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Answer the following questions about the movie. 1. What are the names of the main characters? 2. Make a table with the three main characters where you write the REAL and UNREAL abilities. Puss Real He drinks milk.

Unreal He talks

3. Where and how does Puss find out about the magic beans? 4. How do Jack and Jill find a vacancy in a full hotel? 5. Where does Puss talk to Humpty Dumpty for the first time in the movie? 6. Why is Puss angry with Humpty Dumpty? 7. What is Humpty’s big dream? 8. Why did Humpty and Puss start to have problems in the town they live in? 9. Why do Humpty and Puss start to walk different ways?

10. Describe the plan that Humpty does when he starts to feel jealous about Puss popularity. What do you think about it? Create some sentences using the words given and the information about the movie. 11. Evil _________________________________________. 12. Fantastic _________________________________________. 13. Fascinated _________________________________________. 14. Heartbroken _________________________________________. 15. Shocked _________________________________________. 16. Terrified _________________________________________. 17. Terrifying _________________________________________. 18. Weird _________________________________________.

Make a short research on the internet and answer the following questions. 19. What is C.G.I.? 20. Mention some of the uses for the C.G.I. 21. Do you prefer watching movies that include some C.G.I. effects or completely based on C.G.I.? Why? 22. What C.G.I. effects do you like the most about the movie Puss in Boots? Oral production: 23. Make a story board with five frames from the movie Puss in Boots. 24. Create a conversation or narration for each frame. 25. Record the frames of the story board and your voice making the conversation o narration using your camera or cellphone camera. Send the file with the rest of the answers to the teachers e-mail.


A set of questions about the movie Puss in Boots.

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