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Answer the following questions with your own information: 1. What do you think about immortality? 2. If you could choose to be a child or a teenager or an adult forever, which one would you choose? Why? 3. What would you do if you had only one day of life? Answer the following questions with information from the movie: 4. Make a short summary of the movie using 5 sentences. 5. What are the names of the main characters? 6. Make a short description of them or some of their activities using the vocabulary from the student book, page 46, exercise 1. 7. Why did costs keep rising in the Ghetto? Do you think this situation happens in real life? 8. Why do the people in the movie have a clock in their forearm? 9. Make tree clocks similar to the ones of the characters in which you show the following times: a. One day, twenty-four minutes, six seconds. b. Twenty years, Two weeks, Sixty seconds.

c. One hundred years, eight months, three weeks, four days, nine hours, thirty one minutes, two seconds. 10. What is the currency in the movie? How is this more reliable for the bank loans and debts? 11. Imagine you can use anything as currency, what would you use? Why? Work with your parents or any older relative to answer these questions: 12. Give some examples to describe the change in currency and costs that has happened in Colombia in the last: a. 50 years. b. 25 years. c. 5 years. 13. Make a table where you compare the following information from your grandparents, parents and yours. I Age when entered school

My mom/dad

My grandpa/ma

Allowances in primary school Allowances in high-school Level of Scholarship Age at first crush (love) Age at first kiss Age at first child Age when learnt to drive Number of brothers and/or sisters 14. According to the information above, what things have increased and what have decreased?

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a set of questions abou the movie in time.