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About the movie: 1. Make a short summary of the first part of the movie in 10 sentences. 2. What is the gender of the movie? Do you often watch this kind of movies? Why? 3. In the movie, they present how two people meet and start hanging out until the moment when they fall in love. Try to remember the details of their encounters and complete the following chart: If you want to sweep1 a man/woman off his/her feet, Things to do Things not to do 1

To sweep someone off his/her feet: to make someone fall in love with you.

Time to listen: 4. Listen to this chain of ideas related to get a high-paying job. Write them down and add two more ideas. If you get a high-paying job, you won’t…

5. Listen and practice with this possible consequences of getting a high-paying job. If you get a high-paying job, … a.You won’t have to work as hard. b. You’ll be able to travel first class. c. You might have to pay higher taxes. d. You’ll be able to donate more to charities. e. More people may want to be your friend. f. You’ll be able to buy things you want.

g. You might be on TV or in the newspapers. h. People will ask you for a loan. i. You’ll have a lot more free time. j. You’ll be able to buy your parents a new car.

Time to speak: 6. Which of the possibilities in exercise 5 do you consider advantages or disadvantages? Record yourself answering and explaining. For example: “I think the first one is as advantage because I don’t like to work very hard.� .

7th Dear Jhon  
7th Dear Jhon  

A set of questions about the movie Paranorman.