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Answer the all questions in a WORD document and send it to the teacher at:

About the movie: 1. Who are the main characters (7)? 2. Describe the way each hero appears for the first time in the movie. Use the ordinal numbers to create a list.

For example: First, superman was saving a woman‌ Second, batman had a fight with‌

Using grammar: 3. Use the sentences you wrote in exercise 1 to create complex sentences using past perfect simple. For example: Superman had saved a woman before batman appeared in the movie.

Using your ears: 4. Listen and write the conversation down. Brian: Kathy: Brian: Kathy: Brian:

Using your tongue: 5. Practice and record the conversation between Brian and Kathy. Use two different tones of voice. Be prepared to present it in front of the teacher.


A series of questions about the movie A

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