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Watch the trailers for the original movie in 1981 and the one in 2010 and answer the following questions.

1. Which trailer is more inviting to watch the movie? Explain your answer. 2. What elements are different in the trailers (other than the special effects)? 3. Do you think the story is the same in both movies? Explain your answer. Answer the following questions about the movie Clash of the Titans. 1. Summarize the first part of the movie in 5 sentences. 2. Name the main characters and their main characteristics. 3. According to the movie, why did Zeus create mankind? 4. What gods can you recognize? Mention their abilities. 5. Why is Andromeda condemned by Hades?

6. What is a demi-god? Why was Perseus called a demigod?

Related grammar: Reported Speech.

7. Watch the interview with Sam Wothington about Clash of the Titans. 8. Write down 5 questions and their answers from the interview. 9. Transform the questions and answers you took from the interview into reported speech.

Clash of the Titans  

A set of questions about the movie Clash of the Titans