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Answer these questions according to the information you have about the movie: 1. What are the names of the main characters? What is their role in the movie? 2. According to the movie, what are some of the problems that a kid usually endures during school? Do you think it is the same in your school? 3. How does the main character reflect his situation in school when he is at home or alone? 4. Why does the little girl not eat normal food? What happens if she tries to? 5. Why does the old man kill people? 6. Make a summary of the first part of the movie in ten sentences. Make a short research on the internet and answer these questions: 7. Mention some of the legends that make part of your culture. Are vampires among them?

8. Ask your family members if they know any story having to do with (involving) one of these legends. Relate it shortly. 9. What folklore are vampires original from? 10.

What do you think are the pros and cons of becoming

a vampire? Explain your answers. 11.

Make out a story in which you are the main character

and you become a vampire. You can choose any time period you want (1800s, 1900, 2000…). For example: “It was a very hot summer in the year 1980, I was walking by El Morro after school and everything I thought was of getting home and taking a shower…”

Let me in 9p1  

A series of questions about the movie.

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