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About the movie: 1. Make a short summary of the first part of the movie in 5 sentences. 2. How is Norman’s life at school? Why? 3. Why does Neil have so many problems a school? 4. Take Norman and Neil and make comparisons about their appearance (5) and their personality (5).

Time to listen: 5. Listen to this conversation and complete the gaps.


So Ramon, tell me about your trip to _______. What’s it like?

Ramon: It’s very different – some places are like _______, or _______and quite dry, but in the north it’s green and there are high _______. We went to a lot of places, but I liked the _______most. It was fantastic! Lisa: What was the _______like? Hot? Ramon: Yes, most of the time, but we went in the _______season, so every day in the afternoon it was very _______. It was horrible when it rained. Lisa:

And tell me about the _______you saw.

Ramon: Um ‌ there were some _______, but they were working. We saw lots of big birds, which were a bit frightening. But the best bit was when we went in a truck and saw some _______in the _______. They were really scary, but it was incredible to see them so close. Lisa:

And so what did you think of India?

Ramon: I really liked it. It is very different from my _______, but it was exciting to see so many different things and especially the animals. Time to speak: 6. Use two puppets or dolls to perform the conversation between Lisa and Ramon. Make two different voices to record it.

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A set of questions about the movie paranorman and the comparatives.