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About the movie: 1. What are the names of these characters?

2. Describe the three characters’ appearance (height, contexture, hair, eyes, etc.) 3. Do you think Merida is a normal princess? Explain your answer.

4. Why did the Queen and Merida argue in the movie? 5. Who did Merida find when she ran to the woods?

Vocabulary: Imagine you live in the medieval times.

6. What kind of sports would people practice? 7. What kind of food would you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? 8. What means (medios) of transportation would you find for short distances and long distances?

Time to listen and speak:

9. Watch this conversation between Merida and her mom. Pay attention to the story of the king and his sons. 10. Tell the story with your own words. Record yourself.


A set of questions about the movie Brave

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