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A member’s club empowering women in business, building a community of ambitious and fearless females.

Members Welcome Pack Flagship Branch Opening Summer 2022

Who are we? We are...

A member’s club empowering women in business, building a community of ambitious and fearless females.

What are we? We are Women. We are not Intimidating. We are Unapologetic. We are not Intimidated. We are Bold. We are not Man-haters. We are Informal. We are not Too Corporate. We are Encouraging. We are not A Normal Office. We are Feminine. We are not Here To Judge.

Why do we exist? We are a lighthearted brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but with a strong philosiphy behind what we do. We feel passionately about all genders in the world being equal, and we spotted a gap here in the UK where this is definitely not the case - only 1 in 3 business people in the UK is a woman, and this is not because of lack of ability but usually a lack of confidence. We think it is time for a change. Our mission is to reclaim the worlds of finance and start-up businesses for women. We aim to empower women to create businesses, have bold ideas, learn about money and take charge of their lives. Traditionally secretive gentleman’s clubs are in the past, as are the views held by them about women, so why are we still being left behind in business? Not any more. Here is the old fashioned Gentleman’s club model completely flipped on it’s head. We are unashamedly a members club for women by women, with a space and brand that reflects this. Ladies, let’s do this.

How do I get involved? We have two main options...

Become a member • • • • • •

Access all facilities in The Clique at any time. Be around like minded women who collaborate, network and share skills with each other. Have space away from home to work. Access to the virtual networking room as scheduled each week. Access to all guest workshops and talks, and exclusive members only advisors. Membership fees can be postponed for when your business is making a set amount of money - we want as many women as possible to join The CliQue.

Come To Our Public Workshops • • •

Pop up public workshops can be accessed by anyone - member or not. See future events and book using our app. Learn something new or tryout our space and see if a membership might be for you.

Share Your Knowledge •

If you identify as a woman and have experience and knowledge in any areas of finance and business that you feel could help others please contact us.

Where are we? 92-98 Colmore Row Birmingham B3 3BD Getting Here • • •

10 Minutes walk from Moor Street Station and only 5 minutes walk from New Street Next to bus stop SH3 Plently of public carparks in walking distance

When here... • •

Scan your card on the reader outside the door to enter. If you are not a member ring the buzzer and our receptionist will be happy to help.

The CliQue

The core values our space represents... Inclusivity

To us, The Clique is a group of women, standing together and making changes. We think everyone, but especially all women, should have access to a business incubator workspace if they want it.

Fearlessness We want our female members to have courage to make a change for themselves. We want to encourage our members to take risks and be fearless in their aspirations.


As our name suggests, we want to build a clique. Not a small group excluding others, but a community of women who are all supporting each other and lifting each other up. We encourage our members to help each other when they can, and create a tribe of women who are all collaborating and helping one another.

Empowerment We want women to feel powerful and strong in their visions for themselves and their companies. We want to encourage going into a sector that could be intimidating for women, as it has been men who have taken the lead in this throughout history. We want to show women that money and business is for them too if they want it.

The Office... Our take on a traditional office space, giving women who want to sit at a desk a place to do this whilst beinng in a hub of others doing the same thing. Wether on your own, at a meeting or sharing ideas with others, this floor will work for you. We also have soundproof phonebooths if you need no noise or distractions. This also acts as an extended atrium for the space, where members can see whats going on everywhere and navigate to where they want to be.

The Living R

Room... This might be the space for you if you actually quite enjoyed working from your sofa during lockdown. The Living Room offers the comfort of this whilst being in an inspiring and collaborative space.

The Ladies C

Club... The Ladies’ Club is the space to relax in The Clique. The place to meet others and have video calls with other branches of The Clique. This is where you should head after your working day and have a drink.

Need more information? Please email any questions!

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