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Three Final Ideas!



Most fatal stabbings involve a kitchen knife

84% of males are stabbed

The ages between 16 to and 24 are either victims or violent offenders

Knife crime can get someone up to four years in prison

Hiding a gun for someone else could get you 5 years in prison




Since 2008 individuals are buying video games more rather than DVD’S

In the UK mobile phones are stolen every three minutes

More than 180 million IPhones have been sold

At one point UK police officers had received around 11,000 phantom calls a day

In the year 2011 the UK consumer sent 50 texts a week and 150 billion text messages




Anorexics are afraid of becoming over weight or fat

Bulimia can lead to heart attacks

Those living in London were found to be taking the most class A drugs

Less people under the age of 18 don’t experiment with drugs

Teenagers are more likely to die from prescription drugs than heroin and cocaine

Youngsters who drink alcohol are 50% more likely to take cocaine than those who don’t


Final three ides  
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