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Editor’s Notes: The hashing world lost a star with the passing of Elen Oblea “Hungry Bum” Marshment on 7 February 2013. Elen was one of the nicest ladies to come to the hash anywhere. She graced us all with her presence wherever she went in Hong Kong, Singapore, Manila, Bangkok and Honolulu. Most would agree that Elen was the best thing that ever happened to her husband, Boobalube. The truth is that she was one of the best things that happened to any of us who were truly blessed to know Elen during her all too short time among us. In the earthly cycle of life there is birth, life and death. A baby girl was just born to two proud Bangkok Full Moon H3 parents. A new hash was also recently “launched” in Nha Trang, Vietnam. Hopefully both the baby and the NTH3 will have many years of good times ahead. Talk about good times, have you ever hashed in Brussels? Many hashers from around the world plan to partake in the Brussels Blowout in 2014, but read about Brussels hashing in 2013 to wet your whistle. Another band of merry revelers are the Pirates of the Cari-beer-run at the Jolly Roger H3. There’s nothing like a jolly roger, so read the story and find out why.

Hashing is re-emerging from underground status in Okinawa. Might there be a visit to the Okinawa Hash in your future? For the hardest core hashers, the 8th PHHH International Hash Challenge comes up again this March. With over 40 teams now registered this should be an amazing event this year. If that’s not enough to keep you happy, there is always the River Kwai Adventure Race or the hundreds of other HHH and running events on the calendars. Happy Hashing and I hope to see you on trail soon, Jim Edens Editor-in-Chief, Harrier Magazine

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A On The Cover: Elen Oblea “Hungry Bum” Marshment Photo by KC Marshment

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Letter to the Editor


Nash Ha


Armpit, Snooky H3

Little Boy, P2H3

e to Cambodia

ash in


Big John’s Beach On The Hill BBQ & Chil-axn Hostel, venue for the Friday Night Dinner, and on behalf of, welcomes all Hash House Harriers and their friends to Sihanoukville for the Cambodia National (Nash) Hash, wishing all those pissarpitating an enjoyable and memorable weekend. ON ON Big John



lea b O Elen ry Bum” ng ment u H “ sh r a M -2013 1959

By KC “Boobalube” Marshment


he hash community has lost another stalwart hasher who has passed on to the great on on. Elen ‘Hungry Bum’ Marshment passed away officially on 7 February 2013 from a cerebral aneurysm at the young age of 53. While the condition probably developed over the last year, the doctor stated that based on the location of the aneurysm it would have been inoperable even if detected early. At the end of the day, Hungry Bum was able to enjoy the past year hashing, running, and travelling worry free – other than taking care of her hashing husband KC ‘Boob a Lube’ Marshment, which for those of you who know him, is quite a chore.


Hungry Bum had a simple but touching last rites administered by the Catholic Church on Thursday 7 Feb in the morning before she left us. The actual funeral was held in Bangkok on Tuesday 12 February at Holy Redeemer Church. Elen’s very close cousin Lourdes and her son Nikko attended along with nearly 100 of her hashing friends there. There was also a memorial service held for her parents in the Philippines on 23 February at which the hashes of Manila turned out in force along with Strapless and Chicken Shit who flew up from Singapore. In the end, hash on on toasts were raised in numerous hashes in 5 cities to her passing; Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Manila, and Honolulu. Elen started hashing in Hong Kong circa 1992 with the Wanchai H3. Her original hash name was Deep Throat, which changed to Hungry Bum after she left HK. Origins of both names remain closely guarded secrets. Following Hong Kong, Hungry Bum lived in Singapore until 2003 where she recorded over 300 hashes with the Singapore Harriettes and also ran occasionally with the other mixed Singapore hashes. Travelling to Bangkok enroute to returning home to

We wanted a picture of Hungry Bum and Boob a Lube together, but as you can see, he never could keep up with her! Note Boob struggling along in the distant background!

the Philippines she met Boob a Lube in late 2003. This traumatic event caused her to settle in Bangkok instead of returning to the Philippines; hashing and dating Boob a Lube by long distance until Boob’s job enabled her to return to Singapore in 2005 and 2006. During this second stint in Singapore, Hungry Bum was a member of the Singapore Harriettes, Singapore Thursday H3, Lion City H3, Kampong H3, and Singapore Sunday H3. For the past 6 years, Hungry Bum and Boob have resided in the Philippines where Boob finally broke down and married her in 2009. This resulted in three short trips to Hawaii, becoming a member of the Aloha and Honolulu Hashes in Hawaii and proudly becoming an American citizen. In the Philippines she was a founding Co GM of the Makati Metro Manila Ladies Hash, a founding member of the Makati Metro Manila Sunday Hash, and also ran with the Manila Mixed H3 and Angeles H3. Hungry Bum and Boob had a retirement condo in Bangkok which allowed her to concurrently visit Bangkok about 12 times a year and run with the Bangkok Monday Hash, Bangkok Harriettes, Siam Sunday H3, and the Bangkok Thursday H3. She was also a founding member and one of the hares for the inaugural run of the Bangkok Full Moon Hash.

Hungry Bum was also an avid international hasher having participated in numerous Interhashes, (the latest being Chiang Mai); Mekong Indochina in Suhkothai, Phnom Penh, and Hanoi, and Pan Asia in Angeles City Philippines and Bandung Indonesia. She held numerous committee positions besides her one GM position, her favorite being haberdasher because it let her go shopping with someone else’s money. In spite of dabbling successfully in race (yuck) events, her proudest accomplishment was when her team won the Hash Challenge in Malaysia, two men and two women covering a 42 kilometer hash trail through the jungle and finishing together. Hungry Bum and Tiger Lilly (her female partner) said the hardest part was giving leg massages to the guys (Trevor Seamen and Ziggy) so they could keep up! At the end of the day, Hungry Bum ran over 2000 hashes worldwide, had a smile and a helping hand for all she met, introduced many to hashing for the first time, and brought lots of smiles to every hasher she met. On On Hungry Bum!


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Hashing in Belgium by Barry “Hash Hole” Rasberry - GM BMPH3


russels is the capital of Europe where hashing is truly international. The Brussels Manneke Piss H3 (BMPH3), the most well-known Belgian Hash, has a very international makeup and takes every opportunity to celebrate it. Theme runs for various national days and other events are the norm. There are runs for St. George, St. Patrick, St. Nicolas, 4th of July, Halloween, Bastille Day, Belgian National Day, and the list goes on. There are city runs to check out the Art Nouveau Architecture, the colourful cartoons painted on the side of buildings, the Kings’ Palaces and the incomparable Grand Place, the most beautiful square in Europe. The Brussels Hashers are also blessed with the magnificent Foret de Soignies on the edge of town, with the forest and the abundant


BMPH3 Annual Christmas Party Hangover Run by the King’s Palace.

numbers of parks, the runs are never far away from greenery. The scenery is fabulous, and at the normal weekly hashes, there are at least 10-12 varieties of Belgian beer to choose from. The Brussels Manneke Piss H3 also has an active social side. Friday drinks are organised to celebrate the arrival of the weekend and there is a regular stream of parties. The BMPH3 Xmas party coupled with the annual Janneke Piss H3 (the pissing girl sitting across from the Delirium cafÊ) Christmas Market run have developed into a hash weekend in their own right and a firm fixture of the hash calendar. Camping trips and weekend picnics are planned on the summer weekends. There is certainly not a shortage of activities. Don’t let anyone tell you Brussels is dull - life is what you make it! The premiere annual event in Belgium is of course the Belgian Nash Hash. Each year, BMPH3 organises the Belgian Nash Hash which is the traditional opener for the European Nash Hash events. Starting in 1991, these were known as the Brussels Interhash and were based in Brussels. In 1997, the BMPH3 took things a step further and invited all of Europe to Brussels, hosting a successful EuroHash. From 2001 onwards, the Nash Hash events have been hosted in various different Belgian Youth Hostels

Mick Mac leading the pack in the Foret de Soignies

across the length and breadth of the country. For a small country, Belgian Nash Hash has seen some very diverse locations, from the amazing hilly trails of Bouillon & Malmedy to seaside towns of Oostende & Oostduinkerke and to Historic cities like Gent and Tournai. In the historic city of Mechelen in 2005, the Beer Meister also overachieved with the beer diversity and organized 69 different types of Belgian Beer. Wherever the location, the Belgian Nash Hash has gained a reputation for good organisation (so far!), great Belgian beers (too much variety?), excellent (and often too long!) trails and a chance to get reacquainted with old friends. Belgian Nash Hash 2013 will take place on the weekend of 19-21 April in Bokrijk. Bokrijk is in the eastern Belgian province of Limburg and between the towns of Hasselt, the Belgian capital of Jenever, and Genk (not to be confused with Gent!). Bokrijk is a leisure and cultural park set in forest and is famous for its open air museum and Flanders largest open air playground. The youth hostel is located just outside the park area with no neighbours to disturb! Anyone fancying making more than a weekend of it can do so. As always, the weekend will be preceded by almost a full week of hashing including Brussels Blue Moon on Wednesday and a GONAD pub crawl in Brussels on Thursday. The traditional party train will run from

Autumn Hashing in Woluwe Park

Cl’Oysters with the Drinking Arm

Brussels Central station right into Bokrijk. Places for the weekend are filling up fast but at time of press, around 20 are still available. See below for details and registration. With the recent rebirth of the SHAPE hash in Mons, there are now 5 kennels regularly running in Belgium. The original group Brussels H3 has been running on Saturdays since 1980. The SHAPE Mons H3 was formed in 1982 but folded in 2004. Happily it resurfaced last year under the mismanagement of Mata Hari and meets every second Wednesday. The Brussels Manneke Piss H3 was founded in 1990 by Cor Blimey. BMPH3 meets every Sunday afternoon apart from the summer months when it moves to Monday evenings. The GoNAD (Going Nowhere, Always Drunk) H3 was founded in 1993 by Phil “PeNIS” Ennis, originally as the Oostende H3. The GoNAD’s is affectionately known as the drinking arm of the BMPH3 group. These days, the format is flexible and can be anywhere between a pub-crawl and a pick-up live hare run. Brussels Blue Moon H3 was born in 2008 and meets most weeks when they can be bothered. Blue Moon H3 is a cross between a Hash and a running group (shock, horror) but always include the Blue Moon cocktail and a post run dinner

Playing in the forest with Forrest Gulp.

The Couple “Trix” on St. Georges Day

at a members abode. It is the running arm of the BMPH3 group. The group often participates in local races, which is very un-hash-like behaviour! The least active regular group is the BELLY Hash (Brussels Euro Legless Leap Year H3) founded in 1996 by Mick Mac which runs every February 29th! Of course, an article on Hashing in Belgium would not be complete without a mention of the upcoming Brussels 2014, a Beer Odyssey. As there are currently more than 2600 hashers already registered, this will be Europe’s largest event of the decade. Brussels 2014 will have a trail and a beer (or wine) for everyone. The venue, a refurbished goods warehousing complex, built in traditional Flemish Style Architecture, will be open for partying until 2 a.m. Clearly after 30 odd years of hashing in Belgium, the hash is alive and well. Come and visit us sometime soon. is home for Brussels Manneke Piss Click on “links” for: GoNAD’s H3, Brussels Blue Moon H3 & Brussels H3 for Brussels 2014, a Beer Odyssey

Monday night run in the Summer

Pink Panther showing off in the circle, “Look Mum, no hands!”


Early Bird registration is on!


eck our website

Wir sind Thailands führende deutschsprachige Zeitung! Erhältlich in Bücherläden, Kiosks, Restaurants und Hotels in ganz Thailand. Unsere Webseite wird täglich von mehr als 3000 Lesern besucht und ständig mit neuesten Nachrichten aktualisiert. Wir bieten attraktive Werbepakete für unsere Kunden. Sprechen Sie mit uns!,, Tel.: 08 9090 3571

Pirates of the

Cari-beer-run By Sean Gilmour


ince their founding in 2003, the Jolly Roger H3 of the Tampa Bay, Florida area have been destined to raise their black flag over ocean waters. These “pirate invasions” on commercial cruise liners are conducted each year in celebration of their anniversary. Most recently the JRH3 ventured on a seven-day voyage to destinations including Cozumel, Mexico, Belize, Roatan, Honduras, and Grand Cayman. Clearly hashers are not simply looking for the amenities that would satisfy the ordinary tourist. On-board ship entertainment and carny excursions at destinations just won’t do. Aboard the ship the


Jolly Roger


JRH3 lay hash trails, conduct hash challenges, play hash games and even have “cabin crawls.” At the ports, they set trail though the popular tourist sites and get to observe the behind the scene lifestyles of the locals rather than following some tour guide. Las Vegas hashers Chunky Brewster and Blows Chunks attended their second cruise this year, “Like most hashers you choose [which events to attend] each year with what limited vacation time you have... Imagine if you could do it all hash, meet new people, vacation, romance, and see new places in just one trip. The Jolly Roger Hash offers this and much more.” Chunky and Blows Chunks recall how “the looks on the other cruisers faces are hysterical [when they witness trail and circle] and often they want to join in the fun…Off shore you can choose to hash…or do an excursion, if time allows you can do both. This year we went zip lining and hashed in Cozumel…[and] in the Cayman Islands we hashed in Hell. The bus dropped us off at [place] called cemetery beach and [we] ended up hashing through a town named Hell. Circle was on a beautiful beach with an after party at a restaurant themed after the Pirate Calico Jack.”

Interestingly enough the JRH3 didn’t always venture out on cruise ships. During their first four years this group of hashers were land-lovers, invading local islands just off the coast of Tampa and St Petersburg, Florida. They say these overnight trips were fun, but got old quickly. From here, the idea of taking their pirate invasions on a cruise ship was born. The next JRH3 Pirate Invasion, is expected to occur in late January 2014, setting sail out of Miami, Florida on a seven-day voyage to Nassau, Bahamas, St Thomas, US Virgin Islands, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Grand Turk. A new record was set on their 2013 invasion with 110 hashers in the group.

If you’re sure you want to be part of this fantastic adventure, contact their travel agent, Kathy Yacone, of Dunedin Travel, to reserve a cabin. Blows Chunks advises, “with a payment plan…it really works out well. The trip is all inclusive except for air fare, accommodations, transportation and drinks.” Registration for the 2014 Pirate Invasion will open this March. The price increases monthly so it’s best to sign up early. The rego fee is used to buy pirate booty (give-away), prizes, and of course beer! Chunky says, “the gimmies are just as good as the shiggy each year… we [received] things such as a patch, rain coat, shirt, name tag, vessel, bottles of wine, etc.” More information about the JRH3 Pirate Invasion Hash Cruises can be found on their website,


By F*ck Face, RA / Webmaster OH3


kinawa H3 is looking to get back its numbers. Due to the transient nature of our pack, over the last two years we have gained and lost many good, and even a few great, hashers. Okinawa hash is different than any other organization I have encountered. The hashers are a social group both in and out of the hash. We live in close proximity to each other, we drink at the same bars, we spend time together on a daily basis; sometimes even marry and have families of our own. I think any member of the hash here would tell you that they feel welcome and appreciate the company and the camaraderie. Our kennel has a reputation as one of the best hashes out there.


Recently as an organization, we have put several things in place to get the word out about the hash and rebuild our membership. To reinvent ourselves and make the hash more marketable in our area we have altered the way we use Social Media. Other hashes are very open and share their run information using Facebook and Twitter with a Twitter feed embedded on the front of our web page. Until recently, OH3 kept a relatively small and secluded web presence. However, all that has changed with the newest Mismanagement. We now have a public Facebook and Twitter account in addition to our website and mailing list. We still have our closed Facebook group for those worried about privacy. HashSpace is available if you are not on Facebook. We will also be holding a free to public run that we are marketing heavily. This “May the 4th� Star Wars open hopes to bring in people curious to learn what the hash is all about. We will be hosting a few running events including 5k and 10K non hash runs. We also have a few additional hash events such as Tour De Hash (seven days of hashing in a row) and Hash a thon (several trails that equal to a marathon). We will be hosting a few running events including 5k and 10K non hash runs to get more community involvement.

Thirdly, OH3 is becoming more open to outsiders. We have started having more “virgin trails�; if you bring a virgin you get your trail for free. Bring more women. We have a separate kennel for the race-ist hashers, whose runs are at a faster pace than our normal Saturday trails. Along with a short circle, the total event should last no more than an hour. We have decided to make business cards for the hash that explain what we are doing in English and Japanese, and to portray the hash as a social, noncompetitive running club with a tag line of Experience Okinawa. In the last month alone, a couple of people with one or two runs in the last year or so have returned to the Hash. We also managed to recruit a few more people to our Sunday family trails. Okinawa has a big reputation to live up to and uphold. Most kennels don’t need or want members to recruit but, let the hash spread by word of mouth. I believe that if people see what we are really about and that we have fun they will want to try it. After all, we are a drinking club with a running problem.

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2 March 2013

IT’S BACK! 8th PHHH enge International Hash Chall in. to test your stamina aga Yes, the time has come h run in the Malaysian has n ho rat ma a g zin Petaling HHH are organi ur. t outside of Kuala Lump : jungle – yes 42km and jus criteria this time round m tea the up d ene op e hav we – nt or le eve m ma This is a tea y can consist of all mbers per team, and the Teams can be 3 or 4 me that cannot decide) se tho r ation thereof (fo all female or any combin ated time to complete 2nd March 2013. Estim on ce pla e tak l wil nt The eve be at 7.00am urs. Run start time will the distance is 10-12 ho entries in quickly!! registered – so get your We already have 40 teams not wish to run a marato accompany you but do – so bring your And for those who wish hash run on the same day al rm no a ing hav be l thon we wil running kit. For more details and reg

istration forms please go




r a d n e l a C h s a H Compiled by


Flying Boog

Mar 8-10 2013: Cutlery H3 Annual Run. Cutlery QLD, Australia. Mar 8-10 2013: Bike Week Hash. Daytona Beach FL, USA. Mar 29-Apr 1 2013: Aberdeen H3 Easter Challenge. Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. Apr 12-14 2013: Philippine Nash Hash 2013. Barrio Barretto, Olongapo, Philippines. April 19-21: Belgian NH 2013. Bokrijk, Belgium Apr 19-21 2013: Wild Wolf Philippines Hash Bash. La Union, Philippines.

C Ha hian sh g Ho Ma us i D e H iam ar on rie d tte s

n 13 Ru , 20 n io ch 6 t ra r gu Ma u y a In sda ne ed W

Other upcoming hash events in Chiang Mai:

Friday April 5th, 2013 Animal Dinner organized and sponsored by CSH3 Saturday April 27th, 2013 LBH3 Run X This will be a special run about an hour from Chiang Mai, be prepared to get wet







Petaling Hash House Harriers’ 8th INTERNATIONAL HASH CHALLENGE It’s hashing and bashing through 42 km of tropical rain forest jungle - a feat not for the faint heart but for anyone who wants a challenge WHEN: March 1 - 3 2013 March 1 - Registration & Welcome Dinner & Drinks March 2 - Hash Challenge Run March 3 - Post Hash Challenge Party Registration Fee: December 1 2012 onward - RM200 per pax February 1 2013 onward - RM300 per pax For more details:

Belgian Nash Hash 2013 19-21 April in Bokrijk The best (Belgian) beer choice ever, as usual An all-in weekend based in a youth hostel on the edge... of a nature reserve Located near Hasselt, the Belgian capital of Jenever Direct train from Brussels to Bokrijk Only 80 beds to cradle your hangover €145 Early Bird price We never run... out of beer!


Hash Calendar

May 2-5 2013: Pattaya Jungle H3 10th Anniversary. Pattaya, Thailand. May 3-5 2013: InterScandi 2013. Bornholm, Denmark. May 3-5 2013: Texas Interhash 2013. Kerrville TX, USA. May 4-5 2013: Aussie Nash Hash 2013. Brisbane QLD, Australia. Pre-Lubes/Post-Lubes: May 10-12 2013: Herts H3 1500th. Ware, Hertfordshire, UK. May 23-24 2013: Kuching H3 50th Anniversary. Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. May 25-Jun 8 2013: Silk Road Train Adventure. Commercial event. Starts & ends in Almaty, Kazakhstan. May 31-Jun 2 2013: Borneo Nash Hash 2013. Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia. May 31-Jun 3 2013: Nomad 2013. Mangatepopo, New Zealand.


Hash Calendar

Jun 7-9 2013: Pan-Africa Hash 2013. Cape Coast, Ghana. Jun 7-9 2013: Dutch Nash Hash 2013. Gelderland, Netherlands. Jun 15-Jul 2 2013: Vodka Train 2013. Commercial event. Moscow to Beijing. Jun 15-Jul 2 2013: Wild Wolf BD Bash. Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Jul 5-7 2013: German Nash Hash. Bad Tolz, Germany. Jul 5-7 2013: Pan-Asia Hash 2013. Jomtien Beach, Thailand. Jul 5-7 2013: TNT H3 1500th & 30th Anniversary. Musselburgh, Scotland, UK. Jul 13-21 2013: Hedonism II. Commercial event. Negril, Jamaica. Jul 26-27 2013: Dorset Hospitality H3 25th Anniversary. Wimborne, UK. Aug 9-11 2013: Surrey H3 2000th. Plumpton College, Sussex, UK.


Hash Calendar

Aug 16-18 2013: Eurohash 2013. Start in Helsinki, Finland; Eurohash ferry to Tallinn, Estonia and Stockholm, Sweden. Aug 23-26 2013: UK Nash Hash 2013. Dorset, UK. Aug 30-Sep 2 2013: InterAmericas Hash 2013. Playa Blanca Resort, Farallon, Republic of Panama. Sep 6-8 2013: 12th All China Nash Hash Shanghai, China. Sep 20-22 2013 Zagreb H3 2000th Run Baska, Krk Island, Croatia Oct 12-14 2013: Japan Nash Hash Shiga prefecture (near Kyoto), Japan Oct 25-27 2013: Colombo H3 2000th. Negambo, Sri Lanka. Nov 1-3 2013: IndoChina Mekong Hash Hosted by the Kunming Spring City H3 in Kunming, China.

Hash Calendar


Mar 13-16 2014: InterHash 2014. Hainan, China. May 9-11 2014: Asia-Pacific Hash 2014. Bali, Indonesia. Jul 11-13 2014: Malaysian Nash Hash 2014. Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia. Jul 18-20 2014: Dutch Nash Hash 2014 (prelube to Brussels 2014). Baarlo, Netherlands. Jul 25-27 2014: Brussels 2014. Brussels, Belgium. Aug 28-29 2014: Pan Indo Hash Bandung, West Java Sep 5-7 2014: USA Nash Hash. Indianapolis IN, USA.

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Online Store Website:

When in Vientiane, Laos, visit the best pizza restaurant in town!

17 Mar Seoul Marathon 09 Apr North Pole Marathon Spitzbergen (Svalbard) off the coast of Norway 14 Apr Canberra Marathon, Half, Ultra Canberra, Australia 21 Apr Nagano Marathon Nagano, Japan

Running Calendar 2013

photos by John Mellon

Proudly sponsored by the Amari Midnight Charity Run

28 Apr Big Sur International Marathon/21m/10.6m/9m/5k


RRP: US$ 2,890

Hash Discount 10%

02 Jun 16th San Diego Rock “n” Roll Marathon/Half/2-person Relay 09 Jun Laguna Phuket Int’l Marathon, Half & 10.5k Phuket, Thailand 16 Jun Bali Int’l Triathlon Bali, Indonesia 07 Jul Gold Coast Airport Marathon/Half/10k/5k Gold Coast, Australia 27 Jul Australia Outback Marathon/Half Ayers Rock, Australia 01 Sep Kauai Marathon

Running Calendar 2013

18 May Great Wall Marathon, Half, 10k and 5k Beijing, China From USA:

22 Sep Sydney Marathon Sydney, Australia 06 Oct Luang Prabang Half Marathon and 10k Luang Prabang, Laos 06 Oct Colombo Marathon/Half/10k/5k Colmbo, Sri Lanka 19 Oct Amari Watergate Midnight Run Bangkok, Thailand 27 Oct Beijing Marathon/Half/9k/Mini Beijing, China 17 Nov Bangkok Marathon Bangkok, Thailand 17 Nov Penang Bridge Int’l Marathon/Half/10k Penang, Malaysia

Running Calendar 2013

22 Sep 43rd Annual Maui Marathon / Half

01 Dec Angkor Wat Half Marathon in the USA contact: 08 Dec Honolulu Marathon 08 Dec Singapore Marathon/Half/10k Singapore

R&R Calendar

compiled by

Kurt Bodmer R&R Cal Editor

Running Calendar 2013

20 Nov Antarctic Ice Marathon/Half/Mile/100k Antarctica, South Pole


Outdoor Unlimited River Kwai Trophy International 2013


ecord international attendance expected for the most popular Adventure race in South East Asia!

Part of the Amazing Thailand International Adventure Race Championships Series 2013, the 8th edition of this world-renowned race is supported by the Tourism Authority of Thailand and the Kanchanaburi province. This Race is by far the largest and most exciting Adventure Race in South East Asia. Scheduled for March 2 and hosted at Felix River Kwai Resort and Spa, the race will once again start at the famous River Kwai Bridge.


Adventure Racing is a highly visual and dynamic sport genre, stretching competitors to their limits. It is a sport that is rapidly capturing the imagination of sportsmen and women in Thailand and around the world. The Amarin Outdoor Unlimited River Kwai Trophy International 2013 consists of 2 days of activities including: • An Expo village where local communities, athletes and tourists will be able to meet in a friendly atmosphere. • Parties and VIP hospitality. • A spectacular Adventure Race starting from the bridge esplanade. • Shows, dances and songs from local artists, universities and schools. • Gala dinner and trophies presentation. • Children’s corner and games area. 150 teams from around the world are expected at the start of the Adventure Race. Altogether, more than 1000 people will attend the event including VIP’s, sponsor’s guests, families, supporters, media, competitors and local communities.

“Kachanaburi is a place of historical significance of course but it also has stunning scenery to offer. Located not far from Bangkok, the province has all the ingredients for memorable outdoor activities: lakes, jungle, mountains, caves, a very rich fauna and flora and, of course, the Kwai river. The perfect recipe for great Adventure Racing” says Serge Henkens, the Race Director. “We offer 2 divisions, Adventure (easier course) and Extreme (longer course), the race is therefore really accessible to everyone!” The race has grown in popularity over the years and has become the most sought after Adventure Race in South East Asia” concludes Henkens. Adventure Race information: 2 divisions:  Adventure (Shorter course for newcomers and W.E. warriors)  Extreme (Longer course for confirmed athletes and experienced Racers) Disciplines: Running, Kayaking, Biking, Swimming and other mystery tests Teams of 2 racers Categories: Men, Women, Mixed, Masters Men (over 80 years combined). Seniors Men (over 100 years combined), Students Boys, Students Girls Race starts at 8:30am

About Amarin Plaza’s Outdoor Unlimited Zone Discovering and challenging that inner adventurous spirits of yours with Amarin Plaza’s newly-opened zone, Outdoor Unlimited. The zone houses the most comprehensive selection of outdoor and adventure products from globally renowned brands, from camping equipments to cycling and diving gears. The un-compromising outdoor experience is available to discover unlimitedly now at 2/F @ Amarin Plaza. About Felix River Kwai A first class deluxe property in Kanchanaburi is built on a 118 rais or 19 hectare plot of pristine land adjacent to the world famous Bridge on the River Kwai. We are merely 2 hours drive away from the capital city of Bangkok and 10 minutes from downtown Kanchanaburi. Each of the 255 luxuriously appointed residences offers spacious interiors with warm wood furnishings, private balconies that open out to our spectacular gardens  or magnificent view of the River Kwai. We are also the backdrop for many successful deals, high profile events and incentive  meeting groups  held by both local and international clienteles.  

About Active Management Asia Adventure racing is a new sport that has exploded in popularity across Asia and Thailand. Active Management Asia is leading that growth in Thailand with its highly popular Amazing Adventure Race Series. Now in its third year of operation, Active Management Asia has established an international reputation for solid logistics and challenging race courses. These non-stop races, ranging in length from 4-8 hours, require teams to run, trek, mountain bike and paddle, while navigating a course through the wilderness. Likened to an expedition with a stopwatch, adventure racing requires teamwork, perseverance, strategy and determination. Active Management Asia is also a leader in corporate training, specialized in experiential learning.

For more information: Active Management Asia Co., Ltd Khun Mai Khun Golf Tel: 02 7189581-2 Fax: 02 7189583 Email:



ave no doubt people, we are living in dark times. Even here in the dimly lit, back-bar environs of the OTI offices, news filters in from what I laughingly refer to as the “real world�. The growth of paranoia and insanity continues apace. Authoritarianism, and a rulebound society continue to proscribe the lives of even the most freethinking, free-drinking Hasher. (I suspect that means me; after all, I drink for free whenever possible and certainly don’t often get paid for my thoughts - or for writing them down, for that matter.) Recent evidence of the type of behaviour likely to incite fear and loathing in any right-thinking anarchic hasher (err...probably me, again) includes the fact that the plane on which the artist (?)


formerly known as Cat Stevens was returning to London was diverted and he was detained as a suspected terrorist. Having abandoned his folk-rock recording career in the mid-70’s, Cat (who was born Stephen Giorgio, for you trivia buffs) has been a Muslim with the uninspired name of Yusuf Islam ever since. Now, I freely admit that once I owned a copy of Tea for the Tillerman but I was young then. Anyway, while I accept that Morning Has Broken was crap, Cat Stevens, the man who sang Peace Train, a terrorist? I think not. More disturbingly, in Brazil, it seems the State is seeking to forbid people giving human names to pets. Federal congressman Reinaldo Santos e Silva recently proposed a law to this effect after psychologists suggested that some children might get depressed when they learn they share their first name with someone’s pet. If the law is passed, pet stores and veterinary clinics would be required to display a sign noting the prohibition of human first names for pets. Brazilians who break the law would be subject to fines or community service. Apparently, the Congressman “wants to challenge people’s assumptions that it’s acceptable to give animals human names”. “He’s proposed many laws in Brazil, but this is the only one that has ever gotten any attention,” a spokeswoman said. (Why do I find that unsurprising?) One can only speculate in horror about potential run-on laws about not giving Hashers in Brazil names which might depress them (or perhaps even frighten animals)!

In a related story of political correctness, I noted among the stories about the recent Halloween holiday (a much bigger deal here in Bangkok than in my native Sydney as I can attest from viewing the crowds on Silom Soi 4 on the night) that, at least some, schools in the USA sought to ban the event among students. It seems that students who turned up in costume were to be sent home from schools in Puyallup School District in Washington State. Officials told a local TV station that followers of the Wiccan religion (these are people who think they are witches in case you didn’t know) had complained about the way Halloween was celebrated. “School officials have been reviewing the Halloween tradition and decided that time could be better spent, “said a spokesperson. “Schools are teaching students to be respectful and take account of the discomfort felt by others. Witches with pointy noses are not respective symbols of the Wiccan religion.” Hmmm. I have a feeling that a hash run in full witch costume (in the style of a red dress run) might be appropriate in Washington State sometime soon. Local hashers take note (and remember it was my idea)! However, I digress. While the instigators of all the above are deserving of seats on the ice in the unlikely event that they ever show up at a Hash run, here at OTI, while we like to note (and criticize) institutional stupidity, we prefer to note and celebrate

stupidity on a much more personal and individual level. Thus, I offer the following; all worthy of nominations for a seat on the ice. A Romanian father-of-five apparently recently needed medical help after he super glued a condom to his penis. Nicolae Popovici, 43, told doctors he didn’t want any more children. The man, from Topraiser in Constanta County, named only as NP in the paper, already has five children. He and his wife decided to use contraception but the condom they bought was too big so he stuck it on with glue. After sex, the man realised he couldn’t remove the condom and went to his village’s medical clinic for help. A nurse said: “He even said that he thought the condom could be used several times and that he wanted it stuck on his penis so he could use it again later. We barely managed to remove it in the end.” (I hope at least that the “in the end” comment was unintentional.) Also, a 36 year-old male employee of the exclusive Sedgewood Golf Club in Kent, N.Y., was arrested in September sitting drunk in a golf cart at night with a flashlight and a 20-gauge shotgun, after he had allegedly shot three skunks that were menacing the grounds. He was charged with various hunting violations and with carrying a loaded firearm in a moving vehicle. (Now this guy sounds like a Hasher, either that or a guy who’s seen Caddyshack way too many times.) And, in the kind of story dear to the hearts of many Hashers (for whatever reasons), a 45-year-old man was arrested on Aug. 31

in West Monroe, Louisiana, after his sister caught him allegedly having sex with one of her three pigs. Two days later about 100 miles away in Florien, La., Timothy Garner, 35, was arrested after being spotted inside a henhouse, allegedly having sex with a chicken. (A sheriff’s official in the West Monroe case said he had never before, in his 29-year career, seen a case of a man having sex with a pig, but then he added, to a Monroe News Star reporter, that of course there were cases involving men with “dogs, donkeys and sheep.”) What entertains me most about the story above is that the first guy went for one of his sister’s pigs. Perhaps knowing that he was annoying his sister added to the pleasure. I can’t wait for the next Louisiana Hasher to run here in Bangkok. Finally, brief mention of two stories from the world of science. In the country of my birth, University of Queensland researchers told an entomology conference in August, after doing DNA “fingerprinting” of Nepalese and Inner Mongolian lice, that their team had disproved the apparently important general belief that body lice and head lice are separate species. This begs so many questions. Why only Nepalese and Inner Mongolian lice? How about Thai lice? Does knowing they are one species make them easier to get rid of? What about crabs and ...err..lobsters? And in September, Edward Cussler and Brian Gettelfinger, writing for a chemical engineering journal, showed that people swam no faster in water than in a substance twice as thick (after

experiments in a pool to which “guar gum” had been added to the water to create something that, said Cussler, “looked like snot”). The importance of this discovery should not be overlooked. Think of the potential new event at the Beijing Olympics! On On to the next issue. Until then people, maintain the rage. This originally appeared in the January to March 2005 edition of Asia-Pacific Harrier Magazine.

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