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Vol. 12 No. 6

June 2013

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The dog days of summer are already upon us. It’s been a warm summer in Asia. June Gloom hits the US west coast, USA and Europe start to unthaw. Down Under heads into winter. It’s great weather for hashing or testing your speed at a local 10K. The beloved Lady in Red was our cover girl in the May digital edition. This month’s feature tells more than most ever know about the amazing life this inspiring lady, written by the one who may have known who best. Then we travel to the Philippines for a memorable Nash Hash that few will forgetassuming they remember anything at allconsidering the amount of San Miguel Beer consumed at the event. How does UK Nash Hash in the Jurassic Coast sound to you? Learn more in this revealing feature. From UK, jump to India for more adventures in Bangalore and Chennai’s upcoming Anniversary in Kerala. How about India for Pan Asia 2015? Check it out.

The June edition has even more USA content than usual with North and South Carolina, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri. The Beehive Babes are in trouble again in the seedier streets of Bangkok. Over 70 great HHH and running events are in this edition so start making plans now for the ones you will attend. The Harrier Magazine Team looks forward to seeing you on trail soon. Happy hashing.

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Lady In Red

The Untold Story by Hops


dust storm swept through Phoenix on April 8, 2013. In nearby Mesa, Donna Rhinehart, known worldwide as The Lady in Red struggled with her asthmatic reaction. She believed it to be under control by the early morning hours of April 13 and decided to get some sleep. She never woke up.


We grieve her passing even as we celebrate the Red Dress Run she inspired 25 years ago. Few hashers know what a remarkable life she had, some of it even before she ran into history in her heels and red dress. Here are just a few anecdotes, shared now for the first time.



As the daughter of a member of an “Easy Company” (101st Airborne, 506th PIR, 2nd Btn, Co. E.) paratrooper who trained at Camp Toccoa, The Lady in Red was treated like a celebrity at the camp’s museum in Toccoa, Georgia. The unit was made famous in the Stephen Ambrose book and HBO miniseries Band of Brothers.

At about age 15, she was at a private social function in Palm Springs, California. She was wearing a hat reminiscent of Saturday Night Live’s “Wild and Crazy Guy” skits. A certain blue-eyed guest teased her about it and suggested they trade hats. That’s how she came to own Frank Sinatra’s fedora.


Blessed with an angelic voice, Donna took on jobs as a backup singer in high school, requiring frequent trips to recording studios in Los Angeles. During a break, she would use her fingers to flip her fedora end-overend; a little trick that she developed to pass the time. Also recording in the studio was Randy Newman (“Short People,” “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” among others), who took notice. The result was his 1972 song, “You Can Leave Your Hat On.” Newman introduced her to his friend Joe, who insisted on a demonstration of the hat trick at his place. Just as things were beginning to get a bit amorous, she heard the sound of keys entering a lock. Intuitively, Donna read the picture: in the next moment, Joe’s girlfriend would be in the living room. In a flash, she had lowered herself from the balcony and made good her escape undetected. In her haste, she forgot her fedora. But Joe Cocker would never forget it. He later recorded “You Can Leave Your Hat On” for the 1986 film 9 ½ Weeks.



She stayed with her aunt and uncle in Chicago during one summer of high school. Initially she was turned down for a job there as a Playboy Bunny, not because of her fake driver’s license, but because they didn’t want to train someone who would leave at the end of the summer. But heading down on the elevator, she struck up a conversation with Keith, who just happened to be Hugh Heffner’s brother. The elevator went back up and opened to personnel office where Keith informed them that Donna was their newest employee. With her highly intuitive talent for sizing up people, Donna quickly became the Bunny who handled celebrities and other VIPs as they entered the club.

(C) 1973 Playboy

Not only was she a Bunny, bet she also posed for the magazine’s pictorial called “Sex and the Automobile” (May 1973). The photographer was Mormon, the male model was gay and of course Donna was underage.


Donna’s singing earned her a scholarship to straight-laced Christian school Oral Roberts University. The money from her Playboy gig allowed her to invest in a house rather than renting on campus. After moving in, she discovered the previous owner was still in the basement. Never too proud to clean others’ messes, she removed most of what was left with a spoon.


As The Lady in Red, Donna is noted not just for inspiring the worldwide Red Dress Run phenomenon, but for breaking glass ceilings and inextricably linking charity with the Red Dress Run. For Donna, that was just par for the course. She was her area’s first-ever female to be a bell ringer for the Salvation Army (volunteer as opposed to a member of the ranks). She wrote, “They were way short of men to do it, so I pushed my way in -- changing the men-only rules. Hmm, at 15, I was already wearing red and changing things!” Another great example, according to her daughter Clare was when she became a scout master for the Boy Scouts. “She insisted I too could be a Boy Scout with [my brother] Jeff, even though none of the scout leaders really accepted it. Mom made a habit of breaking glass ceilings!”



The importance of charity and helping others was for Donna a family tradition. While playing cards in World War II, her father won a house in the French Riviera and gave it to a dispossessed family. Throughout her life, she gave even when she couldn’t afford it, and helped even when she didn’t have the time. At the inaugural Red Dress Run on August 12, 1988, it was only natural that she would ask that all future Red Dress Runs be used to benefit charity.


Since that time, millions of dollars have been raised and lives have literally been changed. Since she left us, many kennels have talked about how to remember her. Her family suggested that an empty chair should be set at post-Red Dress Run gatherings, with one lucky individual selected to drink the beer set at her place. But the best way to honor her memory would be to not hold a Red Dress Run at all -- unless it includes a charity component.

PREVIEW Philippines Nash Hash 2013

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By Scott Paul, Subic Bay H3



hilippines Nash Hash 2013 Subic Bay, April 12-14 started off with nearly sixty “dressed to impress” hashers and harriettes. The bar hop proceeded down the road to the Toucan Pub and Club 20/20. After stopping at Route 69, the raucous mob headed on to the Wet Spot and Angel Witch. The night ended with the Red Dressed hashers dancing and sliding down the pole from the girls dorm to the dance floor at the Hot Zone. The Red Dress Run raised $1000 which was split between “The Love Of The Children” and the “VFW Scholarship Kids Fund” charities in Subic. Decisions, decisions, left or right? Ah f*ck it, let’s just wait for a ride back to the beer.


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Harrier Magazine June 2013 preview  

The beloved Lady in Red was our cover girl in the May digital edition. This month’s feature tells more than most ever know about the amazing...

Harrier Magazine June 2013 preview  

The beloved Lady in Red was our cover girl in the May digital edition. This month’s feature tells more than most ever know about the amazing...