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Vol. 15 No. 12

December 2016

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Europe Correspondent Julie Burgess: Africa Correspondent Julia Stanton: Contributors (in order of appearance): Editorial / Photos / Graphics Automatic Balls Quick Drawers, Rawhide and “Lifa” Jan Venema, Pete Gamble, Don MacDonald and Snowy Neves NTH3 Hash Flash Dayak and Numbuts Jimmy Wilkins Howard Mckay Regular Contributors: Kurt Bodmer, Julie Burgess, Paul Cade, Jim Edens, Randall Salisbury, Ian Slater, Lisa Sukita, Stockholm H3, Jimmy Wilkins Contributors Welcome! We welcome anything related to hashing. * All submissions are subject to the editor’s axe. DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect those of the magazine, its advertisers, publisher or contributors.

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Editor’s Notes December starts with a double whammy at the Angeles City Hash House Harriers 2000th Run and the first Angeles City Craft Beer Festival; a marriage made in heaven. Everyone has a favorite beer and a favorite watering hole, so we’ve launched a new “Bar of the month” feature. If you have a pub you’d like to nominate just let us know about it and you might see it in the next edition of Harrier Magazine. Read on to discover which pub is in the spotlight this month. Hashtorian Howard “Dances with Dogs” McKay offers a brief history of the Angeles City Hash House Harriers. Vietnam Nash Hash and the Nha Trang Hash House Harriers celebrate their four year anniversary. The hospitality of the NTH3 hashers, along with the mighty mountains and beautiful beaches of Nha Trang make this event a must for anyone with Vietnam on their bucket list. Three is the magic number next month when the Bali Hash 2 celebrates its 25th, Victor’s Birthday and Chinese New Year. If you haven’t hashed on the Island of the Gods you owe it to yourself to smell the incense and hash in some of the most scenic terrain on the planet. Eurohash in Vienna is a sure pick for one of the best events next year. Why not extend your European sojourn to include a Pre Lube on a Danube River


cruise or a Post Lube in Slovenia with the amazing Vineyard Hash. Anyone who has been on one of AB’s magical mystery tours will tell you that they are well planned and never lacking in beer, scenery or fun. Have you ever dreamed of hashing in South America? Our correspondents recently hashed in Buenos Aires, Montevideo, and Santiago. Three cities that few hashers have visited are unveiled in this edition. Our esteemed Africa correspondent Head Mistress reports on Harare’s 2000th Run coming up soon. Now is the time to make your travel plans for next year. Philippine Nash Hash will be in Cebu in May. Pan

Asia Hash will be in Sokcho, Korea in October, and Mekong Indochina Hash will be in Laos. We are again pleased to share the latest edition of what may be the best Hash Trash in the world. The Stockholm Absolut Hash Trash has been banned in certain places (as has Harrier Magazine), so they must be doing something right. Be prepared to fall off your chair laughing. With scores of great events coming up in the months ahead, I hope to see you on trail soon. On On, Jim Edens, Editor-in-Chief & Founder Harrier Magazine International Edition Fun on the run since 2002

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On The Cover: Laos Photo By: Jimmy Wilkins

Vietnam 8 Harrier

Eurohash Vienna 2017 Gold Rush Nash Hash: Ballarat Beerfest: Angeles City Indochina Mekong 2017 Philippine Nash Hash 2017 Pan Asia Hash, Korea Angeles City 2000th Bimbo’s Birthday Bash Laguna Phuket Marathon Thai Nash Hash 2017 Interhash 2018 Fiji Angkor Ultra Trail Amari Midnight Charity Run 2016 Hawaii Volcano Run Kuna Marathon


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Euro Hash 2017

Prelube 2 – 5 July 2017

Euro Hash 2017 Vienna • Austria 7 - 9 July 2017

AB’s Blue Danube Hash Cruise 2017

e greatest running WeeKend in the WorLd’s greatest City CONTENTS

by Automatic Balls Just 270 days until we welcome you to hecity longest inof the European Union, the Danube River our beautiful in theriver heart Europe. theregistered second-longest river in Europe after Russia’s Volga. With almostis700 EuroHashers, It begins in the Black Forest region of Germany and runs it looks like we will be fully booked by Christmas. In this edition: through 10 countries (Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, • Cum, whetCroatia, your whistle • Lube-up, Let’s get in the mood and Ukraine) on its Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova • Stampeding hares at the ready and unwind way to the Black Sea. Much older than the Rhine, its basin is thought • 700 and counting are the site • Reminder book yourearliest human cultures, and to have- we been of someto of the almost at capacity accommodation it remains one of Europe’s most important and historic waterways andweawould popular river cruise destination. a lot still for us to do, and love to


ur support for the fun stuff. We are extending Flowing through 10 countries, the Danube is the heart and soul of n for all of those who enjoy the exploratory, d investigative side ofCentral finding and setting Countless cultures and civilizations have used it as Europe. we are looking for Hares. a trade route and economic artery. Armies have been stopped at its ant to tap into the creative juices your banks. Its of boundaries marked the edge of the Roman Empire, and gh our very own singing competition, which its bridges have linked nations. It has inspired vintners to create our kennel a KEG OF BEER. Something to prized wines, composers to write enduring music and hashers to eart and larynx.

lay adventurous trails.

your whistle celebrate the creativity and musical diversity rite pastime (after drinking and other forms of eation, of course), by launching the EuroHash st. esting all participating kennels to put together orming your favourite song. these can then e EuroHash community for all to see, compare

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Hashing In


Our EuroHash 2017 Pre-Lube starts in Vienna. Then, board your ship and begin exploring the natural beauty of Austria. Enjoy the serene atmosphere as you glide along the river, passing quaint villages and scenic beauty. Chilling, chatting and drinking with your hash bodies on our ship, since most drinks are included and enjoy guided sightseeing in Slovakia’s vibrant capital of Bratislava. Our hash journey includes one overnight stay in Bratislava, another stop in a medieval Slovakian village and our last night in exciting Budapest, including guided sightseeing and time to explore on your own. Enjoy Hungarian cuisine and hashing with the local hash kennel.

South America

Hashing Tour by Quick Drawers, Rawhide and “Lifa”


Buenos Aires: – October 2016 I would recommend that you schedule your planned visit to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to coincide with their Bi-weekly Hash schedule, as you would not want to miss an opportunity to hash with this group. I would also suggest contacting a member of their mismanagement team during your planning process. This extra step ensures you may become aware of any potential changes due to season, Holidays, special events, etc. A very reliable contact for the Buenos Aires hash is “Inspect Her Assets”, who will make sure the group knows you are coming and will also answer any questions you may have. Traveling with “Rawhide” and “Lifa”, both former GM’s of the Seoul Hash, was an added bonus vs traveling by oneself. “Inspect Her Assets” put us into contact with “Good Service”, whom we met at her house, so we could all ride together with “Doon Doon”. The BAH3 Saturday Oct 15th hash (rescheduled from Sunday the 16th due to Mother’s Day) started/finished at the hare’s house. It would have been much more challenging to reach that location, an hour from our hotel, on our own. Our Hare on this day, was “One Bolt, Two Nuts” who proceeded to live hare the trail for the running members of the group, while I was part of the three-walking hash group. The light rain falling both before and during the hash, failed to dampen any hash spirits as expected. There was a generous beer stop, where both groups met, in a local park and then it was off again onto the finish.

32 Harrier




th A g In mer ica

Circle activities were conducted in the hares’ spacious house, by acting GM “Meat My Pussy� most recently from hashing with the Cairo Hash. There were also four virgin Hashers in attendance on this day. As sometimes commented upon when referencing Latin American venues, there was no hurry to conclude the generous festivities and we enjoyed the company of this lively group for the greater part of the afternoon. Visitors should not consider driving to a BAH3 event, unless they are planning on being the designated driver upon its conclusion, as this group does not skimp on the Beer or food provided and is in no hurry for anyone to depart. Thanks to everyone in the Buenos Aires Hash for making our visit to your beautiful city a very memorable one.

Harare Hash House Harriers


Celebrate their 2000th Run by Jan Venema, Pete Gamble, Don MacDonald and Snowy Neves


Hash started in Salisbury (Harare) back in the 1950s, when troops returned from serving in the Malaya Emergency, and brought the concept of hashing with them. The club ran for just over a year and then interest waned and it died. Harare Hash House Harriers (H4), as we know it today, was started in March 1984, primarily by Sue and Chris Swain from Australia. Sue was a founding member of the Nairobi Hash. She believed that it was time for Southern Rhodesia to properly come of age! She roped in one or two runners from the University of Zimbabwe and diplomats from the Australian and British embassies - H4 was born. It was very much a ‘Family’ Hash, with young parents and children enjoying the fun. Since then, the ‘Hash’ has grown from strength to strength, providing fellowship and friendship to all age groups and mingling ‘old hands’, newcomers and visitors alike.

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Nha Trang H3 2017 Vietnam Nash Hash & 4th Anniversary Weekend 24-26 March 2016

photos by NTH3 Hash Flash


ha Trang H3 is celebrating its 4th anniversary in conjunction with Vietnam Nash Hash on the weekend of 24-26 March.

Being the nation’s premier beachside destination and boasting great Hashing country just minutes from the city centre it is ideally situated for major events such as this.

56 Harrier



Vietn In am

INDOCHINA ASH MEKONG H 2017 DR P s o a L , e n ia t n Vie


by Dayak and Numbuts


photos by Jimmy Wilkins

he 2017 Indochina Mekong Hash will be held in Vientiane, Laos, over the Friday 3rd November to Sunday 5th November 2017 weekend.

This will be the third time that this event has been held here. It was previously held in Vientiane in 1999 and in 2005. In 2011 the event was held in Luang Prabang, Laos. Vientiane is the small and compact capital city of Laos, but returning hashers will be surprised by how much it has grown in the last few years. The traffic has increased tenfold but is still sedate, compared to most other SE Asia cities anyway. It still has all the great eating and drinking establishments of old, as well as many new ones.

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About Angeles City Hashing by Howard Mckay


ashing in Angeles City first saw the light of day on the weekend of 19th and 20th August 1978. A pack of 25 hashers, including hashers from Manila, ran the inaugural run on Clark Air Base on Saturday 19th August and next day a second run was organised which ran through down-town Angeles. The hares for run No 1 were Bill Booker and Walt Daniels. Bill Booker is credited with being the founder of the Clark Base Hash House Harriers - as the club was originally called - and Walt Daniels was the first Grand Master. Both these characters have long since departed the shores of the Philippines but a debt of gratitude must be given to them for starting the great Hashing tradition here in Angeles. Â From our humble beginnings, hashing in Angeles has indeed become a way of life. Our regular run day is now a Sunday and we have not missed a Sunday run in years. Even the Pinatubo volcano did not stop the run although on one Sunday there were two hares and one hound. Of course, there is not a single hound running today who was on that first run. One of the longest ACH3 harriers who is still in touch is Rob Denny who was Treasurer for the 1990 Manila Interhash. Unfortunately he left to live in Australia some years ago. He ran 665 runs before his departure.

e r e h T e B l l ’ e W Angeles City 2000th Run 1-4 December Angeles City, Philippines


Angeles City Craft Brew Festival 2-4 December Angeles City, Philippines Bimbo’s Birthday Bash 24-26 Feb 2017 Angeles City, Philippines Indochina Mekong Hash 3-5 November 2017 Vientiane, Laos

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Hashing in Laos photo by Jimmy Wilkins

December 2016 Preview  

December starts with a double whammy at the Angeles City Hash House Harriers 2000th Run and the first Angeles City Craft Beer Festival; a ma...