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Writing Make a paragraph where you answer the following questions. 1. What kind of movie is it (comedy, animated, sci-fi‌)? 2. What is the movie about? 3. Who are the main characters? 4. Where does the movie take place? 5. What do you think about the movie? 6. What was your favorite part of the movie? 7. What was the most boring part of the movie?

Listening – Grammar

8. Listen to a short talk about Colombia. Complete the chart. Facts about Colombia Location Population Language Industries Agricultural products

9. Listen again. Circle the words that the speaker mentions about Colombia.

a. Beaches b. Volcanoes c. Snow-capped mountains d. Rivers e. Lakes f. Hot lowland plains

Speaking – Grammar


Answer the following questions about the listening. Use

the passive voice. Record your answers and send them to my e-mail. a. Where is it located? Colombia IS LOCATED in ‌._______________________ b. What cities are found there? c. What languages are spoken? d. What currency is used? e. What famous tourist attraction is found there? f. What products are exported?

Ghost Protocol 7p1  

A set of questions about the movie Ghost Protocol.

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