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Answer the questions according to the movie and your opinion. 1. 2. 3. 4.

What do you think about the movie? Why do you think they called the movie Husk? What are the names of the main characters? Make a short description of each. Where do you think they are from? Why?

Read the questions and choose the best answer. 5. While in the car, a. Brian drives, Johnny is in the side-seat, Nathalie and Cris sleep in the back seat and Scoth reads a book. b. Cris drives, Johnny is in the side-seat, Nathalie and Brian sleep in the back seat and Scoth reads a book. 6. Why did they stop in that place? a. They stopped because they wanted to rest. b. They stopped because they rushed into some crows. c. They stopped because they wanted to eat some corn. d. They didn’t stop, everything was an illusion. 7. While Scoth was entering the corn field, he said: “I love corn!” In this expression he: a. Was referring to his love for the corn. b. Was referring to his love for the music band Korn. c. Was being sarcastic because he doesn’t love corn. d. Was being sarcastic because he doesn’t love the music band Korn. 8. Why do the farmers place scarecrows in the crop fields? a. Because it contributes to the prosperity of the crops. b. To scare the crows. c. To prevent the animals from eating the crops. d. Because it is an ancient farmer tradition. 9. The name of the farmer brothers were: a. Corey and Alex. b. Brian and Cris. c. Alan and Cris. d. Alex and Corey. Read the text and answer the questions. In the 1719 novel Robinson Crusoe, by Daniel Defoe, the main character attempts to keep birds from eating his newly sowed corn stalks. As a discouragement, he shoots several of the birds and then hangs them in rows, such as English prisoners. The remaining birds are so frightened that they refuse to even remain in the area. While not the modern idea of a scarecrow, Crusoe does remark, "...I could never see a bird near the place as long as my scarecrows hung there." (Crusoe is generally thought of as

the first English novel to use the term and it is possible that the term owes its popularity to this appearance.) Nathaniel Hawthorne's short story "Feathertop" is about a scarecrow created and brought to life in seventeenth century Salem, Massachusetts by a witch in league with the devil. He is intended to be used for sinister purposes and at first believes himself to be human, but develops human feelings and deliberately cuts his own life short when he realizes what he really is. The basic framework of the story was used by American dramatist Percy MacKaye in his 1908 play The Scarecrow. 10. The underlined word them refers to: a. The corn stalks. b. The rows. c. The birds. d. The 1719 novel. 11. The underlined word does is used in the sentence to: a. Emphasize the sense of the sentence. b. Negate the sentence. c. Make a question. d. Conjugate the verb. 12. The purpose of the first paragraph may be: a. Communicate the origin of the word scarecrow. b. Communicate how the first scarecrow was made. c. Communicate the appearance of the first scarecrow in literature. d. Communicate how Robinson Crusoe defended his corn stalks. 13. The underlined expression in league with means: a. To be in accordance with. b. To be fond of. c. To be in love with. d. To be on the side of. 14. The purpose of the second paragraph may be: a. Tell how the scarecrow died. b. Tell the story of the first scarecrow brought to a film. c. Tell a summary of the Feathertop scarecrow story. d. To describe the feelings of a scarecrow.

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