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Supporting Palestinians’ unconstrained right and freedom of access to education and Birzeit University’s role in the wider development of Palestinian society.

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January 2011

How we help Birzeit University How we help Palestinian education Academic Scholarships We raise funds in the UK to help foster inclusion and diversity at Birzeit University by providing vital academic scholarships for students who experience financial hardship or who may have a disability. Scholarships provide a tangible way of ensuring Palestinian young people and their families have a better future. Hardship Fund This quick-response fund covers books, travel, housing and IT. Development Programme Over a period of 12 years we have secured over £1.6 million from British and European funding agencies for essential development programmes run by the university to promote equal access to education.

Raising Awareness We actively support Birzeit’s Right to Education Campaign through awareness raising activities, promoting advocacy and lobbying the British Government.

“Without your scholarship (programme) there would be many students unable to pursue the career they’ve dreamt of. My plan for the future is to be a famous Palestinian architectural engineer.” — FoBZU scholar

It is the injustice of the situation, the admirable survival of Birzeit against incredible odds and the resourcefulness of all who work and study at the university, that makes us strive to help. Working in collaboration with Birzeit, we respond to university and community needs to support capacity building projects and the development of sustainable skills. We have been campaigning for over 20 years to raise awareness of the equal right to education of Palestinians. This remains as vital now as it did when FoBZU was founded in the aftermath of military incursions from 1989 to 1992 which, for a period, closed the university down. Shockingly, students continue to be harassed at military checkpoints resulting in daily obstructions and disruption to all university life. We were delighted to support the recent production of a film about the right to education of Palestinians – including

a series of short documentaries made by students at Birzeit. The project developed the film-making and advocacy skills of participants at the university and will reach across the world to raise awareness. FoBZU is also proud to have provided each year over 25 Bachelor and Masters degree scholarships. Over the past 3 years we have trained…

60 mental health counsellors, 60 counselling supervisors which has helped 36,000 children.

What can you do? There are many ways you can help us make a difference as an individual or as an organisation…

Give a one-off donation Make a regular donation by standing order Become a member and help us raise awareness Sponsor a student Organise the sponsorship of a group scholarship Donate to the Hardship Fund Help us advocate for the Palestinian Right to Education Academic Exchange Leave a Legacy


1 Gough Square London ec4a 3de t 020 7832 1340 f 020 7832 1349 If you would like to meet us to discuss how you can help, ple...