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Send your answers in a WORD DOCUMENT to this e-mail:

Time to write: 1. Imagine that you live in that city and one day you get lost in the infected area. Tell your story in 120 – 180 words and follow these instructions: a. Use the instructions in the student book page 148 to write the STORY. b. Use at least 5 comparissons and 5 superlatives. You cannot repeat the adjectives. c. Use at least 5 of the words in the student book, page 134, exercise 1 or 4 (underline them).

Time to listen: (These conversations are in your student book, page 132) 2. Listen to the conversation and match the feeling with the speakers.

Conversation 1 3. Listen again and match the speakers to the pictures.

Conversation 2

4. Listen and organize the conversation.

Conversation 3

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