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Vol. 11 No.3: July-September 2012

Editor’s Notes:

(Formerly Asia-Pacific Harrier) Editor/Publisher Jim Edens Administration Lisa Sukita Design and Photography Jimmy Wilkins Editorial Director Drew Jeschke America Correspondent Sean Gilmour Europe Correspondent Julie Burgess Australia Correspondent Hans Kumpel Contributors: Editorial / Photos / Graphics Kurt Bodmer, Julie Burgess, Bernard Cunningham, Marty Hanratty, Stuart Jackets, Rob James, Drew Jeschke, Josh John, Mahai, Deric Probst-Wallace, Randall Salisbury, Ian Slater, Ann Smith, Lisa Sukita, Shawn Watson, Jimmy Wilkins, Paul Woodford On The Cover: IH2012, Prambanan Temple Photos by: Jimmy Wilkins Contributors Welcome! We welcome anything related to hashing. * All submissions are subject to the editor’s axe or scissors. DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect those of the magazine, its advertisers, publisher or contributors. Print edition published quarterly since 2002 Digital edition published monthly from July 2012


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These are exciting times for international hashing, full of outstanding events that offer a cornucopia of inviting destinations, both closer to home and around the globe. To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Harrier Magazine (formerly Asia-Pacific Harrier Magazine), we will publish a new monthly Digital Edition starting in August 2012. The new monthly Digital Edition will be published in addition to the quarterly print edition we have created for your reading pleasure for the last ten years. At the recent World Heritage Interhash in Borobudur, Java, some 4,700 attendees were treated to what many saw as the most spectacular display of venues, entertainment, trails, food, and organization the hash world has ever seen. This event certainly raises the bar as to what is possible at such mega gatherings. There is no shortage of controversy and international uproar resulting from the shameful saga of the previous Interhash in Kuching. See Garfield’s “Rape of International Hashing” for a perspective worth reading. In this edition of Harrier Magazine, we visit Hainan, the venue for Interhash 2014, the Vietnamese capital Hanoi, the Sultanate of Brunei, the Swiss Alps, and Memphis USA. Set your sites and make your plans to participate in some of the many HHH and running events in this edition of Harrier Magazine.

Jim Edens

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Shawn Watson-“TailGate” Switzerland p. 16 TailGate started hashing in 1988 in Bern, Switzerland where she’s been On-Sec, RA and is currently HashCash. Her 2nd Swiss home hash is BerZuBa where TG is a major player in mismanagement (there are only 2) and helps organize the annual Halloween weekend. After spending many years resisting the call of international hashing TailGate finally discovered how much fun it is and can certainly be found every year at Munich’s Oktoberfest Hash! Who can resist all that beer?

Deric Probst-Wallace “Haggis” Honkers P. 30 Haggis has Hashed in Asia for over 12 years and has run with every Hash in Hong Kong. Current Grand Master of the Blood Run Hash, Ex Hash Master of the Royal South Side Hash and Ex Assistant Grand Master of the Wanchai Hash, Haggis is happiest when ‘tail gating’ long haired, nubile, lycra clad Harriettes ……..……….. who isn’t?

Ann Smith -“Head Bone Handler” Memphis p. 26 Head Bone Handler started hashing in 2006, but to those who have had to put up with her, it seems like much longer. She is the head nurse of the bone marrow transplant unit at Baptist Hospital in Memphis. Head Bone Handler recently had to give up... beer. She brings her own hooch to the hash and is always up for a shot of liquor straight up or in jello. Head Bone has been instrumental in organizing and giving orders, and cooking to order, at such events as the Dead Elvis weekend and the Memphis-Music City Meet in the Middle.

rOB jAMES-”fORKY” Brunei p. 12 While traveling through Southeast Asia, Rob “Forky” James discovered the absurdities and wonders of the Hash while running with the P2H3 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Since, Forky has run (if you’re willing to use the term so liberally) with hashers in Europe and Asia. Originally from the US, Forky has lived in Italy and Africa, and he calls Bangkok his ‘current home away from home.’


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Fiji Interhash 2016 Bid Hainan Interhash 2014 14th Indochina Mekong Hash 2012 Red Dress Run Calendar Half-Mind Hash Calendar Las Vegas RDR 2012 All China Nash Hash 2012 Amari Watergate Midnight Run Running & Racing Calendar

e& itte w m m bo co 012 ir final 2 h e rhas e th Inte ers tak k wor

THE RAPE OF Kuching Interhash 2010... lost my trust. By Marty “Garfield” Hanratty

Letter to the Editor

After 37 years of hashing, organizing an Interhash and two large regional events, I have learned that hashing is based on trust. The type of trust that brings your hash mate to your aid when misfortune happens on trail. Trust that your fellow hasher will look after you when you have had a bit too much of the golden amber fluid at the On On. And trust that hash mates will manage your money responsibly while ensuring that you get the best value from your hashing experience. Sadly, Kuching Interhash 2010/Hornbill Hash House Harriers have lost my trust. Their delay in transfering the Interhash Start-Up Fund of MR100,000 to Borobudur Interhash 2012, is unprecedented and should be seen as an abomination to all hashers worldwide. At its conclusion, every Interhash closes its books, pays all costs and remits the float to the next Interhash to defray start-up costs. Hornbill received US$25,000 from Perth Interhash 2008 for that purpose. This was not Hornbill’s money but ours, that of the Interhash community. The final accounts of Interhash 2010 reveal that mangement had agreed to forward MR100,000 or approximately US$32,000.00 to Interhash 2012. In an email from Kuching, Borobudur Interhash 2012 Committee was assured the Start-Up Fund would be transferred. But that was easier said than done. Kuching Interhash 2010 and/or Hornbill refused to sign bank transfer papers even when asked

by the official state sponsor, the Sarawak Permanent Secretary of Tourism. Eventually, the InterHash Start-Up Fund of US$24,970, regrettably not the US$32,000 that was promised, was transferred to Borobudur Interhash 2012, days before the event. But more alarming, an amount of Interhash funds in excess of MR500,000 (US$156,675) remains in the bank account of Kuching Interhash 2010 and/or Hornbill even though that amount is rightfully the property of the Interhash community. As such, it should be transferred to Hainan Interhash 2014, thus returning it to the Interhash community. Many reputations have been besmirched by the retention of these funds, including those of the Hornbill Hash House Harriers, the Management Committee of Kuching Interhash 2010, other Kuching Hashes, and the Malaysian Hash Council. Continued delay of the funds transfer can only make the Malaysian Hash Council accomplices to this ongoing travesty. Such a reputational blight can only be cleared by the return of the outstanding funds to the Interhash community. Until the money is returned to the Interhash community, I would encourage all Southeast Asia hashes to ban the Hornbill Hash from further participation in Malaysian or international events. If this does not pressure Hornbill to live up to its obligations, I would strongly encourage the Malaysian Hash Council to consider legal action on behalf of the Interhash community.

Hanratty has attended the last 10 Interhashes, was a vote counter for Interhashes 2008 and 2010, and was Election Monitor for Interhash 2012. He was deputy GM of Interhash 2002.


F INTERhash Kuching Interhash 2010 Committee Member Responds:

What is said is regrettably true. However, the amount of more than RM 500,000 is not entirely surplus. There are expenses still to meet, like accounting and auditing fees, copies of the event’s DVD to be made and posted, and a wrap-up magazine. Also, at least RM 75,000 is due to the three nominated Red Dress Run Charities. The surplus has come about due to several reasons including not being able to offer

everything that was planned, cheaper rent for the venue, claims from third parties for damage to property including farmland (though this should be covered by the insurance), etc. A police report has been lodged and is now under investigation. I believe the bank account is now frozen. Josh “Wheeler” John Interhash Kuching 2010 Committee

Harrier Magazine emailed both Hornbill H3 and Interhash 2010 for a response to Hanratty’s letter. Interhash 2010 Committee Member Josh John responded with this statement by email. Harrier Magazine welcomes further response to this issue, which may be printed or posted online. John emphasized that the response is his alone, not an official committee statement.


china’s First interhash The Most Fun You Can Have With Your Clothes On! Locals describe Hainan, China, as a place most tourists have never heard of, never been, but are likely to return to once their eyes are opened to this tropical island. The international hashing community will learn a lot about Hainan in the coming two years as it won the bid to host Interhash 2014. Details and registration for the biennial event to be held March 13-16, 2014, in Haikou, Hainan Province’s capital, can be found at Hainan is not over commercialized, it’s inexpensive, it has a 14-year hashing track record, and is ‘like nothing else on this planet.’ Located in the South China Sea, Hainan, which means ‘South of the Sea’ became a province in its own right in 1988 (before that it was a backwater belonging to Guangdong Province). Five Finger Mountain reaches 1900 meters in the middle of the island, but most associate Hainan with a coastline of sandy beaches and water sports to suit every taste. Hainan enjoys tropical weather which means it never really gets cold but does have occasional storms. Hainan Hashers claim running in a tropical storm is the best fun possible with clothes on. The Chinese Government recently declared Hainan an International Tourist Island. Locals have no idea what this means, but Hainan is expected to rapidly develop in the next 20 years. This means more five-star hotels and, no doubt, five-star prices. So, the time to visit is now. Accommodation is generally available for 100250 RMB ($15-50USD) per night in what might be considered three-star hotels internationally.


A typical table of 10 people in a restaurant can cost as little as 50 RMB per person for all the food and beer that can be consumed. Hainan still offers value for the money in a country where inflation is a constant problem. Hainan has a history of hashing. It is a popular activity for the young and not so young. It all started when some expats built a brewery 14 years ago. Initially an expat-led kennel, Hainan’s hash soon had many locals joining. Within two years the Laowei (foreigners) departed, no doubt to build breweries elsewhere, and the new GM was a local. Since then, the hash has been mainly a Chinese hash, which is unique, because most Chinese kennels are run by expats. All the songs are in Chinese (except for Swing Low). The down down’s are On The Ice, with no exceptions. Afterwards, hashers go for a meal and then drink into the night at the Hash Bar. It is a truly social club to make new friends and, maybe, find a wife or husband. There are four chapters in Haikou and one in Sanya. Sanya hosted the China Nash Hash in 2004, and Haikou in 2006. Hashers from Beijing and Shanghai commented that the activities in Hainan would have been too expensive to run elsewhere. Hainan is accessible. A one-hour plane ride from Hong Kong, Hainan also has some direct international flights from around Asia. Transport within the island is easy with trains and buses to all destinations. Travelling in and around the island is pleasurable. The road network has been vastly improved in the last 10 years. Hainan huan ying ni. In Chinese, Hainan welcomes you.

The Hainan Bid table a t Interhash 2012, Java .

Local “water taxis” are re ady to whisk you up and down the Brunei River or guid e you throug h Brunei’s historic Wat er Village.

Brunei story & photos by Rob James

Historic Kennels of


Gently tucked beneath the rich green canopies of Borneo, Brunei’s land and rainforests undulate, with only few areas flat enough to stop a fallen coconut from rolling, making for ideal hashing terrain.

Brunei boasts some of the oldest hashing groups in the world. According to, the mens-only Bandar Seri Begawan Hash was established in 1963 and is the third oldest kennel in the world. The Brunei Hen House Harriers, founded in 1966, claim to be the world’s oldest ladies hash with the slogan, ‘where bums and boobs bounce best.’ There are mixed and junior hashes in addition to multiple male-only and female-only kennels in Brunei. Brunei Darussalam, known officially as the Nation of Brunei: the Abode of Peace, is Borneo’s only sovereign state and is currently under the

rule of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah. Islamic through and through, the call to prayer can be heard intermittently throughout the day. The serenity of this Asian developing oil-rich country seems only interrupted by the daily rain showers which refresh its fertile lands, wildlife, and 400,000 citizens before giving way to the piercing equatorial sun. Daytime finds an array of opportunities for the nature lover, as there is no shortage of hiking trails, parks, horseback riding, beaches, and other outdoor activities.

Eager boatmen can be hired to tour Brunei by water. Depending on negotiation skills, for 10-15 Brunei dollars (about $8-12 USD), water villages can be toured. Further out, boats take visitors to mangrove forests to feed the ever-present Proboscis monkeys. If relaxation is needed, there are spas, massage parlors and swimming pools. Both luxury and budget accommodations are available. The recently completed waterfront in the capital, Bandar Seri Begawan, offers numerous cafes and restaurants. Day and night markets in town make for leisurely strolls, and are a great place to pick up exotic fruits or other inexpensive food while soaking in the culture. For architecture lovers, Brunei offers a few gems and is constantly building more. The golden mosque and palace domes rise above the tree line as symbols of Bruneian dedication to God and the Sultan. Even with the development and economic boom of the last few decades, Brunei protects nearly 75% of its land as untouched rainforest, making it a destination for both outdoorsmen and hashers alike. When the monkeys, lizards, and snakes have all called it a day, nightlife is available by car just across the Malay border in neighboring Miri, Limbang or by boat in nearby Labuan. While restaurants and bars are plentiful in these locations, a possible downside to these crossings is that the border closes at 10 pm, making it necessary to bunk with friends or get a hotel

Relax with w orld-class lux ury and stun views of the ning South China Sea at the E Hotel & Coun m pire try Club

room before returning to Brunei the next day, possibly hungover, but with a fresh supply of libations. Most hashers fly into the capital city, but they will likely roam the country’s various districts. Regardless where they end up, there will likely be multiple nearby hashes to choose from. If attending a jungle hash, which describes nearly every hash in Brunei, be prepared with proper hash gear. Many hashers wear football boots (soccer cleats) and long socks as standard attire. Some even wear shin guards or mechanic’s jumpsuits, sporting an embroidered hash’s logo, to protect them from the surprises waiting deep within the jungle. Alcohol is not sold legally in Brunei, but non-Muslim visitors (i.e. hashers) may bring 12 cans of beer and two bottles of spirits per 48 hours. Consumption of these beverages is legal, with discretion, in hotels (and supposedly some restaurants), and there seems to be no shortage of cool refreshing beverages when hashers congregate (cough, cough—hint, hint). Living in Brunei may not be for the average tourist accustomed to western ways, but visiting and hashing in this nation is nothing short of remarkable. Beauty and relaxation are available to every traveler who enters Brunei, but for the hasher, there is adventure and challenge waiting in those vibrant hills of the ‘Abode of Peace.’

Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddie n Mosque, one of Southeast Asia’s most magnifi cent mosques

the ly exit e e f a s , som SBH3 rom B est reserve f s r e Hash erakas for d. B in han dense reshments ef with r

Swiss Cheese, Chocolate & Hash By TailGate, Bern H3

Picturesque mountains, world famous chocolate and cheese define Switzerland, but hashing in this European nation should be included on this list of wonders. To get an idea what Swiss hashing is all about, there is no better way to get acquainted than by attending the annual nash hash which takes place August 17-19, 2012 near Interlaken. This year’s Swiss Nash Hash is being hosted by the Bern kennel. For more information see: Zßrich hosted the first Swiss Nash Hash in 1992.


Hashing in Switzerland is the best way to see the country, meet friends and have a few drinks. Designated drivers aren’t necessary in Switzerland if hashers take advantage of the convenient and punctual public transportation. There are plenty of mountains (the Alps and the Jura range), castles, chalets and farmhouses with flower boxes galore. It’s green in the summer, sometimes snowy in the winter with fresh, healthy air year-round. Lakes and rivers abound. Farmland is plentiful with grazing cows working to produce the main ingredients for cheese and chocolate. Switzerland is multicultural and multilingual. The French speaking Romandie is represented by two hashes in Geneva. There are a few hashes in the German speaking regions including the capital city of Bern, the financial center of Zürich and picturesque Luzern, in the heart of the country. Basel is in the far northwest, located close to the borders of France and Germany, where it is possible to hash in three different countries

without much of a commute. Schaffhausen, also located near the German border, features the Rhine Falls, a major tourist attraction. Occasionally, Swiss kennels get together to host special events. Outstation runs can find hashers in the sunny Italian speaking part of Switzerland for a joint LUST run (LUgano and South Ticino) or discover how spooky it can be with the BerZuBa Triangle H3 (BERn ZUrich BAsel hash) during Halloween. Hashers can run long and hard with the BITCH hash (Because It’s Tuesday in CH). There is the monthly BUMS hash (Bacchanalia Under the MoonShine) every full moon. Acronyms abound in Switzerland. The newest member of the Swiss hash family was founded in May 2012 in Fribourg, just southwest of Bern. The region where Fribourg is located is called Röstigraben, literally rösti ditch. It lies on the border of the German and French speaking areas, and it is where the popular dish called rösti originates.

In Switzer land, we ne ver run out up! (Means of treak is lea ding the w ay.)

Flame, Am nesia and T eacher’s Pe enjoy a day t out in the Jura moun tains

Shhhh! Here’s a little known secret: the Indochina Mekong Hash (IMH) is fast becoming a premiere event on the global hash calendar. IMH rotates between five countries, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and this year, Vietnam, with a loyal following of hashers from more than 35 countries. Hanoi Hash House Harriers hosts the annual event October 26-28, 2012. Registration costs $125 and is available online at, limited to 250 half minds. For those who have never been to Hanoi, Vietnam, or Indochina, here is a quick week in the life of a Hanoi hasher. Believe it or not, living in Hanoi can be quite stressful. To tourists,Hanoi is an historic, cultural city. Walking through the twisting, seemingly endless alleyways, soaking up the sights and smells of Vietnam’s capital is exciting to firsttime visitors. Highlights include visiting museums, Hoan Kiem Lake, pagodas, or just sitting on little plastic stools curbside, to eat some Bun Cha (rice noodle soup with pork and vegetables) and drink Bia Hoi (local, often flat, cheap keg beer). Further out, excursions will lead adventures to Sapa in

the mountains or UNESCO World Heritage Site Halong Bay, among other places. But what does Hanoi mean to locals and expats? The traffic can be very challenging. Crossing the street is best done with eyes closed, a slow walk and a pedestrian’s faith in God.With so much construction going on, blue skies are rarely seen, and dust and noise pollution takes its toll. Land is a valuable commodity, so it’s almost impossible to find an empty lot to kick a ball around with friends. Concrete is the material of choice. Birds can only be seen in cages or hanging by the neck at noodle stands, and dogs are a delicacy at some Hanoi restaurants. To get back to nature, hashers meet at the American Club every Saturday at 1.30pm to

Relieve the Stress in

HANOI by Bernard Cunningham photographs by Pieter Janssen


catch the rickety, yellow hash bus and set off for greener pastures. The destination is known only to the hares, and sometimes to the driver. After an hour or so, open fields, paddies and banana plantations take over the landscape. At the run site, hashers begin to organise and leave the suited and booted city-type people behind. Saturdays are for running, drinking, singing, drinking more, rabble rousing, drinking again and circling. The trail goes over hills (the hope is not too often), across paddy fields, (praying the military is not practising target shooting) around lakes and through lush forest (if it hasn’t yet been cut down to build a house). Relief and hope surfaces with a beer at the half way point. War stories about the first half of the trail are exchanged, ‘those Vietnam vets had it easy back then.’ The circle forms in half light, because the sun sets early. The hares are praised, the virgins welcomed, the beer bitch chastised; songs and ditties, jokes and accusations ring out, laughter and camaraderie abound. After the On On, thoughts shift to Monday and the real world, but hope springs eternal because Saturday is only a week away.

Mountian town near Joga, Indonesia

Tex-Mex Intercourse El Paso, Texas Angkor HHH, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Interhash 2012 Chairman with the President of Indonesia Accra HHH Ghana, Africa

Philippines Hash Bash, Subic Bay


By Ann Smith


inging legend Elvis Presley, blues music and championship barbecue all call Memphis, Tennessee home. The USA Nash Hash will pay visit to this vibrant city on the banks of the Mississippi River in 2012. Hashers can mark their calendars for October 5-8, Columbus Day weekend, for this biennial event. On October 4, there will be a midtown prelube hash and pub crawl. The main event, which is a camping hash, starts on October 5. The beer truck


The top tou rist site in M emphis is Gracelan d

will be tapped by noon. Plans include games of flip cup, shadow dancing, carrier landings, and naked fire jumping. Dinner will feature Memphis’ famous barbecue. Four trails, from zippy to ball buster, will be offered on Saturday followed by skits and Hash Olympics. Half minds can choose a different trail on Sunday and later attend a party downtown at the Memphis hash house bar, Kudzu’s. On Monday, after breakfast and the hangover run, hashers are invited to enjoy Memphis.

The pack c rosses one of the many tribu taries of t h e Mississippi Riv er in the M emphis area during Hash-Ganis tan.

The top tourist site in Memphis is Graceland, Elvis’ home and final resting place. Visitors can tour the house, gravesite, nostalgia museums and see Elvis’ collection of cars and airplanes. New Orleans has Bourbon Street, but Memphis has Beale Street. There is no better place to hear blues and rock. The Rock and Soul Museum, located next to the Gibson Guitar Factory, showcases the history of music in Memphis. Sun Studio was home to Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash early in their careers.

Oral Proje ction mode ls a mustache and a Dead Elv is jumpsuit style T-shir t. Head Bo ne Handler can be see n in the ba ckground.

Visitors love downtown for an array of entertainment including Ghost River Brewery, FedEx Forum (home of the NBA Memphis Grizzlies), National Civil Rights Museum (Martin Luther King was assassinated outside the Lorraine Motel in Memphis in 1968), and Mud Island River Park (on the Big Muddy, the Mississippi River). The Memphis Zoo in Overton Park is rated as one of the best zoos in the United States with polar bears, pandas and meerkats. Want to see more of the region? Tennessee’s capital, Nashville, is to country music what Memphis is to blues and New Orleans is to jazz. The Grand Ole Opry is located in Nashville which is a three-hour drive east of Memphis. Hot Springs, Arkansas, where visitors can soak in spring waters in a 1920’s era bathhouse, is three hours west. Tunica, Mississippi’s casinos are 45 minutes south of Memphis. Jerk Off, left, and C lerk Jerk p after cree ose ping throug h the shigg camouflage y in on a run th ey called H Ganistan f ashor its sava ge terrain.

Mismanagement is capping the number of registrations at 250 for USA Nash Hash. The venue is a private horse stable turned campground, about 15 minutes by car, north of the city. The first 69 paid registrations cost $77, the next 69 will pay $88, and so on. Find information online at The camping cost is $10 per person per day and not included in the registration. The committee promises a t-shirt, sandals, patch, some meals, beer, sunburn, insect bites, poison ivy and a sack to carry hash gear. Memphis Hash House Harriers was started in February 1982 by Flip Flop Stovall, Barnacle Bill and a handful of US Marines. The kennel celebrated its 30th anniversary with a1980’s Retro Red Dress Run in February. Another top event, the annual Dead Elvis Hash, is scheduled this year for August 17-19, the weekend closest to the anniversary of his passing in 1977. FedEx may have made Memphis the global hub of shipping, but the people make Memphis the hub of entertainment and fun.


Off the Beaten Trail in


By Deric Probst-Wallace Hong Kong conjures images of skyscrapers, lights, noise and lots of people. To a certain extent that is correct. But few travellers know that 60 percent of Hong Kong is protected parkland containing mountains, jungle, rocky river beds and beaches. Calling itself a hasher’s paradise, Hong Kong welcomes the All China Nash Hash 2012 during the weekend of September 7-9. Online registration is now available at Registration fee is currently HK$988, about USD120, until 31 July, rising to HK$1088, about USD140 from 01 August. This includes


haberdash, transportation, 3 runs, 2 bashes and 1 party. Hong Kong consists of some 250 South China Sea islands. The ex-British colony lies on the south coast of China and is a hub of Southeast Asia business, and hashing. Popular Hong Kong tourist attractions include Victoria Peak, the Star Ferry, shopping on Nathan Road, numerous museums, Ocean Park and Disneyland. One of the true pleasures of Hong Kong is wandering around Kowloon, getting lost amongst the maze of curio shops and restaurants, serving excellent regional food.

On the opposite side of Victoria Harbour, walk amongst the most expensive real estate in Asia. Central is home to the global headquarters of several banks, insurance and trading companies. The multimedia Symphony of Light laser and music show happens each night at Victoria Harbour. The scenery is breathtaking, but sadly so is Hong Kong’s air pollution. Fresher air and great running can be found outside of the mass of skyscrapers and grid locked streets teaming with shops, offices and aroma laden Dai Pai Dongs (noodle shops). A short commute from the commercial centre finds hashers in parks and on islands which feature fabulous trails offering some real challenges.

With a land mass half the size of Mauritius and a population of fewer than 7 million, amazingly Hong Kong is home to 15 hashes. These include Hong Kong and Kowloon Hashes meeting on Monday nights, Ladies Hong Kong Hash on Tuesday nights, Little Sai Wan and Northern New Territories Hashes on Wednesday nights, Royal South Side Hash on Thursday nights and Sek Kong and Wanchai Hashes which both run on Sundays. HK Friday Hash, Free China Hash (Saturday) and Sai Kung Saturday Hash meet monthly. The HK Hash House Babes run Saturday afternoons on alternate months. Hashers can also join occasional Blood Runs (the men’s time of the month) and T8 Hashes (which

Hong Kong

- the Fragr

ant Harbor

The older hashers ne ed the Has Nurse in at h tendance

only runs when a Typhoon Level 8 warning is raised). Once a year, all come together for Santa Hash to help raise money for Operation Santa Claus that assists local charities. Profits from this year’s All China Nash Hash will be donated to Santa Hash 2012. Popular hash bars for die hards include the ‘Queen Victoria’, ‘Spicy Fingers’ and ‘The Wanch’ in Wanchai district while those in the New Territories opt for the ‘King’s Belly’ in Taipo. This is the first time that the All China Nash Hash will take place in Hong Kong but The Forbidden Hash, Hong Kong’s own Nash Hash, was held in 2003. Hong Kong also hosted the first world Interhash in 1978. Trails will be laid in numerous locations across the territory so hashers will get a chance to see a different side of Hong Kong away from a normal traveller’s itinerary. Hong Kong is no newcomer to Hash House Harrier’s history, having established its first kennel more than 40 years ago. Time to say hello and get reacquainted with an old friend.

Always a p

retty view

at a Hash H


Hash babe

s on trail

On home -

Beer near!

Featured HHH Pub:

The Queen Victoria By Stuart Jackets


Hong Kong


This column features favorite hash pubs around the world, profiling watering holes that readers can visit at upcoming hash events, or old favorites. What makes the pub hash friendly? What drink discounts are offered? Be the place in town where visitors can getinformation about the local hash and meet up with hashers on non-running days.

Hash pub owners, event organizers, or any hasher who wants to share a favorite bar with our readers should email:

The Queen Victoria Pub in Hong Kong came a long way from its January 2011 opening until today, as an official sponsor of the All China Nash Hash slated for September 7-9, 2012. A month prior to opening, the Queen Vic, as it is popularly known, had an operating license, but no chairs or drink glasses. Owner-Manager Stuart Jackets, hash name ‘Queenie’, rolled up his sleeves and got to work. The Queen Vic successfully opened as a well-appointed hash favored watering hole on the Wanchai entertainment scene and hasn’t missed a beat. The traditional British pub, complete with bar area, Union Jack motifs and pictures of HRH Vicki (Queen Victoria) features cold drinks, typical pub grub and a dancing pole. A dancing pole? What is traditional about that? Jackets explains that prior to the current incarnation as the Queen Vic, the former owners ran a girlie bar on the Lockhart

Road site. The design architect kept the dancing pole and it gets regular use from locals and expats. It gets particularly heavy use after the Sunday Wanchai Hash (one of more than a dozen Hong Kong hashes), and not only by harriettes. A regular hasher and 20-year Hong Kong resident, Jackets prides himself on his laidback approach and friendly personality that welcomes weary, tired and emotional hashers. A self-proclaimed major figure on the Hong Kong bar circuit, Jackets originally hails from sunny Southend in England. The Queen Vic celebrated its first anniversary with lion dancers, free food and drinks. Jackets looks forward to welcoming local and visiting hashers from near and far to the All China Nash Hash and the Queen Vic for a cold one, or three.

-The Queen Victoria Hong Kong -108 Lockhart Road





! E R HE



Tts to: N E V ven azi

Eubmit errierMag

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Flying Boog

2012 Charity Red Dress Run Events

Jul 14-22 2012: Hedonism II. Negril, Jamaica.

July 1, 2012 Ottawa Hash House Harriers Red Dress Run. Celebrate Canada Day by running in a red dress!

Aug 3-5 2012: German Nash Hash. Stuttgart, Germany.

Saturday, July 14, 2012 San Francisco Hash House Harriers Red Dress Run. August 11, 2012 New Orleans Hash House Harriers Red Dress Run. October 6, 2012 Washington, DC Area Hash House Harriers Red Dress Run.

October 26-28, 2012 Las Vegas Red Dress Run For more Red Dress Run events, plus history, traditions and other information, go to You may also “like” the Red Dress Runs Facebook page and join the Twitter conversation with @RedDressRuns.

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Jul 20-22 2012: Essex H3 Aleympics 2012. Essex, UK. Jul 23 2012: Subic Bay H3 19th Anniversary. Olongapo, Philippines. Contact Scott Paul, email

Aug 17-19 2012: Swiss Nash Hash. Beatenberg, Switzerland. Aug 17-19 2012: Norfolk H3 1500th & Paralytic Olympics. Norfolk, UK. Aug 24-26 2012: Frankfurt H3 25th Anniversary. Voglesberg, Germany. Cont. next page

Hashing Ghana,


Aug 24-26 2012: Elgin H3 1500th. Elgin, UK. Aug 31-Sep 2 2012: Bicester H3 2000th. Oxfordshire, UK. Aug 31-Sep 3 2012: Colorado InviHashional 2012. Snowmass CO, USA. Sep 7-9 2012: All China Nash Hash. Hong Kong. Sep 7-9 2012: Danish Nash Hash. Arup, Denmark. Sep 7-9 2012: Pan Indo Hash 2012. Manado, Indonesia. Oct 5-8 2012: USA Nash Hash. Memphis TN, USA. tabid/63/Default.aspx



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Oct 6-8 2012: Japan Nash Hash. Hiroshima, Japan. 20 October 2012: Angkor H3 Pre Lube to Indochina Mekong Hash Siem Reap, Cambodia Oct 26-28 2012: Amsterdam H3 1000th. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Oct 26-28 2012: Hanoi H3 Indochina Mekong Hash. Hanoi, Vietnam. Feb 15-17 2013: NZ Nash Hash. Canvastown, Nelson, New Zealand.

Hashing in the m ountians of Java, Indonesia (Inter hash 2012)

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Calendar 2012 July 01 Gold Coast Airport Marathon/Half/10k/5k Gold Coast, Australia

October 21 Beijing Marathon/Half/9k/Mini Beijing, China

July 15 Pattaya Marathon Thailand

November 18 Bangkok Marathon Bangkok, Thailand

July 28 Australia Outback Marathon/Half/11k Ayers Rock, Australia

November 18 Penang Bridge Int’l Marathon/Half/10k Penang, Malaysia

September 18 Sydney Marathon Sydney, Australia

November 20 Antarctic Ice Marathon/Half/Mile/100k Antarctica, South Pole

October 07 Colombo Marathon/Half/10k/5k Colombo, Sri Lanka

December 2 Angkor Wat 1/2 Marathon/10k Siem Reap Cambodia From USA:

October 20 Amari Watergate Midnight Run Bangkok, Thailand

December 2 Singapore Marathon/Half/10k Singapore

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The 15th Amari Watergate & BMW Charity Midnight Run More than 5,000 runners will take to the streets of the Big Mango on October 20, 2012 for the 15th edition of the Amari Watergate & BMW Charity Midnight Run. This one of a kind annual event includes both 6Km and 12 Km distances for runners and walkers, and starts and ends at the Amari Watergate hotel in Bangkok. This festive event attracts participants of all ages, from Thailand and around the world, some of whom show up in costumes adding to the color and levity of the event. The after run party at Henry J. Bean’s tops off the night with a celebration that continues well into the early morning hours. This’s years event is projected to raise more than 3 million baht ($100,000USD). All the proceeds from the event will go to charitable causes, including the primary charity, the Chalerm Prakiat School which supports the education of children whose parents have passed away due to HIV infection. The two other charities for this year’s run are Baan Gerda, a children’s village project in Lopburi province that supports HIV-infected children, and Baht for a Better Life Project. City streets along the race course will be closed during the run and protected by a police and security contingent of about 400 officers. Participants are cheered on along the route by local residents, and shop owners, and the management and staff of the Amari Watergate Hotel.

The fastest male and female runners in the 12Km race will receive the Royal trophy of HRH Princess Sirindhorn. Winners in each age category including the family team and the fancy team will receive a trophy. Everyone who crosses the finishing line will receive a special commemorative medal. The Amari Watergate Bangkok will celebrate with all the participants at a cocktail party afterwards at Henry J. Bean’s Bar & Grill, at which there will be a raffle with lots of prizes.

Entry forms can be obtained and purchased at 300 Bht. and 1,000 Bht. Participants who make an entry donation of THB 1,000 will be entered into the grand raffle, and stand a chance to win airline tickets on domestic and international flights, many other prizes like luxurious watches, accommodation and dining gift vouchers from Amari Hotels & Resorts Group and etc. together with a complimentary of running shirt. The first Amari Watergate Midnight run in 1997 attracted some 300 runners. Now 15 years later the number has blossomed to over 5000 participants expected for this year’s event, making it one of the largest running events in Thailand.

For more details, please look into

or contact Clark Hatch Fitness Centre of the Amari Watergate Bangkok at Tel. 0 2653 9000 ext. 5780 – 2 or the hotel’s Public Relations Department ext. 5021

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Hashing in Java, Indonesia (Interhash 2012 )

All changed, changed utterly: A terrible beauty is born. When old W. B. Yeats banged out those lines almost a hundred years ago he was, of course, referring to the momentous changes set in motion in Ireland by the Easter Rebellion in 1916. I use them here to connote something far more grave than a few pissed paddies shooting up the General Post Office in Dublin. I got married. I know. Many years ago a sage hashing companion gave me some good advice on marriage: “Don’t do it”. Those of you who know me, however, can attest that I never take anyone’s advice. And so it was that I recently found myself standing in the center of a hash circle after run 808 of the Vientiane Bush Hash exchanging vows and rings with a Lao harriette while scores of onlooking hashers drank to my demise. Getting married in a hash circle? Perhaps it is necessary here to repeat a line that I have had cause to use rather frequently of late: “I’m just getting married, mate, I’m not having a personality transplant”. Thus it was the wedding was organized around a hash run in Vientiane on 5 May 2012. In the Buddhist calendar 2012 is 2555, hence the abbreviated date becomes 5/5/55. In both Thai and Lao the number five is broadly pronounced “ha”. It seemed fitting when choosing a date, then, to pick one that, when spoken, sounds like an extended laugh. Whether that laugh is ironic and who exactly is laughing at whom remains to be seen. The day began with an animist religious ceremony at my house, or, as I like to call it, sixty hashers (and a few civilians) showing up and drinking piss at 10 o’clock in the morning (actually, apart from the numbers, many

of my Saturday mornings begin like that). Drinking continued until we decamped to the nearby run site for a short jog through the countryside. The circle followed, in which I was duly married under Hash Law – what the hash has joined together let no wanker put asunder – and then it was on to the on-on-on, or, as I like to call it, me standing around gormlessly welcoming hundreds of people I didn’t know while all my hashing mates got stuck into the piss. Fortunately, I was kept well supplied with Beerlao and so, eventually, the evening became a blur of color and movement. The next morning brought, as it so often does, a reckoning. (You will notice that I have demurely skipped over details of the wedding night itself because, well really, who wants to read about me passed out snoring while my new bride sits in the next room drinking wine with harriettes?). I emerged groggily from the bedroom and the first thing I spotted was a large bottle of Jameson’s on the coffee table, still, incredibly, half-full. Well that took care of breakfast. Feeling much more like my usual self, i.e., drunk, I totted up the damage. All told we got through 40 cases of Beerlao, a case of whiskey, and 40 liters of the kind of red wine that comes in cardboard boxes. Not bad considering that


“I’m just ge tting marrie d, mate, I’m not having a personality transplant .”

there were some non-hashers present, who normally never pull their weight in the drinking department. So what now for Kee Mao? Well, I’m told there are some benefits to the institution of marriage and, as is my wont, I have done a bit of research. Apparently, About 40% of married men have sex twice a week, compared to 20-25% of single and cohabitating men. This seems somewhat problematic, as, presumably, the other 75-80% of single blokes are shagging quite a lot more than twice a week. Still, twice a week doesn’t seem too bad to me. What is not clear to me is whether I should allow my new bride to have a say in who I am having sex with those two times a week. I know one has to concede a few things but that seems like going a bit far. What if she doesn’t approve of my choices? No, I think it best to retain my right to choose on this matter. Married hashmen may care to write in and advise. Also, married men apparently drink half as much on average as single men. Well, I have been married for a week or so now and have been monitoring my

own consumption and am pleased to say it remains life-threatengly high, or, as I like to call it, normal. Well done then to all you single chaps who have obviously stepped up the pace since 5 May in order to keep the statistics true. Come over to the house some time for a drink. The big one of course is life expectancy. It seems, according to much research, that being married allows a man on average to live about 10 years longer than he otherwise would. This is useful to know because I now feel less guilty about pouring gin onto my cornflakes in the morning given that I’ve just won a free 10 years. In fact, I intend to take up smoking. Importantly, the life extension benefits appear only to apply to men. This is understandable. I imagine my wife is already pondering ways to kill herself. I just hope she does the washing first. It is a hashing day today and I don’t appear to have any clean running shorts. In any event, like all fools, I intend to attempt to carry on as much as possible as before. Although I note from the beaten posture I assumed when given a seat on the ice as part of my nuptials the other day that perhaps my subconscious has already given in. Nevertheless, there is always hope. While the AKM mansion has been set up in trendy, suburban Vientiane (think views of rice paddies, chickens in the yard, and the power going out a couple of times a day), what passes for my work will keep me on Bangkok for several months at a time throughout the year. And as the great Australian diplomat Sir Les Paterson said, “Bang-kok, whoever named that that town had his head screwed on. You with me boys?”. See you around the grounds. On On.

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We’ll Be There! Will You? 7-9 September 2012 All China Nash Hash Hong Kong 5-7 October 2012 Horas Hash Lake Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia 20 October 2012 Angkor H3 Pre Lube to Indochina Mekong Hash Siem Reap, Cambodia 20 October 2012 15th Amari Watergate Midnight Charity Run Bangkok, Thailand 26-29 October 2012 Mekong Indochina Hash 2012 Hanoi Hanoi, Vietnam 30 October - 5 November 2012 Post Lube to Mekong Indochina Hash Hanoi Hanoi-Saigon, Vietnam

Hashing in Hanoi

Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa Le Charme de l'Indochine

Discover the Angkor Temples and Explore the Khmer Empire with Victoria

Victoria Angkor Resort & Spa, inspired by 20th century colonial architecture and design, is located next to the King’s Residence, overlooking the Royal Gardens. At only ten minutes from the Angkor Vat, the hotel provides a sense of serenity with the nostalgic comfort and elegant reďŹ nement of the French Art de Vivre.

To book, please contact us :

VICTORIA ANGKOR RESORT & SPA - Central Park P.O. Box 93145, Siem Reap Town, Kingdom of Cambodia Tel : +855 63 760 428 Fax : +855 63 760 350 Email :

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