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Vol. 12 No. 11

November 2013

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Editor’s Notes: Arctic winds howl and hashers brace for shorter days and colder nights in the northern hemisphere. Some might expect fewer hash events during November but this does not hold true in 2013. Indochina Mekong Hash in Kunming, and the 75th Anniversary of Mother Hash in Kuala Lumpur kick off the first two weeks of November, followed by Cambodia Nash Hash and the inaugural run of the new Hoi An Hash in Vietnam. In North America, the annual Hash de Tucson kicks off the month, followed by Hogtown’s 26 years of hashing celebration in Toronto. November in Europe finds the Stockholm Underground H3 celebrating 1000 runs in Stockholm and getting ready for Christmas. Cold is no problem down under mate, as the Cairns H3 celebrates their 1950th run.

Great content from a secluded Cambodian island, the fabulous Philippines, incredible India and America. Over 100 great HHH and running events in this edition, so start making plans to hash close to home, or just about anywhere on the planet. The Harrier Magazine Team in Asia, America and Europe looks forward to seeing you on trail soon. Happy hashing!

Jim Edens

Editor-in-Chief & Founder Harrier Magazine - Fun on the run since 2002 International Edition with readers in 120 countries

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On The Cover: “Snookie Island Hash 2013� Photo By Jimmy Wilkins



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Hashing along beautiful Koh Rong Village Beach Many sights to see on this island!


n October 3 to 5, 2013 Sihanoukville’s Snooky H3 celebrated the club’s first anniversary with a 3-day Gulf of Thailand Island Hash along with almost 40 pissarpitants from clubs across Asia, Australia and around the world. The first two days hashing took place on beautiful and almost totally undeveloped Koh Rong Island which lies 20 KM off the Sihanoukville coast followed by a third day hash in Sihanoukville itself. 10 HARRIER

Sihanoukville’s Snooky H3 Gulf of Thailand Hash by Buy You Dangle & Three Can Big Mouth Photos by Jimmy Wilkins



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by Matt Carrell

photos by Bam Bam

Thailand’s a terrible place. Half the women are hookers, most of them are HIV positive and the streets are running with underage girls being offered to sad, lecherous old perverts who couldn’t find a woman in their own country. Well that’s pretty much the coverage the country gets on the internet, so it must be true. Spend ten minutes on YouTube and you will find hundreds of films, the makers of which are anxious to portray Thailand as a vile haven for sex tourists, populated by vulnerable, exploited women. If you’ve spent any time at all in the country you’ll know that this is sensationalist garbage, aimed only at getting passportless couch potatoes to click the link and shake their heads in feigned disgust. There’s no doubt that Thailand has a darker side, but there isn’t a country in the world that doesn’t. On a night-time stroll though the millionaire’s marina at Puerto Banus in Spain, you will be offered sex more times than on a jaunt along Walking Street in Thailand’s most notorious city, Pattaya. An American friend, came back from his first visit to the country and professed his amazement at what he’d witnessed.

by Fluffboy (aka Michael Michaels)


n San Diego Valentine’s Day is known for more than Sweethearts exchanging kisses and flowers. San Diego Area Hashers have come together, for the past 25 years, to host the San Dieguito Half Marathon. It is one of America’s oldest half marathons. The Half Marathon starts and ends at San Dieguito County Park, which is located just 20 minutes north of downtown San Diego. The course runs through Rancho Santa Fe and is considered one of the most beautiful and scenic Half Marathon courses in the county.


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Great content from a secluded Cambodian island, the fabulous Philippines, incredible India and America. Over 100 great HHH and running eve...