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Which window blinds are right for your conservatory?

A lot of thought is needed to choose the right window blinds for your conservatory. It is important to block the sunlight and heat out during the summer, but during the winter you want to trap the heat in. This is completely possible with the correct choice of window blinds.

! Firstly, there are two categories of window blinds you can have in a conservatory‌

! Conservatory Roof Blinds Block the sunlight entering the roof.


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Conservatory Side Blinds Very important for privacy and also protect from sunlight.

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Some Tips for Conservatory Blinds

! Venetian style blinds look great on conservatory roofs and also offer great light control. If you are in there during the day, you definitely do not want the direct sunlight hitting you, but you may want some sunlight.

! It is not uncommon to have strong bright colours in a conservatory, for some reason this looks great. At Harrietts we are big fans of orange and yellow in a conservatory.

! Try and match the roof and side blinds, then if possible, make it match with your other furnishings within the conservatory.

! Which types of blinds can be used in a conservatory roof?


Roller blinds Pleated Venetian blinds Shutters

! (The above list is ordered by popularity)

! Which types of blinds can be used in a conservatory side? Practically any.

! So what will you choose for your conservatory?

! If you want to learn more about conservatory blinds or need more inspiration, take a look at

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