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Answer the following questions about the movie: 1. What is Puss in Boots’ profession? 2. What abilities does he have? 3. Where does he live? 4. Describe this place using the vocabulary from your student book, page 72. (Use at least 10 words) 5. Compare the place where Puss lives and Popayan. Use the comparatives we have studied. a. 3 sentences using AS… AS. b. 3 sentences using LESS… THAN. c. 3 sentences using MORE… THAN. (long adjectives) d. 3 sentences using … ER THAN. (short adjectives) 6. When Puss is in the bar the men offer him different objects to steal. Which ones does he accept and refuse and why? 7. What was the most exciting moment of the movie for you? 8. What was the most thrilling moment of the movie for you? 9. What was the funniest moment of the movie for you?

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A set of questions about the movie Puss in Boots.