective for developing students' public speaking skills. The Speaking Center is fully stocked with equipment to train in public speaking – from video cameras and large-screen LCD monitors, to podiums, recording and playback devices, and presentation remote controls.

A community of diverse thinkers

Students produce and direct a weekly talk show aimed at campus diversity issues under the supervision of Film/Media faculty member Tim Tierney.

Composition and curation “Writing Culture” (WRT 302) is an offering in the Department of Writing and Rhetoric where students learn how to analyze culture while also producing it. The course is unique among writing courses at URI. Rather than composing papers, students curate “bundles”—collections of textual and visual documents—that reimagine cultural institutions, products, events, or spaces. According to Writing and Rhetoric faculty member Genoa Shepley, these assignments foster creative freedom and help students gain experience producing professional documents across a range of disciplines. Students use technologies available in the Writing and Rhetoric Production Lab.

CONNECT with the Harrington School of Communication and Media

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Making career connections Designed as a professional development opportunity, students participating in the PR Summit meet leaders in the public relations industry here in Rhode Island. Informal in approach, the Summit allows students to converse with professionals and develop communication and networking skills. To date, several students have participated in internships and secured full-time employment as a result of the PR Summit.

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March 2012  
March 2012  

A student-produced publication of the Harrington School of Communication and Media