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Answer the following questions about the movie Clash of the Titans. 1. Summarize the second part of the movie in 10 sentences. Use PAST. 2. What new characters appear in the second part of the movie? 3. Classify these new characters between “allies” and “enemies”. 4. Why did Perseus and his friends go to the Witches? 5. What BAD NEWS did Perseus receive from the witches? 6. Who is Charon? 7. Who is Medusa? 8. Why did Perseus need Medusa? 9. Make a drawing of Medusa in PAINT and write the parts of her body. 10. Why was Io not able to enter the house of Medusa? 11. What is the Kraken? 12. Why did Argos citizens rush into the palace? 13. Why did hades betray Zeus? 14. Name 5 aspects of the movie that you loved. 15. Name 5 aspects of the movie that you didn’t like.

Watch the video from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean and then answer the questions.

Kraken 1

Kraken 2

16. Make a comparison between Kraken 1 and Kraken 2. Use COMPARATIVES of SUPERIORITY, INFERIORITY, SIMILARITY and SUPERLATIVES. 17. Record your comparison and attach the file in your email. 18. What Kraken do you like the most?

Clash of the Titans 7p2